PHD #259: Kisses for Shiner
Kisses for Shienr
Summary: Rose is introduced to Shiner and Sofia by Damon. Wacky hijinks ensue!
Date: 12 Nov 2041 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #259
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

Shiner is working! No, really, he is. Mostly. In that he's standing over to one side, waving his arms to help direct a fellow deckie lower a crate of… something… to the deck.

Sofia is working too! Kinda. She has a cart and a clipboard with some toolboxes and tools. Happy times on deck. She has a lollipop in her mouth and seems to be wearing it away contentedly. That is, until she spots Shiner and looks amused. "Wow, look at you go."

It can only be assumed that Damon, too, is working. He's been shut up in his office for the better part of the day. Though he usually has his door open and strolls the hangar floor once in a while even when he's busy, there's been no sign of him except for a quick break for lunch. A string of people from other departments have been going into his office, one after the other, and the door always closed behind them. But he finally emerges from the dark dungeon of paperwork, a steaming mug of tea in his hand. "How's it going, you two?" he asks Shiner and Sofia.

Escorted in by an MP from the opposite hangar deck along one of the interconnecting walkways is the civilian Rose Ibbhanas. Several times the MP offers a hand or an arm to the blind woman, but she kindly refuses, apparently managing quite well with her whitestick and simply being in his proximity and at his polite verbal direction. Upon reaching a safe location out of the way of any possible cross-traffic, the MP calls out, "Petty Officer Damon, you have a visitor." Naturally, this gets a few odd looks from some of the deckies working, as civilians are not often permitted to come and go. Especially not one with impaired sight.

"Oh yeah, look at me go," Shiner agrees firmly, leaning back against the bulkhead and giving Sofia a quick grin and a rather less quick gun show, flexing unnecessarily for her. As Rose arrives, however, he raises an eyebrow, glancing towards the Chief's office, then back to the blind woman. "Hello, is it time for nooners already?"

Sofia stifles a giggle, hiding a smile behind her hand. "That's my cue to swoon huh?" Her eyebrows lift and she manages a grin. "How are you?" She asks. She seems glad enough to see Shiner. Then along came a Damon! She lifts her head and waves. "Well enough. How about yourself?" She asks. Then there's a pause. "Ooh. You have a visitor." Scandalous! She smiles, eyes widening a bit.

Damon smacks Shiner upside the head. In a friendly way, of course. "Tired, but so's everyone," he answers Sofia with a smile. His eyes are more bleary than usual; he rubs them with his knuckles before heading over to see Rose. "Hey," he greets, giving the MP a nod of thanks, which might also be taken as a dismissal. No need for him to stick around here, really. "New clothes, huh? You look great." A small smile threatens on his lips. "Did you want to come over and meet some people? Or were you here for something specific?"

Rose bounces a little on the balls of her feet at Damon's compliments, trying not to smile too brightly. "Thanks. I convinced one of the Marines to visit my apartment on campus. I retrieved a few things. Now, I don't feel like I have to dress like a vagrant. Although, in theory, I sort of am, hmm?" She tilts her head, trying to listen to the many different sounds going on here in the port hangar. "Well, I was scheduled to go over some of the retrieved gear from Colchis. I can come back if it's a bad time? If you're busy, and all…" Normally, with Damon nearby, she'd be quick to fold up her whitestick and let him guide her around. But with so much going on… she's going to hold on to her "eyes" a bit longer.

Shiner ows, rolling his eyes at Damon before telling Sofia, "Yeah, you're supposed to swoon. I'll work on that, huh?" He shrugs amiably, looking Rose over. "Hey, Chief!" he calls. "You want me to put a do not disturb on your door for ten minutes? Time enough for twice, then!"

Daaaaw. Sofia smiles at Damon and Rose. She tilts her head. Then a nod at Shiner. "Then you'll be positively electric." Then a sigh. "Way to ruin the moment," Sofia sticks her tongue out at Shiner. "I think the gear should be on deck already, but Miss Fasi seemed kinda protective of it and I hate to rile up Deckies for my curiosity," She admits. "It's good to see you guys."

"Nah, I was just taking a break," Damon says to Rose, the smile growing a bit. "So some Marine went to your apartment and rifled through your underwear drawer? I'm not sure how I feel about that." He chuckles and touches her on the elbow lightly to point her in the right direction. "Here, this way - I was just talking with people over here. Come say hi before we go look at the gear?" She can walk on her own, though, unless she's in mortal danger of being run over by a forklift or walking headfirst into a Viper. "This charming young man," he says, gesturing to Shiner, "is Apprentice Wright, but we all call him Shiner. And this is Crewman Sofia Wolfe." He ruffles Sofia's hair and wags a finger of warning to Shiner. "She's blind, Shiner, so don't think you can try to work your usual philandering tricks. She'll judge what comes out of your mouth on their own merits without being able to see your pretty face."

"Maybe I wanted to see you jealous. Don't worry, Andreas, you can help me sort my laundry later, if you like," Rose quips, still with a permanent grin in Damon's proximity. When led over to be introduced, she gives that vague look in the general direction of voices, but she doesn't quite home in on them. And it's clear why: her eyes are quite clouded with cataracts. Radiation's a bitch. "Pretty face?" Rose peers up at Damon curiously. "Does he stand a chance, I wonder?" Since the topic of jealousy has already been broached. Seems she's in a good mood and not put off by the "coarse" deck speak. Or, she's just getting used to it. "A pleasure to meet you both. Rose Ibbhanas." She sort of sticks a hand out into neutral space, probably expecting someone to shake it.

Shiner takes a moment to grip his cane, stumbling forward a little and steadying himself when in range before taking that hand in his own somewhat inflexible one, flashing his best (and in this case most pointless) charming smile, and lifting it to his lips. "You let me know when you're sick of old man Damon here, Miss Ibbhanas, and you want to upgrade to a better looking, younger, fitter model."

Sofia smiles, watching Damon and Rose. She seems pleased somehow. She smiles and looks over. "Depends, do you have a lot of duct tape ma'am?" Sofia teases a little. "Pleased to meet you," Carefully she accepts the hand after Shiner. She smiles again. She just shakes her head, amused. "I um, don't really flirt with women but you are pretty."

Damon makes a face when she says that she might have wanted to 'see' him jealous. "She only loves me for my beard and you're too young to grow one," he says to Shiner with a crooked grin. It's not like there's a huge age gap between him and Shiner. "Don't really flirt with women… but you're going to start?" he asks Sofia with an arched brow. "Although I can't disagree with your statement." He reaches over to squeeze Rose's hand, but it's more of a two-finger deal since three of his fingers are still splinted up. "Shiner's a knuckledragger like me, and Sofie's a deckie at heart even though she belongs to Engineering."

Shiner's easy to home in on, what, with stupid confidence exuding from every pore. "Ah, well, yes," she blushes a little, but she's not falling for his charms. "It's not looks that I'm with Andreas, Mr. Shiner. It's his mind, and his kindness. So when Dr. Adair restores my sight, if you hear horrible screams coming from the… starboard…" She can't help it. Her giggles turn to outright laughter, and she covers her mouth with her free hand. Glancing over at Sofie (her approximate location, anyway), she manages to say, "I'm flattered. Thank you."

Shiner nods knowingly. "If I hear screams, I'll know that the Chief's got his kit off. Understood." He shifts his attention, however, to Sofia, considering. "Hey, if you want to chat up women, don't let me stop you, huh? Hey, I'd actively encourage it, even. I'll lend you my bunk and everything."

Jawdrops. Sofia sighs at Shiner. She smiles at Damon and Shiner after a moment. She shakes her head at Damon, "No. And I certainly wouldn't take someone who is spoken for!" She pouts a little. "I'd like a boyfriend but I have SOME sense of honor." It's true! She smiles at Rose. "It's cool." Then she eyes Shiner again. "That's okay, mine is more comfy. But thanks for offering."

Damon eyes Rose, a look of bemused surprise on his face. This is a side of her he hasn't really gotten to see. "He's probably got a camera installed in it or something," he says to Sofia with a snort. "Besides, who'd want to do anything in your bunk, Shiner? Gods only know what's been done on those sheets." He puts down his tea half-empty (or is that half-full?) and jab-feints at the Apprentice. "On the other hand, if you hear Shiner screaming from the port side of this deck, you know I'm being pre-emptive and eliminating any potential competition."

Rose buries her face in Damon's arm at Shiner's comment about his 'kit'. "No, no, no, that's not what I meant!" She protests. And then she punches said arm. "Behave! Haven't we already talked about 'eliminating the competition'? Mr. Shiner hasn't done anything but… er… compliment me. In his own, special way." A little emphasis on special? "The only person whose outright been lewd with you is PO Radcliffe." Oh, she just let that cat out of the bag, she did. She covers her face with her hand. "Gods, what is it with you people? You're all awful. Well, except for Ms. Wolfe."

"Dude, you were supposed to keep the camera quiet," Shiner chides Damon, rolling his eyes. "I was going to give you 10% from the vids, too!" He grins again, giving a shrug before confiding, "She does totally have a more comfy bunk, though. When are you going to let me sleep in it with you, oh light of my life, my sweetness, my darling?" Cue fluttered eyelashes. He gives a whistle at that latest from Rose, though, raising an eyebrow. "Radcliffe's after you, Chief? Hey, she's pretty hot. I approve."

A soft snort at Shiner. She sticks her tongue out at him. "Probably. And …" She shivers at that thought. "Erm. Oh dear." Her eyebrows lift. She giggles at Rose. "I'm sure she knows who she likes more. You can't really steal someone from another person," Sofia points out. She blushes at Shiner. "Weren't you just hitting on Rose? You're shameless." She sticks her tongue out again. "And oh - er. She seems nice," Sofia nods. "And aw. Thanks." Beam. "You should treat Miss Rose nice though," Sofia closes an eye. "You two are cute."

"What do you mean, 'you people'?" Damon asks, feigning outrage. He also pretends that her punch hurts far more than it actually does. "Knuckledraggers are people too." He gives Shiner a glare. "She was joking. Brina, I mean, not Rose. We were just bantering, was all. And I want 15% and full run of the tapes in exchange for my silence." At Sofia's words, he glances over to Rose with a grin, then back to the engineer. "Thanks?" he says - that was a compliment, right? "You two are cute too, but for completely different reasons."

"Everywhere I go where there are deckhands," Rose protests. "You all talk like you were raised in some Canceron mine or some other gods-forsaken place. I wasn't raised with that kind of language! Then again, Papa didn't care much for the military." She shrugs lightly, flashing a smile at Damon. "Should we go through the salvage? I wouldn't want to interrupt the joyous banter here, but, we do have a task."

"Going through the salvage, eh? Is that what you guys are calling it these days?" Shiner asks with a half grin, shifting his weight on his cane. Tone becoming more serious, he adds casually, "Give me a shout when you're free, though, Chief. I've got a request I need to lodge with you before I'm walking again. Which, the doc says, could be like next week if we're lucky. Fear, Miss Ibbhanas, fear. I'll be able to chase the women again and everything."

Sofia sighs. "See, Engineers are nice and polite," Sofia winks. "It was. I'm glad to see you two so happy." She affirms. She really is. "I think that Miss Radcliff just has a big sense of humor," She offers. Then a shrug. She snorts at Shiner. "What ever shall we do?" She shakes her head. "Do you want some help with the salvage? If not, I might drop this stuff off now."

"That's because I'm planning to secretly take over the ship," Damon confides in a stage whisper to Rose. "My men are positioned everywhere and are prepared to strike on my command." He nudges Rose with his elbow. "Sofie wants to come help us 'go through the salvage'," he says, putting air-quotes around the phrase. "Do you think we should invite Br - PO Radcliffe, too?" To Shiner, he gives a nod. "Stop by tomorrow, yeah? Most of the important paperwork should be sorted out by then and we can chat. Plus, I gotta take advantage of you being broken while I can." With a cheerful smile, he taps the cane just hard enough to make it slip.

"Well, more's the merrier, I suppose, although you'd have to vouch for their qualifications." Rose blinks several times, and then her mouth hangs open in shock. That kind of shock where you want to grin at the sheer audacity of something, but you're so taken aback that you lose all function in your jaw? That's when she wails on Damon's arm, three times. "Andreas Damon, you are a pig!" She squeals, which no doubt turns heads again.

The cane knocked from under his weight, Shiner stumbles sideways, smacking his shoulder hard off the bulkhead, then meeting it with his head as the impact rattles his body. "Frak!" he yelps, scrabbling hopelessly for purchase before he slides down to the deck. "Dickweasel!" he tells Damon between gritted teeth, taking a few long breaths to steady himself.

A blink at Damon. "Umm. I can um, just … stay here then." Her eyes widen. Sofia puts her hand over her mouth as poor Shiner tips. She pauses and kneels near him, offering a hand up. "Um. Here. Just don't look down my shirt," She offers. "We'll get your cane. Maybe you could have juice with me if those two would like to be alone, huh? But don't take this the wrong way." Pout.

"Oh, I'll vouch for her qualifica - " Damon starts, continuing in his innuendo-implying tone, only to be cut off by Rose pounding on his arm. "Abuse! Assault!" He staggers, exaggerating the effect of her blows to his arm, and ends up beside Shiner on the floor. "You can get me back when you get off that cane," he says to the Apprentice with a grin. "And you can come with if you want, Sofie. I'm sure Rose'd rather have you around to try and keep me somewhat civil than be tainted by sticking around here amongst all us foul-mouthed deckies."

Rose rests a hand on her hip, looking incredulously down at where Damon falls. Smirking, she states: "Ms. Wolfe is more than welcome to come along. After all, we have to keep her out of the clutches of evil Mr. Shiner. He's a corrupting force, after all." And then Damon - hopefully Damon - starts getting tapped on by her whitestick.

Shiner throws up his hands, giving a martyred sigh. "I don't know, I get beaten on by my boss, I get called an evil, corrupting force, and worst of all? I don't even get to eye Sof's boobies. What's a man to do, eh?" He reaches for Sofia's hand, nonetheless, grasping for his cane with the other and levering himself with significant effort back to his feet. "I think an apology's in order. I think I clearly need a kiss from the prettiest ladies on the deck," he insists, offering his cheek, then hurriedly adding, "/Not/ you, Chief."

Sofia blushes. "I'd be glad to go then," She seems pleased for the company then. Her smile is warm. She helps Shiner, curling her hand around his for a moment. She ooomphs softly, not being an Olympic athlete. She quirks her eyebrows and tilts her head at Shiner. "You'd think I'd be used to the fact people are gonna stare at me," Sigh. "I-" Dare she kiss Shiner? She hesitates. "W-well."

Damon is already puckered up when Shiner says that he's not included. "No, see, I'm delivering the kiss from Rose," he explains. "Because if you try to kiss her, I'll nail your feet down to the launch tube and shoot a Viper through it." The tap-tap-tapping whitestick gets tap-tap-tapped back in response before Damon pushes himself back up onto his feet. "I just have to, uh, grab some paperwork from my desk before we go," he says to Rose. "Did you, uh, wanna come with me to grab that stuff, or… wait here for a few?"

"I'll come with you," Rose says, a hint of eagerness to her voice. Turning to face the vague blurs that are Shiner and Sofia, she smiles. "It was a pleasure meeting you two. And, Mr. Shiner, I'll leave the kissing to Ms. Wolfe. While I'm quite flattered, I'm not that sort of woman. Now, if you'll excuse us." And that's when she folds up her whitestick and holds out her arm for Damon. She's not even trying to hide her coy smile.

Shiner musses up his hair with one hand, half smiling at the pair. "Yeah, you go right on and 'grab some paperwork'," he tells them, quietly amused. "Sof, I guess that means you have to make up for two of you. Sorry. It's the only way. Did I hear an offer of juice? Lead the way."

Sofia smiles. "I can come back down in a few then once you guys are ready?" She offers. "I'll make sure Shiner doesn't break himself," And juice! There's a long pause as Shiner mentions needing to make up for the two of them. Her face goes red. "Oh." She takes a deep breath. She carefully leans over and kisses Shiner's cheek. "Um." Even now her ears are red. "Y-yeah. Juice."

"If only I had a camera handy to capture this beautiful moment," Damon sighs. "Stay out of trouble, you two. We'll see you back here when you're done, Sofie." With a mischievous grin, he adds, "Take your time." Arm in arm, he leads Rose across the deck floor to his little office. And just like every other time when someone went into his office earlier today, the door gets closed behind them. Paperwork's a bitch.

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