Jeremiah King
Staff Sergeant Jeremiah King
Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson as Jeremiah King
Alias: Anchorman
Age: 33
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Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Department: CMC
Position: Charlie Platoon Sergeant


A veteran marine communications specialist, now leading Cerberus' rifle platoon. This is, however, his first leadership position. He does what he can to be a firm but fair leader but, with things as they are now, will he be able to hold on to his own sanity let alone lead his troops?

Immediate Family

A mother and father back on Aquaria. He doesn't keep in contact.

Service Jacket

3 Fleet Commendation Medals (Permanent Change of Station awards)
1 Colonial Medal of Bravery (For action against terrorism)
1 Silver Cluster (For action taken on Sagittaron)

Physical Features

Standing at about 6 feet tall with about 180 pounds in weight, this man has a pretty average figure. He might even be considered pretty scrawny by the standards of other Colonial Marines. Despite not being huge, his form is obviously much more muscle than fat, probably a symptom of his profession. His skin is the color of chocolate milk mixed by a kid, heavy on the chocolate but light on the milk. You can even see the tone on the top of his shaven head. His eyes, however, are a lighter brown and covered with a pair of thin, metal-framed glasses. More often than not, these glasses slide down to the tip of his nose and cause him to instead look over them instead of through them. This gives him a slightly nerdy appearance even if otherwise he'd be pretty handsome.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Demos_icon.jpg Sergeant Phaedra Demos Libran. Another marine NCO. An MP to be exact. Engaged. And those seem to be the only things wrong with her. We seem to be hitting it off. Maybe too well. Have to watch myself around ol' Blueeyes here.
Margaret_icon.jpg Corporal Margaret Tiran Aerilonian. She leads one of the fireteams in my platoon and I'm damned glad to have the big girl with us. She's a good marine and going to be a good NCO when she opens up some.
Sofia_icon.jpg Crewman Sofia Wolfe She was already a little loose in the head. And seeing what happens on the ground sometimes definitely did not help. Still, she's a friend so I'll stand (or sit) strong for her. It's the least I could do.
Silas_icon.jpg Private Silas Trista A young woman cut down in her prime. Like any fatherly figure, I was praying she would live to see me out the airlock or buried. But I learned a long time ago that the Gods screen their calls.
Lunair_icon.jpg LTJG Raine Lunair Another pretty young woman I serve with. This one's my platoon leader, though. Just like most ElTees, she's an overpaid private but at least she listens and that's more than I can say for most officers. Silly girl seems to have a little crush on me that she won't admit. Too bad.


Often wonders why in the world this Battlestar is covered in beautiful women.
Loves the way his feet hit the ground while in boots.
Has a magnificent voice.

Recent Logs


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