Season 3: What Rough Beast


The logs on this page begin from 18 August 2041 AE and continue to the present day. To read more about Battlestar Cerberus' past exploits, please navigate to our Season 1 logs archive, which chronicles the events from 31 January to 18 August 2041 AE, and our Season 2 logs archive, which chronicles the events from 19 August 2041 AE to 15 April 2042 AE.

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Season 3: What Rough Beast

Previous Season

The Widening Gyre


17 Jul 2042 AE - Present: In which Battlestar Cerberus…well, we'll just see, won't we?

23 Aug 2042 AE

20 Aug 2042 AE

  • Wild Blue Yonder — Strange things are afoot in the orbit of Gemenon. EVENT (ST: Hydra)

18 Aug 2042 AE

14 Aug 2042 AE

11 Aug 2042 AE

09 Aug 2042 AE

07 Aug 2042 AE

  • Cougar Town — Big cats, wandering Cylons, and somewhat ominous Centurion-speak. Samuel Blaine, and others, run afoul of local wildlife. EVENT (ST: Hydra/Volans)

03 Aug 2042 AE

02 Aug 2042 AE

  • Bringing in Fresh Eyes — Kincaid asks Samuel to join the Cameron Adair investigation and points him towards Magnus Dekker for a consult.

31 Jul 2042 AE

  • Roll the Easy Seven — Number Seven makes an apparently long-awaited appearance on Gemenon, and proves memorable but unhelpful, save in putting some final questions to rest on the matter of the very human Admiral Michael Abbot. Strangeness is afoot in the Temple of Aphrodite. EVENT (ST: Hydra/Tucana)

30 Jul 2042 AE

  • Cycle of Oppression — Bannik and Cidra discuss freeing the raiders and centurions and the cycle of enslavement and freedom that seems to define humanoid relations.
  • Faith and Love — Bannik and Rose talk about their Faith and (obliquely) about each other.

24 Jul 2042 AE

  • People-Watching — Or what look like people. Sawyer and Cidra crowd-watch on Gemenon.
  • Reunions of Sorts — McQueen encounters his former CAG and flight-mate in Lampridis. It's not a happy reunion, precisely.

22 Jul 2042 AE

  • Give It Time — Impending nuptials, inevitable attacks, and some more personal matters are points of conversation when Cidra and Trask conduct CAP on Gemenon.
  • That There Puddle — Marines on Gemenon discuss the lake and many possible uses for it, and chat with a Cylon in the process.

21 Jul 2042 AE

  • Holocaust Tourism — Some of the Cerberus grew gather around the remains of an AgoraMART on Gemenon. Water, pets, and fish are discussed. Talk of the Cylon skinjobs and their future place in the fleet is avoided.

17 Jul 2042 AE

  • Biting the Bullet — The Fleet finally takes the plunge to Gemenon. EVENT (ST: VOLANS)

The Ouranos Belt

15 Apr - 16 Jul 2042 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus waits and sees.

14 July 2042 AE

  • The Big Rene-Marie Reveal — Kincaid explains to Sawyer the whole solution behind the Piers Rene-Marie investigation.
  • The Takedown — Battlestar Cerberus marines take-down several high-level targets aboard the MV Elpis. EVENT (ST: KINCAID)

06 July 2042 AE

  • Perfectly Fine — Perfect and fine are not synonyms. Trask does, however, finally get around to apologizing to and reconciling with Quinn.

03 July 2042 AE

  • Cracked Dams — Once you put the tiniest crack in the dam, everything comes rushing in. Sawyer and Trask discuss Parry, what they'd do if they turned out to be sleeper agent Cylons, and how having feelings sucks.

02 July 2042 AE

  • Irrelevant — Trask visits the suspected Cylon model Four in the brig. Whether or not he's right about her proves to be irrelevant.

01 July 2042 AE

  • Article 106a — Marines visit the CIC unannounced to effect a detainment. EVENT
  • An Odd Kind of Date — Bannik asks Rose out on a date that only a cult leader can.

24 June 2042 AE

  • Every Last One —Madilyn visits the Two and gets some bad but expected news.

23 June 2042 AE

  • Went to Eleven — Sofia visits the Eleven in the brig and brings her something from Atropos.

22 June 2042 AE

  • Acceptance — Ciro finally grieves for those he loved and lost. Circe is there to help pick the pieces back up.
  • Visitation — Ciro meets Yazdah and finds closure on the death of his family while struggling with the idea of finding coexistence with the Cylons. A peace offering is made.

21 June 2042 AE

19 June 2042 AE

  • Detaching — Vandenberg talks to Decumius about his plans and aspirations.

18 June 2042 AE

  • Sprechen Sie Dinner Roll — Sawyer runs across Quinn in the Mess Hall and Shiner braves girl talk because it's safer than the alternative.
  • Try A Little Tenderness — Trask takes Sawyer's advice and tries a little tenderness. (All hail the wisdom of Otis Redding!)
  • Lovey-Dovey — Khloe and Trask discuss lovey-dovey things in a thoroughly non-lovey-dovey way.

17 June 2042 AE

16 June 2042 AE

  • Missives — The Cylons send 'ambassadors' of sorts from Gemenon to the battlegroup. EVENT (ST: Hydra)

15 June 2042 AE

14 June 2042 AE

13 June 2042 AE

  • Delivery Service — With Mathers MIA, Ginny hauls his laundry to the SecHub. Lunair and Samuel see to it that the XO's stuff gets placed in his office.
  • Restless Hours — Ships passing in various forms on the Obs Deck.

12 June 2042 AE

  • Check, Check, Check — In which Iosif and Longinus pass the respective beginning and end of the work shift on Deck.
  • One of Those Crazies — Shiner comes to Rose looking for work. They talk about the latest ongoings in the fleet. Then the Tyr cult is brought up, and Rose loses the argument.
  • Emotions and Psyche — Khloe gives Wade a quick performance review.
  • Done Right — Miss Ginny Juniper Wells and Major Zane Mathers become acquainted in the laundry room.
  • Done Wrong — Some time later, Burke tracks down his missing laundry, and he and Ginny talk about doing right by others and how too many people really aren't doing that.

11 June 2042 AE

  • What It Means — More insights and acrimony when Sawyer finally throws her conjectures about Trask's past in his face, and he more than returns the favor.

9 June 2042 AE

  • To Lead — Vandenberg talks to Decumius about a few things.
  • Annual Performance Review - Bunny — Evandreus' annual performance review, wherein Trask also lays out some out-of-the-cockpit expectations.

8 June 2042 AE

7 June 2042 AE

5 June 2042 AE

  • Seeing Double — The lame title not withstanding - Sawyer runs afoot, afoul and across the Cerberus' own set of twins, Iosif and Iszak.

4 June 2042 AE

  • Sharp Words on the Deck — Bannik tries to talk about the Good News with Iosif and Sofia, but is told to shove it.

3 June 2042 AE

  • All Bets Are Off — More than just a debt is settled between Sawyer and Trask.

2 June 2042 AE

1 June 2042 AE

  • Initial Adair Plans — Kincaid and Spade plan their initial investigation into the Cameron Adair assault.
  • Analog — Ciro and North have a conversation about ink, the gods, and bonding
  • 3-2 Inoue — There's sparring going on down in athletics.

31 May 2042 AE

  • Running in Place — In which the CAG and the Marine private take to the treadmills.
  • Guns and Ammo —Guns and ammo, baby. That's all Cerberus needs, according to some intoxicated deckies.
  • Some Helpful Advice — Lunair gives Trask and Evandreus a firearms lesson. In return, Bootstrap gives the marine a bit of marital advice.
  • Know Yourself — Very deep thoughts…in the pilot's berths!
  • The Smiths — Ciro and Ekho mark the start of their working relationship.

30 May 2042 AE

  • Upping the Ante — Another round at the firing range. Another wager between Sawyer and Trask. High stakes and poorly played hands. More than a bet is lost.
  • Possible Parallels — Bannik comes to Cora to discuss the text from the Ark and its possible implications for Gemenon and Cylon-hunting, among other things.
  • Weights and Waiting — Keenan and Devlin do some PT and discuss relationships — with girls, and with colleagues. Evan declines to join them, and Solstice shows up with her ears burning.
  • Cheerleaders and Sharks — Poms and Poppy have a quick chat about Gemenon and what the future holds.

27 May 2042 AE

25 May 2042 AE

23 May 2042 AE

  • Make'mgo 'way — Constin encounters Khloe and Vandenberg at the worst possible time. Well, not the worst…
  • Untangling Two Lives — Kincaid and Sawyer attempt to figure out how to disentangle their personal and professional lives.
  • Counterpoint — Ciro and Bannik speak. Ciro gives the growing religious icon some insight on Gemenon and the risks he takes as a spiritual leader.
  • The Hive Mind — Zaris and Cidra meet for the first time.

22 May 2042 AE

21 May 2042 AE

  • Finding Consensus — The recon team assembles their thoughts for a majority. And insults.
  • Parade — The Recon team returns from Gemenon
  • Muddy Water — Ciro, Circe, and Corrath invade the showers to wash away the Gemenon.
  • Concatenation — Ciro and Sofia discuss Cylon Model Eleven's art.
  • Praying for them — Cidra and Wade find eachother at the Memorial Wall, Vandenberg joins as well.

20 May 2042 AE

  • To Speak of a Dream — Bannik comes to speak to Quinn about her dream of the Falls.
  • The Forge and The Foxfire — The recon team finds some significant things at Lampridis.
  • Many Matters — Cidra and Trask discuss many matters, including the Harriers, Bannik, Gemenon, McQueen, and schisms.
  • Breakdown — Not all birthday presents are good ones, as the strain of everything takes its toll.
  • Frakking Tourists — Circe and Van talk about the mission and downtime until Constin shows up and they leave the position.

19 May 2042 AE

  • A Major Setback —Late at night, on their way to Sickbay, Leyla and Marko notice something suspicious in front of the BioChem Lab door…
  • Logic of Faith — The Priestess of the Cult of Tyr has a chat about religion with a maybe-faithful marine.
  • Like The Fog — The Recon Team moves into positions to look down upon Lampridis.

18 May 2042 AE

  • The Scenic Route — The marines on the recon mission to Gemenon stop for a breather…
  • Obtuse Messages and Unsolved Mysteries — Post mission to Gemenon, Marko and Quinn debrief with the CAG and their SL.
  • Just a Small Step Down — The Marine recon team is dropped on Gemenon. Things go according to plan…or so it seems. The Cylons are playful and cyptic some more. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Let's Step — Three marines prepare for a little trip.

17 May 2042 AE

  • Losing Faith — Wade wakes up from his dream, Solstice and Cidra follow him.
  • You've Been Warned — Vandenberg drops some warnings at Bannik's feet before the recon.
  • It Took A War — Peace-time rank meets war-time promotion.

16 May 2042 AE

  • Not Exactly Fair — Bunny and Bootstrap disagree about what is fair when it comes to the frak-up that is Shiner.
  • Scenarios — Van runs over Saratoga one last time for Mathers.
  • Private Sector — Mark and Gallagher catch up in the Rec Room.

15 May 2042 AE

  • No Chariots, No Trumpets — Bannik and Rose have a clandestine meeting as the next Manifesto is passed off.
  • Just Following Orders — Shiner sees Damon about getting his old job back on the Deck. Things go poorly.
  • Lampridis Briefing — Vandenberg delivers a briefing on Operation Saratoga.
  • A Manner of Old School — Corrath consults on ship security in advance of the looming mission to Gemenon.
  • Shadow Boxing — Ciro and Ximena fight back and forth with words, trying to come to an understanding. He informs her he's going to drop to Gemenon.

14 May 2042 AE

13 May 2042 AE

  • The Nanny Gauntlet — Sawyer interviews to be Kallistei's part-time sitter.
  • Anticipatory — Ciro, Corrath, and Ximena cross paths in the athletics room, talk of a sparring night begins.
  • Communion — Aching from his workout, Sofia and Ciro bond over his sore bones.

12 May 2042 AE

  • Rising Tensions — An ordinary conversation turns tense between Evan and Van.
  • The Rain — Sometimes the road to communication is saying nothing at all.
  • Chasing the Boogeyman — Ciro interrupts Vandenberg's training session to speak about ghosts and shadows.

11 May 2042 AE

  • Home Invasion — A skirmish party from Engineering heads into hostile marine enlisted territory.
  • Hippie Shit and Crazy Pills — Vandenberg fields a rant. Special Guest Star: Evandreus.
  • I Believe — Rose finds an unwelcome conversation while posting the Good News.

10 May 2042 AE

  • Brenner's Blood — Bannik speaks to Karthasi about Lance Corporal Brenner and what Tyr learned on Gemenon.
  • He is Not a Coward — Constin visits Damon to discuss the matter of Bannik and whether he's getting charged.
  • Ducks — Underneath the water, those little feet are just going a mile a minute.

9 May 2042 AE

  • Bedtime Stories — Three weeks after the mutiny and one week after Sawyer's release from the brig, Trask and the investigative journalist finally catch-up.
  • Better The Heart — Bunny and Sweet Pea finally have that talk they've been putting off since the Areion.
  • Circling — A one-sided conversation between Ciro and Ximena's just par for the course.
  • Choir Practice — Ciro speaks with Bannik and Sofia about the future of the fleet.

8 May 2042

  • Favors — Vandenberg asks a few things of Sawyer.
  • Debatable Differences — Mark and Leyla debate Cylons and humanity over dinner.
  • Hair of the Dogs — Ciro and Vandenberg run into each other at Pete's. Their social relationship is established.

7 May 2042

  • CMC Sewing Circle — Three marines have a genteel conversation near the Memorial Wall.

6 May 2042

  • Be Glad — Van and Cor catch up on personal lives.
  • Hypocritical Scenarios — As per Trask's request, Khloe reviewed McQueen's flight footage from Audumbla and comes to report her findings. In the end, far more is revealed than either was anticipating when a hypothetical question garners a hypocritical answer.

5 May 2042

  • Ground Up — Bran steps up to bat for his dual qualification.
  • Nothing Actionable — Cidra goes to the Master at Arms to talk of McQueen's past deeds, but the two do not hit on anything conclusive.
  • Waiting for the Signs — Bannik tries to spread the Good News of a Human-Cylon alliance to Cidra.
  • Building Up — Ciro takes on an 'apprenticeship' of sorts.
  • Yellow, Blue, and Green — Constin and Vandenberg reminisce over Canceron.

4 May 2042

3 May 2042

  • Hard Days — In which Leyla receives her Battle of Ophion decorations and gets a new assignment. Cameo by Evandreus.
  • Toes and Heels — What begins as an innocent discourse between Evandreus and Khloe about the merits (or lack thereof) of primming for oneself or a significant other, ends up in a failure of communication.

2 May 2042

  • Always Like a Challenge — In which Wade receives his Battle of Ophion decorations and gets a new assignment.
  • Trust. Love. Hope. — Having been released from the brig, Sawyer is invited to dinner by Evan.
  • Waiting Game — Sawyer's finally ends when Corrath springs her from the brig.
  • Mechanized Warfare — Ciro and Ximena catch up to discuss morale in the fleet.

1 May 2042

  • We're Still on the Same Side — Pallas and Solstice have a spirited debate over Cylons and humanity at the Memorial Wall until Keenan breaks it up.
  • Savior — Rose comes to see Bannik in the brig once his Manifesto reaches the civilian population. Promises are made.
  • Signing Bannik Out — Bannik gets released from the brig.

30 Apr 2042

29 Apr 2042

28 Apr 2042

  • 2-UP — Because getting a 2-Up is better than getting a 1-Up *insert Mario mushroom sound here*
  • Cannibal Song — Marko meets Vandenberg in the old hydroponics lab to talk about what Bannik told him earlier in the evening, try, unsuccessfully, to persuade her about letting at least Bannik off the hook and generally talk turkey about the situation they're in.
  • Newly Minted Mean Green Killing Machine — Marko takes a break and bumps into his wife and some of her fellow marines celebrating Nataly's graduation from basic training with drinks at Colonial Pete's.
  • Trying for Trials — Kincaid elaborates on the net to catch Piers Rene-Marie, and gets a rank bump for the good work!
  • Sharing the News of the Future — Bannik answers questions from Circe and Marko about Gemenon.

27 Apr 2042

  • I, State Your Name — Nataly completes basic training.
  • Of Flesh And Memory — Mark and Leyla write themselves into each other's story, with the help of Matatau Amato. Khloe sits in as witness. (Warning: The squeamish may wish to pass on reading this log.)

26 Apr 2042

  • Concerning Flight — Maggie "Jugs" Quinn gets back in the saddle. Or pilot's seat, as the case may be.
  • Sensitive Information — Gallagher brings Raptor related information to the marines.
  • Jewelry — DeMaratus presents Circe with two surprises. Other marines filter in to the Obs Deck.
  • Play It Again — Two more people sign the Guitar, and a band is ordered to form.
  • Breakout in the Clink — Burke visits Bannik in the brig.
  • A Few Things — S2 and MaA discuss a few items of business.
  • The Sweet and Bitter — Khloe seeks out Leyla for advice and words of encouragement.
  • Access Walkways — S3 and MaA discuss security cameras.

25 Apr 2042

  • Weight of Ages — Cidra and Megan encounter one another in the ancient ship and speak of homes long lost.
  • You Tellin Me? — Vandenberg interviews Decumius for the possible Gemenon Op.
  • Cap'ns Make It Happen — The one where Vandenberg and Corrath get some new rank insignia.
  • The Puppet Show — Solstice confronts a criminal on the Elpis.

24 Apr 2042

  • Readin' Music — Devlin signs Burke's guitar, and they talk about their respective musical talents.
  • It Has Been A Long Week — Cidra visits Sawyer in battlestar lock-up and the pair talk on things Gemenon and the recent Cylon revelations.
  • Now What? — Khloe and Vandenberg finally figure it out. What started out as very awkward has now tumbled downhill into a big ball of awesome. Of course, the lasting question: now what?
  • Food Break — Devlin, Gallagher, and Mitchell meet in the Galley while discussing the uncertainties of military food.
  • Degradation — Trask revisits McQueen's flight footage and has Wade weigh-in.
  • Space Dust And Gods — Cidra and Burke shoot the breeze and get to know each other.
  • This Ol' Guitar — Burke battles anti-sentimentalism, Devlin ponders how to utilize his space, Khloe is exasperated, Trask oozes.
  • A Shit Reporter — Sawyer gets a post-Gemenon debriefing.
  • They're Counting on Us — Bannik's AWOL debriefing.

23 Apr 2042

  • Bar Flies — Keenan and the O'Keefe brothers enjoy the lovely sights of Colonial Pete's. Solstice comes looking for something.
  • Living Free — Vandenberg interviews Sawyer and Bannik for intel about Lampridis.
  • Selection — The Gemenon Recon team is assembled. Ciro, this time.

22 Apr 2042

  • Secrecy and You — Wade visits Vandenberg to see how she is, conversation moves to a whole different area. Bunny makes a sleepy appearance.
  • While You Was Sleepin' — Burke stops by the brig to fill Shiner in on recent events.
  • Visions of Saratoga — A conversation between Marko and Van yields a glimpse of the planned Gemenon Recon mission.

21 Apr 2042

  • The Lady Doth Protest Too Much — Cidra visits a doped-up Trask in Sickbay to discuss matters of McQueen. She probably should've waited until the morpha was out of his system.
  • For All of Us — Just another day in the brig. Sawyer and Shiner wait it out, while Sofia comes to visit.
  • Rendered Honors — The funeral for the 26 Marines killed during the action of 15 April.
  • Long Live The Queen — Cidra summons Khloe to talk about Queenie. Khloe isn't mad at Queenie's betrayal, but rather Cidra's short-sightedness. Khloe is a meanie.
  • Leveling Up — The department heads meet with Pewter to discuss Gemenon and ranks.
  • Children of God is God is... — Khloe confronts Wade about his vision on Gemenon.

20 Apr 2042

19 Apr 2042 AE

  • You Hear Me? — Constin has words with a recuperating Kincaid.
  • Desertion — Cidra and Devlin discuss whether McQueen has abandoned them.
  • Mad Dogs and Bunnyrabbits — Bunny and Khloe make words go en route to Burke's Naming.
  • War Names — The Cerberus Air Wing converge on Colonial Pete's to name their new recruit.
  • Drugged But Not Down — Van and Constin talk about the potential upcoming Gemenon op. Cameo from Nataly.

18 Apr 2042 AE

  • What He Saw — Cidra asks Pallas what he saw in the CIC during Kepner's mutiny.
  • Losing It — Sofia runs into a Triad-playing Damon who seems not at all like his usual self.
  • After A While, You Get Used To It — Out of Sickbay, Pewter meets with Cora to deliver advice and coffee, among other things.
  • When It's Almost Gone — Khloe checks up on other pilots in the recovery room of sickbay, but instead sees a very wounded Vandenberg. The dam finally breaks.

15 Apr 2042 AE

  • What the Tide Brought In — In the aftermath of Kepner's Mutiny, the medical staff of the Cerberus struggle to aid the wounded.
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