Esther Kulle
Admiral Esther Claudia Kulle
Allison Janney
Allison Janney as Esther Claudia Kulle
Alias: Legs
Age: 51
Features: Brown hair; wrinkling
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Admiral
Department: Colonial Fleet
Position: Commander, 9th Fleet


Born fifty-one years ago to a pair of well-to-do factory owners on Tauron, Esther Kulle's first memory is of her entire neighborhood being leveled by a hail of Cylon bombs. Like many others of her generation, she vowed never to permit such horrors to happen again on her watch. She enlisted with the newly-formed Colonial Fleet the moment she turned eighteen, serving as a countermeasures technician aboard Battlestar Volans (BS-23) until her skill caught the eye of her commanding officer. With his recommendation in hand, Kulle won admission to Officer Candidate School and soon returned to Volans as her junior tactical officer, serving aboard the Galactica-class vessel throughout her deployments with the 9th Fleet at Aeskil Anchorage.

Kulle proved herself to be a canny politician while stationed on the Armistice Line. She kept her official disciplinary reports as clean as her annual performance reviews, establishing herself as a dependable officer respected not only by her peers but by the enlisted personnel from whose ranks she had come. Suasion and coercion — oh so delicately employed — kept in line those ill-advised few who stood in the way of her ambition, and when she became CO of Volans six years ago, most people who knew her assumed even that accomplishment was a merely a stepping-stone to higher office. Their prediction came true in 2039 AE, when Kulle was promoted to full admiral and given command of the 9th Fleet upon Volans' decommissioning.

So far, Kulle has lived up to every bit of her hype. Just this year, the 9th Fleet won the Meritorious Unit Commendation thanks in large part to her lobbying — lobbying which also won the Battlestar Cerberus as a replacement for Volans. She flew to Picon with a small delegation of aides to put the capstone on this latest triumph, commissioning the Fleet's newest battlestar with an invocation to Poseidon.

During the ensuing Cylon attack, her yacht (the Oneida) lost propulsion control after undocking from Picon Anchorage. To avoid a collision that would have crippled Cerberus and rendered her unable to flee, Captain Clive Tillman ordered the battlestar to open fire. All hands aboard Oneida, including Admiral Kulle, were killed.

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