Season 2: The Widening Gyre

These logs chronicle the game's second "season," from August 19, 2041 AE to April 15, 2042 AE. For more recent logs, navigate to the main logs page.

882 logs posted for Season 2: The Widening Gyre

Eurynomê Sector: Ophion

21 Mar 2042 AE - 15 Apr 2042 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus is betrayed.

15 Apr 2042 AE

  • 1330 Hours: Abnormal Circumstances — Constin attempts to detain Cora.
  • 1345 Hours: House of Cards — Kincaid solves the mystery, but he's one step behind…
  • 1400 Hours: Alea Iacta Est — Aboard the escort carrier Areion, Commander Kepner puts his plan in motion at last. (ST: Polaris/Hydra/Volans)
  • 1438 Hours: Hard Six — An enemy agent targets Major Tillman, Cerberus' XO, in his private quarters. (ST: Vandenberg)
  • 1438 Hours: Taken — In Cerberus' CIC, Captain Nikephoros and her team of snipes come face to face with their awful reality. (ST: Volans)
  • 1438 Hours: To Own the Skies — Above the skies of the gas giant Ophion, battlestar's Combat Air Patrol is de-fanged. (ST: Polaris)
  • 1447 Hours: The Other Side — Khloe and Trask meet to discuss how to retrieve their people from the brink, now that lines have been drawn.
  • 1450 Hours: Lockdown — Locked in Areion's brig with no prospect of rescue, the captured department heads grasp at straws.
  • 1455 Hours: All Bets Down — After a briefing in the Ready Room, Cerberus' combat personnel realize that Kepner's proposed mission will almost certainly be one way. (ST: Bannik)
  • 1519 Hours: One — In CIC, the interim CO realizes that desperate times call for desperate measures. Allan Rejn is revealed as a skinjob. (ST: Volans/Polaris)
  • 1521 Hours: Whether 'Tis Nobler — Immediately following Bannik's briefing, Marines and pilots discuss the best course of action in the Ready Room.
  • 1550 Hours: Divided We Fall — Lieutenant Gabriel "Fiasco" Marduk, appalled by his CO's actions, seizes an opportunity to lead a prison break after Rejn begins wreaking havoc on Areion's systems. (ST: Polaris/Volans)
  • 1556 Hours: To Fly and Fight and Die — The Fighting Fourteenth launches an all-out assault on CEX-300. Arrayed against them are the elite pilots of CVW-00 "Evocati" as battle is joined at last. (ST: Hydra/Tucana/Polaris)
  • 1603 Hours: For Our Altars and Our Hearths — Bravo Company (1/9 Bn) storms the proverbial beach, charging headlong into a prepared defensive position on Areion's hangar deck. (ST: Polaris/Volans)
  • 1610 Hours: With Friends Like These — Kidnapping and Rebellion (ST: Tucana)
  • 1617 Hours: We Are Evocati — The battle royale in space. (ST: Hydra)
  • 1620 Hours: From Hell's Heart — The battle aboard Areion. Commander Kepner reaches the end of the line. (ST: Polaris/Volans/Hydra)
  • 1625 Hours: Ngātahi — In the aftermath of the battle on Areion's hangar deck, husband and wife (in all the ways that matter) are reunited.
  • 1626 Hours: The Blood-Dimmed Tide"Their enemies will divide them. Their colonies broken in the fiery chasm of space. Their shining days renounced by a multitude of dark sacrifices. Yet still they will remain always together." (ST: Volans/Polaris)

14 Apr 2042 AE

  • Nastygram — A team finally decrypts the data the Cylons implanted in the Raptors during the recon missions to Gemenon. What they find is even more surprising than they'd expected. (ST: Tucana)
  • Some Common Ground — Cidra attempts to find some with Baer.

13 Apr 2042 AE

  • Have At It — Sawyer moves back into the News Room. Domestic bliss, it really is not, but it's hers and Trask's, and that's seemingly good enough.
  • Over a Cup of Coffee — Kincaid makes a major breakthrough in the goings-on behind the trial of Admiral Michael Abbot. (ST: Kincaid)

12 Apr 2042 AE

  • Matters of Portents, or No Importance — McQueen, Cidra and Sofia wax about recent events in the ancient ship. Few conclusions are reached, but it's done in style.
  • Arresting Refresher — Constin makes sure that Cerberus MPs know how to do their job; the Areion MPs are discussed.
  • Better Late Than Never — Somewhat belatedly, the CO of the Areion Marines comes to chat with Madilyn about the detainments and Gun testing.
  • Ten-Second Hypothetical — Khloe and Birdie have another illuminating conversation.

11 Apr 2042 AE

  • Pep Talk — When Quinn complains about feeling useless, Trask gives her a Bootstrap-style pep talk.
  • Protective Custody — Sawyer is in good hands, back among friends.
  • The Big Sleep — Sawyer awakes in Sickbay. Trask and Johnny Gossamer are there to greet her.
  • New Sheets — Khloe offers a peace offering to Madilyn for utterly destroying her bunk with sick.
  • Elf In A Box — Khloe checks up on Constin, and then they talk about an ongoing investigation.

10 Apr 2042 AE

  • The Building Storm — Corrath brings all matters Areion to Mathers, and up the ladder it marches.
  • A Last-Ditch Defensive Weapon — Bannik briefs Cidra on the capabilities and limitations of the linked Gun.
  • Incidents of Various Sorts — Cidra and Khloe discuss Wade's strange 'visions' and various Pallas-related incidents. The possibly Cylon-related hallucinations are the least traumatic part of the conversation.
  • What Else Do You Need? — Vandenberg runs into Khloe at the Memorial Hall. Evan joins in, and create a hug sandwich, both terrorizing and boosting Khloe at the same time.
  • They've Got My Elf — Khloe barges in on SecHub trying to find Constin. Gets the run-down from Kincaid.
  • They Love Us — Bannik comes to finally fix some of Rose's equipment in Hydroponics. They talk about love and loneliness.

09 Apr 2042 AE

08 Apr 2042 AE

  • Strife and Paranoia — Marine S3 briefs the CAG over the latest developments.
  • My Team — Kincaid approaches Circe over the gun issue.
  • Cellmates — Constin and Sawyer finally have a standoff (while sitting down). After a few hours of yelling at each other, they get tired enough to have a civilized conversation. Did I mention they are incarcerated?
  • Illegal Seizures — The Areion is taking what is not theirs. Vandenberg and Trask discuss who's missing and what's to be done about it.
  • Lethal Force — Threats to the crew are discussed and Corrath issues orders of protection.

07 Apr 2042 AE

06 Apr 2042 AE

  • Under the Gun — In which Circe Lagana is placed in its sights.
  • Party Planning — The 'garden party' on Gemenon is revisited; plans to revisit Gemenon commence.
  • Hacker or No — Magnus and Kincaid discover the truth behind the "hacking" that took place during Abbot's trial. Or do they?

05 Apr 2042 AE

  • Incident Reports — In which the Master at Arms brings an incident involving a pilot to the CAG's attention.
  • In the Loop — Trask brings Marko into the loop regarding the CLASSIFIED findings of the Gemenon recon.
  • Interested — Trask brings two significant proposals to Sawyer. She's interested in both but only accepts one.
  • Boots Down — Leyla and Vandenberg enter into the first stages of mission planning.

04 Apr 2042 AE

03 Apr 2042 AE

  • A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing — The second Gemenon recon makes some startling discoveries at Lampridis Falls. (ST: Polaris)
  • Conspiracy Theory — Sawyer brings another crazy theory to Kincaid, driven by their recent bout of paranoia.

01 Apr 2042 AE

  • Knowledge for Knowledge — Sawyer and Trask trade info about The Gun, its potential to detect skinjobs, and all the repercussions of such technology. They also discuss the seeming sentience of Raiders and Centurions, as well as the possibility that skinjobs are uploading the consciousnesses of human prisoners into killer robots. Afterwards, the jerkass photocopies his ass.

31 Mar 2042 AE

  • Sick Chief is Sick — Damon tries to weasel out of checking into Sickbay, but his worsening condition keeps him from lying.
  • Petri Dish — Yet another day in quarantine and the stuff that transpires.

30 Mar 2042 AE

  • Eenie Meenie Miney Moe — What happens when Bunny and Bootstrap are confined in quarantine? Card tricks and pedicures, evidently.
  • A New Life — Nataly abandons the life of a civilian for the life of a Marine. It's not much fun.
  • Flipping Their Lids — Kincaid gives Corrath and Constin the news about Abbot and the Gun and the three decide on a course of investigation.

29 Mar 2042 AE

  • Blind Leading The Blind — Sawyer and Shiner have coffee. Because juice is juvenile.
  • A Change of View — Kincaid confronts Vandenberg about her change of opinion at the trial of Admiral Abbott.
  • We're All Tumbled Down — The Sickness claims it's first victim.
  • A Lack of Testing — Nataly tells Sawyer she's enlisted and Kincaid lets both of them in on a secret with the Gun and Abbott.

28 Mar 2042 AE

  • Falling Ill — Khloe gets sick in the Marine bunks. Not all help is welcome.
  • Down with the Sickness — Solstice arrives at the berths after seeing Bunny to sickbay to give the CAG bad news about her pilots. The bad news expands.

27 Mar 2042 AE

  • Basic Human Nature — Kincaid and Constin discuss matters of law. Elf gets riled.
  • Show and Tell — Keenan and Evandreus reveal past connections and present-tense blemishes.

26 Mar 2042 AE

  • Our Likenesses — Charis and Cidra meet on the Observation Deck, and speak of matters past and things to come, of men and gods and Cylons.
  • Avalanche — Being around Trask is like needing to anticipate an avalanche. Sawyer manages to survive; DeMaratus arrives just in time for the aftermath.

25 Mar 2042 AE

  • Drink to Forget — Too bad it never works.
  • License to Ill — Trask is admitted to the Sickbay, and Cidra seeks answers from DeMaratus.
  • Ill Communication — Cidra comes across an ill Trask, finds him unresponsive, and has him hauled off to Sickbay.
  • Bring Her In — Constin approaches Corrath and Mathers with information.
  • Aches, Pains, and Rashes — Cilusia shows up at sickbay with symptoms similar to other deckies
  • Nailing Piers — The one where Madilyn goes a little crazy regarding Kincaid's offer to get Piers' confession.

24 Mar 2042 AE

  • Major I'd Like to Fly with — Cidra calls Pallas up to her office to break some bad news. Things do not go as planned.
  • Sweating It — Carmen and Iosif do some low-intensity treadmill work and reflect on basestars and skinjobs and other such matters.

23 Mar 2042 AE

  • Guns on the Table — Piers and Kincaid make some not-so-veiled threats to each other.
  • Finding a Trail — Circe brings the Chief some news about his deckies. A trail is sought after and lost.
  • Danny's Cylon-Detecting Lament — Kincaid asks around about the Gun's Cylon-detecting ability.
  • Free Man — Circe clears Iosif to leave sickbay.
  • Take a Cue — Three of the fleet's newest pilots spend their free time playing pool and talking shit about each other, pyramid, girls, and (briefly) actual shit.
  • Contagious Party — Stragglers from a large group celebrating the return to condition three are met with a thrashing good time.

22 Mar 2042 AE

  • Exchanges — Bootstrap, Bunny, and Decoy exchange info and quips, and Sawyer mysteriously delivers a mysterious envelope. EPIC pr0n is also discussed.
  • Red Tape — It binds hands; it covers mouths.
  • No Bad Religion — Keenan and Solstice get their conversation on religion.
  • Running a Tab — Madilyn rings in the return to Condition Three, but the Major isn't in the mood to celebrate.

21 Mar 2042 AE

  • Treat Your Raptor Like You Treat Your Woman — In which Shiner feels up space via a military aircraft.
  • Lab Work — Circe meets with Cameron to see about possibly helping in do lab work.
  • Thick Skin — A drugged-up Pallas makes a pass at Solstice in the Head.
  • Ruruku — It's a big leap. Mark and Leyla decide to make it together. Mushiness factor: 5 out of 10.
  • The Art of the Riddle — Cora and Mathers discuss some of the footage from the basestar boarding mission.

The Outer Colonies

10 Feb 2042 AE - 20 Mar 2042 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus turns the tide.

20 Mar 2042 AE

19 Mar 2042 AE

  • Art is Hard — It is for Rejn, at least. The other folks are there for different reasons.

18 Mar 2042 AE

  • Headhunting — Leyla attempts to hire the ChEng away from Engineering. It's for a good cause. Honest!

17 Mar 2042 AE

  • The Man Behind The Curtain — Sawyer gets a first look at The Gun courtesy of Kepner.
  • Cost of Business — Colonel Alke Riederer discloses some rather touchy intel to the Cerberus Marines via Mathers and Kincaid.
  • Recognition — The efforts of Marko and Leyla get formally recognized by their SL, their CAG, and even Fleet Command.
  • The Gee Test — Cidra takes Andrea for a ride to test how well her head injury has healed.

16 Mar 2042 AE

15 Mar 2042 AE

  • Laundry Therapy — Khloe and Leyla end up in the laundry. Tough officers let down their guard and share as friends, and let out some emotions.
  • Musical Stylings of the Swarm — Iosif sings a little song while being curious about the foundries.

14 Mar 2042 AE

  • Pincushion Therapy — Evandreus gets his first acupuncture session and McManus gets questioned about his credentials.
  • Living in Fear is Stupid — Cidra and Devlin do laundry and chat about regrets, skinjobs, and a life beyond the swarm.
  • A Sensible Adjustment — Cora and Frederick discuss Command's take on his plan to have civilians take over sanitation work on the Elpis.

13 Mar 2042 AE

11 Mar 2042 AE

  • Rock and a Hard Place, Part 2 — The gates of the Cylon Foundry are stormed. A view from the ground. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Rock and a Hard Place, Part 1 — "Love sells the heart's proud citadel to fate." The gates of the Cylon Foundry are breached. A view from the air. EVENT (ST: Cidra/Hydra)

10 Mar 2042 AE

  • Face in the Crowd — Tensions boil over among the civilians during yet another Cylon Swarm attack. A view from the MV Elpis. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Call Me Khloe — Some firearms foo in the firing range turns chatty. Almost. The ice queen almost thaws and the fiesty marine almost manages to not be a chatterbox.

08 Mar 2042 AE

  • Indisposed — Just another night on Obs Deck.
  • Feasibility — Trask pitches his Skinjob detection idea to Cameron, then picks the good doctor's brain about Cylon brains.
  • Hubris Begets Hubris — Trask reveals information he's accumulated regarding Raider brains to Cidra and Khloe.

07 Mar 2042 AE

  • Domestics — Leyla and Mark finally sit down and talk about her living arrangements
  • An Unlikely Pair of Detectives — Kincaid arranges a meeting with two marines.
  • Earth and Water — Rose and Lunair meet in the sekrit-secure hydro closet aboard Cerberus. Talk is had.
  • Red Flags — When Trask swings by, more than a few red flags are hoisted — and not just those in Sawyer's game of Minesweeper.

06 Mar 2042 AE

  • The Hot Redhead — Kincaid has fun with this interrogation.
  • The Lady's Return — Leyla makes arrangements to move back, sort of, into the berths.
  • Deus Ex — Mark talks to some pilots about a discovery.
  • Hashed Raider Update — Bannik gives Trask an update on the research into the Swarm raiders.

05 Mar 2042 AE

  • Bizarro Brains — Cameron reports in to Bannik about his findings thus far on the captured Raider brains.
  • Tits and Ass — Yet another not-quite lovers squabble, this time involving tits (Sawyer flashes hers) and ass (Trask is one).
  • All Hands On Deck — When the klaxons sound, the heat isn't just outside the ship. A view of the chaos from the hangar bay. EVENT (ST: Hydra)

04 Mar 2042 AE.

  • Promises — Damon takes Rose on a tour of the Ark. Promises are made.
  • What You Love — Khloe visits Pallas in the recovery room.

03 Mar 2042 AE

  • Swarm XII: Night of the Living Swarm — The Raiders have not lost their teeth, even in the gas giant clouds. EVENT: (ST: Cidra/Hydra)
  • A Plan and a Petition — Pallas submits two sets of documents to Cidra.
  • Moment of Understanding — Khloe and Trask chat about swarm stuff. A moment of understanding emerges out of typical Trask irreverence.
  • Late Night Collaboration — Ximena drops by the BioChem Lab late one night to find Cameron busy researching. The two catch up and collaborate a little on his findings thus far.

02 Mar 2042 AE

  • Three-Oh — Cidra bequeaths a birthday present to Sawyer.
  • Peapods — Bunny and Leyla deal with the aftermath of her desertion.
  • 12 Starboard — Constin comes a callin' in Officer Country.
  • Black — Andrea looks to test her skills with Khloe in supervision. Failure occurs. Poppy offers her frank suggestions to Hosedown.

01 Mar 2042 AE

  • Pins and Needles and Tea — Cameron checks in on Evandreus, who's looking a little rough around the edges, and prescribes some acupuncture and medicinal tea rather than pills.
  • Swarm XI: Sisters of the Swarm — The ladies of the Fighting Fourteenth take on the Raiders. EVENT (ST: Cidra/Hydra)
  • How It's Gonna Go — Even though Leyla and Trask are not really in agreement, they manage to come to an agreement.

28 Feb 2042 AE

  • A Not So Happy Birthday — Trask swings by to wish Sawyer a happy birthday. By the time he leaves, neither is even remotely happy.
  • Fix What's Festering — The CAG summons the Harriers SL to address the fallout from his falling-out with Leyla.
  • How YOU Doin' — Madilyn comes to ask Lilith how she's doing a while after Aerilon.

27 Feb 2042 AE

26 Feb 2042 AE

25 Feb 2042 AE

  • Far Away Home — Newly homeless, Leyla picks out a new set of digs.
  • I am Glad — Wade meets Circe for some PT time.
  • Prom Night — 'Having coffee' is a euphemism for making out like two teenagers after prom, which is a euphemism for frakking in a fancy hotel room. There is no fancy hotel room. There also is no frakking, no making out, and no coffee had.
  • With Pride — Mathers blings out Vandenberg.
  • Electrical Lesson — Poppy, Shakes and Galen all speak in the berth about injured, broken birds, and repairs.
  • Dirt Under Your Nails — Galen meets Khloe in her usual off-duty place, the athletics center. He survives.

24 Feb 2042 AE

23 Feb 2042 AE

  • I Put Your Picture Away — Commander Kepner makes some edits to the Memorial Wall. The crowd has varying reactions. Allan Rejn commentates.
  • Coffee Harpies — In the midst of all these Swarms, the three harpies have time for coffee and a chat.
  • The Need for Time — Cidra and Trask discuss matters of time, whether it is the making of, the giving of, or the productive use of. Plans are made.
  • Dangerous Propositions — A Marine makes a daring request from a pilot she barely knows.
  • Corpsman — McManus and Circe speak after the filing of the Raptor crew.
  • Blow Ups — Grief and sparks fly on the hangar deck in the aftermath of the latest Swarm.
  • Enter the Swarm 9: Sting — Enough small cuts, you draw blood. The Fighting Fourteenth faces another day of Swarms. EVENT (ST: Hydra)

22 Feb 2042 AE

  • What's On Your Mind? — Cameron follows up with Hosedown on her unusual symptoms and runs some tests.
  • SFAE* — * Stupidest Frakkin' Arguments Evah. A play in three parts.
  • Short Sheeted — Carmen meets Iszak as he plays a prank, and Iosif as he falls for it.
  • Aeolus Asteroid Belt Recon — Shakes and Priest are scouting near the Aeolus Asteroid Belt and happen upon a Cylon craft. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Dog Show Prizes Part II — Mathers gets a shiny for OSM!

21 Feb 2042 AE

  • A Healer's Touch — Callie comes to Sickbay, looking to see if anything can be done for her injured hand. Cameron, much to Circe's bemusement, decides to treat her with traditional healer medicine, rather than modern science.
  • Hard Facts — Vandenberg comes to speak with Cora about her report on the knife from Knossos. She does not like what she hears.
  • Whittled Down By Small Cuts — Tired of the tedium that is the Swarm attacks, Trask calls a meeting with Cidra and Khloe. It's not the only seemingly endless cycle that ends up being discussed.
  • Take Aim — Lysander attempts to help Crewman Lagana with her target practice. Each has a purpose.
  • Stitches and Recreation — Circe removes the stitches from Wade's hand. They have a few visitors.

20 Feb 2042 AE

19 Feb 2042 AE

  • You Remind Me of the Babe — Cilusia, Samuel, Lysander and Circe sit and talk about the captured raiders and brains. Quinn arrives with little Kalli and talk soon turns to babies.
  • Purpose Through Faith — Cidra and Solstice speak together of their faiths. They find comfort in familiar company.
  • Twins are Not the Devil — Sawyer and Cidra visit Wade at the Recovery Room. The conversation jumps from one point to the other.
  • No OFF Button — Roland visits Wade along with two Mighty Lions. The OFF Button is simply, not there.

18 Feb 2042 AE

  • Dog Show Prizes Part I — Samuel gets a shiny for OSM!
  • A Natural — When it comes to consoling his crying namesake, Trask appears to be a natural… much to Bran's relief.
  • Viper 2.5 — Pallas finally hits the configuration of modifications he wants for his Mark II Viper. Cidra watches and asks questions regarding just about everything.
  • ...And She Has A Plan — Rose and Damon meet for the first time since the Elips christening. They talk about relationship foo, because even in the face of total extinction, the human race must go on.
  • Rest For The Body, Not For The Mind — Khloe visits Wade in the recovery room.

17 Feb 2042 AE

  • You Spin Me Right Round — Laundry room philosophy like OH MY GOSH.
  • A Touch of Innocence — Cameron brings Elpis by Vandenberg's bunk, as promised. Vandenberg is reduced to a marshmallow like consistency.
  • Wading Through Blood - Part Two — Lt. Wade is rushed up to surgery, where his injuries are laboriously repaired and questions arise.
  • Wading Through Blood — The aftermath of the seventh swarm attack. Wade screams like a little girl.
  • Enter the Swarm 7: BSG-132 and the 7 Swarms — Annoying, aren't they? They are back, they seek blood, and they get it. The Swarm strikes one more time. EVENT (ST: Wade)
  • Fresh Meat — As the Swarm racks up casualties, Sonja is thrust into the grinder.
  • Fall and Bump Head — Kincaid gets a report from Cameron on the potential causes of Marissa Langer's death.
  • Continuing Education — EMT Circe asks Cameron if he would be willing to teach her more about trauma surgery and medicine so that she might better be able to serve on the Cerberus. And in turn, she does the doctor a favor by taking his ward under her wing for a little while.
  • Teeth — Teeth are discussed, gritted, and bared during the course of a PT session (McManus, Psyche, Devlin, Circe).
  • Swimming for your Supper — Circe and Shiner race once more.
  • The Extra Something — Sonja talks with Wade about her recent commissioning.
  • Regrets — Shiner and Khloe have a "chat" in the Galley that turns predictably confrontational.

16 Feb 2042 AE

15 Feb 2042 AE

  • Backside — Shakes introduces Helia to the CAG. The three ladies get a bare bottom show from Wade!
  • Badly Damaged — The Harriers and Black Knights land after another encounter.
  • Enter the Swarm 5: Cinco de Swarmo — The famous Raider Swarm makes a new appearance. EVENT (ST: Wade)
  • Before the Swarm —In the lull before the storm, Cameron and Ryder talk about work and woes.
  • Klaxons Abound — Rian, Circe, and Lysander speak together in the marine berths when the klaxons go off.
  • Loose Wires — Marko meets Solstice on the Hangar Deck. Repair work and team building ensue.

14 Feb 2042 AE

  • Zombie Apocalypse — Bunny and McManus share a tender moment… of killing zombies.
  • The Untold Story — Leyla offers Mark a chance to read her tatau, complete with translation. That's not exactly the final destination.
  • Do You Understand? — Devlin asks Cidra for help. Several lectures later, he regrets it.
  • Digression — The ChEng submits a memo in person. One thing does not necessarily follow another.
  • Faith of the Past — A conversation of faiths takes place in the Chapel.
  • Blood and Oil — Madilyn and Circe discuss the similarity between skinjobs and humans.
  • The Falls are Calling — Cidra and Wade discuss a dream that Andrea had.
  • Race Me — Shiner and Circe race in the pool and then share some words after.

13 Feb 2042 AE

  • Science, Faith and Philosophy — Conversations in the ancient about it and its implications. Cidra and Andromeda have a well-manner atheist vs. fundamentalist smack-down, while McQueen reflects on all things metaphysical.
  • Simulation Complete — Marko and Mark conduct the final simulated flight test of the new missile system.
  • Enter the Swarm 4: Son of Swarm — The Raiders of the Swarm strike the Fleet for the fourth day in a row. EVENT (ST: Volans)
  • Evan's Birthday, or 'Pre-Op Trannychair' — Evandreus celebrates his 27th birthday by holding a game of charades. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Smoke on the Water — Engineers and Deck check out the Ark and attempt to plug it in.
  • Checking the Red-Headed Record — Kincaid gets Circe to check into an odd angle on a certain Hot Redhead.
  • Reading Material — Solstice decides to pay a visit to the injured pilot, Hosedown. Offering something to do while she's stuck in bed. What is a rather bland personal visit by the ECO turns into a talk of faith and a rare showing of empathy from Shakes.
  • Don't Hurt the Innocent — Khloe and Vandenberg talk about private things that would normally cause others to question their character. Khloe blows up.
  • Opinions and A-Holes — Everyone has them both. In this case, the a-holes have opinions.
  • Kumbaya — Wade reports to Khloe on matters of tactics, pilot availability, and morale.

12 Feb 2042 AE

  • Newsworthy — Sawyer seeks out Trask to get an On The Record statement from him about Silent Mastiff and the recent Cylon skirmishes. Except not really. Women are tricksy, you see.
  • Shiver and Shakes — Wade tries to break through the icy exterior of Shakes and it doesn't seem to work.
  • Ghost Ship Hotel — Wade visits Cidra to discuss the creepy Raiders, conversation moves to the recovered ship and sleeping arrangements are made.
  • Returning With Plunder — The Harriers and Vipers return with a Raider in tow and several officers are scraped up. Pallas voices his opinion of Sick Bay in colorful words.
  • Enter the Swarm 3: Bride of the Swarm — The hits - and Raiders - just keep on coming. EVENT (ST: Hydra aka Cidra)
  • Of Elf's, Wolfe's and Lagan's OH MY — Constin takes the time to get to know his corpsman buddy, Circe. As he gives her advice on the best way to take down Centurions, they arrive at the Athletic Area where Sofia is busy swimming about. The three commence to a sparring of words and sharing of talents.
  • Awakening — Circe sees to Andrea as she draws out of her coma.
  • We, are, Family — The Black Knights have a meeting, current events are discussed, different opinions all around. One big happy family.
  • Leakage — Evan and Devlin discuss recent events and future celebrations.
  • Doubts — Khloe and Wade talk about the fallout from two days of brutal Cylon attacks, and matters of change and survival.

11 Feb 2042 AE

  • A Bloody Mess — That's what the hangar is, figuratively and literally, in the aftermath of the most recent Cylon assault.
  • Enter the Swarm 2: Return of Swarm — In which the swarm returns. EVENT (ST: Volans)
  • Burnt Out Confessions — Bannik visits Psyche in the Recovery Room, catches up, and admits that he's overwhelmed.
  • Don't Be Me — Andrea meets with Khloe to discuss what happened on the hangar deck.
  • Stiff Neck — Circe checks Wade's neck for injury. The conversation moves from one topic to another.
  • Not Freaking Out — Devlin and Wade visit Psyche in the recovery room. Unfortunately, her ears have not been burnt, but other people's might be now.
  • Pictures and Hammers — Vandenberg visits Khloe in sickbay, doing her volunteer nurse thing. Wade and Andrea visit, too.
  • After the Aftermath — Back on the deck late that night/early the next morning, information is passed, apologies given, and speculation shared.

10 Feb 2042 AE

  • Stopwatch Heart — Leyla calls in her favour with the ChEng.
  • Aftermath of the Swarm — Visitors check on injured pilots in the Recovery Room.
  • This Nonsense — Cidra is not amused to find Devlin in the brig.
  • The Swarm Stings — Chaos on the deck after the Cylons send a horrific swarm after the fleet.
  • Enter The Swarm — Meet the oldest established permanent floating Raider attack in the Cyrannus Sector. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

Parnassus Sector: Reza

09 Jan - 10 Feb 2042 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus takes the offensive.

14 Feb 2042 AE

12 Feb 2042 AE

11 Feb 2042 AE

10 Feb 2042 AE

09 Feb 2042 AE

  • Secondhand — The ChEng gets his information about the ancient ship any way he can.
  • Past is Prologue — The Cerberus crew returns to the ancient ship. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Touchy Feelings — What we have here is failure to communicate.

08 Feb 2042 AE

  • Tangents — Aboard the Elpis, Leyla and Mark talk tangents…and fashion.
  • Whakamānawa — Leyla comes to Kal bearing gifts.
  • Dangerous AI — Sawyer Averies interviews Magnus Dekker.

07 Feb 2042 AE

  • Two For One Interviews — Kincaid interviews Magnus not only about the attack in the Elpis common room, but also about why he wants to join the Fleet.
  • Flight Footage — Wherein a review of Bubbles' flight footage turns into a discussion touching on Many Things.
  • Indecent Proposals — Without naming names, Khloe and Vandy talk about their problem with men making inappropriate passes.
  • Crackers and Tea — Wade comes to talk to Khloe about her latest physical bullying of Shiner. Vandenberg breezes through.
  • Painful Fraternization — Shiner asks Wade about how Fraternization works. He also tells the tale of how his manbits suffered a great deal.

06 Feb 2042 AE

05 Feb 2042 AE

  • Nataly Interviews Khloe Vakos — See Title.
  • The Godsdamndest Thing — Constin, Marko and Radcliffe have a friendly chat around the dinner table. Tech talk and personal revelations ensue.
  • Talk of Home — Cidra and Gabrieli talk on things past.
  • The Dog That Didn't Bark — Operation Silent Mastiff. Marines, Engineering, and Deck execute a precise entry into the foundry in search of intelligence. What they find is something they never expected. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Nipping at Their Heels — Sometimes a plan goes…according to plan. The Air Wing clears a path through the mine field for Operation Silent Mastiff in style. EVENT (ST: Cidra aka Hydra)

04 Feb 2042 AE

  • Stay — When Atlas finally shrugs, the world shakes to its very core. Through all the pain and turmoil, Sawyer still wants Trask to stay.
  • MidRats — A simple meal shared between colleagues with a side of mystery and possible changes in living arrangements.
  • Speculating Speculation — Stavrian brings Kincaid a break in Langer's death, but it leads to even more questions.
  • Dizzying Revelations — Khloe calls Wade in to hand off the foundry mines project, but is sneaky and has Cidra arrive with heavier wings.

03 Feb 2042 AE

  • Guidance Testing — Mark needs help in the sims. Marko and Leyla end up helping him with his project.
  • The Aerial Front Line — This is why engineers invented gunnery cannons for Raptors and Vipers. The CAG and her midshipman put in some time on the range.
  • Hitting the Hammer — Mark and Cilusia tap into the Hammerfall Missiles.
  • Renewed Interest — Van questions Sawyer about Tauron and the Museum.
  • Shiner's "Flight" — Khloe harasses the recruit berths in the early AM hours. Has "business" for Shiner.

02 Feb 2042 AE

  • Derelict My Theories — An innocent break in work turns into a hurricane of intelligence dumping. Things begin coming together.
  • Sonja's Flight — Khloe takes Sonja on her first space flight.
  • Never Simple — Nataly performs a favor for Vandenberg.
  • Go Beyond — Cidra and Devlin have a late night chat about the mystery ship and the future of humanity. Klaxon guest stars.
  • Of Gears and Balloons — Bannik comes by to visit Rose, who convinces him to work on one of her computer systems. Chatting ensues.

01 Feb 2042 AE

  • Other Side of the Pad — Sawyer interviews Kincaid in the aftermath of the fight in the Elpis Common Room.
  • Playing with Firepower — Vandenberg and Bannik meet up to harvest high explosive for Operation Silent Mastiff.
  • Large Percentages — Charis wakes up in the Recovery Ward to be met by the Cerberus' Surliest Dwarf.
  • Proper Middie Wright — Shiner tells Devlin about the progress he's been making as a proper nugget; pretty much everything else said is some level of improper.
  • Synchronization — Bootstrap and Poppy go over detonation paths for the minefield surrounding the Cylon foundry.
  • Ladykiller — Betch.
  • Settle Down — Van returns from the mob assault on the Elpis to talk to Watters and Mathers.

31 Jan 2042 AE

  • Gravity — For the MPs assigned to security detail on Elpis, what goes up, must come down. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Making Sense From No Sense — Cidra and Trask discuss several things, including: mine sweeping, stealth approaches, the mystery ship that may be from Kobol, unclear motivations, and the nature of trust and respect. Then Marko swings by with further fuel for conversation.
  • Swimming — Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool…

29 Jan 2042 AE

  • The Girl on the Wall — The denizens of the Cerberus reflect by the Memorial Wall on past, present and future. One face in particular catches the eye.
  • It Is What It Is — Confessions are made, an understanding is reached, and matters are no less uncertain for Sawyer and Trask.
  • Beyond Ugly — Watters reports for duty after being rescued from Tauron.

28 Jan 2042 AE

  • All Aboard — Marines from Areion and Cerberus participate in a joint training exercise simulating an attacking force boarding the spook ship. EVENT (ST: Volans)
  • A Whale of a Tale — Leyla and Marko read Cidra, Cora, Kartharsi, and Trask in on the events of their recon mission to nowhere. The sextet discuss what was found, what it might all mean, and what to do about it.
  • Birdie and Poppy — Birdie and Poppy meet up in the sims with the intent on doing joint training. Egos get in the way.
  • Lesson One — Nataly's first day on the job.

27 Jan 2042 AE

  • Brotherly Love — Twins. HAWT.
  • Dog Squadron Catfight — Catfight. HAWT.
  • Questing — LT Leyla Aydin, LTJG Marko Scaurus and their trusty Raptor steed set out to follow a set of mysterious coordinates. But what lies at the end of their path is nothing they could've expected. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Relationship Vectors — Rose pops in on Shiner in the Cerberus' Library and gives him a congratulatory gift. Relationships, science, and sex are discussed. Rose is embarrassed (as usual).
  • Nobody Saw That — Mark and Iszak run into each other on shift.

26 Jan 2042 AE

  • Big Rigs — Marine S3 needs something built.
  • Cuddlebunneh — Van and Evan rendezvous on a couch. Cuddle ensues.

25 Jan 2042 AE

  • A Second Opinion — Kincaid goes to Cameron to get a second take on PO2 Marissa Langer's death.
  • Inscribed in Flesh — Trask has become an uncle. The addition to his achyddiaeth says so. (Warning: the squeamish might not want to read this log.)

24 Jan 2042 AE

  • Breach Loading — Decumius and Vandenberg finalize assault plans for Silent Mastiff.
  • Frank Snipes — The new ChEng and the M&R SCPO get a chance to really talk.
  • Boys Will Be Boys — Obliquely referencing abusive upbringings before geeking out over the prospect of dissecting and analyzing Cylon tech: this is how Gabrieli and Trask partake in some Guy Time.
  • Fidelity — The friendship between Kincaid and Sawyer is tested.
  • Contractor, Ahoy — Callie gets promoted from civilian to engineer-in-training.

23 Jan 2042 AE

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes — Cidra discusses upcoming changes that concern the Air Wing and the Deck with Damon.
  • Who Watches the Watcher — Sawyer tracks down Piers Rene-Marie and confronts him. Or tries to.
  • The Morning After — Post-coital YIKES.
  • WOOOOOO! — The Cerberus and Areion crews dance, drink and bond over booze at Colonial Pete's in celebration of CPT Lana "Dizzy" Drake's belated birthday. EVENT (ST: Drake/Marduk)
  • Can't Outrun the Fates — Sooner or later, Fate catches up to you. Case in point: Trask gets promoted and Quinn goes into labor.

22 Jan 2042 AE

21 Jan 2042 AE

  • Look At Us Now — Cidra gets something off her chest. Captain Gabrieli is having a lousy month.

20 Jan 2042 AE

  • Summit — Mathers and Cora challenge each other on and off the rock wall.
  • Pepper, Pepper, Pepper, SALT! — Sawyer and Cidra have some girl time. No innocent condiments were harmed in the making of this log.

19 Jan 2042 AE

  • Willingness — Quinn wants to know if Trask is willing to be the non-interim Squadron Leader of the Harriers.
  • Hard Target — Decumius and Ximena discuss matters related to the Foundry and the upcoming op.
  • Teenaged Background — Kincaid conducts Nataly's background check and learns a bit about her in the process.

18 Jan 2042 AE

  • Thanks For Stopping By — Trask returns something of Sawyer's. Wounded pride and hurt feelings are also exchanged.
  • Putting Heads Together — Three people get together to discuss a mutual project and get on the same page.
  • Inspection Time — Khloe busts in on the recruit berths, giving the Air Wing Nuggets a scare, as well as heaping responsibility on one in particular.

17 Jan 2042 AE

16 Jan 2042 AE

  • Sleeping Arrangements — Air Wing style. Hijinks ensue.
  • Ebb and Flow — Just another day in the News Room during which Sawyer teams up with Kincaid again in politics and Nataly somehow gets an internship.
  • People and Boys — Sofia and Bannik reflect on life and Sofia's crush.
  • Instincts and Doubt — Marshall and Sawyer meet for the first time at Colonial Pete's. Herak weighs in on their conversation.

15 Jan 2042 AE

  • A Delicate Inquiry — Stavrian brings Kincaid information about Rene-Marie, the civilian firebrand.
  • News Flash — Wade tracks Sawyer down to talk about what just happened in the Library. Evan joins after leaving the Chapel.
  • The Library of Hard Knocks — Nataly meets Sawyer and it probably doesn't go as planned. Meanwhile, Sofia tries to skirt FRAT laws.
  • Good Books — Commander Kepner browses, glad-hands and jaws about past and present with the Cerberus crew.
  • Such Is Life — Cidra and Marshall discuss treason, duty, marriage, war, religion, and politics.

14 Jan 2042 AE

  • Leet Nugget Hunter — Wade tests Sonja's skills in simulated flight. Ueber-leet Raider appears.

13 Jan 2042 AE

12 Jan 2042 AE

11 Jan 2042 AE

  • Tidbits — Ships and Marines pass at chow time in the galley.
  • Very Bad Things — Bertha, Flasher and Sweet Pea plan some very bad things for the upcoming training exercise.
  • Darts — Mark Makinen is officially promoted to Chief Engineer.
  • The Forces of ReactionCerberus' Marines are set up for a fall by one Piers Rene-Marie. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Stay Within The Lines — Vandenberg comes to Khloe for advice on the Zeus Bull connections she's been making. Khloe ends up snarling at Vandenberg for not knowing her boundaries.

10 Jan 2042 AE

  • Books And Drinks — Acquaintances are struck in the library.
  • Air Wing, Roommates — In which some of the Areion's "Spectres" are welcomed to crash on Cerberus in preparation for the upcoming Operation SILENT MASTIFF. We're all friends here.
  • Bacon Bets — Shiner and Vandenberg make bets. Swimming and combat ensue.

09 Jan 2042 AE

  • Fish and Snipes — Mark finds Sofia. And promotes her.
  • Kura — Bunny and Sweet Pea head into their sleep cycle, but not before paging through The Notebook. Immediately follows Not A Home.
  • Not A Home — Bunny and Lala discuss matters of home and family, and a favour is asked. Immediately follows Off The Deep End
  • Off The Deep End — The marines take to the pool for some EVA training. EVENT (ST: Mathers)
  • Bull By The Horns — Vandenberg takes something to Greje and makes a startling discovery.
  • The Things We Carry — Captain Gabrieli gives notice to his CO.


14 Nov 2041 AE - 08 Jan 2042 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus finds that which was forgotten.

08 Jan 2042 AE

  • Of Snipes and Bonsais — Lunair, Mark and Marko unwind in the galley after a busy day.
  • Favor for Favor — What was lost is found. But is it worth the cost to retrieve? EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Whipping Boy — Colonel Alke Riederer meets plenty of gawkers (and a few kindred spirits) in the chapel.
  • Gun and Coffee — Captain Belgoin of the Areion comes to visit Lieutenant Makinen, and in typical Belgoin fashion informs him of Gun-related foo.
  • Secret Service — Kincaid tracks down a lead on an old, old case.
  • Any Excuse for Deckshine — Wade gets cleared for Deck work and banters about with Damon and Mark.
  • Brushing Clouds — Van and Khloe actually talk in the flight sims. Nobody dies. Nearly an event.

07 Jan 2042 AE

  • Base 3.25 Squared — Leyla and Marko track down a possible cylon signal. Mines are discussed. MidRats are not eaten by all. Quinn and Lunair guest star.
  • Cylon Friday Night Book Club — Sofia is nice. The Five is not.
  • Not Making Sense — Wade tells Cidra what happened at the Shooting Range. He also speaks about Colton Duben.
  • Bust a Cap — Wade seeks Vandenberg for training in firearms, and then he does something stupid. YAY.
  • Gone Fishin' — Cidra gets some insight into why Pewter does things the way he does.
  • Dog Eat Dog — Vandenberg meets Mathers. The missing team and the upcoming mission are discussed.
  • It's Not Your Fault — Damon visits Radcliffe in the makeshift Sickbay and presents her with a Fleet Commendation Medal. They chat about Nikolai.
  • All Bullshit, Really — Cidra and Damon discuss death, responsibility, and leadership.

06 Jan 2042 AE

  • Rhythm and Flow — Andrea and Khloe have a sparring session. Madilyn's along for the wobbly ride.
  • Waypoints — Marko and Leyla bring their findings on The Notebook to the CAG.
  • The Importance of Pacing — Trask elucidates the importance of pacing to an exhausted Shiner.
  • Intel Dump — Vandenberg comes to Corrath with a ton of information she needs to talk to someone about. Poor Corr.
  • Overworked, Underpaid — Mark pays Damon a visit and talks about how their crews are riding the burnout line.

05 Jan 2042 AE

  • Preparations — Quinn and Cidra talk on the birth of Quinn's impending child but the conversation turns to issues of larger import.
  • Captain Mystery — Sofia asks Damon for advice about getting into a relationship with a mysterious Air Wing officer.
  • Beachhead? — Leyla and Marko attempt to piece together the coordinates from The Notebook.
  • Law and Order — Rose meets with Lt. Corrath to discuss matters of vegetable theft and civilian law.

04 Jan 2042 AE

  • Carefully Laid Plans — Mathers and Madilyn discuss SILENT MASTIFF; Marko continues his own investigation of potential CIC espionage.
  • Kick the Dog — The CAG calls a meeting of her SLs to discuss Operation Silent Mastiff. News of Captain Abbascia's death is also relayed.
  • Breaking Point — Apply enough pressure, you reach the breaking point. Nikolai goes out with a bang. EVENT (ST: Damon)
  • Bouquet of Roses — Blue comes to Poppy, concerned about the Heavy Raider at the foundry. Wade gets the tail-end of it.
  • Feisty Marine Is Feisty — Vandenberg asks an alert-status-fatigued Khloe for some advice on how to deal with the chain of command.
  • Some Pretty Wonky Stuff — Marko brings his disturbing Cylon transmissions findings to someone he trusts.

03 Jan 2042 AE

  • Lost in the Flood — What dreams may come to Maggie Quinn?
  • Wager — Cora and Mathers cross paths post Pewter meeting, bets are made in the end.
  • Tuesday Night Lights — Deckies from the Areion and Cerberus duke it out over a friendly two-on-two game of Pyramid.
  • Cry Havoc — Pewter lets slip the dogs of war.
  • Storks — Baby Raiders don't come from them. Skinjobs probably don't either.
  • The Lost Evocati — AWOL from Areion visits Drips to talk about CPT "Spank" Duben

02 Jan 2042 AE

  • AW MWR — The new morale officer passes muster with the CAG.
  • Why Do You Worry? — "Oh soul. You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty. You have seen your golden wings." Stavrian waxes poetic to Cidra and Evandreus in the library.
  • When the Wireless Rings Twice — Wade visits Sawyer during an inopportune time. The two learn more about each other than perhaps bargained.
  • Raiders of the Lost Raider — A little lost lamb goes home. The Black Knights follow. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

01 Jan 2042 AE

  • Unearthing a Fossil — Cidra finds a lone survivor on Tauron. Turns out they've met before.
  • Fixing the Birds — Wade informs Khloe that he wants to talk with the Chief of Deck, for clearance to work on the Vipers.
  • Iron Shiner — Wade finds Shiner doing some ironing. The Raptor Nugget gets a flight suit.

31 Dec 2041 AE

30 Dec 2041 AE

28 Dec 2041 AE

  • Nice — Rejn suicide watch and detox. Day 1. Nurse Sawyer, Dr. Evan and Sofia the candystriper.
  • 911 at Airlock D-3 — Depressed and feeling useless, Ulixes decides to take out the trash he considers himself to be.
  • Communication Breakdown? — Marko tracks the mystery transmissions from CIC.
  • More Than Just Ashes — The lady of the house left behind some strange tracings on Wreath of Roses, but no answers are found, only more questions. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Who Is Robert Warner? — Be very, very quiet: Rose is on the hunt. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Presence and A Gift — Captain Vakos visits Vandenberg in the makeshift Sickbay.

27 Dec 2041 AE

  • We Are Adults — Cidra and Cora engage in 'girl talk,' of a sort, in the Head. Evandreus gets fresh and clean.
  • Red Carpet — Cerberus greets the new Marine XO, Zane Mathers.
  • To the Future — In which Rejn melts down.

26 Dec 2041 AE

  • Matches — Ryder and Constin argue over Pyramid 'what-if's in the course of catching up.
  • A Lack of Communication — Severe injuries lead to awkward conversations which result in assumptions being made and communication attempts misfiring.
  • Almost Ablaze — A party of Marines investigates the possibility of survivors, and Cylons, in Tauron's caverns. They find more than they bargained for. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Making the Connections — Bannik reports to Cora on links he's found between the Gemini and Tauron mysterious messages.
  • A New Project — Cameron gets called in by Bannik to assist him with a secret project that requires a neurosurgeon's talents.

25 Dec 2041 AE

  • Frame 2-Forward — There's engineers, and MIG welding, and plottage. Shiner even makes a driveby appearance.
  • More Questions... — Cidra gets the lowdown on the cultist find on WoR. There are more questions than answers to go around. And not just about what the Cylons are up to.
  • Gift Giving — Sawyer and Trask exchange gifts. One of those presents just happens to be an encrypted transmission from a Heavy Raider.

23 Dec 2041 AE

  • Fire on the Mountain — Cerberus' Air Wing encounters a token force of Cylons in Tauron's volcanic region. Fire flies, but where do the sparks land? EVENT (ST: Hydra)

22 Dec 2041 AE

  • You Know Spank?! — Fiasco brings back Wade's Viper and bad news, indirectly.
  • On the House — Colonial Pete's never closes, it just ebbs and flows. Cadmus talks life, death, and suicide runs with an officer and a bartender.
  • Shoot First, Ask Questions Later — Khloe and Vandy have another heart-to-heart. Marines, a Medium Devlin, and a Deckie add on and the conversation shifts to the salvage operation on Tauron.

21 Dec 2041 AE

  • Sortin' — With Engineering taking heavy losses, Colonel Pewter ensures that SCPO Alteris will never see retirement.
  • Old and Blue — The new guy, Roland, comes in while Leyla and Quinn are looking at old things.
  • A Dragon with Matches — A team from Cerberus attempt to do some salvage, and encounter an unexpected cook-out. EVENT (ST: Volans)

20 Dec 2041 AE

  • Debriefed — Cidra touches base, and exchanges words, with the Areion's XO after the attack over Tauron.
  • Very Satisfied — Trask and Sawyer get to another level (sorta), and Rejn hits rock bottom (definitely).
  • Tenacious A — Andrea approaches Khloe and admits she was pushing and asks for (and receives) an apology. Wade and Roland blow through.
  • Shining Apology — Shiner apologizes to Khloe, Khloe (in her own way) apologizes to Shiner, a new slate is turned.

19 Dec 2041 AE

  • Making Do — When a meal and some uninterrupted sleep seem like heaven, you learn to make do.
  • This Cell of Mine — Vandenberg seeks out Khloe to talk about some deep, defining things. Cora pops in near the end.
  • Aspects — Cidra and McQueen cross paths in the chapel and speak on the aspects of gods, men and abominations.
  • Blue Black Knight — Decoy and Drips get to meet the newest Black Knight, Blue.
  • Hands Up — Khloe vents some steam in the athletics center, with Constin offering advice in a way only a Canceran could.

18 Dec 2041 AE

17 Dec 2041 AE

  • Ashes and Stone — Cerberus' Air Wing encounters a token force of Cylons in Tauron's volcanic region. Fire flies, but where do the sparks land?
  • Time Alone — Khloe and Cidra speak candidly about the SL's continued frustrations with the Knights. Khloe smokes a cigarette.
  • You Win — Andrea once again tries to reach out to Khloe, but the Knights SL wants nothing of her merry-making. Cidra rescues her from thermonuclear meltdown.

16 Dec 2041 AE

15 Dec 2041 AE

14 Dec 2041 AE

  • Before Everything Fell — Cidra and Devlin run into each other at the Tauron base camp, and discuss Knossos, heretical cults, and his family.
  • Law Hurts — Rose and Lunair chat about law in the Library.
  • Not Cut Out For? — Andrea and Wade run into eachother at the athletics area. Pranks are discussed, the idea of family is discussed as well, and also feelings are shared, sort of.

13 Dec 2041 AE

  • When It Rains — Cidra drops by to see Sawyer and brings news of another dream.
  • Flowers In Her Hair — Cidra, Leyla and Wade meet at the cement plant. Old bets, homecomings and old times are discussed.
  • A Different Color — Andrea shocks Khloe with her new hair color. The two talk about R&R and how Khloe doesn't.

12 Dec 2041 AE

  • Better in Fiction — Sawyer turns to the library for new reference material. Along comes Cidra and Ryder and a pseudo religious debate. At least Cidra leaves with a prize.

11 Dec 2041 AE

  • Skeletons — Everyone has them in their closet; Sawyer and Cora expose some of their own.
  • Something Yellow This Way Comes — Basecamp Alpha is put on alert when an incoming contact is identified. EVENT (ST: Ryder)

10 Dec 2041 AE

  • The Walk of Shame — It starts as a girl's night out for two women and devolves fast when two familiar faces show. Its the women of Rifles versus the guys of MP's and Pete's will never be the same.
  • Not Issues, But Volumes — Andrea visits Khloe in the brig. She tries to get her to open up, with some limited success.
  • Elpis Five-Oh — Vandenberg approaches Rose about a civilian police force.
  • Elpis Ascendant — Rose and Colonel Pewter give some words on the official christening of the MV Elpis. EVENT (ST: Rose)

09 Dec 2041 AE

  • Looting — Vandenberg leads a team to loot a police station and home in Knossos.
  • Take It Down A Notch — Khloe explains to Cidra what precisely went down on the hangar deck; Cidra reciprocates with wisdom.
  • No Respect — Khloe and Shiner have choice words for each other after a discussion about Viper maintenance goes south. Brawl ensues, broken up by Wade. Devlin eats popcorn.

08 Dec 2041 AE

  • How We Deal With Loss — The sticks of Battlestar Cerberus each deal with the reality of Tisiphone's suicide in their own way. Some lash out, some cry, and some are there to lashed out at or be cried upon.

07 Dec 2041 AE

  • Hostage to Time — Marines resolve a simulated hostage situation. EVENT (ST: Vandenberg)

06 Dec 2041 AE

  • Exhausted Utility — Cidra and Trask discuss the recent disturbing behavior of two pilots. Disagreements are had, harsh barbs are exchanged, plans are made, and a rueful consensus is reached.
  • Hippopotamuses? Hypotenuses — Rose begins tutoring Shiner in basic maths he'll need to understand Viper 101.

05 Dec 2041 AE

04 Dec 2041 AE

  • FOE — Vandenberg takes Robinson to meet a potentially unhappy leader of survivors.

03 Dec 2041 AE

  • Foregoing Plan A — Sawyer and Trask discuss the shared vision that may be linked to the mad ramblings of the imprisoned Five… and what to do about it.
  • Too Far, Hosedown — Khloe banishes Andrea to the brig for 24 hours after the event surrounding Shiner comes to light.
  • How To Hose Down Hosedown — Cidra and Shiner discuss the 'celebration of nakedness' that happened in her Raptor, and Khloe overhears. Then the Knights SL and CAG discuss disciplinary measures.

02 Dec 2041 AE

  • Take Your Medicine — Hosedown gets a visit in the brig from a corpsman and the CAG.
  • Elder Sister — Maggie comes to Leyla with a question. Things end up going in a very different direction.
  • Cleaning Up — After the death on Tauron, Cameron and Vandenberg cross paths again in the showers as the doctor washes away the blood and they both discuss what happened and what is to come.
  • A Kind Word and A Gun — A salvage operation turns dangerous when old animosities are reignited. EVENT (ST: Volans)
  • What Do You Do With a Naked Nugget? Part 2 — The CAG sees a that which cannot be unseen.
  • What Do You Do With a Naked Nugget? Part 1 —The Gods' gift to women winks at Andrea, who teaches him a lesson in trusting snake charmers.
  • GTFO — Vandenberg brings Ajax some good news, it's time to GTFO.

01 Dec 2041 AE

  • Are we Cylons? — Sawyer and Wade discuss the shared vision. Andrea joins them and brings disturbing ideas to the table.
  • Dradis, Grids and Magic — Talk of Marine Pong, then Sofia tries to teach Shiner about coordinates.
  • Strength In Numbers — The sparker-filled debris fields surrounding Wreath-of-Roses get swept clean by the Harriers and the Screwtops. EVENT (ST: Trask & Hydra)

30 Nov 2041 AE

  • You're Welcome, Cidra — Shiner and Devlin run into each other on the deck and have a brief discussion of the women of Cerberus. Devlin manages to convince Shiner that Cidra should be his new mission in life. Thanks will be accepted in the form of booze, hugs, or money orders.
  • Portents and Prom Queens — Andrea goes to Cidra concerning her recent vision, and gives more information than was strictly requested.
  • Suiting Up — In anticipation of the operation into the debris field, Sweet Pea brings Payback out of retirement. Sort of.
  • Brainstorming is a Bitch — Sawyer and Cora meet up again to discuss the present puzzle, this time the reporter is more lucid.
  • Chasing the Bull — Kincaid reports his findings on the Five's ramblings to Madilyn.
  • Mouth Shooting Range — Khloe and Vandenberg get in some target practice in the shooting range, but the weapons they use are their mouths. Not what you think. :)

29 Nov 2041 AE

28 Nov 2041 AE

  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled — PO3 Paul McManus arrives at Taeryth Concrete Plant tired, hungry, thirsty, and quite possibly delusional and paranoid. Also, he is not a raccoon.
  • Kitchen Party — The survivors from Aerilon decide to have the biggest Kitchen Party in history and invite everyone on board the Cerberus to celebrate with them. EVENT (ST: Cameron)
  • Driven — Sawyer and Kincaid bump into each other at the library, both driven towards the same answer.
  • Such Ignorance — Cora interrogates the captured Five, after a fashion.
  • Sharing the Dream — Wade stops by Cidra's office, and shares the dream he just had.
  • Vulnerability Report — Bannik reports to Cora on his analysis of CIC's wiring vulnerabilities.

27 Nov 2041 AE

  • Judgment Call — Boots and Sweet Pea debrief re: the booby trap and Sweet Pea's command decision.
  • The Bull and the Sparrow — Nothing good happens after 22:00 for four aboard the Cerberus tonight. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Do You Know God? — The Five has a freak-out of the religious and violent kind in the brig.
  • Best For This Boat — (backscene) Sawyer interviews Constin regarding the Borenstein execution.

26 Nov 2041 AE

25 Nov 2041 AE

  • Dreams and Omens — Cidra and Quinn talk of omens long past, and the dreams that haunt them.
  • Red is Bad, Green is Good — Shiner plays with the Sims and gets a lesson from Wade, on Vipers and how to be an Officer.

24 Nov 2041 AE

  • Rose-Colored Glasses — Cameron meets with Sawyer on the sly to try and determine why she is getting such bad headaches.
  • Decisive Impulse — Khloe attempts to inform Pallas that his flying was impulsive, but in traditional Pallas fashion he throws off authority.
  • Shine On, Shine On — Shiner proves he is not a gimp and calls the CAG 'dude.' This is a unique route to career advancement.
  • Do You Want My Job? — Khloe dresses down Wade in her own unique way for his ignoring of an order.
  • A Meeting of Minds and Music — Ensign Davis meets Cameron properly and under more pleasant circumstances.

23 Nov 2041 AE

  • Trashed — There's hazardous garbage left behind in Tauron's orbit. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Gullible — Cora gives Lysander a job helping in the interrogation of the the captured 5.
  • Her Eyes Uncovered — Dr. Adair performs cataract surgery on Rose.

22 Nov 2041 AE

  • To become a Pilot — Decoy and Drips finish CAP, they talk with Shiner about his interest in becoming a pilot.
  • Three Steps Ahead — Trask conducts his first SAR from the pilot's seat and wins a painfully pink space Ferrari. No, really.
  • Worrisome Wounds — After examining the Taurian survivors, Cameron notices some discrepancies that seem important enough to report to Security.

21 Nov 2041 AE

  • Enter C-27 — The Cylons left something behind on Tauron. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Personal Trainers — Trask seeks out recommendations for a good personal trainer.
  • Test Pilots — Cidra and Khloe discuss selecting a cohort of pilots to have their Vipers pimped Areion-style. Evandreus balances work and semi-fatherhood.
  • Nobody's Fault — Khloe and Wade come to the same conclusion: Lucky's death was just a case of her being a good pilot. Khloe, however, doesn't seem ready to let it go.

20 Nov 2041 AE

  • Rodents of Unusual Size — Vermin, of various sorts, welcome the Fleet troops to Tauron. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • Special Projects, Part 2 — Cilusia and Shiner are assigned to the Hammerfall Missile project. Shiner stays behind to tell Damon he wants to become a pilot.
  • Special Projects, Part 1 — Radcliffe is given charge of the Cylon technology project.

19 Nov 2041 AE

  • Haunted — Rumor has it that the Head on Deck 4 is haunted. Some manner of ghosts definitely manifest.
  • Intraocular — Dr. Adair meets with Rose to discuss her upcoming eye surgery.

18 Nov 2041 AE

  • Double Trouble — Two Taurians visit a very pregnant Aerilonian stuck in Sickbay for mandated medical rest. There are multiple punchlines.
  • Drunk Pilot is Drunk — Wade finds a drunk Andrea in the Berths.

17 Nov 2041 AE

  • Chow and Ethics — Sawyer preps for a possible story on Ajax in the galley. Cidra and Shiner converge there for chow and the conversation turns to crime and punishment at the end of the worlds.
  • With Old Friends Like These — …who needs new enemies? Spiral and Hosedown have another quick friendly chat which ends with him throwing a bottle at her head.
  • You Get Popped, And I Get Hosed — Khloe and Andrea have a civilized discussion of decorum concerning the contents of Khloe's locker.
  • This Is Why We Don't Open Up — Khloe and Vandenberg have a moment of honesty. Then, they have a moment of 'Khloe smash'.

16 Nov 2041 AE

15 Nov 2041 AE

  • No Easy Answers — Cidra and Khloe engage in a brief post-mortem of the Aerilon engagement, and look ahead to Tauron.
  • The Ins And Outs Of The Whys — Richards talks with Vandenberg about what has been bothering him only to receive bothersome news for his having tried.

14 Nov 2041 AE

  • Lost in the Shuffle — In the aftermath of the attack, Cameron is horrified to find that Lunair was mis-tagged during triage.
  • What Went Wrong? — Khloe gets some advice from Wade on how to deal with Lucky's death. Then, Vandenberg pops in for some questions.
  • The Walking Wounded — After the attack at Ewe Aerilon, the wounded Marines, ground crew, and civilians flood the Sickbay.


12 Sep 2041 AE - 14 Nov 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus makes new friends.

14 Nov 2041 AE

13 Nov 2041 AE

  • When We Were Young — Vandenberg comes to give Cameron some good news, but Elpis' presence is an unexpected distraction, leading to unexpected revelations.

12 Nov 2041 AE

  • Practice, Practice, Practice — Cidra and Wade put in some practice time in the sims.
  • Off the Books — Cameron finally meets Sawyer late one night in the library. Introductions are made, questions are asked, and a favor requested.
  • Guns and The Gun — When Sawyer tries to 'shoot' the messenger, she nearly gets shot. Literally. Guns set aside, Trask tells her all about The Gun.
  • Kisses for Shiner — Rose is introduced to Shiner and Sofia by Damon. Wacky hijinks ensue!
  • To Run or Fight — Vandenberg and Justinian have a discussion on tactics at the Shooting Range.

11 Nov 2041 AE

  • Target Practice — Cameron has his first lesson in firearms and shooting practice. Vandenberg manages to target one of his hot spots.
  • Raptorball Match I — The first ever game of Raptorball! EVENT (ST: Andrea & Volans)

10 Nov 2041 AE

  • Inconclusive — Cora confronts Cidra about her recent attempt to play chicken with the ground in a Viper. Cidra snips at Cora about the lack of progress in the Coll skinjob investigation. Neither get the answers they want to hear.
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships — Marines from Areion and Cerberus have a first sit-down.
  • Kills Just Happen — Khloe engages a tired Trina on matters of regulations and distancing oneself from the emotions of the kill.
  • Rally Points — Linus Bran and Willem Justinian discuss areas of Tauron. Extensively.

09 Nov 2041 AE

  • Remembering Their Names — Bran and Cidra find themselves before the Memorial Wall, discussing the dead, faith, and propositions.
  • Alternative Medicine — In a last ditch effort to find medical supplies, a Raptor heads out to the far end of the Cascade mountains to search an alternative medicine clinic, but the crew finds much more than they were expecting. EVENT (ST: Cameron)
  • Older Chicks — After the conclusion of a bet, Shiner and Bran meet in order to discuss the results. Or, they just end up talking about older women and Shiner's future.

08 Nov 2041 AE

  • Boys' Night/Calendar Girls — Five dudes get together to drink, smoke cigars, play cards, and talk about girls.
  • Medical Exam — Trask comes into Sickbay for his annual physical exam and to meet Dr. Adair, but it's debatable just who exactly is examining whom.
  • Don't Touch My Socks — Poppy is busy washing all of her clothes due to Hosedown's prank; Drips attempts to run interference for Hosedown; Shiner is endearingly dumb and persistent.

07 Nov 2041 AE

  • Deck Gimps — Damon and Shiner cross paths in Sickbay and get a visit from Sofia.
  • The Garden of Ares — A survey of Colchis University on Aerilon, Rose's alma mater. The team finds a deserted town, remains of a resistance, and… attack algae. EVENT (ST: Rose)
  • Drinks, Pranks and Callsigns — Andrea and Wade have a quick conversation before he heads for the showers. Pranks are played, story of callsigns is shared and drinks are enjoyed.

06 Nov 2041 AE

  • Road Map — Casual conversation with Sofia sparks some creative juices in Sawyer.
  • Colonel Pewter's Two-Step Twist — Triad with Colonel Pewter features some special guests, lots of booze up for grabs, and conversation both casual and not. EVENT (ST: Hydra)
  • No Forwarding Address — Trask and Ulixes high-tail it in a Raptor to ascertain the status of Spacedock Leonis. EVENT (ST: Trask)
  • Meeting... Bertha? — Specialist Bannik introduces the new Liaison to the Heavy Raider… oh, and that Tactical guy tags along.
  • Getting Ready — Andrea gets ready for a Triad game, Wade gets ready to become a Flight Instructor.

05 Nov 2041 AE

  • If Not That — Trask demands to know what is what. Sawyer answers and evades.
  • Mr. Damon Meets E.D. — There's a new Deck-Engineering Liaison in town, and it's Endymion Daeras. Wait, was there ever an old one?
  • Oil and Water — Khloe and Pallas talk for the first time over food in the Galley. Neither of them finishes their food.
  • Right vs Wrong — Corrath visits Ajax in the brig to get his side of the story.
  • Do No Harm — Cameron meets PA-C Robinson and a patient that makes him question whether or not to break his oath.

04 Nov 2041 AE

  • HALO Training — People volunteer to jump out of a Raptor at 30,000 feet to get airborne qualified. EVENT (ST: Vandenberg)
  • Ass Over Tea Kettle — As part of a bet, Shiner makes a pass at Khloe; she doesn't believe his sincerity at wanting to become a Nugget. Hilarity ensues.
  • Cidra and Pallas, Sitting in a Bunk — Enter the twilight zone. Toast and Spiral share a drink, sing a song, and briefly discuss their parentage.

03 Nov 2041 AE

  • Next Steps — Wade meets with Serene again after his CAP, they discuss her options.
  • Hatchway to the Soul — It takes a little accident to open the hatchway to a deckie's confused, evil soul.
  • A Little On the Side — Leyla brings Bran in for a quick heads up on a new project and gets one of her own.

02 Nov 2041 AE

  • Sawyer's New Jewelry — Sylvester finally makes it through his security checks to become employed by Sawyer in the News Room.
  • He Said, She Said — Ximena takes Cameron over to the freighter for a look-see, but an innocent offer of support leads to a conversational conundrum.
  • Chemistry Lesson — Rose gets a visit from Damon and gives him a biochemistry pop quiz, amongst other things.
  • The Making of a Master .. at Arms — Lieutenant O'Hare catches Sergeant Constin and presents the idea of becoming the MaA for the ship.
  • Five-Oh Talk — Lieutenant Vandenberg consults Rose on matters of the civilian police, on the down-low.

01 Nov 2041 AE

  • Making Plans in the Absence of a Plan — In the absence of a known Plan for the future of humanity, Cidra and Trask make plans of their own for the Air Wing and the Fleet.
  • Hiccup — Sometimes getting the job done requires a little jurisdictional, inter-service tonsil hockey.
  • Reporter in Distress — Sawyer takes a complete 180 on her career path. Kincaid is there to talk her through it.
  • Pond Scum — Down in hydroponics, Lunair, Marko and Leyla discuss the future of food in the fleet.
  • Hope in Sight — When Rose shows up for her usual physical examination and blood test, she gets a most unexpected and exciting diagnosis.
  • Fault Lines — Radcliffe comes across Cameron and Elpis in the library, each of them with their cracks exposed.

31 Oct 2041 AE

  • Charlie's Divine Secrets of the Traveling Lipstick Mafia and the City — Some girls get together to blow off some steam. Read with caution.
  • Starboard Welcome — Lunair conducts a short background interview to find out more about Serene and some of her fellow refugees.
  • Inferences and Insinuations — Sawyer is at a loss for words when Trask is at a total loss. Mental gymnastics and wits wrestling result in some injuries.
  • Perception and Reality — Radcliffe and Vandenberg come to Sickbay for various medical needs, but everyone's perceptions come to cross purposes.
  • No Fun Allowed — Andrea, Damon, and Malone play a game of Triad with Khloe. Does she even know what 'fun' means?
  • Good Surprises — Wade and Serene find each other on Cerberus. Serene introduces Wade to his nephew.
  • Bedtime — Cidra catches some rack time in the berthings for the first time in awhile.

30 Oct 2041 AE

  • Give Me Proof — Kincaid and Remick discuss the upcoming court martial of Admiral Abbot.
  • Back on Deck — Bannik returns to the Deck after his 96-hour exile and intra-department punishment.
  • Keep Some Happiness For Yourself — Damon takes Rose over to the freighter for a tour. Makeouts ensue.

29 Oct 2041 AE

  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep — Cidra comes to Sickbay looking for something to help her sleep. Cameron sets her up with tea, medication, and some advice.
  • What a Trial's For — Kincaid and Sawyer wonder what the point of Admiral Abbot's trial is.

28 Oct 2041 AE

  • Small Talk — Cameron and Elpis visit the Observation Deck and meet Radcliffe while they're there.
  • Canceron and Beyond — The CAG and Harriers SL debrief Marko and Leyla following their mission to Canceron. Talk turns to how that colony might fit into the Cylons' larger plans, and other matters.
  • Alternate Employment — Shiner asks Damon for something he can do while injured. Cameo by Sofia!
  • Discussing Discipline — Madilyn calls Cidra and Damon into a meeting to discuss Bannik's transgressions.

27 Oct 2041 AE

  • Paging Dr. Zenon — Marines aren't necessarily gentle when paging doctors they find out in the scrub brush.
  • Rec Room Banter — Crowe and Radcliffe have a quick banter while getting some R&R in.

26 Oct 2041 AE

  • Physical Therapy — Ximena and Cameron meet in the Athletics area pool to discuss her condition and try out some new physical therapy.
  • Water Therapy — Sometimes healing the spirit is just as important as healing the body.
  • Metastasis — Sweet Pea and Flasher return to recon Canceron. Only to discover that the Cylon infection has gotten even worse. EVENT (ST: Marko)
  • Men and Machines — And the women who love them. Cidra and Sawyer talk about boys. You can't say you weren't warned.
  • Salty Dog — During a interdepartmental meeting regarding the freighter, Cidra calls an old salt out of retirement, sort of.
  • Wargames Chit-Chat — Hosedown presents her 'Raptorball' wargames idea to the CAG and Knights SL.
  • The Choices We Make — Vandenberg and Ajax meet for the first time, neither of them stands down.

25 Oct 2041 AE

24 Oct 2041 AE

  • Captive GiantCerberus' giant gets some visitors down in the brig.
  • Day Trip to Tauron — Niobe and her pilot take a jaunt to see the sights, irradiated and otherwise. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Taking Aim — A run-in at the shooting range results in a few jocular potshots between Sawyer and Trask.
  • Bad Bannik — Bannik is called on the carpet by Damon for his deception and sort-of sabotage.
  • Broken Home — Sometimes, as Lysander and Ximena discover, the truth does not set you free. It tears you apart.
  • Strike the Viper — Cidra visits Damon to discuss Coll's Strike Viper and Hammerfall Missile projects.
  • A Little Advice — Wade and Leyla run into each other in the library and the two instructors in training talk story about teaching methods.

23 Oct 2041 AE

22 Oct 2041 AE

  • The Spark of Humanity — An injured Ximena enters a crowded Sickbay, prompting Cameron to offer her some 'unofficial' medical assistance.
  • Gone, Baby, Gone! — A search and rescue team attempts to ascertain the fate of the Marine XO. EVENT (ST: Vandenberg)
  • Nugget Teacher Nugget — Wade comes to Khloe for permission and assistance with his instructor's training under Major Hahn.

21 Oct 2041 AE

  • It's Raining! — Babies! Babies everywhere! Quinn and Astra finally have their baby shower. EVENT (ST: Lunair)
  • First Contact — Davis speaks with Cora about her proposed transfer to Tactical.
  • Training and Dreams — Wade visits Cidra with a request and the conversation evolves from there.
  • Dressing Down Part II — The exciting conclusion: Madilyn and Vandenberg get on the same page.

20 Oct 2041 AE

  • Dressing Down Part I — The only thing worse than a dressing down is knowing that one's coming.
  • The Future of Flora — Lunair seeks out Cameron to discuss with him the future of the Hydroponics lab and to welcome a fellow gardener aboard.
  • Dancing the Spiral II — Khloe dresses down Cidra for her behavior during the CAP above Ewe Aerilon. Then, a short time later, Khloe blows a gasket in front of Devlin and Evandreus.
  • Dancing the Spiral — A curious CAP of three ends up with mysterious behavior from the CAG.

19 Oct 2041 AE

  • Can Vans — The CAG and Marine S3 discuss upcoming training operations.
  • Hard Nut to Crack — Vandenberg and Cameron meet once more and end up discussing his parents, duty, and the sacrifices that one must make.

18 Oct 2041 AE

  • The Stuff of Nightmares — The the coffee makes a strong argument for that dubious title, that's not quite what the two deckies are talking about.
  • Same Battle, Different Honors — Astra, Richards, and Vandenberg discuss heroism, recovery, grief, and bad food.
  • Bounteous Harvest — Cameron and Marko meet and discover they both have an interest in gardening and horticulture.
  • Someone Else's Stick — Boots and Sweet Pea head into the sims for the first of the SLs training flights. Flasher comes in to watch the carrying on.

17 Oct 2041 AE

  • Fresh Start — The morning after his rescue, Cameron desperately wants to be clean and Ximena desperately wants some R&R.
  • Vices — On the professional, Major Hahn and Captain Vakos discuss matters Viper. On the personal, Cidra alludes to why she's been avoiding sleeping in the berths of late, and Khloe gives her some friendly advice.
  • Saving Sergeant Richards — Some of the CMC's finest saves Richard's bacon.
  • Stress Test — What do you get when you mix a pineapple and a coconut, hold the liquor, then flambé?
  • Flight of the Freighter — Damon, Leyla, Radcliffe, and Sofia witness the freighter making her way into space for the first time since repairs.
  • What's the Move — Kincaid touches base with Sawyer and helps her with her next moves.
  • Speed of Plaid — Khloe and Wade talk for the first time as SL and minion, and Devlin shows off his fast-Viper shorts.

16 Oct 2041 AE

  • Finally Found — Cameron and a small group of survivors are rescued off the Cascade coast of Aerilon. EVENT (ST: Cameron)
  • Let's Run The Tape — Sawyer picks up a new assistant.
  • Stealing Virtue (Caprica Recon) — Trask and Ulixes go all tag-team buddy action flick when they return to Caprica for some in atmo recon. EVENT (ST: Cidra <3)

15 Oct 2041 AE

14 Oct 2041 AE

  • Engineering Reconnoiter — Captain Belgoin of the Areion is snooping around Cerberus' engineering deck. Sofia Wolfe comes to give some requested information. Information is exchanged.

13 Oct 2041 AE

12 Oct 2041 AE

11 Oct 2041 AE

  • Delirious Brainstorming — Following the briefing, a new Marine gets some things cleared up and asks a few more questions.
  • Mountaineering — A briefing for the Mountaineers is a long time coming. Freighter plans are laid out.
  • Independence, Limited — Marko and Leyla come out fighting(civilly), as they discuss the future of the civilians in the fleet.
  • Roses and Willows — Rose goes to see Major Cavanaugh about some things going on down below in the starboard hangar, as well as returning a lent treasure.

10 Oct 2041 AE

  • Auto-Strap — What happens when a deckie(Damon) heads down to deliver a report to an engineer(Ximena)? About half a dozen tangents of course.
  • We Remain...the Fighting Fourteenth! — The first new Nuggets since the holocaust complete Cerberus' rushed flight training and get their wings.
  • Marine Delivery — Some more Marines arrive to their new home, this time from the surface of Aerilon.
  • Dedication and Distraction — Khloe and Psyche meetcute, without the cute.

09 Oct 2041 AE

08 Oct 2041 AE

  • The Importance of Syllables — Cidra and Devlin run into each other in the chapel, and discuss names, their syllables, their importance, lists that are made of them, etc.
  • Tactical Mashies — Ensign Hathor comes to Major Hahn and Captain Vakos with ideas for a lateral transfer.
  • Why We Fight — Khloe is reminded twice why we fight on — and not just for the sake of fighting.
  • Ibbhabibble — Rose goes to see Astra about some writing supplies, and the two talk about survival, and giving back.
  • Radio Test — Poppy takes Decoy out on a CAP, and there's some tension between the Captain and the Midshipman.

07 Oct 2041 AE

  • Confidence — Khloe goes over paperwork and Bran gives her a small confidence boost.

06 Oct 2041 AE

  • Our Cerberus Evocati — The CEX Areion's Evocati have got nothing on the Cerberus' bunch of veterans.
  • That Which Is Lost — Two department heads have very different reactions in the chapel.
  • Spin Cycle — More than laundry goes 'round and 'round when Sawyer and Trask meet in the laundromat.
  • Power Lines — Belgoin's inspection is pleasantly interrupted by Cilusia and her broken Viper. Later, the Captain runs into a Roomba.
  • Right — Devlin and Psyche discuss his experience meeting Khloe.
  • Hot and Bothered — Devlin meets the new Black Knights SL and gets an ass-chewing for free.
  • Last Home — Leyla and Bran decide to remember Picon in a uniquely Taurian fashion.

05 Oct 2041 AE

  • School's In — As some of the offduty crew help in setting up a makeshift school down in the hangar, Astra discovers that there are still some unpleasant lessons left to learn.
  • Knights Errant — The Black Knights get a new squadron leader, yet again. Khloe Vakos gets some more brass and the weight of far more responsibility.
  • Get Busy Livin' — Lysander pops in on Ximena, and before the day is out, she pops him one too, and not in the good way.
  • Sideways Promotion — Corrath brings up the subject of moving Constin up (but yet somehow down) in duties within the company.

04 Oct 2041 AE

  • Ghosts of Picon — Return Raptor reconnaissance to Picon finds one colony the Cylons definitely haven't abandoned. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • The Questioning — Corrath begins his investigation of the assaults and threats to 'Cylon Sympathizers', starting to Sawyer.

03 Oct 2041 AE

  • Off to the Races — Viper pilots from the Cerberus and Areion engage in a 'team building' exercise. Egos are deflated and Midshipman Devlin gets a callsign. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Impending Doom — Leyla is gifted with the most adorable folder of Impending Doom, ever.
  • Three's Company — With time on their hands and in need of burning it, a pick-up game of Pyramid is played.

02 Oct 2041 AE

01 Oct 2041 AE

  • Due South — Skipping the wedding reception of Marko and Lunair, the trio of Quinn, Trask, and Ulixes head south for some fresh air and instead find smoke.
  • A Two-for-One Special — Marko Scaurus and Raine Lunair's wedding ceremony, with the added announcement of Psyche Athenos and Alex Devlin's moment of hitching. EVENT (ST: Lunair)
  • Getting Things Done — Cora and Corrath discuss on-going investigations and the next steps they require.
  • An All-Expenses Paid Trip — Bran gets informed that he and Leyla have just won an all-expenses paid trip to not-so-beautiful Picon for recon.

30 Sep 2041 AE

  • A New Teacher — Allie gets assigned a new position in the Wing.
  • The Unwitting Deckhand — Bannik gets recruited to do some IIG-related work for Cora, not that she really explains it to him or anything.
  • New Friends and Reunions — Marko welcomes Andrea to the berthings, and reveals the survival of an old friend.
  • Trust is a Rare Commodity — Andrea doesn't find it in long supply aboard the Cerberus. But, she's still fit to fight and fly.
  • Running Tartan — Cora and Lysander meet again and this time under less navigationally-challenged circumstances.
  • An Old Mentor — Argento and Remick run into each other in the athletics area. Remick agrees to take on Argento as a legal assistant.
  • There's No Place Like Home — A visit to the Quinn Farmstead yields worrisome results.

28 Sep 2041 AE

  • This Tape Will Self Destruct... — A secret meeting. In a secret location. On a secret project.
  • Seven-Point-Fives for Three — Trask assigns Marko another sims assignment, this time involving the Areion's schematics for the dubbed Viper Mk VII.5s.
  • Here's To Them — Constin and Tisiphone commiserate on matters of life, death and leeches.
  • I Inhaled — Sawyer and Cidra meet up for a night of gossip. Off the record.
  • Thera and the Sarge — During an afternoon in the athletics area, the Constin Fan Club is convened. Gods help us all.
  • Deer Season — Lunair takes a ragtag bunch hunting. Things happen. EVENT (ST: Lunair)
  • Catching Up — Old high school friends Argento and Devlin drink mystery juice and chat about what they've been up to these last 8 years or so.

27 Sep 2041 AE

  • Schools and Scrolls — Rose helps reassure Astra in her worries and needs as she gets her flock settled.
  • Fly Away Home, Part 2 — The freighter is explored, and a lost bird comes home to roost. EVENT (ST: Leyla/Andrea)
  • Triad Face — Some of the Cerberus personnel hang out. Bets are made. Stories are told. People have their fun.
  • Being Logical — Quinn insists that going AWOL to find her family — despite a planned upcoming search party — is perfectly logical. Trask disagrees.
  • Fly Away Home, Part 1 — An act of duplicity leads a raptor team to signs of hope for the civilians aboard the Cerberus. EVENT (ST: Leyla)
  • Lost In Transition — Still new to the Cerberus, Sergeant Lysander finds himself lost. Cora comes to the rescue, and the two have a friendly chat.
  • Student, Teacher — Cidra sits down with Leyla for the first of her sim quals to become a pilot instructor. No good deed goes unpunished.

26 Sep 2041 AE

  • Cig Rewards — Cidra keeps batting 1.000 in hanging out promised rewards.
  • From Aerilon, With Love — Back from the Emporium, Leyla comes to sickbay to deliver her care packages to the Koios brood.
  • Of Gifts and Government — Sawyer, Lunair, and Damon visit Rose in the Starboard Hangar at the same time for three completely different reasons.

25 Sep 2041 AE

  • Lunair's New Charlies — Our lovely Charlie Platoon Commander checks in on her marines in their natural habitat. Things happen.
  • Kissing Babies — Sawyer speaks with Kincaid about the future of the Colonial civilians, and later meets Astra and her brood, accompanied by Evan.
  • Deck Holiday — Damon delivers some of the goodies from Aerilon to the Deck Crew and chats with Sofia and Radcliffe.
  • How to Live — Devlin and Psyche ask Cidra for permission to get hitched.
  • We're All Friends Here — Representatives from the Cerberus and Areion air wings meet and mingle. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Significance — Sawyer and Trask contemplate the significance of certain things.

24 Sep 2041 AE

  • Kitsch...and Corpses — The West Aerilon Colonial Emporium is once again open for business! EVENT (ST: Leyla)
  • Head Games — Rose runs into Damon, Cora, and Radcliffe at the Head; Deck manners are sometimes remiss in mixed company.

23 Sep 2041 AE

  • Loss and Gain — Astra and Evandreus discuss love lost and family gained.
  • Round Two — Marines arrest one of their own.
  • Mortal Leavings — Tisiphone goes to collect the belongings of one Captain Sitka.
  • Awk...ward — A shift change on the Deck is interrupted by a Marine away team.

22 Sep 2041 AE

  • One Light — Leyla stops in Sickbay to check up on Astra and the children.
  • Angsty Athletics — People train, trade blows, and hang out. Though, some leave worse off than others.
  • No Politician — The civilians should have a representative, but neither Rose nor Madilyn is a politician.

21 Sep 2041 AE

20 Sep 2041 AE

  • Carried Away — Cidra and Tisiphone encounter eachother in the Chapel after Sitka's death.
  • Trick Shots — Marines play a little shooting game in the range.
  • The Damon Seal of Approval — Leyla passes her test and gets approval from Damon to work on Raptors down in the Deck.
  • Ghosts of the Past — The good is oft interred with their bones. RIP Ibrahim Sitka. EVENT (ST: Sawyer)

19 Sep 2041 AE

  • Not-so-positive I.D. — After Sawyer places a call to the security hub following her run in with Pallas, Kincaid shows up for an informal statement of sorts.
  • I Ain't Him — Rian mistakes Damon for an old lover of hers in the Observation Deck.
  • Sting Op — Rian and Decumius are playing MP and Kincaid comes up with a plan.
  • What Is Hydroponics? — Madilyn plays hydroponics Jeopardy with Lunair to help understand how farming in space works.
  • Quite Frankly, a Mess — Sickbay, following Blanket Party
  • Blanket Party — Not as comfortable as it sounds.
  • Cry Against the Machine — Bannik runs up against the harsh reality: Even after the bombs fall, the bureaucracy still remains.
  • Checking Facts — Cidra has a clerical mission for a deckie.

18 Sep 2041 AE

  • Who and What She Was — Cora interviews Constin about Coll.
  • What Matters — Trask may or may not be losing his mind. Penelope may or may not be a dream. That isn't what matters.
  • Due Process — Pallas gives Sawyer a warning in the News Room. Things escalate quickly.
  • Hydroplanning — It's a pow-wow on deck between some DHs regarding feasibility of the hydroponics plan.

17 Sep 2041 AE

16 Sep 2041 AE

  • And Then There Were Three — Evandreus and Astra name Astra's newborns.
  • Frak-tastic Launch - A survey team on Aerilon searches for traces of survivors and finds more than a few surprises. EVENT (ST: Astra/Leyla)
  • Planting Seeds — Some more hydroponic ideas are pursued when Madilyn visits Rose.
  • Roses and Sardines — Cidra pays Rose a visit on the hangar deck, catches up, chats of hydroponics and things.

14 Sep 2041 AE

13 Sep 2041 AE

  • Wine, The Giver of Joy — Good food, good 'shine, bad speeches abound as the crews of the Cerberus battlegroup meet and greet with the crew of the newly arrived Areion. EVENT (ST: Polaris/Tucana)
  • Loyalties — Confined to quarters, Alex and Psyche have a heated discussion about Psyche's loyalties, Lauren Coll's humanity, and whether Constin is, in fact, bullet proof.
  • Table on a Table — Alessandra's confined to quarters. Evandreus, Leyla and Malone do their best to keep her company, each after their own fashion.
  • Security — Document security, information security, systems security, general shipwide security… Cora and Corrath discuss it.

12 Sep 2041 AE

  • Brigged! — A pilot and a marine are sitting in the brig. Sadly, that's not the start of a joke.
  • Lack of Contrition — A full brig is (slowly) emptied, despite the best efforts of its various occupants.
  • Integration — Decumius comes to have a chat with Madilyn regarding integration of the rescued marines.
  • Sting Like a Bee — A massive brawl in the Rec Room. If Coll had a wake, this would be it.


19 Aug 2041 AE - 12 Sep 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus searches for survivors.

12 Sep 2041 AE

11 Sep 2041 AE

10 Sep 2041 AE

  • Accidents Happen — A distraught Alessandra is pushed too far and one of the ECOs is made to pay.
  • Hit...and a Miss — Marko and Leyla spend some time at the firing range. One of them is never going to be a Marine.
  • Clinging to Life — Cheerful banter turns deadly for an unlucky two.

09 Sep 2041 AE

08 Sep 2041 AE

  • Singing in the Rain — Survivors in Aera Yazd get in touch, and a team is dispatched to pick them up. EVENT (ST: Cora)

07 Sep 2041 AE

  • What You Live For — Cidra spirits off into the night to have a little chat with the one who calls herself Melpomene.
  • Nobody Likes Monkeys — A night in the sims. There's shooting and smoking and zombies.

04 Sep 2041 AE

  • The Terrible Machine — The Colonials explore a Cylon facility on the outskirts of town looking for clues. EVENT (ST: Madilyn)
  • Remains — Jesse Stavrian's 'homecoming' involves naught but corpses and grim tidings.

03 Sep 2041 AE

  • Bob's World — Marko and Leyla take a trip with the Virtual Raider. Cameos by Devlin and Psyche.
  • Starting the Bus — Sofia and Bannik talk about survivors and try to get one of the prison's buses started.
  • The Cavalry Arrives — The Marine CO visits the CAG on Saggitaron and comes bearing gifts: 2 more squads of Marines and plenty of firearms goodness.
  • Flybys and...Flies - Leyla and Trask survey the quarry for possible fuel and salvage, and find time to answer the age old question: What do you get when you lock two bulls in a pen?

02 Sep 2041 AE

  • The Message — Captain Sitka follows up with Leyla after she sends out word of her need for Sagitarron speakers.

01 Sep 2041 AE

  • Pinholes and Shadows — Sawyer is far more successful making a pinhole camera than Trask is forming a shadow puppet.
  • Plans, Cans and Automobiles — Quiet evening in the Tihar prison yard. Plans are made to quest for people and scrap. Leyla goes dumpster diving. Cora has some not-so-magic buses. Cidra and Tisiphone have yet another in their ongoing series of uplifting chats about dead people.

31 Aug 2041 AE

  • Tihar Prison Blues — The Colonials relocate their ground operation on Sagittaron into Tirhan Penitentiary on the outskirts of the blasted city of Aera Yazd. Not all tensions are eased with the move.
  • It's All Good — Ania runs into Devlin in the hall and the two nuggets discuss classes and their respective uses of what little free time training leaves them.
  • Do You Pray? — Devlin accidentally happens across Rose in sickbay. The two have a heartfelt conversation.

30 Aug 2041 AE

  • Sink or Swim — Cidra and Trask trek to the cavern of Stygianuvrro to ask for counsel upon a matter of the Souls. EVENT (ST: Evandreus)
  • The Sims — Devlin, Marko and Leyla talk shop in the berthings, and come up with a plan for training up the nugget.
  • Misdirected Energies — Cidra, Cora, and Lunair discuss martyrdom, moving camp, and starfish (among other things).

29 Aug 2041 AE

  • A Rose is a Rose is a Rose — Crewman Coll and Major Cavanaugh come to visit a Sagittaron survivor.
  • Tactical Expenditures — Tillman comes down to the surface in costume and discusses present tactics and the future of Tactical with Cora and Cidra.
  • Hearts and Minds — In which Cidra and Sitka hash out details regarding their pull-out from the Jharkhand Basin, the pronounced lack of flowers in the streets for the Colonials on Sagittaron, and some other old business.

28 Aug 2041 AE

  • Speargun vs. Raptor — Another location is checked for survivors. Will these actually /want/ to be rescued? EVENT (ST: Serpens)

27 Aug 2041 AE

  • A Spirited Tactical Debate — Tillman and Cidra engage in one about the situation on the ground in Sagittaron. To escalate or not to escalate, that is the question.
  • Spirits and Muses — Talk of those that've been found on Sagittaron, for good and for ill.
  • Back on the Dirt — Damon touches down on Sagittaron and is greeted by Coll.
  • Looking for the First Time — Triantafilou visits Project Heavy Raider HQ for the first time and gets roped into working on the engines project.

26 Aug 2041 AE

  • Black Doesn't Wash Out — A meet and greet between two Black Country peeps in which Leyla is welcomed into the Harriers by her new SL.
  • Eleven No Longer — Leyla reports to the CAG for a debriefing.
  • Girl Talk — Coll and Cilusia aren't just grease-monkies damnit! They're refined ladies! With opinions!

25 Aug 2041 AE

  • Crappy Jobs — Madilyn and Shiner prove that nobody aboard is free from doing 'crappy' jobs.
  • Above the Treeline — An air patrol encounters some old Colonial weaponry that's been re-purposed by the natives. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Things Fall Apart — The base camp receives a special delivery courtesy of the SSLF. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • The Change in People — Bannik and Ania meet and discuss how the War can change ordinary people into extraordinary ones.

24 Aug 2041 AE

  • Shirts, Skills, & Smoke Inhalation — One random evening in Jharkand, Kaz, Sawyer, Sofia, and Cora discuss the aforementioned.
  • Consignation — A conversation about things lost and found, and those consigned to oblivion and creation.
  • The Gentleman's Hunt — Three rednecks with access to military hardware and capabilities go hunting.

23 Aug 2041 AE

  • Old Times — The XO and Weps spend some time talking together about old shit, new shit, and other shit.
  • From Sagittaron, With Love — The base camp is given a warm reminder of their unwelcomeness. EVENT (ST: Serpens)
  • Hackles and Cylons — Coll, Cora, and Constin talk about a few things. Immediately prior to the EVENT above.

22 Aug 2041 AE

  • Cockroaches — What you call those who've survived the Holocaust, forced promotions, and a lack of getting laid.
  • Sleeping Hippo, Delicious Zebra — A team from Cerberus finally encounters a survivor who doesn't seem to mind the idea of being rescued. EVENT (ST: Cora)
  • In Flanders Fields…and in the sky the larks, still bravely singing, fly. EVENT (ST: Lunair)

21 Aug 2041 AE

  • Ancestor Worship — One of the search parties finds an abundance of lost souls. Literally. EVENT (ST: Evandreus)

20 Aug 2041 AE

  • Lack of Spin — Sawyer gives Trask the 411 about what happened with the search party.
  • On the Surface — Devlin delivers a note to Cidra, and they discuss the last time they each set foot on a planet.
  • Lions and Nuggets and Hippos! — Devlin, Tisiphone, Sofia, Sitka, and Constin talk and work on Sagittaron during the nugget's day-trip to the surface.

19 Aug 2041 AE

  • Feather-Weight — The Marine CO attempts to show the CAG how to throw a punch. With mixed results.
  • Distinctions — Cidra and Tillman talk over events in his quarters.
  • The Widening Gyre — Old hatreds never die. People do. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
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