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Mia Tyler
Mia Tyler as Alias Lafayette "Lefty" Logo
Alias: Lefty, GD LOGO
Age: 26
Features: Crazy Hair, Loud
Colony: Sag
Rank: Crewman
Department: Deck
Position: Aircraft Tech

Note: Lefty is often found checking up after Santiago Blue whom she has been given the dubious task of cleaning up behind. Santi was given permission to work on the deck only if Lefty, or some other unfortunate (PC) can be found to do so.


Lefty Logo was born and raised on Sagittaron to a family of survivalists and marines. Her early childhood years were spent just outside Nysa, one of the major cities on Sag. From a young age, she showed an aptitude for electronics and engines, more specifically in taking them apart. On her 16th birthday, she moved into Nysa on her own, just 2 years before her cousin Effie, and embarked on a similar string of unrelated, varied careers.

The usual. She has also had many jobs in her life, ranging from waitress to electrician, hairdresser to roadie to pyrotechnic technician for a fireworks company. Through it all she dreamed of seeing the colonies, and travel, and often exchanged letters with her cousin, Effie, who followed a nearly identical path.

After nearly blowing off her pinky finger, she thought twice about her bread and butter being provided by a company paid to Blow Shit Up <tm>. She took a page out of her cousin's book, and went to work as a mechanic in a small shop on Sag, specializing in aircraft engines and navigational systems. Being Saggie, she had some misgivings about the military, but she sucked it up, and she and her cousin both enlisted, with 4 year contracts, and shipped out to different locations.

At the time of the unfortunate event we'll call the Shit Hitting the Big Fan In the Sky (holocaust), Lefty (yeah, it was her left pinky finger, leading many to assume that's where her nickname came from) had just transferred in to work on the Cerberus from the BS Chimera.

Immediate Family

Parents: Mom & Dad. Station: Deceased.
Cousin: Crewman Effie Logo, 26, Station: Unknown.

Service Jacket

2039 - 2041: BS Chimera
2041 - Present: BS Cerberus

Physical Features

Short, chubby, dark haired (naturally, anyway), loud. (If you would like her to show up in your scene, pls contact Santiago/Covington.) Buyer beware.

On the Grid

Known Associates

The Deck Crew.
Dirty er… Pilots.
Jelly Donuts.


  • Former pyrotechnic expert.
  • Former waitress.
  • Former electrician.
  • Former hairdresser.
  • Nerve damage in left pinky.

Recent Logs


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