PHD #040: Kid in a Biomechanical Candy Shop
Kid in a Biomechanical Candy Shop
Summary: Bannik drops off samples from the Heavy Raider for Glory to analyze.
Date: 7 Apr 2041 AE
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Bannik Glory 
CMO Office - Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus
Post Holocaust Day: #40
The CMO's office is, like many offices aboard the ship, of very military design. The space is utilitarian, to say the least, with bookshelves on the wall behind the single desk. In front of the desk are two chairs - as if the occupant would never need to have more than two other peole in the office at any given time. The shelves are lined with medical reference books, dotted here and there with a few framed photographs. Despite the rather sterile feel, overall, the room does have a few touches of warmth - a lab coat hanging from a hook near the door, a hearty variety of plant on top of a filing cabinet. It's the little things.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

Glory's door is open. Rumor has it on the ship that the CMO has stated that her office door is always open when she's in residence and not with a patient. And that rumor appears to be true. She's behind her desk, comparing two sheets of paper.

Bannik is in his duty greens rather than his much more common deck coverall oranges. He holds in his hands three things: Something that looks like a Tupperware container filled with an odd liquid, a zip-lock bag with some slimy something in it, and a large manila folder filled with papers. "Doctor Diego?" asks the Crewman. "You have some time?"

The Captain's head pops up and she blinks owlishly, then offers a faint smile. "Come in, Crewman. Dare I ask?"

"The Chief has me heading up the team working on the Heavy Raider we captured," explains Bannik as he places the three items down on the CMO's desk. "We've gotten some items from the craft that look as if they are biomechanical.

She blinks for a moment. "The…heavy raider we captured," she asks, clearly a touch baffled. "Biomechanical?" The gears are a little slow to shift. "I see." She looks at the containers for a moment, then back to the crewman. "What makes you think that?"

Perhaps sensing the confusion, Bannik backs up. "Let me start from the beginning. We found an intact Heavy Raider on the anchorage, which is sort of analogous to our Raptor. We've begun dismantling it down to the component parts." He flips open the manila folder and takes out some printed digital pictures. "This shows the cockpit of the Heavy Raider." It looks fairly standard, with a control yoke in the center and seat for the pilot, but with strange pictographic read-outs rather than words.

She reaches out to take the pictures, studying them with the eye of someone who is Not A Pilot. "Mmmm," she murmurs, head cocking to the side slightly. "I'm not going to ask you to explain it. What makes you think there's biomechanical parts, however?"

Flip. "What's underneath." That's the next picture, the the outside frame pulled away and the underneath exposed. There are well — tentacles or appendages or something. "It's like — tubes, but they're definitely biological, at least in part." Bannik holds up the zip-lock bag. "That's this. A sample from one of those outer casings. It seems like it serves the same role as wiring does for us, but I can't really tell you for certain."

Poor Glory blinks again, but it's clear that she's utterly enthralled. Fingers move over the picture for a moment before she nods, once. "Oh, I can see a few late nights in my future," she murmurs. "Tell me more about this?"

"I'm not sure what more I can tell you," says Bannik. "I've made diagrams of where all the tubes go and where they came from in the ship." He turns over the page and gestures to some rough schematics/wiring diagrams. "If you need more samples, let me know. But what's even more interesting is what we found when we stripped open the appendages."

Of course she looks up at him at the last, eyes a little wide. "What did you find," she asks - surprise, surprise.

"There's a liquid. A goo for lack of a better word inside the appendages." Bannik flips to the next picture which shows a thick, viscous liquid on the floor of the Heavy Raider's cockpit. He touches the tupperware container. "And that's a sample here. Again, I've labeled where it came from in case that turns out to matter, and I can get you additional samples. Some people are speculating it's a conductive, but I'm not really sure."

Glory gives him a little smile at that then dips her head. "I can see I'm definitely going to be having an interesting few nights," she murmurs, glancing over at the things spread out. "Standard protocols for gathering the samples, yes? No contact with bare skin?"

"Of course. I've had gloves on the whole time. Sealed in air tight containers and individually bar-coded and inventoried," promises Bannik. "The Exec suggested you might be able to figure out some of the composition of these items better than anyone else would."

The Captain rolls to her feet and reaches out for a notebook and the first of the containers. "I'll be in my lab if anyone needs me," she says with all of the panache of a child fleeing off with a basket of candy.

"Sir! Sir!" Bannik tries to stop her from hustling off. "I just need you to sign out for the samples before you go." He takes a paper from the top of the pile and points to two signature boxes.

But…but…but. The poor woman looks like she's going to whimper. Ok, what gets put down? Looks like the notebook loses. She reaches for her pen, holding the cap in her teeth, and reaches out to sign. "Thanks Crewman," she murmurs around the plastic.

"No problem, sir," says Bannik as he gets to his feet, packing up his manila folder. "Let me know what you find? It's an interesting new area of investigation, for sure."

Glory grins at him and dips her head again. "Assuming it's not classified into next year, of course. Thank you," she says quietly. "I'll have the results as soon as possible."

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