Lilith Tate
Lance Corporal Lilith Selene Tate
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis as Lilith Selene Tate
Alias: Lili
Age: 25
Features: short, dark haired, one brown eye and one green
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lance Corporal
Department: Marines
Position: Military Police

Born to a band of traveling carnies known as the Eumelia, the only kind of life that Lilith has ever lived is on the road. Her father was a very well known Matatau, people came to the carnival from all over Tauron to receive tataus from him. Lilith has followed in his footsteps, though she's a Marine first and foremost. The girl is known for her tough exterior and rebellious attitude. Lilith just likes to have fun.. what girl doesn't?


Immediate Family

Mother - Dead
Father - Dead
Older Brother - Presumed dead

Service Jacket

Physical Features

The woman before you stands at About a few inches taller than five foot she has a firm/athletic body type that could lean towards the slender side, ultimately. Her skin is a healthy and natural tan color with tattoos on her arms, shoulders and other places that can't be seen, they curve up and around her arms and down her back and up to the back of her neck, all in a intricate pattern. With dark brown hair that falls down to the middle of her back and frames her face, most of the time it's pulled into a high ponytail. And her eyes are a unique color, the left one green while the right is brown. A result of the condition known as heterochromia iridis.

When not in uniform, Lilith dresses in loose, flowing clothes in muted colors. She is always seen wearing a silver necklace around her neck with a locket attached. It would be noticed that Lilith is comfortable with her body and her movements have a certain grace to them. As well as a awareness, like she’s almost always aware of how she’s moving.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Marrus_icon.jpg Lance Corporeal Marrus Valentine: Cupid… These two have a complicated past. They were in love, she disappeared without a word and then they find each other three years later on Cerberus. To say things are awkward is an understatement.


  • Lilith is known around the ship to be a rather skilled person at applying tataus, she's no Matatau like her father. Not yet at least. Tataus are all over her body, arms, hands, legs, back.
  • She's also a pretty talented musical, guitar and piano are two of the instruments she plays. Her singing voice is more than capable. When caught off guard singing, she gets more than a little embarrassed.
  • Rarely talks about her family, but who does really? (A silver necklace with a locket is worn around her neck. Inside holds a picture of she, her brother and parents when they were all younger).

Recent Logs

The Tunes


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