Michael Laughlin
Commander Michael Laughlin
Scott Glenn
Scott Glenn as Michael Laughlin
Alias: N/A
Age: 54
Features: Tall, spare, grey hair
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Commander
Department: Tactical
Position: CO, Missile Frigate Praetorian


A well-respected professional. Commander Laughlin just finished up a tour commanding the Valkyrie-class Battlestar Excelsior. Following a glowing recommendation from his battlegroup commander, he was selected from a pool of fifteen candidate Commanders for the honor of taking out the lead boat in this new class. Known as a very level-headed commander, he has often been accused of being too detached from his crew for his own good. Whether or not that's true is tough to call as he tends to keep a very strict CIC and private social life, not talking about his personal relationships at all. Since Rear Admiral Abbot's removal from duty (and prior to the Areion's arrival), CDR Laughlin has technically been the highest-ranking officer in the fleet by a full grade.

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