Zmaragdahianna Lady
Lance Corporal Zmaragdahianna Lady
Brody Dalle
Brody Dalle as Zmaragdahianna Lady
Alias: Z-Unit
Age: 22
Features: Pale skin, dyed hair
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Lance Corporal
Department: Marines
Position: Dog Platoon Gimp

I'm steaming mad. And by the way, when you see my dad, tell him that I slit his throat in this dream I had.


When most households break, it's a dividing line between husband and wife, with the children sort of caught in the middle. What sort of child is produced when the household breaks horizontally rather than vertically?

Service Jacket

  • Lady's first post was on the Battlestar Cerberus
  • Lady lost half of her foot on a HALO mission in which she landed on a mine.

Physical Features

Fried-Dyed hair, many piercings, a tattoo of a skull and the text FRAK OFF in gothic script. A foot half-constucted of prosthetic metal composite bars drilled into her skeleton.

On the Grid

Known Associates

  • Close friends with Vandenberg, though they like to pretend to fight.
  • Frakked Shiner once. Would like those thirty seconds back, please.

Known Atrocities

  • May or may not have murdered her younger brother.
  • While subduing those attacking the civilian doctor on Elpis, she a) weilded her cane like a baseball bat in an effort to hit one errant marine in the head and 2) once he was downed and on the floor brought her cane down on his ribs again. The marine later died of internal bleeding.
  • During the raid on the Areion deck, she desecrated the corpse of Commander Kepner.
  • During the same raid, she tormented and verbally abused several Areion marines before executing them on deck.
  • During the apprehension of the Eleven in conjunction with the return of Raptor 670, she smashed the cylon's face against the deck three times and then kicked its head, severing its spinal cord just moments after it took a suicide pill.


Recent Logs


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