Log Icons

Roleplay Log Icons

This page is for storage of the RP Log icons. Upload icon files to this page using the 'files' link at the bottom. Important Notes:

  • Icon files must be named Character_icon.jpg (where 'character' needs to be the same name as the character's wiki page)
  • Icon files must be in .jpg format
  • Icon names are case-sensitive so make sure you capitalize them the same as the character's wiki page (for example: Joe_icon.jpg not joe_icon.jpg)
  • Icon files should be 125x125 pixels

How To Make Your Own Icon

1. Select Files at the bottom of the screen. Find Polaroid.jpg and download to your desktop.

2. Bring up Photoshop and open the Polaroid.jpg.

3. Right click and duplicate. Don't Use the Original, or you won't have one.

4. Open whatever pic you want for your own Icon. Make sure the pic is large so it comes out better when made smaller.

5. The pic should work fine at 350 x ? — When you type in the pixel size it'll auto the last number.

6. Select the Inside of the Polaroid.jpg

7. You'll need to use the select ALL on your Pic and PASTE INTO. Just Paste will put it over the Polaroid template and you want it inside the frame.

8. Once it is positioned correctly inside, select your Type Tool and Type the name of your character - <dept>. The default font is Boston Traffic set to the Crisp style.

The departments are as follows:

Font is here - Boston Traffic

  • Air Wing — AIR
  • Civilian — CIV
  • Deck — DECK
  • Engineering — ENG
  • Marines (Marine Rifle) — CMC
  • Marines (Military Police) — MP
  • Medical — MED
  • Support (Chaplaincy) — CMES
  • Support (JAG) — JAG
  • Support (Logistics) — LOG
  • Support (Personnel) — PERS
  • Tactical/CIC — CIC
  • Weapons — WEPS

Department heads will have different abbreviations depending on their role.

9. Now, Flatten Your Image.

10. Resize to 125 x 125 — SAVE AS - Name_icon.jpg — the .jpg size should be around 32-34, when you upload it to this area.

11. Now just upload it in the files area here and you should be good to go!

How To Get Someone Else To Make You An Icon

If you lack a copy of Photoshop, feel free to +mail or page Trask's player, who is more than happy to make icons.

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