Stephen Kulko
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Stephen Laux Kulko
Kyle Chandler
Kyle Chandler as Stephen Laux Kulko
Alias: Kulk
Age: 23
Features: Brown hair, hazel eyes
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Tactical
Position: Junior Tactical Officer

"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."
- Mark Twain


Immediate Family

Jason Laird Kulko Stephen's father is a rancher on Canceron.
Alyssa Meghan Kulko Stephen's mother, a schoolteacher in the town of Munro.
Galen Lee Kulko Jason's father and Stephen's grandfather. Mostly retired, he helps out around the ranch in Stephen's absence.

Service Jacket

First Tour: BS 132 Cerberus

18 April, 2041: Promoted, Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Physical Features

This man stands a bit shy of six feet, with pale olive skin, broad shoulders and a trim, athletic build. His face is a near oval, beneath a shock of tousled brown hair. Pale hazel eyes, wearily creased at the edges, frame a prominent nose. Thin lips are often pressed together, over a subdued chin and square jawline. When he speaks, his voice is a confident baritone, with a hint of rural drawl.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Tillman_icon.jpg Now, I know full well nobody knows everything. But the Major comes damn near close. If the Skipper decides what we're gonna do, the Major decides how we do it. And what time we do it. And when we're done doing it, and we're wondering why we did it, Tillman's there to make it all make sense. Gods help us if he buys it - we need someone like him. I need someone like him.


Led his secondary school rugby team, the Munro Hairy Crabs, to win the All-Canceron championship in both his Junior and Senior years. However, he is not particularly good at pyramid.

-Has an affinity for processed cheese product. The kind that comes in a can. He can occasionally be seen leaving the galley with a can or three in his pockets.

-Owns two sidearms, one antique and one functional.

The antique is his great grandfather's Canceran Arms CA-1981 .45 caliber revolver, given to him upon his graduation from secondary school (but before he told anyone he was shipping out). schofield.jpg
The more modern CA-2038 .357 magnum revolver was a gift from his father, something to tote around as he rode the land. Stephen wears this on away missions in lieu of the standard-issue Five-seveN. mateba6n.jpg

Recent Logs


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