The City of Kythera
The City of Kythera
The City of Kythera
Quayside at night. You can't afford this shit.
Colony: Leonis
Government Type: Mayor-Council
Mayor: Allen Harris Rayburn
Area: 1193.4 sq. km.
Population: 1,109,321 (pre-Warday)


IC NOTE: The following text is excerpted from the Northern Leonis volume of the Solitary Globe series of travel guides, whose editors bill themselves as "edgy, comprehensive, and awesome." The book (with its distinctive blue-green cover) is available along with the rest of the set in the Cerberus' library. Black-and-white copies of the following information have been produced as supplementary briefing materials for relevant members of the crew.

Reconnaissance imagery of the city captured by the Cerberus' Raptors can be found here.

Kythera is, for lack of a better term, generic. Its men live in mass-produced brownstones on the outskirts of town, commute to work on mass-produced maglev trains, eat mass-produced food in mass-produced cafeterias, and come home to bottle-blonde wives that might as well have been mass-produced themselves. It’s also the single fastest growing municipality this side of the province of Aspasia, thanks entirely to the horde of biotech companies that have descended upon it over the past ten years. Best of all (from a yuppie's perspective), the urban poor is content to stay out of the way of the city’s newfound prosperity — to the infinite regret of a police force renowned for its willingness to shoot first and not ask questions of any sort.

City Plan





H-Train en route to the Stadium. CHOO CHOO, motherfrakker.

Even if you're not coming from off-planet, the best way to get to Kythera is still by passenger liner. Bradley D. Leyman Memorial Starport is the busiest transport hub on all of Leonis, and on a sunny day its soaring spires can be seen gleaming like modern-day obelisks beside the east bank of the River Elpeus. Trains to the planet's other major metropolitan areas run out of Leyman as well, though their passengers count themselves lucky if these outdated government-run clunkers are only five hours late.

As far as Kythera itself is concerned, the city's public transportation system is beyond compare. Its pride and joy is the Hermes Connection, a subterranean network of automated maglev trains designed by the famed Gaius Baltar and completed thirteen years ago. These sleek people-carriers run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and they're considered late if they arrive fifteen seconds behind schedule. The last time that happened was six years ago, and the epic traffic jam which resulted haunts to this day the corporate apparatchiks caught within.

For those without enough cash to ride the H, the Kytheran Transit Authority (KTA) runs a system of buses that mirrors above the ground what the H-Trains do below it. Private industry has also stepped up to the plate: taxi companies with boring names and memorable phone numbers are available around the clock, though their rates have recently gone up thanks to Mayor Rayburn's deregulatory program.


Kythera is a remarkably safe place, especially in light of the wealth disparities evident in areas such as Ocean Heights and Starfall Place. Crime is certainly not unknown so do take care, particularly at night; indeed, you should avoid walking alone in unlit areas, particularly if you're a woman. Beware of unlicensed taxis — which, though safe, have an annoying tendency to drive around in circles before charging you an enormous fare. Phone a reputable minicab company in advance: though it'll cost you a pretty cubit or two, you'll thank yourself the next time you hear of a rape/kidnapping in the morning papers. Mugging and bag-snatching are common in crowded public places like H-Train stations, bars, and museums, so make sure your valuables are kept close to your person.

In case of emergency, call 99999 on your mobile phone or any public telephone booth to summon Kythera's Finest. The Kythera Police Department is headquartered in Center City but has precincts all over town, and rare is the case when a patrol car will take more than five minutes to respond to your call. The city's main hospital — Kythera General — is located near Herald's Green, and its emergency room is open twenty-four hours a day.

Government and Politics



Mayor Allen Harris Rayburn. He is not to be frakked with.

The City of Kythera possesses a popularly elected executive and legislative: a mayor and a unicameral city council, respectively. The mayor has almost total administrative authority and a wide range of political independence, with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads without council approval. Each mayoral term lasts for four years, and past holders of the office have respected an informal three-term limit.

The current mayor is Allen Harris Rayburn, sixty-five, elected to his current office eleven years ago after over three decades in the Kytheran Police Department. Though he swept to power on his anti-crime credentials, having spent most of his professional career in charge of the Ocean Heights precinct, his recent campaigns have emphasized the role of low taxes and deregulation in developing Kythera’ economy. A pugnacious politician who favors straight talk, pinstriped shirts, and backdrops bedecked with flags, Rayburn has presided over the greatest economic expansion in the history of this city, though that hasn’t stopped mounting criticism of his unprecedented campaign for a fourth consecutive term. Mayor Rayburn is played by Ben Kingsley.

The Kytheran Council

The Kytheran Council is comprised of five elected aldermen serving terms of two years. Though the Council proposes bills and laws, the mayor retains veto power over all legislation; needless to say, this structure severely restricts its power when confronted by a chief executive with significant popular support, as it has been in recent years. Today, the Council is little more than Mayor Rayburn's rubber-stamp, as at least three of its members can be counted on to vote in favor of nearly anything he proposes.

The five districts (and their associated representatives) are:

District Alderman Mugshot Biography
Center City Mr. James Malley, Esq. malley.jpg Yes, he's that James Malley: the multi-millionaire tort lawyer who made his name (and fortune) in Mary Rinn et al. v. Tantalus, Inc. almost a decade back. Malley makes no secret of his ambition — President of the Colonies — and sees his two-term jaunt with the Kytheran Council as the first step in this grand project. As far as his politics are concerned, he's shown himself to be a master of taking convenient (and occasionally contradictory) positions without being tagged as a man with no principles — though that may just be because he's bought off all challengers to date. Played by Christian Bale.
Morningvale Ms. Camila Felix felix.jpg Camila Felix is the only child of Alastair Felix, founder and CEO of the Sigma Fund — named one of the Colonies' ten most successful hedge funds by Finance Magazine for seven consecutive years. She inherited the seat after the untimely death of her husband some nineteen months ago, and — to the surprise of most political observers — chose to run for reelection instead of exiting stage right. Along with Thun and Malley, Ms. Felix is one of Mayor Rayburn's staunchest allies on the council — for indeed, it was he who convinced her to run in the first place. Rumors about the true nature of their relationship have swirled about them since. Played by Maggie Q.
Ocean Heights Dr. Raymond Barron barron01.jpg Dr. Barron is the local boy who made good. Born to parents who couldn't speak a word of Colonial Standard, he clawed and scratched his way to an M.D. before coming home to open a community clinic in Ocean Heights. The longest-serving alderman on the Council, Barron has been a thorn in the mayor's side for the better part of ten years, and his remains the most eloquent voice for social justice in the whole of the city. Played by Ian McKellen.
Parkside Mrs. Jennifer Thun thun.jpg A formerly-retired grandmother with four daughters and three times that number of grandchildren, Jennifer Thun (née Archwell) is the newest alderwoman on the Council. She's also become Mayor Rayburn’s most reliable supporter. Her greatest legislative accomplishment to date is a bill permitting concealed carry of handguns within the city limits. Played by Helen Mirren.
Starfall Place Mr. Frank Pindel pindel.jpg Before launching his political career, Frank made a living as a shock jock on satellite radio, and his controversial views on issues as varied as the age of consent ("Just face it: fourteen-year-olds sure look mature enough to say yes!") and taxes ("Anybody who owns a yacht and more than one television deserves to be taxed like the asshole he is.") have earned him the reputation of a loose cannon. Nevertheless, the past six years have proven him to be a canny legislator in his own right, particularly as regards the allocation of funds to neighborhood improvement projects. Played by Chris Rock.



Average singers and mediocre actors have to be employed somehow, and Kythera is glad to take them. A number of independent theaters have carved out little niches for themselves in a neighborhood east of downtown, all of them sponsored by wealthy benefactors racing to prove themselves more cultured than their peers. The most popular ones are the Fin-de-Siecle, which bills itself as a "postmodern re-imagining of classical tragicomedy," and the Majestic, which bills itself as precisely the opposite. Consistency in tastes: the nouveau riche ain't got it.

Street Art


Nobody knows what this says. That's what makes it art.

Though Kythera can't hold a candle to Caprica or Virgon when it comes to this sort of thing, the city has seen something akin to an artistic renaissance over the past five decades. The first to arrive were hipsters from the suburbs, their spirits stirred by post-industrial decay (for indeed, Kythera suffered considerably during the First Cylon War), and with them came a flood of vagrant poets, indie musicians, and itinerant painters, all of whom soon set up shop on Herald's Green. Though most of those have long since moved on, a few old-schoolers are still kicking about the city, and if you buy them a drink — preferably a microbrew, but their poverty means they can’t afford to be as snobby as they’d like — they'll be glad to sketch a picture of you in prose, song, or ink.

Today, the tradition of street art is carried forward by youth from the less advantaged parts of town. Graffiti is everywhere in Ocean Heights, and while most of it has no redeeming artistic value, the same cannot be said about the man (woman?) known only as KZK. His (her?) spray-painted murals decorate bus stops, maglev stations, and other areas crawling with police, who either can't or won't stop the "vandalism" from occurring. KZK's most recent work is known only as LISTEN!, and magnificent variations upon those seven characters have started to spring up even outside the confines of the inner city. As to what KZK is telling people to listen to — well, if you have to ask, you're not part of the target audience.

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