Daniel Kincaid
Corporal Daniel Kincaid
Timothy Busfield
Timothy Busfield as Daniel Kincaid
Alias: Kin
Age: 35
Features: Red, unruly hair
Colony: Libran
Rank: Corporal
Department: Marines
Position: Military Police


Danny Kincaid, Senior Defense Correspondent, Libran Post. It's one of those postings that's incredible prestigious to those in the business — which is to say those who follow the Colonial Military-Industrial complex — but incredibly boring to those outside of it. His 5,000 word expose on cost overruns and nepotism in contracting for the new Viper Mark VIII spaceframe project? A masterpiece. But it's not like it make him a household name.

But perhaps we should back up. Kincaid was born on Libra — to a comfortable family of a barrister and a house wife — and immediately took to being the sort of kid that people hated. Nosy questions? Check. Taking on authority? Check. So perhaps it was no surprise when he enrolled in the University to pursue his degree in journalism. After graduating, he took on a junior defense reporter role for the the Capital Daily News, covering all sorts of things no one else wanted to; ship commissionings, pro forma press conferences. All of that. But he made the best of it, asking the questions no one else dared to at these sorts of things, earning the ire of junior officials and respect of his editors. Along the way, he traded favors, learned the ropes, and became pretty cynical about how this whole 'defense procurement' thing worked. There, too, he ran across Allan Rejn, burying a story or two in return for enough deep background sources to fill his articles.

Service Jacket

Date Position (Rank) Location Notes
May, 2025 AE Student Libran Matriculates at University of Libran, College of Arts and Sciences. Majors in Journalism.
May, 2029 AE Junior Defense Correspondent Libran Graduates college. Hired by The Capital Daily News as junior defense correspondent. Assigned to cover Libran Department of Defense.
September, 2035 AE Defense Correspondent Picon Hired by The Libran Post as defense correspondent. Assigned to cover the Colonial Fleet Headquarters in Picon.
April, 2037 AE Senior Defense Correspondent Picon Promoted to Senior Defense Correspondent following his expose on military procurement and troop pay.
January, 2041 AE Senior Defense Correspondent BS Cerberus Assigned to cover QUODEL for Libran Post. Viewed as "try out" before promotion to Presidential correspondent.
April, 2041 AE Private BS Cerberus Enlists in Colonial Marine Corps in the first post-War Day class of Marines.
June, 2041 AE Lance Corporal BS Cerberus Completes Boot Camp and classroom portions of MP AIT. Due to college degree, is advanced to Lance Corporal.
April, 2042 AE Corporal BS Cerberus Promoted to Corporal. Awarded Fleet Commendation Medal with Valor for actions aboard CEX Areion.

Physical Features

This Caucasian male might be in his mid-thirties, but the furrows of his brow and tiredness around his eyes suggest an age much older than that. His reddish-brown hair is let grown a bit longer down the back of his head in unruly curls, coming just below his ear; it's not quite regulation, but it's not exactly unkempt either. There are the first hints of white coming in, but they are not too predominant. So too is the hairline beginning to recede, showing some of his broad forehead, but he is at least holding the line. His blue eyes have a certain sharpness to them — like they're used to always being on the lookout. He's clean-shaven — perhaps a nod to regulations — but the bit of stubble around it suggests it's not a happy nod. He's average-to-tall for a fellow, about five ten, his build largely unremarkable, though clearly in-shape for someone his age.

On the Grid


Between the fancy ballpoint pen he carries — far nicer than anything standard military issue — the steno pad he uses to take notes, and just the way he asks questions, there's no doubt that Danny Kincaid is a former reporter. And there's also no doubt that he hasn't given up that side of him. While he might walk a beat rather than cover a beat, it's clear that he's a reporter first, and a Marine second.

Recent Logs


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