Henry "Tortoise" Launiere
Ensign Henry Launiere
J.K. Simmons
J.K. Simmons as Henry Launiere
Alias: Tortoise
Age: 41
Features: Middle-aged, technical
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: ECO


Henry Launiere was a systems engineer on Leonis, in a suburb on the outskirts of the city of Kythera. His wife and two sons were killed on Warday, but he managed to hold out until the Cerberus came to the rescue of the small group of survivors left in the city. He made the decision to enlist promptly but, rather than the Engineering or perhaps CIC post that would've seemed a more natural fit, he pushed to enter flight training. Not to pilot, but to backseat. While he had no previous flight experience, his technical abilities made him an ideal ECO candidate, despite his age. He was among the first Nuggets commissioned through the Cerberus training program. Amiable and skilled but quiet, he never did acquire a call sign that stuck.

ENS Launiere was acting ECO for LTJG Mara "Mouse" Smythe during the Swarm Attack of Feb. 22, 2042 AE. Their Raptor was overwhelmed by Cylon fire and both were KIA. On April 12, 2042 AE, he was posthumously bestowed the callsign "Tortoise" as a nod to his age, knowledge, steadfastness, and baldness.

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