The Twelve Colonies: Libran
The flag of Libran.
Important Notice about Canon Material
Material from the television program Caprica is NOT automatically considered canon, although players may adopt individual bits and pieces from what's depicted on Caprica into the regional cultural background of their character(s). When in doubt, please ask.

To avoid contradictions in established RP, a policy of "localization" has been adopted. Apart from the Staff-written Overview and items firmly established in the main BSG series, there should be no all-encompassing tidbits for any of the Twelve Colonies. Players are wholeheartedly encouraged to create regional write-ups. Those seeking to deviate from the general "flavor" of the Overview should first consult with Staff.


Libran is known as the Colony that wars the least. Devoid of an abundance of any one natural resource that might have attracted untoward attention before Unification, Libran was such a strategically insignificant world that its neighbors permitted it to pursue its policy of studied neutrality in peace. That neutrality also made Libran the perfect place to keep money, since its financial institutions were in no danger of being glassed whenever a war broke out. Unsurprisingly, Libran's current prosperity is founded on banks with several centuries of history — banks that defend their clients' identity with a formidable array of barristers who see themselves as heritors of an even longer tradition of jurisprudential excellence.


Players are encouraged to add their own write-ups. If you'd like to add to something already listed, please speak with the player who created the region.

Irion County

While best known for its banks and law firms and the sophisticatedly sterile cities that house them, these occupy only a small percentage of Libran's surface. Covering a sprawling chunk of the northern continent in the western hemisphere, Irion County is home to one decent-sized city (Hempshill) and a couple smaller ones, but is primarily semi-rural. Towns dot the plains, which are flat for hundreds of miles until they roll up to the Aransas Hills. Agriculture is still a common industry here, though the climate tends to be hotter and dryer than is ideal for crops.

Contact: Devlin

One of the larger communities in Irion, Mason's population is inflated by the presence of Eastern Libran State University, an institution best known for its agricultural engineering major, several underage drinking scandals, and its Blackhawks pyramid team. The team is a perennial dark horse challenger in the collegiate Intercolonial Championship Tournament, and though it lacks the recruiting power of the top ten, it's not unusual to find an ELSU alum in the draft once in a while. Bigger than but not as well funded as the more prestigious University of Libran, the yearly match-up between the two has become the most hotly-contested college pyramid rivalry in the colony.

Contact: Devlin

Fort Lake
A mid-sized and utterly unremarkable town in the foothills of the Aransas, Fort Lake possesses both a fort and a lake. The former is a tumbled-down relic of the civil wars, built for local defense at a time when Libran's neutrality did not yet seem secure. Despite the efforts of several committees of concerned citizens, funds for its restoration have yet to be located in the town's budget. Sedrick Lake, fed by tributaries of the Zavala River, is a popular destination in all seasons, serving as swimming hole in summer, skating rink in winter, and prime hunting and fishing spot the rest of the year. Other than that, the only real reason to visit is as a pyramid fan (which basically everyone in Irion is assumed to be), since the high school's Fort Lake Lions occasionally produce a hot prospect or two.

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