Season 1: How Sweet, Vengeance

An archive of the logs from the Antebellum before the attacks, to Warday, and beyond. These logs chronicle the game's first "season," from January 31 to August 18, 2041 AE. For more recent logs, navigate to the main logs page.

771 logs posted for Season 1: How Sweet, Vengeance



16 Jul 2041 AE - 18 Aug 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus prepares to strike.

18 Aug 2041 AE

  • Peace, Love and Cylons — Nothing about the Gemenon reconnaissance goes as planned. EVENT (ST: Serpens)
  • Point of Interest — Pre-recon briefing on Gemenon and discussion of Evandreus' sleeping habits. The topics have some strange things in common.
  • The Primary Threat — Wherein Constin and Trask discuss the Sagittaron insurgency and the upcoming excursion.
  • New Toys — New nugget Ania meets her CAG. Devlin is a mostly innocent bystander.
  • Straight Art — In which Sofia shows Sawyer some art and learns more insight.

17 Aug 2041 AE

  • Carrier Landings — The Galley is witness to Stupid Pilot Tricks(tm), incriminating photographs, and the CAG in a palanquin.
  • Old Habits — Cora and Tisiphone discover that old habits die hard in more ways than one.

16 Aug 2041 AE

15 Aug 2041 AE

  • What Needs Be Done — CAG, CMO and ChEng discuss signs both hopeful and ominous back on the Colonies.
  • The Audacity of Hope — Hope is such a cruel and uniquely painful thing. It's also what Trask gives Penelope when he shares the results of the recon mission to Aerilon.

14 Aug 2041 AE

13 Aug 2041 AE

  • In and Out — Cerberus scouts take another look back at the colonies, starting with Sagittaron. But have they found signs of hope, or an elaborate trap? EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Copy That — Sitka gives Devlin a training session in the sim.

12 Aug 2041 AE

11 Aug 2041 AE

  • A Naked Planet Guide to Sagittaron — Home to all the bombed-out urban hellpits and shadowy insurgent camps one could want in a vacation destination. The CAG discusses a return here with her Saggie officers.
  • Even CAGs Have to Eat — Cidra, Marko, Lunair, Rachel, and Devlin eat dinner and discuss various goings-on.
  • The Suspicious LT — Rime approaches Cora about joining the IIG.

10 Aug 2041 AE

  • The Last Cookies In The Universe — Two Capricans and a Sagittaran walk into a storage closet…
  • Keepsakes — Trask and the CAG make a delivery to Colonel Pewter's office.
  • The Jack-of-All-Trades Deckie — Cora meets with Cilusia about joining the IIG.
  • Saying I'm Sorry — An apology's made which involves the bearing of souls and a whole lot of airing out of hurt feelings.
  • Breaking the Girl — Sitka helps Davis face her fears, but he can't do it for her.
  • Overrated — Wherein in the necessity of marriage and the qualifications of a good father are briefly discussed.

09 Aug 2041 AE

  • Asteroid Tag — Tisiphone and Devlin play in the sims.
  • The Hacker ECO — Cora recruits Marko to be part of the IIG, and they briefly discuss the status of Abbot's trial as well.

08 Aug 2041 AE

  • Blinders Off — The CAG and the reporter talk of dogs and missions and what to do in the Post-Apocalypse when you're 40.
  • Adapt and Overcome — Cidra lays out some project ideas for Damon which may require Deck assistance.
  • The Desk-Bound Snipe — IIG recruitment continues with Penelope.

07 Aug 2041 AE

  • Clear — Wherein the appropriateness of giving the CAG pr0n is discussed, as is the future recon of four colonies.
  • The Colonel Pewter March — Another game of Triad hosted by Colonel Pewter and Yeoman Parry. One of the players gets a special surprise.
  • The Ex-Cop MP — Cora begins recruiting for the IIG. First up, Rufinus.

06 Aug 2041 AE

  • Of Art and Bears — Sofia meets with some MPs, bad puns are made. However, once a very special sketchbook comes out…

05 Aug 2041 AE

04 Aug 2041 AE

  • Own It — Psyche, Devlin, Tisiphone and Sitka chat in the galley and Devlin sticks his foot all the way down his throat.
  • Touching Base — Cidra and Trask touch base on matters of analysis and command.

02 Aug 2041 AE

  • Burdens — Quinn and Trask examine the human condition of being, and shouldering, burdens.

01 Aug 2041 AE

  • Rainbow and Tinsel — Legend has it that there's a pot o' gold at the end of a rainbow. Metaphorically speaking, there evidently is.

31 Jul 2041 AE

  • Both Fail — Cora and Tisiphone attempt to spar. They pretty much fail.

30 Jul 2041 AE

  • Stargazing — Officers in the observation deck discuss the stars, the best places to view them, and other topics from cylons to school uniforms.
  • Loud and Clear — Tillman talks at Tisi about her charges.

29 Jul 2041 AE

28 Jul 2041 AE

  • A Sweet Thing — In an attempt to do something sweet, Trask seeks out the strippers from Aquarian Pete's. (That is not a euphemism, even though one of the dancers is called Candy.)
  • A...Spirited Discussion! — Cora tells Tillman some things about the cylon research lab. Then she tells him to frak off.

27 Jul 2041 AE

  • Strange Friends — Damon and Sofia discuss the Eleven. Guest appearance from Cadmus!
  • Gloves Off — Shiv and Spiral have a little exchange over some PT.

26 Jul 2041 AE

  • Convictions — Pallas pays Tisiphone a visit in the Brig.

25 Jul 2041 AE

  • Making Good — A promise is kept.
  • Still Processing — Sometime after her conversation with Coll, Cora visits the XO to request a tape of the mission to the cylon base.
  • Disgrace — Pallas rages at Cidra about the merging of the Black Knights and the Snow Petrels.
  • Confusion — Cidra and Sofia both wrestle with their feelings about Cylon Eleven.
  • A Centurion — Coll and Cora discuss the dogtags-wearing centurion discovered on the cylon base.

24 Jul 2041 AE

23 Jul 2041 AE

  • It Lies in Odd Numbers, Part II — This compromises the CMC, Deck, Engineering, and Medical portion of the show. EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • It Lies in Odd Numbers Part I — Battlestar Cerberus launches a daring assault on a Cylon research base in high orbit above Sagittaron, which — if successful — may cripple the toasters' activities in the Cyrannus System. This comprises the Air Wing and CIC portion of the show. EVENT (ST: Polaris and Tucana)
  • Sin High, Fall Hard — Bannik's reign as Lord of the Mountain comes to an end. EVENT (ST: Karthasi)

22 Jul 2041 AE

  • Not Finished Yet — The CAG comes to visit Tisiphone in Sickbay following the younger pilot's botched assassination attempt on the skinjob. They have a little chat.
  • Personnel Logic — The Viper squadrons' powers are combined.
  • Agamemnon — Sawyer has a frustrating conversation with the imprisoned admiral.

21 Jul 2041 AE

  • Shit Tasking — Damon, Shiner, and Sofia joke about on the Deck. Mostly at Shiner's expense.
  • Bootflinging and Gossip — People gather around Psyche and Pallas' bunk to discuss recent events.

20 Jul 2041 AE

  • Lord By Proxy — Bannik sits his post as Lord of the Mountain, and Cidra comes for confession.
  • Dialogue with the Stars — A team goes on a resupply hop to the Virgon Graveyard. They find more than they wanted to. EVENT (ST: Tillman)
  • Junk Calculations — Bannik enlists Trask to calculate the strategic placement of camera-laden space debris.

19 Jul 2041 AE

  • Let Sleeping Pilots Lie — MPs, COs and blood, oh my.
  • The Cylon Sleeps Tonight — An assassination attempt on Eleven fails. Utterly.
  • Guest-Gifts — Sister Karthasi (guest starring Crewman Tyr Bannik) pays the Cylon prisoner a little visit. The discussion that ensues involves matters both metaphysical and very, very real.
  • Kay-Eye-Ay — Cidra has a few words for her CO about their mission, such as it is. But Pewter knows which buttons to push on the less-than-inscrutable CAG.

18 Jul 2041 AE

  • Empty"Maybe- you die well enough, and the Lords and Ladies look past the rites. Maybe all it takes is someone else taking their obolus down for them-" Like it was a bread-run to the corner store, and didn't involve dying. "-and it's forgiven." Her head rests against the side of the bunk-frame. "Maybe they're all out there adrift until we all start over again."
  • Pain in the Skull Bolts — Meds are dispensed as is a lot of bedside manner.
  • A Bad Look — Kincaid interviews a recent inhabitant of the Starboard Hangar Deck about Piers Rene-Marie.

17 Jul 2041 AE

  • Blowing Sunshine — Eleven is discussed as is the situation the people of the Cerberus face unknowingly.
  • Penny's Prerogative — Trask quietly recounts reasons why Penelope should opt to remain in a coma. Ultimately, she decides to do otherwise.

16 Jul 2041 AE

  • Condition Two — A somber conversation about nothing and everything.
  • Sacrifices — The aftermath of the basestar engagement-turned-suicide-mission. They don't cover this sort of thing on a standard post-flight checklist.

Auðumbla Anchorage

19 Jun 2041 AE - 16 Jul 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus takes stock.

16 Jul 2041 AE

  • Bye Bye Birdie - CIC — BSG-132 is caught between a rock and a hard place. The view from CIC. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Bye Bye Birdie - Air Wing — BSG-132 is caught between a rock and a hard place. The view from space. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

15 Jul 2041 AE

  • Stupid Odds — Tillman wrestles with what the Eleven has told him. Cidra finds clarity about the abomination in fundamentalism.
  • Mashed Spuds — Davis breaks down during her flight quals. Allie broke her. Bunny and Echo witness it.
  • Fated Bells — Coll and Constin are wed at the Chapel of JAG. Allie witnesses.
  • Evocatio — CMES comes to escort the new god to the temple.
  • Not Some Bedswerving Harpy — In which Cidra and Lunair chat about relationships. You can't say you weren't warned.
  • Total War — A second interrogation with the Eleven brings even more information to light.
  • Toying With the Sawyer Cat — Kincaid dangles an investigation that Sawyer just can't refuse.
  • The Inhumanity of Man to Man — Rejn pays his respects at the Memorial Wall.
  • Cop Shows — Constin grills the alibi of the late Lessa Morgenfield.

14 Jul 2041 AE

  • Instead of a Funeral — A proper wake to honor the losses recently suffered.
  • New Names — Shiny new nugget Devlin meets veteran pilots in the head.

13 Jul 2041 AE Memories in Space and Skin — Tillman and Cidra discuss some intel revealed by the Eleven skinjob/abomination.

  • Eager to Fly — Sonja is eager to enlist and get into flight training.
  • Get Well Tea — In lieu of flowers, Bannik brings Sofia get well tea.
  • Good News — In which Marko brings it. Random acts of hugging ensue.
  • Attaining a Functional 'Tele' — Devlin and Karthasi discuss diverse means of worship and service.

12 Jul 2041 AE

  • Casual Friday — Tillman discovers he really doesn't like the CO.
  • Writing While Angry — Kincaid confronts Sawyer in the Head about her latest dispatch.
  • Volunteer Scapegoat — Bannik volunteers to be Lord of the Mountain.
  • Faceoff — Things get a little heated when Cora and Sawyer meet with Tillman following his interrogation of the Eleven prisoner.
  • Trust Issues — Constin and Tillman trade tactics and ideas about the new guest.

11 Jul 2041 AE

  • Impressions and Monotheism — Tillman and Karthasi meet to discuss the new guest.
  • Rainy Day Woman Number Twelve and Thirty-Five — Brought to you by Religious Rights and Freedoms, Section C, Paragraph 1, Clause (d) — Religious Sacraments and Permitted Substances. This was…probably not what they had in mind.
  • Civility — Constin and Tillman debrief the captured skinjob. Brainbreaking ensues.
  • Conflicted Confidence — Davis meets Dr Byrne for an initial return-to-duty evaluation.
  • Babble — In which Davis displays remarkable intuition.
  • Don't Let Go — Coll tells Constin about the extent of her injuries.

10 Jul 2041 AE

  • Yes Lady — Madilyn gets to be the Yes Lady when people come and ask her things!
  • Sampler and the Trimix — Bannik reports to Cidra on the investigation into the poisoned trimix.

9 Jul 2041 AE

  • Consolations — Nuclear fallout brings some people closer together.
  • 2041 AE's Best Picture Winner — The tape is viewed once more in the hopes of reaching a consensus. EVENT (ST: Madilyn)
  • Blue Booties — Good Gracious visits those trapped in the makeshift Isolation Ward.
  • Spars and Barters — Negotiating various propositions in the athletics area.

8 Jul 2041 AE

  • Happenstance — Fortune comes in various ways. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Making It Happen — Marko and Tisiphone update Trask on their progress with the simulations overhaul.
  • This is What I Do — Cidra soliloquises in the ICU.
  • Donut on the Hunt — Kincaid catches up on Military Police happenings and asks Constin about a research project of his own.

7 Jul 2041 AE

  • Colonel Pewter's Lonely Hearts Club Band — Playing Triad with the CO.
  • Sugar High — Tillman visits Alessandra in Sickbay. Somber convo turns to dares that will scorch the brain. Some things cannot be unseen.
  • Rum & Cola — Devlin and Psyche meet back on the Observation Deck for drinks and wide-ranging conversation.
  • Nice to Meet You — Civilian handyman Devlin meets two fashion-conscious pilots on the stairs.
  • Odds — Kulko and Cora discuss the odds stacked against the colonials.
  • Meet the Shrink — Allie embarrasses herself while being evaluated by Dr. Byrne.
  • In the Gloaming — Psyche visits a critically ill Evandreus.
  • Prototypes and Transfers — Coll tracks Damon down to talk about the prototype ship and her transfer application.

6 Jul 2041 AE

  • Preposterous — There are not enough hours in the day to do all they should do. Cidra and Trask discuss the mindfrak of the Audumbla incident and what is to be done about it.
  • Breathing Room — Niobe sits by Evan's bedside. While doing so, Alessandra is wheeled in after the oxygen is messed with on her Viper. Coll brings Tisiphone in who immediately checks hersef out.
  • These My Good Works — Constin questions Borenstein again.
  • As Flies to Wanton Boys — Lessa Morgenfield escapes, after a fashion. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Finding Duncan — Lunair interviews Wade Duncan.
  • Comfort is Lipgloss — Davis comforts Evandreus with lipgloss and a story.

5 Jul 2041 AE

  • Liquor and Loneliness — A liquored Pallas opens to Tisiphone for a brief moment. And scares zombie-Alessandra.
  • Gravedigging — The Raptor salvage operation in Virgon's orbit nets one Raptor at the highest cost. EVENT (ST: Coll)
  • Poetry Therapy — Cidra brings a gift when she visits Niobe in Sickbay.

4 Jul 2041 AE

3 Jul 2041 AE

  • Good Following — Sofia and Bannik discuss the Starboard Hangar Deck plumbing project and muse about the nature of leadership.
  • Pickles and Bratwurst — Trask visits Niobe in the Sickbay. Sarcasm and banter follows.

2 Jul 2041 AE

  • Meeting of the Knights — The Knights have their first meeting since the change of leadership.
  • Get Me Bullets — A team from the Cerberus scavenges munitions from Audumbla Anchorage. EVENT (ST: Bannik)

1 Jul 2041 AE

  • What One Should Know — There are some things that some people should and shouldn't know. Psyche, Quinn, and Trask demonstrate.
  • A Chip Off The Old Block — After surviving a triage ranking of Expectant and recovering from an open skull fracture (twice), Ensign Hathor is released from Medical. Sort of.

30 Jun 2041 AE

29 Jun 2041 AE

28 Jun 2041 AE

27 Jun 2041 AE

26 Jun 2041 AE

  • Chasing Shadows — Tasked by Tillman, Sawyer and Cora start their own investigation regarding skinjobs.
  • The Blood of Us All — Constin, Cadmus and Tisiphone interrogate a prisoner, but resolve very little.
  • Your Personal Mileage May Vary — Ethan and Trask discuss the pilot's past, present, and future.
  • Busy Congratulations — Sofia congratulates Bannik on his promotions and the two of them compare notes on just how busy they are.
  • Rusty As Cylon Shit — Nathan seeks firearms re-qualification and an interview.
  • Checking Files — Kincaid paws through paperwork in Sickbay and catches up with Stavrian about Jase's background check.
  • The Game — Two old warriors meet and plot.

25 Jun 2041 AE

  • Full Colors — After the events surround the whole Leonis Operation, the men and women of the Cerberus are honored for their service.
  • Three Questions — Marko gets a project to go with his promotion.
  • It's Left To You — Zosime tracks down Rime to deliver a photograph.
  • Sympathy — Do you believe?
  • Mercy — Another side of Rejn.
  • Keeping Donut Busy — Kincaid and Constin talk shop in passing.
  • Helping or Hurting — Coll tracks down Tisiphone for some clarifications.
  • Get Angry — After Tisiphone's outburst in the berthings, Coll rips Allie apart for it.
  • Homework Detail — Sunshine and happiness in the Pilot Berths.

24 Jun 2041 AE

  • Pride In Your Work — Ethan and Coll go over potential designs for the new ship.
  • Double Whammy — Summoned down to the offices, Constin gets hit with two advancement opportunities.
  • Unrepeatable — Specialist Tyr Bannik hosts a flashlight (for lack of candles) memorial and prayer service for those lost during Operation: Cobra Talon. EVENT (ST: Bannik)
  • Specializing Tyr — Bannik gets promoted to E-3.
  • Haute Couture — Cidra meets Tycho and Cora in the laundry room.
  • Boom-Boom — Pewter makes an appearance in the ObsDeck.

23 Jun 2041 AE

  • El Presidenta — Tillman and Sawyer finally have a chance to catch up after Operation: Cobra Talon.
  • Birthdays And Branching Out — Sitka's attempts to dodge work go awry.
  • That Which We Earn — Marko and Tisiphone are promoted. Despite Tisiphone's best efforts. Matters of trust are discussed thereafter.
  • Long Overdue — Sickbay finally gives the CMO and Stavrian long enough to catch up, post-Leonis.
  • Finding Pipe — Bannik reveals his plan for bringing sewage to the Starboard Side Hangar Deck and enlists Sofia's help.
  • Cut the Flak — Alessandra and Constin catch up over food in the Galley.
  • Lucky's New Lot — Alessandra's notified by the CAG as to what her new role within the squardon is. Some raw feelings are voiced as well.

22 Jun 2041 AE

21 Jun 2041 AE

  • Fearful Strange Accounts — Sitka delivers to Cidra a report of sorts on some of what transpired down on Leonis. It adds up to nothing comforting for anyone.
  • Cynics, Realists and Idealists — Jase meets Sawyer and later Rejn. A little hero-worship is tarnished and ideas are exchanged. Perhaps a bit too frankly, given the military personnel standing around.
  • What's Past is Prologue — Kincaid interviews Jase for his security check. For better or worse, Jase tells (most) of the truth.
  • Extrapolate — Byrne assesses Cora's psychological fitness.

20 Jun 2041 AE

  • BSOD — Data that Quinn transmits to Trask's brain results in a major disk error and proverbial Blue Screen of Death.
  • Assorted Stupid & Other Matters — A very frank discussion about the state of the Fleet and the future of the Air Wing.
  • In The Berths — Touchy topics of conversation are brought up in the berths.
  • Infoquest — Cora has a background check, and gets some more freedoms about ship.
  • Give Peace a Chance — Jase and Psyche have a conversation about peace which ends anything but peacefully.
  • E-2 Reunited — Sofia and Bannik are reunited on Cerberus and catch up on what happened to each of them.

19 Jun 2041 AE

18 Jun 2041 AE

  • Midrats and Intel — Cora meets Tillman, and gets a briefing of sorts. Rime cameos.


8 May 2041 AE - 18 June 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus investigates.

18 June 2041 AE: Such Sweet Sorrow
In which Battlestar Cerberus recovers her own. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

  • 1840 Hours: The Twisted Gyves — The Colonial convoy is ambushed in the forest.
  • 1840 Hours: O What Light — The rescue team scrambles to get its birds in the air.
  • 1900 Hours: Rain — Parting is such sweet sorrow.

9 May 2041 AE - 17 Jun 2041 AE: Stranded
In which Battlestar Cerberus fights to survive.

17 Jun 2041 AE

  • Warm Welcome — Cora formally meets the reporter.
  • Q & A — Cora answers some questions, and gets answers to some of hers.
  • All the Way — Without any word of a potential extraction, an all volunteer team of Marines and Deck HALO jump down to Anadyomene to ensure that the Vipers are warmed and ready for the rescue operation.
  • CO2 — Alessandra informs Coll about potential jump problems.
  • Pre-Jump Jitters - Bad news is dispensed with and the jump is discussed.

16 Jun 2041 AE

  • Come Fly With Me — Cidra gets McQueen back into the fold once the dust of Abbot's arrest has settled.
  • Dotting the I's — Constin brings bad news to Madilyn, who wants to know if things are in order for the HALO jump.

15 Jun 2041 AE

  • Hitchhiker — A stranger finds her way to the vicinity of Virgon House. But is she friend or foe? EVENT (ST: Haeleah)

14 Jun 2041 AE

  • Pilots, Marines and Fashionable Mechanics — Cidra and Madilyn speaks briefly on the hangar deck about security in the after-math of Rear Admiral Abbot's detainment. Volunteer Deckie Santiago reveals the source of her mojo for aircraft engines.

13 Jun 2041 AE

  • 48-Hour Party — 2 days out from mission start, the Jump team decompresses.

12 Jun 2041 AE

11 Jun 2041 AE

10 Jun 2041 AE

  • Cheers — Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…but all you've got is a looted, molding wet bar on a bombed-out hell planet. Some of the Leonis castaways belly up to it and discuss the state of things.
  • PT and Belief Systems — Fisticuffs, weights and spirituality.

9 Jun 2041 AE

7 Jun 2041 AE

  • Trust Fall — Tillman pitches a mission to Constin, who seeks out a volunteer.
  • Broken Heart Disease — Sawyer keeps vigil over Evandreus. Bannik and Samuel have questions.
  • Just In Case — A few crew members visit the Memorial Wall. Villon takes steps to make sure that she is remembered should anything happen to her.

6 Jun 2041 AE

  • Foreclosed — The invitation is accepted, and more is learned than anyone wanted. EVENT (ST: Tucana)

5 Jun 2041 AE

4 Jun 2041 AE

  • They Mostly Come At Night — Mostly. The Virgan Embassy is scoured for supplies. EVENT (ST: Serpens)
  • The Problem of 481 — Alessandra delivers a message to Coll for a new assignment. Constin and Coll talk over the implications.
  • Divisions Unmended — Tillman and Cidra chew over the new colonel's proposal for amnesty for actions taken during the arrest of Rear Admiral Abbot. They differ on the issue.

3 Jun 2041 AE

  • Unacceptable Reasons — Rime and Cadmus discuss the mutiny.
  • Keep It Quiet — The post-mutiny risks are discussed and plans are outlined.
  • A Ceremony of Hope — Bannik leads a prayer service on Leonis, but finds a tougher crowd than he expected.
  • Good People — Colonel Pewter arrives.
  • The Obituary Beat — Sawyer would rather not write obituaries. Trask would rather not need one written about Evandreus, who would rather not be wearing his combat gear. Two out of three get what they want.

2 Jun 2041 AE

  • Comfort — Cidra and Quinn pass the night in Sickbay following the detainment of Rear Admiral Michael Abbot, waiting for word on the casualties.
  • Delaying the Inevitable — Immediately after a Very Unexpected Mutiny, a newly de-pinned McQueen and Sister Greje Karthasi are left behind in the chapel to reflect on it.
  • Patch Job — Constin finds Coll busy in the brig post-mutiny.
  • Rex Mortuus Est — Diu vivat rex. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • The Public Weal — "The public weal requires that men should betray and lie and massacre." EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Before the Storm — Constin and Coll argue in the brig. Realizations are made to impending events.

1 Jun 2041 AE

  • Baiting the Trap — An MP operation to draw out saboteurs goes into motion. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Passable — Ethan brings Coll down to the Sims to due a JAG-ordered verification of her past claims.

31 May 2041 AE

  • Hear Me Out — Coll is brought before the JAG to argue her case. Constin provides his end of the investigation.
  • Pre-Hearing — The Marine CO has some questions for Coll before the hearing goes forward.
  • Evergreen — A quiet moment in the observation lounge.

30 May 2041 AE

29 May 2041 AE

28 May 2041 AE

27 May 2041 AE

  • Making Sense — Or not.
  • A Friend in Need — After Coll's arrest, Quinn wants to clarify things and get some answers.
  • Coll Fire — Coll gets in trouble. Coll gets arrested. Coll gets in more trouble. Coll falls apart. Note: This is the entire day's logs for this series of scenes from Coll's end.

26 May 2041 AE

  • Right Where They Want Us — Discussions about MolGen and inevitable(?) doom in the embassy garden.
  • Paranoid — Coll wanted to talk to Quinn. This did not go as planned. Coll is starting to look unstable.
  • Meeting With The CAG — Doing as ordered, Sophronia next speaks with Major Hahn about current events.
  • Washing Up — Another discussion between XO and pilot, this time taking place in the head.

25 May 2041 AE

24 May 2041 AE

  • Crappy drawings and Bombs. — Ethan gives Allie a gift, Coll joins in and the group discusses bombs.
  • Pulling Cards — The XO resorts to using sneaky tactics when dealing with Lieutenant Sophronia.
  • An Officer and a Gentleman — Penelope and Trask enjoy a low-key reunion. Who knew he could be such a gentleman?
  • Meetup.Leonis.Com — The Anadyomene and MolGen groups are reunited at last. EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • Duty and Honor — Tillman tells Cidra about Abbot. Difficult decisions are made by the XO.
  • Loyalty and Service — Tillman tells Madilyn about Abbot. Assurances are given on the part of the CMC.
  • Cosmic Omelet — Conversation on the Observation Deck takes a turn for the odd.
  • Keeping It Mum — Lucky has a meeting with the Major upon being discharged.

23 May 2041 AE

  • No-Leaf Clover — The Eidolon Bravo group strikes camp and makes for the H-Train tunnels. EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • Something You Want to Tell Me? — After getting the delicate news from Tillman, Maggie and Cidra dance around a very personal subject with business. Things just go down hill from there.
  • Aneurysms — Bell and Cidra face the XO in the aftermath of an aerial engagement. But something more personal is bothering Tillman…
  • The Hard Choices — A bomb takes out Raptor 305. The entire fleet responds when trouble jumps in. EVENT (ST: Tillman)

22 May 2041 AE

21 May 2041 AE

  • Opening Closure — The Cerberus Battlegroup gets some unexpected visitors. Quite a few of them. Event (ST: Tillman)
  • Dead Weight — Allan Rejn: making friends and charming people for fifty-six years.

20 May 2041 AE

  • Handcuffs and Callsigns, oh my! — Petroski, Coll and Ethan have a light conversation about different topics.
  • Among Us — Tillman briefs Madilyn on the situation with traitors in the midst.
  • Look Up At The Sun — A chat amongst some members of the Anadyomene group while they keep watch.
  • Seniority — Cidra appoints Pallas to fly lead for the Black Knights for the time being.
  • Hyperlight — Doc brings a proposal to the CAG.

19 May 2041 AE

18 May 2041 AE

  • Puttin' on the Ritz — The MolGen team looks for new lodging after the events at the hospital. EVENT (ST: Madilyn)
  • Deduction Sabotage — Cidra is briefed by Cadmus on the progress of the Case of the Exploding Viper. The preliminary findings are unsettling.
  • Romeo Mary — The Anadyomene group makes brief radio contact with the MolGen group.

17 May 2041 AE

  • Pool Time and Male Bikini Zone — Bubbles and Fresh find out too late that Madilyn is the Marine CO, Cidra delivers the news in an indirect way. Pom Poms join the mix.
  • Smoke Your Last Cigarette — Haeleah and Sawyer speculate while the Alpha team is holed up, waiting for the team to recuperate enough to move.
  • Jump Wings — Tillman runs into Bell and the CAG in the Rec Room. A rescue plan is divulged.

16 May 2041 AE

  • Schadenfreude — The Fleet gets a nasty surprise while waiting for Eidolon at the rendezvous.
  • Zero Hour Part II — In which humans are penned like rabbits. EVENT (ST: Serpens)

15 May 2041 AE

  • Zero Hour Part I — In which humans are herded like sheep. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • A Lie Never Lives to Grow Old — Three terrifying hours in the City of Kythera. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Ghosts — Haeleah and Oberlin discuss the "dead" woman they spotted at the Kythera cafe, and other things non-corporeal.

14 May 2041 AE

  • Howl — When animals attack. The Leonis edition, now with wolves. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor? — Recent recon of the city has revealed signs of heavily-armed life, and the Kythera team ventures out to meet their neighbors. EVENT (ST: Tucana)

13 May 2041 AE

  • How Divinity Is Tended — Souls seeks solace in the chapel to pray for those down on Leonis. Whether they find it is open to question.
  • Yellow Brick Road — Eidilon Bravo's scout section finds a cabin. EVENT (ST: Tillman)

12 May 2041 AE

  • Don't Shoot the Messenger — What do you do when you see a ghost? EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Ursa Major — An unexpected obstacle leads to difficult choices. EVENT (ST: Serpens)
  • Signal Lost — Bell visits Villon in the Recovery Room.
  • Fresh — In which Ethan gets a callsign.

11 May 2041 AE

  • Eye to the Ground — Cidra and Marko venture out to try and find what's become of the Leonis away group. They get more than they hoped for - good and bad. Cameo via wireless by Kulko. EVENT (ST: Tillman)
  • Hunt and Gather — The Anadyomene group hunts for food, discovers other things, and receives a welcome word from home.

10 May 2041 AE

  • Overdue — Following the non-return of the Leonis team, the XO and CAG discuss their options.
  • Have One For the Road — The ground team from Leonis is due back at Cerberus. They don't show, but the battlegroup does receive some party-crashers. EVENT (ST: Tucana)

9 May 2041 AE

  • Just Don't Slip Up — A tense meeting between the Anadyomene group's new CO and the Viper squadleaders.
  • Into the Forest — The Anadyomene group plans its next course of action.
  • Idle Hands — The MolGen group idles and plans while information is gleaned off the computer systems.
  • Early Anniversary — An injured Quinn and Trask take a stroll down memory lane, even as they're laid-up and unable to walk.

8 May 2041 AE: How Sweet, Vengeance
In which Battlestar Cerberus seeks revenge. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

OOC Note: All times local.

Sector 641

17 Apr 2041 AE - 8 May 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus finds refuge.

8 May 2041 AE

  • Crash Course — Aboard the Eiolon, Sawyer and Kulko meet. Sawyer gets a crash course in rifles.

7 May 2041 AE

  • Stragglers — In which Sitka doesn't back of the Leonis mission (poor bastard) and more farewells are said.
  • Air Wing - Send Offs — The Wing is gathered before some of its constituency is sent down to Leonis. Back to where it all began.
  • Grunt Work — Cidra prowls the damaged fabrication facility, while Laskaris does some grunt work before he's due to ship out for the Leonis mission.
  • Ink Off — Well, it's not so much a competition, but there is casual comparison of tattoos following CAP.
  • The Futility of Frustration — Stavrian speaks to the CMO before departing for the Eidolon.

6 May 2041 AE

5 May 2041 AE

  • Call and Response — A major breakthrough is made regarding the Cylon wireless transmitter.
  • Bargain with the Devil — After learning of her new assignment, Sawyer stops by Tillman's office to drop off some news. An interesting deal is struck.
  • Go — Beware COs bearing good news.
  • Dropping Off Records — Bannik drops off Viper repair records to help Cadmus in his investigation of the hangar deck explosion.
  • Stairwell Camp Out — A certain pair of officers have a camp out on the stairwell.
  • New Kid on the Block — Demitros is inducted to the Cerberus by way of nosy reporter. Then a disagreement arises over a spoon.
  • Kahuna on the Job — Bannik pulls Raf into the Centurion ECM project and both talk to Sitka about the condition of the Deck.

4 May 2041 AE

  • Chicken Wing — Tisiphone takes Stavrian up on his offer to spar. Easy victory, right? Right.
  • Two Alpha — The team from Tactical and the CAG meet to discuss an upcoming operation: 'Cobra Talon'
  • It's Just Speculation — Daphne and Tisiphone catch up over lunch.

3 May 2041 AE

  • Book Club Meeting — Pallas starts a weekly book club! No, it's just a random meeting of people in the Library.
  • Nukes, then Tea — Damon and Kai cross paths checking on the nukes.
  • Building a Defense — Bannik pours out his worries about the sabotage investigation to Sofia.

2 May 2041 AE

  • Coincidence and Comets — Drink and cigars. The hangar explosion and its causes. People on comets. Another night in the Pilot Berths.
  • Puzzles — The Ananke mess is chewed over. All signs point to Leonis, for good or ill.
  • Maybe Tomorrow — A promise is made.
  • The Nightmare — Tillman talks with Allie who admits to having nightmares.
  • It Will Come When It Will Come — An explosion on the hangar deck reveals a sinister plot. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Soft Targets — The CAG and Marine CO hit the range. Relative marksmanship is…about what you'd expect. Cameo by Kai.
  • Into the CAG Lair — Bannik knocks on Cidra's door with a research-related request.

1 May 2041 AE

30 Apr 2041 AE

29 Apr 2041 AE

  • Signals Parsed — Captain Gabrieli analyzes the readings picked up from Leonis, but questions still remain. Cidra queries him about that, and some other items.
  • A Fair Few Words — Stavrian brings difficult news to the CMO.
  • Shadowboxing — Not all punches are delivered with a closed fist.
  • There's Always Next Year — Villon and Rime talk about their homeworld over some painting.

28 Apr 2041 AE

27 Apr 2041 AE

26 Apr 2041 AE

  • CAG's My Wingman — Cidra and Pallas run through a Viper exercise on the Simulators.
  • Best Bullshit Guess — Damon checks in with the Marine chain of command about the nukes.
  • A Laughing Matter — Daphne derides Trask in a manner that he, Penelope, and Viae deem to be rather deranged.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — Yeah ok.
  • Guts — The inimitable engineering duo of Parres and Paris discuss the questions raised by the Centurion-Raider analysis, and whether they want to know the answers.

25 Apr 2041 AE

  • A Drop In The Bucket — The Medical Department holds a blood-drive, and many attend.
  • Checking In — The CAG visits the CMO to talk of broken pilots.
  • A Necessary No — In the wake of the CMO's death, the Admiral passes the responsibility to new shoulders.

24 Apr 2041 AE

23 Apr 2041 AE

22 Apr 2041 AE

  • Arrr, Here be Cylons — In light of recent Cylon boardings, the CMC rounds up a motley crew and gives them some target practice. EVENT (ST: Lunair and Cilusia)
  • A Side of Work With Your Gossip — Raf's appearance on the deck ruins a perfectly good gossip-swap.

21 Apr 2041 AE

20 Apr 2041 AE

  • Necessity — Haeleah follows the Ananke trail back to Gabrieli, and more ghosts of the past.
  • Filling the Room — The pilots are consolidated into a single bunking area. Fear the Raptors.
  • Unconventional — Sawyer starts poking around about the Draft. Her first interview is with Cidra, who agrees to see the Journalist, but insists on a rather unconventional setting.
  • No Rules — No-rules sparring match in honor of Tuesday.

19 Apr 2041 AE

  • Lion's Hide — Evandreus and Trask conduct a reconnaissance of Cylon-occupied Leonis. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

18 Apr 2041 AE

  • Coping — Cidra and Tillman talk following the strike mission, but conversation eventually turns to one Captain Quinn.
  • Operations and Obligations — Kulko's AAR and a surprise.
  • Down But Not Out —Praetorian leads a strike against the Cylons, but finds more than she bargained for. EVENT (ST: Kulko)
  • Cupid's Artillery — Lunair and Marko's relationship takes a turn for the better.
  • Give Me Liberty Or... — Sawyer and Tillman discuss conscription.
  • Drop the Bomb — Tillman drops the bomb on Damon. Ten of them, to be precise - of the nuclear variety.
  • Get Ye Flask — Pallas pesters Alessandra, completely hammered.
  • Project Super-Secret — In which classified stuff is discussed. Mega-secret. None of Your Business.
  • A Swift-Footed Creature — Sawyer gets a nugget of news.

17 Apr 2041 AE

  • Striking a Chord — Tillman finds Alessandra in the Library. He lends a hand with a problem.
  • Painless — The admiral summons Sabaudia to his office to discuss the outcome of a case.
  • Making Nice — Pallas and Daphne fly an uneventful CAP, get to know each other a bit better.

Parnassus Anchorage

23 Mar 2041 AE - 16 Apr 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus journeys to discovery.

16 Apr 2041 AE

  • A Not-So-Impossible Gift — Quinn receives an impossible birthday gift that turns out to be not-so-impossible, after all.
  • Pizza Delivery - Air Wing — Cylons try to kick the door down and get more than they bargained for. The Air Wing's end of this operation. EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • Pizza Delivery - CIC — Cylons try to kick the door down and get more than they bargained for. CIC's end of this operation. EVENT (ST: Tillman)
  • Jailbreak — Evandreus provides moral support while Tisiphone has her cast removed.

15 Apr 2041 AE

  • Classified — Sawyer and Tisiphone continue their conversation outside the Viper Berths.
  • Casserole Night in the Galley — The CAG makes another stealth-visit to the Viper Berths.
  • Lines — Laskaris and Alessandra discuss some things in the offices.
  • Philosophical Differences — Viae and Daphne have a difference of opinion on a late night in the Rec Room.
  • No Lies — Tisiphone brings Kulko more news she shouldn't have.

14 Apr 2041 AE

13 Apr 2041 AE

  • Fear The Reaper — Robin runs into Tisiphone in the Chapel. Delivers some shaking news. Haeleah is informed.
  • Faster Than Mysteries — Bannik and Marcion work to put CIC back together and discuss the Cylon Heavy Raider's FTL drive.

12 Apr 2041 AE:

11 Apr 2041 AE

10 Apr 2041 AE

  • Parnassus Scavenger Hunt — A salvage mission to the anchorage manages to answer a few questions…but raises several more. EVENT (ST: Cilusia)
  • Busted — Cidra tracks down Tisiphone to discuss Pallas's accusations.
  • Principle of the Matter — Pallas brings an accusation against Tisiphone to Cidra, along with two signed witness statements from the Deck crew.
  • It Changes Nothing (Other Than Everything) — With Trask not actually dead, dysfunction lives on.
  • Gone And There Again — Evandreus and Tisiphone wait for information on the away team and are interrupted by Pallas.
  • The Ostent Evanescent — An away team dispatched to investigate a ghost ship discovers said ship is very much alive. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • The Mystery Deepens — Damon and Cilusia chat at work about how strange Parnassus Anchorage really is.

9 Apr 2041 AE

  • Observations — Rejn holds court on the observation deck. Soldiers get mad.
  • The Scales of Judgment — An interrogation of one of the 'rescued' officers from Parnassus Anchorage only raises more questions. EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • Grousing — Evandreus walks in on Tisiphone's and Daphne's vent-session.

8 Apr 2041 AE

7 Apr 2041 AE

6 Apr 2041 AE

  • Terribly Wrong, Terribly Right — Bannik, Cilusia, and Damon have a chat around in the Repair Bay about Cylons, jail time, masturbation… the usual stuff.
  • Sweating the Meeting — Bannik goes to his dreaded meeting with the Exec to update Tillman about the progress with the Heavy Raider project.
  • Back into the Wild — Pallas is given a final examination by Glory for a full return to duty.
  • Good Smoker, Bad Smoker — Cigarettes are good for you. Honest.

5 Apr 2041 AE

  • Observation Lounge High School — We've got arts and crafts, boozing, nap-time, and study hall, all in the observation lounge - just like in high school.

4 Apr 2041 AE

3 Apr 2041 AE

  • Battle of the Sims — Sim training with the pilots. No flyboys were harmed in the making of this exercise.

2 Apr 2041 AE

1 Apr 2041 AE

31 Mar 2041 AE

  • Inescapable — Haeleah, Astrid, and Kulko hack into the Parnassus' computer, and find a mystery. EVENT (ST: Gabrieli)
  • Laundry List — One has a laundry list of clothes, the other has a laundry list of charges.
  • Unraveling — Pallas and Sofia have a lovely chat in the Sickbay, where lots of psychiatric work gets undone.
  • The Sauce — Two drunk officers. Lotsa smokes. Tisi almost pukes. Tillman wins.

30 Mar 2041 AE

29 Mar 2041 AE

  • Eyes Wide Open — Covington and Bell catch up after her release from Sickbay.
  • Running Out Of Air — Tisiphone and a couple of others discover why Temperance hasn't been around.
  • Striking Nerves — Trask blithely pushes Quinn's buttons. She unwittingly hits one of his. Bad touch.
  • Keep it in Order — Malone and Jayden chat with a deckie. Bloody hands ain't sexy..
  • Heavy — Bannik and Trask discuss the Heavy Raider and the weight of being a project lead.
  • You're Gonna Carry That Weight — Damon tries to turn in his pins and Atreus talks him out of it.

28 Mar 2041 AE

  • War Footage — Pallas examines footage of Cylon ship combat from the First War and runs into Cidra.
  • Meet Cute? — Marko and Lunair meet again in the ship's laundry. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
  • Peacocks — Sister Karthasi and Demos find Tisiphone and Stavrian as they work through last night's events.

27 Mar 2041 AE

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis — A recon is sent into the station, Tillman commanding on-site. EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • The Sin of Mistakes — Merrell is summoned to a trio. A joyful greeting turns to something horrific.

26 Mar 2041 AE

  • Hail to the King! — A visit to the Marines in Recovery goes horribly awry when a young ECO fails to pay attention.
  • Discussing the Heavy — Marko and Cidra do a little musing on what information can be gleaned from the captured Heavy Raider.
  • Kissing Bunnies — Jayden teaches Allie a very important, albeit surprise, lesson in the ready room.

25 Mar 2041 AE

  • E For Effort — Philosophy vs. facts goes awry in the Galley.

24 Mar 2041 AE

  • A Day In The Life — Tisiphone intersects with many people over the course of a day.

23 Mar 2041 AE

The Uram Sector: Revisited

26 Feb 2041 AE - 23 Mar 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus takes flight.

22 Mar 2041 AE

  • Breadcrumbs - Recon— Marko and Evandreus take a wild ride to the Parnassus sector. EVENT (ST: Tucana)

21 Mar 2041 AE

  • Official Unofficial Favors — Sawyer is summoned to Michael's office to discuss the death of Sarkis.
  • Paths Diverge — Stavrian braves Raptor berthings for an apology to Evan.
  • Good Intentions — A memo with the best of intentions may have been taken a bit out of context. Rumors escalate, civilians run wild, and CMC members kinda solve the problem. Kinda. Special guest Marko wonders what to make of it all! EVENT (ST: Tucana)
  • A Message Delivered — Demos delivers Robin's message to Karthasi. Options are outlined.
  • One Bright Spark — In the dead of night, Demos is visited by Robin's ghost.
  • Logically Illogical — The flock tends the shepherd tends the flock.

20 Mar 2041 AE

  • Slings and Gags — Pallas gets caught by Glory for not wearing his sling; Lunair wanders in, confused.
  • Sadness of the Gods — Noelani counsels Bannik about the Gods' grief.
  • Too Soon — Bourbon and conversations in the Viper berths.

19 Mar 2041 AE

18 Mar 2041 AE

17 Mar 2041 AE

  • You Promised — Captain Sabaudia meets with Crewman Swigert to discuss the charges brought against her.
  • Let What We Love Be What We Do — Dodging topics in the Sickbay, Sagittaran-style.
  • Card Sharks — Lunair joins an uncomfortable game of Triad between Pallas and Zosime.
  • Thrown Back — Tisiphone bumps into Cadmus in the galley. Demos joins them.

16 Mar 2041 AE

  • Facing The Music — Laskaris and Sitka debrief the fighter wing following the events of the Virgon salvage mission.
  • Something Disturbing Surfaces — Gabrieli clues Demos into a disturbing possibility while talking about fire, Swigert and electricity.
  • Lurking Variables — A flurry of Sickbay activity calms, and Trask stays to talk with Gabrieli.
  • An Unexpected Visit — When Trask arrives in Sickbay to find Gabrieli asleep, Tisiphone becomes the recipient of an unexpected visit.
  • Forge Ahead — Atreus asks to see Stavrian about a matter, which turns into more matters. And some mutual respect.
  • Auditory Assault — Marines on the hunt run into something odd in the bulkhead near munitions.
  • Newcomer to the Chapel — Zione visits the chapel for the first time in a long time.
  • From The Ashes Of What Was — Laskaris and Alessandra 'discuss' the recent mission, with Sawyer caught in the middle.
  • Freakouts and Philosophy — Sickbay is quiet, except when it's not.

15 Mar 2041 AE

14 Mar 2041 AE

  • Salvage Aftermath — Back on Cerberus after the salvage mission in the Virgon debris field.
  • Tug of War — The Colonials aren't the only ones looking for salvage. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

13 Mar 2041 AE

  • Inertia — Demos' investigation of the storeroom fire hits an unexpected snag.
  • The Test of Gold — A funeral pyre for a broken man. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • A Moment of Your Time — Sawyer approaches the CO about several issues directly. Progress?
  • Last Minute Replacement — Damon walks into an emotional conversation between Atreus and Zosime on the hangar floor; Oberlin brings disappointing news.
  • Rendered Flesh — Silas ventures into Fairyland to permanently scar Tisiphone, and many more people become involved in the ritual than anticipated.
  • House Call — Stavrian has questions for Haeleah about centurions, and likewise. The engineer earns a nickname.

12 Mar 2041 AE

  • Thanks For The Memories — Members of Air Wing attend a makeshift memorial service for CVW-14's fallen.
  • Freestyle Cylonicity — Haeleah and Oberlin discuss how to handle the Cylon 'corpse' confiscated from the Chimaera. Watch For: DJ Jazzy Intel's Mad Sweet Rhymes.
  • Humanity in Various Forms — Petroski and Stavrian pick up an old conversation, and humanity drifts by wearing many faces.

11 Mar 2041 AE

  • Tearsplosion — Tisiphone says farewell to Merrell in a very personal way. Atreus and Hephaestus help.
  • Thank You For Smoking — Well, some people won't. Two pilots and an engineer converge in the Laundry.
  • Aftershock — Stavrian brings the news of Merrell's death to Tisiphone.
  • From Courtship to Stuffed Bunnies — The ebb and flow of Rec Room chatter. Surprise presents and interrupted Awkward Moments and all points in between.
  • Objection (Tango) — Dancing, fleeing, meeting and greeting all in one poor corridor.
  • Hitting Where It Hurts — Tillman and the JRTAC discuss the overall strategy.

10 Mar 2041 AE

  • Ensign vs. Shoe — Tisiphone finally gets the spar with Arkat that she's been itching for. It doesn't end as anticipated.
  • Another Soul to the Stars — A salvage operation goes tragically wrong. EVENT (ST: Antares)

09 Mar 2041 AE

  • The Long Game — As Oberlin and Kulko review the latest intel, what starts as tactical planning slides into a debate on grand strategy.
  • Evolutionary Hiccups — A weary Evandreus, Tisiphone and Marko talk about the ins and outs of genocide and hiccup cures.
  • Destruction and Tasking — Tillman MCs a DH meeting about the current situation. Michael hands out a promotion.
  • Of Petrels and Cows — Sitka and Rojas talk about stuff and find out they might not be insane. Mostly.
  • Lines of Doctrine — Greje consults Cidra on some controversial evidence as to the Cylons' motives.
  • Shave and a Haircut Two Bits — Sofia and Alexander meet up to get hair cuts and to mull over the current state of affairs - or the lack of knowledge surrounding it.

08 Mar 2041 AE

  • A Little Peace — Standoffishness between Sawyer and Stavrian sees a first tiny crack.
  • Bodies of Confusion — Tillman and Stavrian discuss some disturbing intel from the Chimaera. Abbot pays a visit.
  • Über Robot Mojo — The findings from the investigation into the Raptor and Viper Mark-VII malfunctions on Warday are discussed.
  • Confronting Life — Marcion is physically confronted by Merrell about Ren's death.
  • We Regret To Inform You... — Merrell hears about Ren's death and the shock of the event.

07 Mar 2041 AE

  • Go in My Stead — Atreus and Damon idly practice Pyrami; an assignment is given.
  • Virgon's Vengeance — Evan and Trask need to get some photorecon of Virgon. Things don't go as planned. Or hoped. EVENT (ST: Tillman)
  • The Issue of Echidna — A team of engineers and Marines is dispatched to the wreckage of Battlestar Chimaera. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Sketch — Nostos and Naevi go on their first CAP together - Nostos proposes a callsign due to Neavi's actions.
  • Harmless — Evan and Stavrian find that the day after news of billions of deaths, no conversation is harmless.
  • Hypothetical Fireballs — Demos and Cadmus discuss the storeroom fire investigation with Sabaudia.
  • Swigertly Speaking — An interview of Apprentice Melissa Swigert conducted primarily by Sergeant Phaedra Demos, joined by Lance Corporal Cadmus Maragos.
  • Return of Cool — Alexander and Sofia have a discussion in the Guest Quarters about religion, truth, and what it means to be cool.

06 Mar 2041 AE

  • Tough Love Pulls No Punches — Recon reveals that the Cylons think Aerilon is as worthless as most of the Colonials do. Trask is not most Colonials and shames Quinn for being ashamed about where she's from.
  • Out Of The Frying Pan — Captain Sabaudia is finally cleared to leave the refugee camp in the Hangar Bay.
  • Mornin' Sam, Mornin' Ralph — Santiago and Ramon meet in neutral territory to discuss their situation.
  • Favor for the Chief - Atreus asks Damon to take over caring for Quinn's Raptor.
  • Breaking News — Tillman sequesters Sawyer to drop a bomb. About the bombs.
  • In The Dark — In the library, the real story is hard to come by…twice.
  • Fates Humor — Atreus explains his situation to Quinn. They agree that the Fates have a twisted sense of humor.
  • Dirty Laundry — Six people in the laundry room. One actually does laundry.

05 Mar 2041 AE

  • Men and Minefields — Sitka and Stavrian walk the minefield of the last week.
  • Interview With the Chief — As Chief Atreus and Eve give an Ensign the hairy eyeball on maintenance, the conversation comes back to the Cylon's assault on Picon.
  • Smith to the Birds — Cidra comes to perch in Atreus' space for awhile. Talk winds from funky ships, to the gods, to home and family.
  • Evil Necessitates — Sawyer tracks down King for an interview regarding the Picon Anchorage Masacre, but the party turns strange when a towelled Sofia tries to sneak through, and Archer swoops in to shut down the festivities.
  • Broadway, Blocks, and Booze — Raedawn, Nostos, and Dario dish in the Observation lounge.
  • Rupture — Demos has an unusual question or two for Stavrian. She gets some unusual ones in return.

04 Mar 2041 AE

  • Pawns of Ares — Tisiphone comes to Cidra with a request.
  • Chasing Ghosts — Bannik and Oberlin attempt to get to the bottom of what made the Vipers and Raptors shut down.
  • Let Them Eat Cake — Callista and Alexander eat cake with a brief appearance by Cerberus' own Hawke.
  • Bringing Out The Dead — Naevi and Nostos share a moment as they remember the pilots who have died.

03 Mar 2041 AE

  • Recon of Canceron — Pretty much what the log title says. EVENT
  • Sweet — Raptor berthings are invaded. Again.
  • Doing What Counts — Petroski and Stavrian argue…which ends in the former agreeing to wear pink just as a crowd shows up.
  • Two Houses — Santiago lingers in the mess and meets Raedawn, Nostos, Sitka, and Ramon also join in.
  • Rant and Run — Sawyer & Santiago chat briefly in the Mess.
  • Eighteen — The Enlisted Berthings are home to some wishful thinking.
  • Secret Newsletter — Alexander brings up the need for a newspaper with Sawyer - in turn she interviews him.

02 Mar 2041 AE

  • Cooties — Stavrian brings lollipops, Evan battles the blues, Quinn gets the heebie-jeebies, and Trask has cooties.
  • A Very Sound Recommendation — One pair seeks to solve a problem, while another finds some trouble.
  • Press Start to Begin — The beginning of an adventure for Damon and Temperance.
  • Unto the Breach — Planning session for the combatant commanders for the return to Virgon's Graveyard.
  • First Assignment — Atreus entrusts an investigation to one of the new kids.
  • Some Seriously Grim Shit — Ensigns Apostolos and Kulko touch base in a moment of calm, interrupted by the Admiral's announcement.

01 Mar 2041 AE

  • Cost/Benefit — Tillman and Stavrian discuss what happened at Virgon, and what will happen next.
  • The Devil's Tool — Kulko and Santiago get acquainted over caffeine.

28 Feb 2041 AE

  • Counting Coffin Nails — The CAG and TACCO debrief Quinn and Trask, in regard to the Virgon recon mission.
  • Memo for the FNG — A quick gathering on the Deck before the Virgon recon Raptor returns to Cerberus.
  • Virgon's Coffin — A recon to Virgon reveals the blood of millions, plus one. EVENT (ST: Tillman)
  • 147 Down — Cidra goes to Karthasi to take stock of the high tally of pilots who fell in the attack.

27 Feb 2041 AE

  • Search Party — Tillman and Stavrian discuss the upcoming recon.
  • Idle Galley Chat — Damon, Tisiphone, and Merrell try to make sense of all that's happened.
  • Chapel of Uncertainty — Last day of Anthesteria - some confused and troubled people come to the Chapel.
  • Green Light — The proverbial green light is given in more ways than one.
  • In Hope of Answers — Quinn proposes a recon mission to Virgon in the wake of the attacks. Planning ensues.
  • Sleepy — Three of the Harriers finally get a chance to rest and assess the situation.


Picon Anchorage

26 Feb 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus returns home.


  • 2000 Hours: The Blameless Tide — "With prosperous gales waft Cerberus along, and swell her spacious sails." EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • 2036 Hours: Into the Jaws of Death — "Plunged in the battery-smoke / Fiercely the line they broke; / Strong was the sabre-stroke / Making an army reel / Shaken and sunder'd. / Then they rode back, but not / Not the six hundred." EVENT (ST: Antares)
  • 2036 Hours: The Powder Keg — "There's small choice in rotten apples." EVENT (ST: Antares/Polaris)
  • 2038 Hours: What Sweet Price Freedom — "One must burn the village to save it." EVENT (ST: Polaris)


  • Broken Birds in their Nests — Chaos on the Deck in the wake of the attack. Pilots are extracted, the Deck cleared.
  • Going Under — Chaos extends from the Deck to the Sickbay. Wounded buck against treatment. Two patients get mistaken for one another.
  • It's Hard for Thee to Kick Amongst the Pricks — Frustrations mount for a Raptor pilot and her ECO.
  • After — A few soldiers take a moment to collect themselves in the Head.
  • Emotion's Embrace — Damon finds Atreus on the Deck and is appointed his second-in-command; this is lost in the wake of Atreus' loss.


The Uram Sector

16 Feb 2041 AE - 26 Feb 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus conducts Final Carrier Qualifications.

26 Feb 2041 AE

  • One Cup for Hubris — The day of Khoes is celebrated with stories, swinging, drinking and kottabos.
  • Dial It Back — Alexander and Raedawn catch up as they remember old times and Alexander learns to dial things back for the military.

25 Feb 2041 AE

  • Where the Faults Lie — Ren and Sofia gab about mechanical strangeness. Marcion day-dreams.
  • Pithoigia — The vat is opened for the Anthesteria.
  • No Amount of Brushing's Gonna Clean That Filthy Mouth — After the war games, members of Air Wing seek to wash-up; the conversation turns decidedly filthy.
  • After the Hunt — Cidra basks in the aftermath of the war games and settles some things. Laskaris gets a new assignment. Later, Sitka comes by with some questions, and the conversation turns to matters far afield from piloting.
  • Late — After a brief stop in the Observation Deck to watch part of the wargame with Daniel & Stavrian, Santiago realizes she's late for her meeting with Atreus.
  • Who Hunts the Hunter - Air Wing — Multiple traps are sprung as Cerberus hunts her pesky frigate escorts. The view from space. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Who Hunts the Hunter - CIC — Multiple traps are sprung as Cerberus hunts her pesky frigate escorts. The view from CIC. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • History and Cigarettes — Career Marine meets New Marine. Advice, nicotine and hints of tattoos.
  • Barring Some Manner of Epic Fail — With the swallows now trained to sing a different song, Trask speaks with the TACCO about when to release them.

24 Feb 2041 AE

  • Of Jump Drives and Llamas — Chief Merrell and Ensign Apostolos have a poolside conversation while other crewmembers come and go.
  • Greetings and Salutations — Quinn & Sitka find Santiago making use of the Head. It goes well until it doesn't.
  • Hazard — Sitka finally gets around to saying what probably most of the Deck has already been thinking.
  • Phantom Swallows — Plans for Swallows to spoof Colonial ship signatures are discussed.
  • Red Head Surprise — An average time on the deck when the Chief meets his wife's twin. A comedy of errors ensues…
  • Homesick — Temperance is homesick and Alexander comes in for the rescue. Also, Evandreus and Sitka ask for a picture.
  • The Lords Lift Those — Noelani comforts Alexander through a difficult spiritual moment.
  • Food — Several folks gather in the Mess to discuss, among other things, food.

23 Feb 2041 AE

  • The XO's Garter Detail — A handful of Ensigns sneak away for cards and drink, only to be raided by a sneaky Petty Officer.
  • Piloting and Posturing — Sim time's taken advantage of by Lasher and Lucky.
  • Sitka Interview — Sawyer takes a particular interest in the Captain and corners him for an interview. Sometimes, you can dig too hard.
  • Questions and Cycles — Sawyer & Santiago discuss the QUODEL assignments. Sitka walks in just as the subject shifts.
  • Luck and Other Disasters — PVT Trista, CPL Tiran, & SSGT King exchange a few words in the Berthing, with varying degrees of success.
  • Handcuffs and Fishtanks — Nostos meets briefly with Tisiphone and then has a long conversation with Sofia - awkwardness and clumsiness ensue.

22 Feb 2041 AE

  • Flashing Raspberries — A crowd of pilots converse on the hangar deck after the events of Raspberries.
  • Lessons of Victory — Sitka and Laskaris discuss lessons learned after the exercise against the Checkmates.
  • Fire Over Tea — Santiago, Sofia, & Stavrian converse while watching the AW jam session.
  • Raspberries — Evan takes the wing out for a game night… IN SPACE. EVENT (ST: Evandreus)
  • Junior Tacos — The Fleet sent Tillman an Ensign. Tillman is surprised and not displeased.
  • Stone Wall Stavrian — Sawyer follows a lead right into a brick wall named Stavrian.
  • But You Dont Have To Take My Word For It — Alexander, Sofia, Tillman, Marcion, Raedawn, and Damon all meet in the library where different perspectives are discussed - also discussion about how not to die in the bathroom takes place.
  • Morning Edition — Nostos and Sawyer meet to discuss goings on in the Fleet.

21 Feb 2041 AE

  • Character Study — Naevi and Alexander meet as Alexander does a character study on Naevi.
  • Eyes in the Sky — A joint Viper-Raptor exercise goes right. EVENT (ST: Cidra)
  • Enlightenment — Misc. rec room chatter.
  • 48 Hours To Go — Nostos gets a check up from Glory after his recent rescue attempt.

20 Feb 2041 AE

19 Feb 2041 AE

18 Feb 2041 AE

  • Deep Freeze — Trask ribs and roasts, Juno gets a new callsign, and Quinn gets cornered when Evandreus' ass fails to save the day.
  • Aerilon and Accents — Alexander and Margaret meet in the Athletics Area.
  • Money Shot — Daphne gives Tisiphone a callsign. Cidra tells a story.
  • The Deep End — Demos questions Stavrian about Tuata's death. One conversation leads into a very different one by the end.
  • Of Deck Chiefs and VPs — Topher tries to get something done on the Deck and Atreus bristles.
  • Lights, Camera, Action — A couple of curious pilots ignite a minor blaze in a storeroom. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Uncharted Waters — What happens when you throw a reporter into Viper Berthings.
  • Sound Bite — Every new introduction is a new story waiting to be uncovered. Sawyer meets Topher.
  • Seeking Clarity from an Engineer — Demos interviews Astrid about Tuata
  • JiG and CAG — Nostos meets Cidra - escape attempts are discussed.
  • Combat Air...Something — Nostos and Jayden team-up for thier first CAP.
  • Harder than Physics — Marcion and Tisiphone just can't seem to have a normal conversation.
  • A Moment of Calm — Atreus and Damon have a chat amid chaos
  • Future Plans — Alexander and Callista talk about future plans as siblings connect.
  • Work It Out — Nostos, Aeolus, Sofia, and Julie meet in the gym - hilarity ensues.

17 Feb 2041 AE

  • Think Tank — Engineering + Air Wing + Tactical = Planning
  • Holding Court — Aeolus and Alessandra meet on the Pyramid court.
  • Back on the Job — Damon finally returns to the Deck; Evandreus' Harrier-305 requires repairs.
  • Sturm und Drang — Scene from the hangar deck immediately after the Cerberus pilots' first war game.
  • If You Were A Professional Reporter — Alexander goes to Interview Glory who in turn Interviews Alexander.
  • Red v. Blue — The thrilling conclusion to the first war game. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Red v. Blue - Briefing — The CAG creates an exercise to take the measure of Cerberus' pilots. The peanut gallery observes. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Chow Time — There's no such thing as a casual lunch when a reporter lurks in the waters.
  • All The Laundry Room Is A Stage — Alexander and Stavrian meet in the Laundry Room.
  • Weapons Check — Demos and Petroski meet at the security hub.

16 Feb 2041 AE

  • He Meant it When He Said... — After the Deck Meeting, Rat fails to follow Safety Protocol and hears about it.
  • Air Wing, Let the Games Begin — The Air Wing personnel gather for a briefing post-launch, pre-war games.
  • Deck Meeting — Atreus sets things out for the Deck
  • Just The Facts, Part 1 — The fact finding is started with Petroski coming to Sarkis for information.
  • Seeking Perspective — Wherein Demos interviews Merrell about the Tuata case and a different perspective is presented. Sort of.
  • Tillman Interview — Sawyer appropriates Captain Tillman for an interview, but digs deeper then the typical sound bite.
  • Fantasy vs Reality — Alexander and Maia meet up to discuss Fleet life, later on Angelica joins.
  • Jump Zero — The First Running Test of the E-Class FTL Drive. EVENT (ST: Marcion)

Spacedock Leonis

31 Jan 2041 AE - 15 Feb 2041 AE: In which Battlestar Cerberus leaves drydock.

15 Feb 2041 AE

  • Trust and a Good Fire Extinguisher — Karthasi bugs out and leaves Merrel and Alexander to discuss life aboard the Cerberus.
  • Fear and Supplication — The completed log from 'Trust and a Good Fire Extinguisher' where people discuss a variety of concerns about the upcoming missions.
  • Enumerating Expectations — Atreus reports problems with the CNP to the ChEng and CAG. Agreements smooth potentially difficult situations.
  • Of Dreams and Portents — Demos conducts the first of several interviews. Karthasi tends toward clarity
  • Tech Tirade — Kiryl gives Atreus some bad news.

14 Feb 2041 AE

13 Feb 2041 AE

12 Feb 2041 AE

  • Lessons — Cidra and Laskaris do a bit of simulated Viper sparring. Lessons are learned.
  • The Tenth Sparrow — Stavrian and Karthasi give Niree Tuata a small measure of peace. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Fly — Three snipes and a Marine investigate the airlocks. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Meeting the MaA — Demos reports in, meets the MaA, discusses a civvi and gets an assignment. Woot.
  • Differing Views — Stavrian and Barclay have differing views on the rights of humans. Karthasi does her best to mediate.
  • Paperwork — Nikias comes aboard and gets to fill out paperwork.
  • Many Meetings on the Deck — Tisiphone comes for a suit adjustment, Daphne reveals sekrets, a Raptor and escort land, lots of coffee is handed out, resulting in tech talk.
  • Best Get To Work — The marines and engineering start working together on the mysterious actions of Niree Tuata.

11 Feb 2041 AE

  • Playing Games — Tillman emcees a DH meeting to propose a concept of operation for the upcoming wargames.
  • Ensigns 1 Basestar 0 — Two ensigns take their first spin in the Cerberus's sim pods.
  • After the Barbecue — After the burning is done, Doctors fight to save the burned.
  • Charbroiled — When grilling goes wrong. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • A Sea Without a Shore — The ship's new Master-at-Arms receives a message. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

10 Feb 2041 AE

  • A Tangled Web — Astrid and Merrell stumble across a strange young contractor under vaguely suspicious circumstances. EVENT (ST: Polaris)
  • Getting Physical — A load of pilots show up in Sickbay for physicals and shots.

09 Feb 2041 AE

  • Ensigns With Questions — Tisiphone approaches Laskaris with a question on her mind.
  • Mixing Signals — Planning with some of the Raptor personnel and the Chief Engineer concerning an assignment to combat the spacial interference they'll be facing in the upcoming war games. The CO and XO lurk.

08 Feb 2041 AE

  • Plan of Attack — It all starts when the Admiral shows up. Next thing you know, the TACCO is whippin' out maps and drunk-dialing fleet logistics.
  • XO Arrives II — Continuation in the Security Hub.
  • XO Arrives — DOOM.

07 Feb 2041 AE

  • Getting To Know You, Again — Maia and Nostos meet for the first time, hilarity ensues as two former Pegasus crewmen meet.
  • Lukewarm Welcome — Nostos ducks into the berthings and meets Laskaris. They don't quite hit it off, at first.
  • Rules of Engagement — The TACCO and Weps get down to brass tacks about naval gunnery and the wargames.
  • Tank Busters — A random training hop turns into a rescue with explosive results. EVENT (ST: Tillman)

06 Feb 2041 AE

  • Cogs for the Wheel — Ren arrives for a day of work in Engineering. Merrell and Astrid rotate in to begin their jobs on the Cerberus.
  • Chewing Out — After the events of The Smoking Gun, Maia has a talk with the LSO and the CAG.
  • The Smoking Gun — A fire drill on the Hangar Deck averts a minor crisis. EVENT (ST: Polaris)

05 Feb 2041 AE

  • Making Marks — Greje invites the crew at large to come and make its mark upon the vestibule wall. Punch and pie.

04 Feb 2041 AE

  • Pyramid Fail — Jayden and Maia demonstrate why they are pilots and not professional pyramid players. Karthasi comes in to show them how it's done.

03 Feb 2041 AE

  • Thin Line Between Love And Hate — Newly acquainted officers trade stories and opinions in Viper berthings.
  • Air Gadget — Maia flies yet another series of new recruits and transfers to the Cerberus and meets Jayden.

02 Feb 2041 AE

  • Tables and CAGs — Quinn wanders in on Tillman 'supervising' a table installation. Cidra appears.
  • Caprican Girls — Maia Westfield and Maggie Quinn meet while settling into the bunks.
  • Admiring the Birds — Laskaris and Archer arrive aboard the good ship Cerberus. Maia, Cidra, and Hellicon admire the aircraft.

01 Feb 2041 AE

  • Let's Roll — Cidra and Mackay find Tillman in CIC and start talking about the future.
  • BioWords — Tillman and Jodi exchange a few words.

31 Jan 2041 AE

  • New Arrivals — Tillman and Karthasi meet up in the Officer's Berthings.
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