PHD #028: Kissing Bunnies
Kissing Bunnies
Summary: Allie learns an important lesson - do not try to mess with the heads of sleeping pilots.
Date: 2/26/2041
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Alessandra Jayden 

Ready Room -

With the hatches at the rear of the room, the walkways on both sides slope down towards the dais at the front of the room. The stadium seating forms a partial semi-circle around the speaking podium and provides enough seats for all three hundred members of the Air Wing. The walls are adorned with the patches of each squadron aboard and their mottos stenciled in white lettering above each one. Behind the podium is a set of large LCD screens that can display any matter of material from reconnaissance to maps to gun camera footage

The ready room is a solitary spot today. The recent meeting with the squadron that just prepared their CAP runs for this coming week is long gone. The only visible lifeform here is a tattered and tired pilot that has made use of two chairs to doze off. There is a pen laying over the floor, and a log book just besides it.

One pilot arrives, intent on looking at when she is next scheduled to fly with her lead, only doing so now as she figures the ready room should be empty. The board is looked at in passing and then, with a grunt, a seat is taken, her intent being to give herself some alone time, not knowing she's not alone. "Frak…" is intoned from across the way as well as a low, guttural groan, the latter coinciding with the stretching out of her legs. "Need to get on the pyramid court more."

Jayden covered running CAPs for two other pilots today, so, he'll stay away from the rotation board for the rest of the day. There's an audible cough made by him, as he shifts in his 'bunk' to try and get more comfy…an impossible task that, given the shape of these seats. Something in his dreams makes him frown, and he begins talking in his sleep, "Quit it, Bunny… I don't need…" And that is all he says, as he shifts yet again.

Alessandra looks up and then grins, recognizing the voice. "Hmmm." Standing again, she very quietly makes her way to where the napping Jayden is, trying her hardest to not rouse him from his slumber. Leaning over once close enough, she whispers huskily into his ear, trying to imitate Evan's voice. "Oh, c'mon, Echo. You know you want to…" she coos into his ear while stroking his arm, trying to get him to continue on with whatever he was saying.

The dream ruling over Jay's sleep is something that has already made him toss and turn a few times, and as we now know, Evan's is playing a part in it. He's a sweet fellah, so, it is atypical for anything relating to him to be this disturbing. The voice that whispers into Echo's ear seems to reproduce Evan's tone almost perfectly, so that makes Jay grunt some. Then, as if forced to do something he doesn't want to, Jayden growls, "FINE!" The pilot turns and with an outstretched arm, grabs Alessa's collar and pulls her down over him. To make matters worst, he wraps his arm around her neck and proceeds to plan a huge smack over her lips. Okay, so… he was dreaming about Evan asking him for a kiss??? What the hades!?!?!?

"Hmmmmph!" That's all Allie can get out as her lips are pressed against as tightly as they are but where she's muted via the kiss she's not still, her arms flailed like she is one of those silly animated cartoon characters that could be found on kids' TV. She eventually manages to lean back enough to where she can speak, albeit horribly stifled, her voice taking on a panicked, frantic tone when she speaks. "WHAT THE FRAK ARE YOU DOING," she half screeches, the voice definitely not belonging to Bunbun.

Jayden should just be shot and put out of his misery. The woman going berserk with despair, causing his sleep to end, and he becomes aware of where he is an what he is doing…/was/ doing. His eyes widen in shock and his face blank for a few seconds. "Eh… Wha…" his mind still not fully in gear as to what the hades just happened. Then, it hits him like a train… "Frak a duck!!!" He rushes to move Lucky to the side and scoots off the chairs, falling butt-first over the floor, "Lucks… I… Lords…" his tone hits on nervous, as his brain continues to process what went on.

Alessandra's eyes are as wide as saucers, each one bugged out a bit too, definitely shocked as frak. "Uh….huh?" Intelligent conversation not forthcoming, she simply stares at Jayden and then pops her head up, looking over the top-half of the chairs to make sure no one was around to see that. Alone, still, she calms although the blush deepens when what happened really has a chance to sink in. "Why were you kissing Bunny," she asks, at least able to puzzle out that part of everything together.

Jayden remembers having a bet with Evan in his dream, which involved kissing his stuffed toy for some cubits. Well, at least that seems to be the gross of it all. "What… No," replies Jayden a bit more energetic now, as his face flushes red with as mixture of embarrassment and… slight disgust. "I… Frak… I was supposed to kiss his toy…" His mind not concerned if people saw that, but rather focused on figuring out a way to make this look less unconformable. He rubs his eyes, and leans back over the podium that is used for the meetings. "Gods," he bangs his head softly on it.

"Is that slang for his…you know?" Dropping her eyes down, Allie awkwardly trying to ask Jayden if 'toy' is an euphemism for Evan's manhood. It's not the most comfortable of questions to ask, made all the more so by the after affects of the liplock, and she finds herself turning around to face the opposite direction, wincing heavily. "Did you get a good nap," is what is asked next, that an hurried attempt to keep herself from dying of embarrassment.

Jayden chuckles slightly and nods, "Yes. I figure my body rested enough." He rubs his face with both hands now, trying to bring more life into his features before he gives an answer to her first question, "And no, it's not his penis." Okay. Definitely not his wang! Phew! "His plush toy, you know…" he takes uses his hands and makes ears on top of his head with them. "The kiss was for him," he adds.

The subject of how well Jayden has rested is ignored as Alessandra's now boggling over his latest response, that being just what he was meant to kiss; not as shocking as if it would be if it was indeed Evan's johnson he was supposed to kiss but frak, it's still puzzling. "So you were supposed to kiss the rabbit? Lords, that has to have some kind of frakked up psychological meaning to it." Clearing her throat, Lucky sits back down, her face still vividly bright.

Jayden has a faint smile over his face and shrugs, "I guess." Eyes downcast, as he dips his head a bit, "In any case, I apologize for that…" He sucks on his teeth and shakes his head, still unable to see a way to make this situation less awkward.

Alessandra looks up at Echo and snickers, not too put out by what happened it'd seem even if it was shocking. "Hey, don't be. Was my fault for trying to frak with your head while you were talking in your sleep. Teaches me not to do that again." A hand is brought up and through her hair, sending some of it to fall about her face when its freed from the braid, several small ringlet-like waves that touches her cheeks and the line of her jaws. "Are you alright, Echo?"

Jayden hearing that makes the somewhat dumbfounded pilot feel a bit more at ease. "No… it's not your faul…" he looks up just as the woman is letting her hair fall loose over her face. For more than a few seconds, he's gawking. "Eh… Oh. Sure," he quips, as he scurries to get himself up. He's now passing a hand over his suit and dusting himself off, "Dandy. Shit. It's not like I /wanted/ to kiss you, you know…" A pause. Hmmm? That didn't sound to nice. "I mean, I /would/… but not like that…" Nope. Try again. "Well… not that you'll want to… but…" He's now going into a nervous fit about it. He looks skywards and sighs deeply. "Ah frak, just… just, forget I said anything." Hmmm… that panel needs some painting.

"Uh…uh." Well, the stammering amusing but also a bit heart-tugging which prompts Allie into just looking around. Giving him time to gather his wits, she falls quiet, looking anywhere but at him until he's quiet as well. "I know what you meant, if that helps," she murmurs while smiling, hoping that'll aid in his feeling better.

Jayden nods once to that, and grumbles under his breath. It wasn't a prayer to the gods, but it does manage to placate his uneasiness. "Thank you," his gaze falls on the pilot sitting in front of him, with a bright smile to further express his gratitude. "You know, it's silly, but I kinda feel cheated that I was in the sleep haze when it happened," his tone with a humoring ring to it, as he brings that forward.

"Cheated, huh? Why's that?" The hair that brushes against her face finally bothers Allie enough to get her to do something about it, that being to unclip the braid, letting the shoulder-length tresses to fall free, it left down entirely for a while despite its current state of disarray. "I guess that means you like what you remember of it?"

Jayden is a lot more composed now, so, he is able to carry this conversation without trepidation now. "Of course," he grins, and looks down to the mess he made of his log book when he landed over the deck. Echo takes a knee, and begins gathering the scattered pages. "Think about it, Lucks, one of the wing's hotties just accidentally let me pluck one on her…" he chuckles, "Hades, girl, haze or not, call me lucky number two." See, it's a lot easier to talk to him, when he's in his typical suave mode.

Alessandra blinks and then blushes again. "One of the air wing's hotties," she repeats, living up to Jayden's callsign. "Uhm…" Frak. This is where she's not so good with the social thing, really - compliments, along with telling guys she likes them being anything but a strong point with her - and she has to sit and think of how to react and respond to that. "I am?" Lack of self-confidence rears its ugly head at certain subjects with her looks being one of the worst-offending topics that gets it to do so.

Jayden can't help but chuckle after that question, "Frak yeah. You might have set your sights on Lash, but that don't write you off as prime prey for the hunt, Lucks." The binder that holds the log's pages is tossed over the chair on Allie's left before he goes under her chair, to dig for his pen. "I wouldn't go as far as to call it a general consensus that you are, but…" He comes out from under the chair with a pen in hand and adds, "I figure six outta ten would go for you." It might be hard to tell if he's just teasing her, but he's known be playful with the female pilot before him. "I can ran a pool if you want," he asks with a wink, as he moves to sit on the chair on her right.

The banter is allowed to go on, listened to and all that, Allie only snorting or barking out in laughter when something catches her as particularly humor-filled. "You might want to add a third category to the pool if you do. 'Want to see the frakking bitch dead'. Bet that'd get the most votes." Self-depreciating, that, but she's shrugging soon after that so perhaps it's not meant as seriously as it came out sounding. "Okay. Joking aside, I appreciate the sentiment but I'm just…me. Pilot, pyramid-player, general frak-up."

Jayden gives a quick eyeroll to the third category slot. The second statement makes him tilt his head just a bit, "You still hanging on to that shit? Frak a duck, Lucks, just let it go." He is forced to frown, and looks to the podium in front, "So you let your bloodlust get the best of you, so what? Correct and move along." His fingers rub is forehead. He's a stone-cold pilot, and knows it was a critical error, but it's not the pilot speaking right now.

Alessandra stands up and shifts so she's standing before Echo, her expression equally down when compared to his. "I'll try if they do. But until that happens…" She leans over and kisses him now, this one is a chaste peck on his cheek, a friendly show of affection. "So I never got around to asking. Do you play pyramid, by chance?" Not the most clever of subject changes but it's an attempt to let the past stay in the past.

Jayden is mildy amused by the peck. His face warms a tad, and he looks up to her. "Pyramid," he echoes with a smirk. "Fortunately, I don't kiss like I play, which means, I suck at it," he confesses. Delighted to bask in the female frame before him, he lays back on the chair. Gods begin to show some appreciation for the man.

"We will have to play at some point," Alessandra muses while taking her seat again, slowly lowering herself into her chair while she speaks. "It'll be a good way to vent frustration, I think. What do you say?"

Jayden watches her slide back onto the chair and prompts, "Or, break a leg or and arm." He pinches her nose and grins. "But if it will make you happy, sure, I'll let you run over me for a laugh or two." He's now looking at her with piercing blues. His eyes taking their time in scanning her features.

Alessandra snickers, unable to stop herself from doing so. "I'll take it easy on you," she gets out between bits of hissed-out giggles. "Don't want to put you in the infirmary after all, old man." Unable to keep from digging at Jayden a bit, she follows up the verbal jab with a physical one, her finger made to poke Echo in his side a few times, almost as if she's trying to discover if he's ticklish or not.

Allie will find that the guy is anything /but/ ticklish… at least in that area. Her poking does make him smile amply though. "Old man? Please," he scoffs. "If I remember right, you're two years older. Granny." He blows a kiss her way. All in good fun, right?

"Hey, who's the one whining about possible broken bones, huh? I'm not going 'wahhhhh, you'll break me' or something frakking funny like that, you know?" Echo's mood has done wonders on her own and now she can't stop smiling herself, the dreary topic they scooted around forgotten. "We'll just get you hopped up on calcium pills before we play so you won't suffer anything bad like a fractured hip." Another poke. "You're also a brat."

Jayden fakes being insulted by that, "Oh dear! That won't stand!" He gets up, and goes akimbo, "You better come back to me with more than just 'brat', sweetie." It's on.

Alessandra stands and reaches out, this time poking Jayden on the tip of his nose. "Fine…bunny-kisser." Winking, she pauses and then shakes her head, frowning as she realizes she spent longer than she had meant to. "I got to do some sim time. See you later, alright?"

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