BCH #018: Lukewarm Welcome
Lukewarm Welcome
Summary: Nostos drops by the berthings while Laskaris is relaxing. He doesn't exactly roll out the red carpet for the newcomer.
Date: 038 BCH
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Laskaris Nostos 

— [ Viper Squadron ] ---- [ Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus ]—

Viper Squadron pilots call this home. Berthings line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each stack of berths and a round table sits in the center with chairs around it. A hatch at the end leads to the communal Head that the Raptor pilots share.

-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=-

Laskaris is here in berthings. There's not much else to do, really, on a ship that's still in drydock and doesn't even have a full crew complement yet. The blond pilot is clearly off duty, sitting in a chair with his jacket on the back, a cigarette on his lips, and a magazine in front of him. A trail of smoke drifts upward towards the air filter as his eyes flick over the text.

Halo makes his way into the room and the broad shouldered pilot is something to see as he swaggers into the berthings and he walks up to his bunk where he pulls out a pack of triad cards and he takes them out to shuffle them for a moment as he looks over at the table and he takes a seat in order to start dropping cards in front of him.

Lasher pauses in his reading as he senses an approaching form. He eyes Nostos with a furrowed brow as the other pilot quietly sits across from him. A pair of fingers pull the cigarette away from his lips, and he exhales a gout of smoke as he taps a tiny flurry of ash into the ashtray. Finally, a heavily accented voice breaks the silence. "The frak are you?" The phrase seems to be his usual greeting these days; there's no real rancor in his tone, other than a slight annoyance at the obviously new pilot's lack of an introduction. Then again, most things annoy Lasher.

Brown hair turns and looks at the other man, "I'm no one of importance." He says as he drops cards in rotation, "Though if you need a name I'm Angelus Nostos and a recent transfer from the Pegasus." He says looking over at the other pilot since Lasher might have been here but Nostos was on the Pegasus under the Rear Admiral, "Now it is your turn, spill?" He is utterly charming as he speaks and there isn't a hint of any negative emotion in his voice.

"Another one?" Lasher mutters under his breath. "Turning into a regular frakkin' Pegasus reunion on this bloody ship." He doesn't answer the other pilot's question immediately; whatever charm Nostos may possess, it doesn't work on Laskaris. He drops his magazine on the table in front of him, and leans back in his chair with his feet propped up, so only the chair's back two legs are still touching the floor. "Lieutenant Anton Laskaris," he replies finally. "Lasher." He continues to study Nostos, taking stock of the other pilot.

An eyebrow is raised, "Another one? Who else is here from the Pegasus?" He asks the eltee as he continues to simply shuffle his cards as he is playing some sort of game and the Caprican doesn't seem phased at command being grumpy since he worked under some of the grumpiest grumps that ever did grump on the Pegasus and it shows since he is still there in his seat shuffling his cards and dropping them as he plays a game of Triad with himself. "And this brings my next question to mind, why would having new pilots on this ship from one of the rear admirals ship bother you so much?"

"The frak is this, twenty questions?" Laskaris retorts mildly, his arms folding over his chest. He doesn't refuse to answer, though. "Few people, actually. The LSO and the Marine XO were both one of yours, I think. One of the ECOs, too." There's a browraise at the cardplaying pilot. "Did I say it bothered me? No." He pauses. "Though, now that you mention it, they've formed a merry little clique since they've arrived on board, and they all seem to think their shit don't stink because they served under that fascist Cain." Eyeroll. "All of you'd do well t' remember you're on the Cerberus now."

Nostos for his part looks over at Lash and he tilts his head ever so slightly as he says, "The Cerberus is the ship I am stationed on so that makes me part of her crew." He continues to play hands and he doesn't look bothered in the least, "However, you do seem a bit bothered by it since you felt the need to remind me of where I work, live, and sleep." He manages to pull a hand of full colors, "Also, thank you for the information. I'll see if I can track the ECO down." Marines and LSOs don't interest him so much.

Laskaris laughs. "Let me give you some free advice, friend. When I'm well and truly bothered, you'll know. This isn't it." He nods at Nostos' affirmation. "Well. Your fellow ex-Pegasus comrades seem to have a little trouble remembering that, if that little get together in the chapel was any indication." No, he doesn't explain. "I'm glad you don't seem to have the same problem, though." He shrugs flippantly, taking a drag of his cigarette. "Smoke?" His pack comes out of his pocket and is slid across the table.

Nostos shakes his head, "Thanks for the offer of a smoke but I don't smoke." He says as he looks over at the man, "And I am sure when you are bothered I will know it." He says again maintaining utter charm as he speaks to the man since the Caprican is anything less then charming. However, he does adds this, "Well, the Pegasus was very different from here. I liken it to being the redheaded stepchild of the Greystones. All the power and none of the pleasure. So, now I am here so I can hopefully get promoted since my chances on the Pegasus were not so great."

Lasher raises an eyebrow, not quite following the brown-haired pilot's metaphor. But then, Anton's not a Caprican. He shrugs, retrieving the cigarettes and sliding them back into his pocket. The part about Pegasus being different, at least, he comprehends. "Yah, I've heard plenty of stories. I hear Cain's got all her favorites in the positions of authority, so I imagine you'd be right about moving up on that beast, eh?" He snickers at himself. "Of course, I also hear tell she's raving mad — or at least some think so — and a carpet-muncher t' boot. But, ya know what they say. Can't believe everything you hear." There's a crooked grin.

Nostos continues playing cards as casual as he pleases and he says, "The Pegasus was a good place to start out, yes." He says with a bit of admiration, "Though the CAG got me reassigned me to here for promotion." He then says, "The Greystones were the family who built the Toasters back on Caprica but they were insanely rich, look where that money got them." He offers as he flips one card after another and he says, "Last I saw, yes, the Rear Admiral had a girlfriend, a hot one at that."

Laskaris shrugs. "Maybe so, but for me? Glad I never drew an assignment aboard her. Prefer a more… relaxed environment, myself." Another shrug as Laskaris takes in a lungful of smoke. Seeing the cigarette's burning almost to the filter, he stamps it out in the ashtray. Then, there's a longing look towards his bunk at the back of the room as he puts a hand over his mouth to stifle a yawn. "Well, Mr. Nostos, I've got t' retire for the night. Enjoy your cards." He rises from his seat, and almost as an afterthought, adds, "Welcome to the Cerberus." With that, he's off to his rack.

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