PHD #352: Kumbaya
PHD #352: Kumbaya
Summary: Wade reports to Khloe on matters of tactics, pilot availability, and morale.
Date: 13 Feb 2042
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Khloe Wade 
Naval Offices - Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus
This area is set-up much like any standard office building. Cubicles have been constructed using cheap waist-high walls, their contents left neutral for whoever needs to use them. Inside each cubicle is a desk with a laptop and chair. Simple overhead lights bring dull illumination to the room except over the back wall where each one of the colonies twelve flags hangs from its own pole. Fake, potted plants dot the room and seem to be standard issue along with the water cooler and coffee machines. Off the main room are a few private offices such as that of the JAG or CAG.
Post-Holocaust Day: #351

Standing in front of one of the whiteboards that hangs in the naval offices, Khloe has marker and eraser in hand. She has X's and O's with arrows pointing their path, much like Pyramid strategy, apparently trying to plan something out. The officer is dressed in her off-duty greens, although it's very clear that she's still on the clock.

Wade is not off-duty, sadly enough. However he is not wearing his pilot uniform at the moment, instead, he wears his blue officer uniform as he steps into the Naval Offices. The man scans the room to see who's there already and after finding Poppy, he makes his way to where she is standing. Before speaking, he takes a moment to look at what she is doing, studying the X's and the O's of this matter. "Captain Vakos…" offers the man now, as a call for attention.

"Hello, Drips," comes her distracted reply, as she erases some X's and shifts them around on the 'field'. "You know, I was never very good at tactical deployment. I didn't have much in the way for thinking outside the box. I guess that's why it took a brevit promotion to squadron leader in order to reach Captain." Khloe turns to regard the other pilot, face impassive. "What do you have for me?"

Wade narrows his eyes as he looks at the whiteboard and says "If you ask me, sir. It's not just about…you know, knowing about tactical deployment" There is a very faint smile and then approaches the closest desk "I have…the details you requested on the Black Knights and aftermath notes on our third Raider attack." he clears his throat as he opens a folder in front of him.

She caps the marker, frowning at the board. Clearly she's not going to make any headway on this. "Report," Khloe orders, placing both marker and eraser on the lip of the whiteboard, and beginning the short walk over to her desk. Every step looks painful.

"A thought….?" says Wade while looking at the board "Four vipers flying in tight formation towards the enemy, flak cannons from the flag ships covering each side, forming a tunnel.." he lifts his finger to point there. "If it works…Raiders might be forced to turn and be hit by the cannons…then again, it's a dangerous move, for everyone" He tsks at that and shakes his head, going back to the details. "Alright, I had a meeting with the Squadron, with the ones I could get together at least…you know, CAP duties and all." He clears his throat and continues "Bubbles and Spiral reported to be good to go, I provided wing formations. Given the switch with Roland I had to make a couple adjustments…" he reads the list and says "Spiral/Decoy, Bubbles/Queenie, Blue/me…" and he goes on with the list of names. "You know, it's not that they are being affected by the fact that we are getting attacked, they all do their jobs and do their jobs pretty well. But there's a concern there and it's the how, how are the finding us." He clears his throat "I think, that it has something to do with that ship we got back…because you know, attacks started pretty much right after. There's also the idea of a Cylon Agent on board and this pretty much pisses everyone off. In some degree or another."

"I don't approve of Bubbles going back to work so soon," Khloe says with a grimace, easing herself into her chair. "She should at least give it a week to make sure she's breathing clearly from all that smoke inhallation. But if the docs are pushing her out the door, there's not much I can do." Frown number one. "That meeting didn't sound too productive. Everything we do will attract the Cylons, Drips, so frakking around about skinjobs and the old ruin ship isn't news." Frown number two. Glancing back towards the whiteboard, she offers, "The goal is to come up with some kind of frequent hyper-protective formation, as these three-slash Cylons fly like bricks. Their only advantage is numbers. Our goal should be to protect ourselves, prevent the enemy from closing in on the sensitive portiosn of the fleet, and giving the Raiders a big fat helping of flak."

"While Bubbles did suffered a bad injury, I can tell you that she was ready to go back…." says Wade, smiling a little at that. "As for the meeting, I'll have to disagree with you on that one, Captain. I was able to see something very important there, and it's that, regardless of the fact that they are attacking hard, we still have the energy, determination and strength that is needed to go out there, and do our jobs." He nods firmly to that "We Knights are a complicated bunch, I guess that's pretty much obvious but what we all of us have in common, is that when the shit hits the fan, we are all out there, fighting, no matter what" He clears his throat now and adds "We wanted to get a feel and that presented itself as a concern the pilots had." he shrugs to this and then looks at the board "Actually…as a comment on that, I have also reports on our third attack, the frakkers appeared again." He flips a few pages in his report and clears his throat "Let's see. A CAP was taking place, we had Bubbles and Spiral as Viper escorts and Sweetpea and Bootstrap in the Raptor. Two Cylon Raiders jumped in, same marks and everything. Alert Vipers were launched along with other Raptors." He nods, flipping to a new page "ECM worked rather well, with the combined efforts of the Raptors, Raider attacks did hit us pretty hard at some points, but it wasn't as bad as before." He nods "Damage Report on the Black Knights indicated two birds severely damaged, in particular Spiral's bird, 309 and my own, 308. 662 was down for repairs at the moment. Then minor damage on 312 and 853" The man lets his index finger run over the typed words "Bubbles and Spiral worked really well out there as wings and while Spiral got hit pretty bad, he did a good job indeed, he was covering Bubbles at all times, those Raiders loved her ass." A nod "Decoy and myself did pretty well as well, the kid has tangible talent I will say that right now." Another deep breath "Spiral was escorted to Sickbay but I do believe it's nothing major, given his…high spirits at the moment." He smirks at that and adds "I reported to Sickbay but I was allowed to leave about ten minutes after"

"Asking the Raptor squadrons to step up might be the key to getting through this and not dying slowly to them," Khloe muses, scratching at the inside of her arm. Scarring from over half her lifetime ago. "I'll speak to Captain Trask and see if I can't squeeze some more time out of the Harriers. ECM coverage may be the key." Still scratching, but she catches herself, and frowns down at her now reddened inner arm. "That morale assessment is good, Drips. It's what I need to hear. Keep it up. And don't be so frakking obvious with your morale assessment. Holding a kumbaya session wasn't quite what I had in mind, but if it worked, it worked. I just don't want other folks suspecting you're turning into some kind of morale officer."

"So this mean my next idea with pom poms, guitars, marshmallows, firepits and a beach is a no go?" asks the Viper pilot now with an amused expression. He snaps his fingers at that "Alright, alright…I'll just take everyone to sing at the Chapel then" He snorts at that "I'm no morale officer, we have Klaxon for that…" Now, he clears his throat a little and adds "If I may, I'm a little concerned with Spiral's attitude towards the whole idea of a Cylon agent. He wants to do things…the old way, you know. I'm afraid this will turn into a witch hunt and that /will/ definitely, affect morale."

"Stupid bird," Khloe mutters. It's fairly common knowledge that she's no fan of Klaxon, but she tolerates it because everyone else seems to love the idea. "I'll keep my eye on Spiral. If he wants to blow himself up, well, none of us can stop him. But if he threatens this fleet with his actions, I'll handle it. He has seniority on you, Lieutenant, despite you being equal ranks now. I'd be careful with whom you talk to about the problem. I presume you're smart enough to only mention it to me, and the CAG."

Wade arches both eyebrows and shakes his head "Well, of course Captain, my mom always told me I was a smart boy." Then again, perhaps she was lying, you never know with mothers. Now, his face returns to a more serious tone and nods "Of course, I am not planning on discussing this with anyone else. But, given that it /could/ prove to be a problem…" he shrugs casually at this "Should you want the CAG to know, you can discuss that with her"

Khloe nods sharply, frowning slightly. "I know where her office is, Lieutenant. Anything else?" Seems Khloe is back to her usual brusque self.

Wade shakes his head at that last and says "No sir, that would be all." he clears his throat, takes a step back and offers a salute to her "Captain" after this, and assuming that he has been dismissed, indirectly; he turns around and makes his way towards the exit, leaving the folder for Poppy to study should she require.

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