Anton "Lasher" Laskaris
Captain Anton Kyriakos Laskaris
Sean Bean
Sean Bean as Anton Kyriakos Laskaris
Alias: Lasher
Age: 32 (March 15, 2009 AE)
Features: Blond hair, blue eyes
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Captain
Department: Air Wing
Position: Black Knights SL

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.

— Robert Frost

Captain Anton "Lasher" Laskaris was among the casualties of the evacuation of Leonis on 18 Jun 2041 AE. Due to a frakton of bullets in his body, he bled to death in a Raptor en route to Cerberus and was pronounced DOA.


A man with something of a checkered past, Anton's life path has taken him from left-wing student radical to disaffected corporate wage-slave to indifferent, sour-tongued military officer(The first officer in his family, as a matter of fact). He graduated last from his class in flight school, and has never been terribly impressive to most of his prior commanding officers, thanks to his mediocre-at-best flying skills and his prediliction for passive-aggressive sarcasm. Nevertheless, he's much more intelligent than his apathetic demeanor and thick rural accent would indicate, and whatever his other failures may be, teachers and superior officers alike have noted that more often than not, Anton will rise to the occasion if a real challenge presents itself.

Immediate Family

Dr. Boris Laskaris Anton's father is a tenured professor at Colchis University, one of Aerilon's few notable universities. His specialty is political science, and he is a recognized expert on the intricacies of Colonial politics. His brother Ivan is notable for being one of the best moonshiners on Aerilon. PRESUMED DECEASED
SCPO(ret.) Anna Laskaris Anna, a former naval medic who retired several years ago with over 25 years of service, met Boris(a doctoral student at the time) while attending classes at Colchis while on extended leave from her post. They were married almost twenty years, but thanks to her deployments and his traveling, eventually grew apart and agreed to an amicable divorce. PRESUMED DECEASED
Karin Laskaris Anton's only sibling, Karin is six years his junior. She's attending medical school on Libran, and is expected to begin an internship in the fall. As open and warm as her older brother is distant and curt, she and Anton are nevertheless exceedingly close, especially after the divorce of their parents. PRESUMED DECEASED

Service Jacket

  • 2033 AE Officer Candidate School, Fleet Headquarters Complex, Picon — 14 weeks, 14th of 43 in class
  • 2033 AE - 2035 AE Flight School, Holman Air Base, Leonis — 18 months, 28th of 28 in class
  • 2035 AE - 2038 AE VF-117 "Arbiters", Battlestar Valkyrie — 3 years
  • 2038 AE - 2040 AE VFA-45 "Warlocks", Tau Garrison, Tauron — 1 year, 6 months
  • 2040 AE - 2041 AE VFA-79 "Rangers", Battlestar Hyperion — 10 months
  • 2041 AE - VF-154 "Black Knights", Battlestar Cerberus — current

Physical Features

Standing just a shade under six feet tall, Anton Laskaris is a hard-faced man in his early 30s. A thin lipped expression and slightly furrowed brow give his face an appearance of perpetual annoyance; he has the fair skintone and angular cast to his features shared by many Aerilon highlanders. He maintains a trim figure, but obviously doesn't spend more time in the gym than he has to. His straight blond hair is generally worn longer than the Fleet might like. The man's eyes are a flinty shade of bluish grey; the sharpness in those eyes is obvious, but there is also something volatile in his gaze. He has noticeable crow's feet when he smiles, which sometimes make him appear older than he really is.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Dead men tell no tales.


  • His most noticeable non-physical characteristic is his thick Aerilon highlander's accent. (c.f. Baltar's representation of an Aerilon accent while talking to Chief Tyrol in the brig in 'Dirty Hands'. Throaty, harsh, with lots of chopped off words and odd turns of phrase.)
  • The origin of his callsign of 'Lasher' has been a subject of some debate among those close to him who weren't around to see it replace his previous callsign, 'Piker'. Laskaris, for one, seems reluctant to disclose any information, though. He has a number of different stories, any of which he'll fall back on if pressed. OOC note: Most of his stories are technically true, though none of the ones he tells are the true origin of said callsign. Truth to be revealed at some point ICly.
  • As pilots go, he's passable, but nothing inspiring. Has a decent enough feel for the textbook maneuvers, although he tends to be sloppy with his landings. However, it's a different story when it comes to marksmanship. He might not be able to outfly you, but he'll likely be able to outshoot you.
  • Lasher is a noted card shark and all around party animal. He can drink just about anyone under the table, thanks to years of drinking the potent moonshine that is the alcoholic beverage du jour in rural Aerilon. Alcohol and his objectionable personality don't always mix well, though, and he's gotten in his share of drunken fights. Even in his case, some of those old Aerilon stereotypes are true.
  • Is a published writer, with several computer science-related texts bearing his name. 'G++ For Frakkin' Idiots', however, is the only of his works to see anything resembling a widespread readership. (See BG)
  • Has enough knowledge of the inner workings of Vipers that he'll occasionally lend a hand to the deck crew working on his bird.
  • Tends towards cynicism with a healthy sarcastic streak, and is also extremely independent-minded, as far as how he works within the military hierarchy. His attitude hasn't always endeared him to his superior officers.
  • No unemotional robot he, Laskaris often has to make a noticeable effort to keep his emotions in check, particularly annoyance or anger. He doesn't scare easily, but when he does, he tends to overcompensate for fear by doing something foolhardy.
  • Epic chain smoker. It's a wonder he hasn't burned a hole through a lung yet, as a matter of fact.
  • Has been inked. What and where his tattoos are, however, is TBD.


  • "What do ya call the guy that graduated last in his class from flight school? A frakkin' Viper pilot, that's what."
  • "Profanity is the last refuge of the inarticulate motherfrakker. … Hey, I never claimed to be a frakkin' wordsmith."

Lasher Sightings


Alice in Chains - Angry Chair
Battlestar Galactica OST - Precipice
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Das Ich — Krieger
Gravity Kills — Here(The Hell Everyone Misses Remix)
Korn — Good God
KMFDM — Trust
KMFDM — Not In My Name
Kraftwerk — Metal On Metal
Megaherz — Es Brennt
Metallica — Creeping Death
Ministry — The Missing
Queens of the Stone Age — Little Sister
Run Lola Run OST — Casino
Tool — The Grudge
Wumpscut — Rush


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