Kefir Abbascia
Captain Kefir Abbascia
Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston as Kefir Abbascia
Alias: Black Lead
Age: 33
Features: Buzzed blond hair, blue eyes
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Captain
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot


Kefir's pre-military background is fairly unremarkable. He led a normal childhood on Leonis, where his family maintained a small vineyard. His father and grandfather had both served in the military, the former in local wars against Picon and Scorpia, the latter in the first Cylon war after unification. Kefir applied and was accepted to the academy in part due to political efforts to increase Leonid participation. Still, given Leonis' political history, his time at the academy and in flight school alike were somewhat rocky. Ultimately, he maintained good grades at the academy, and received excellent evaluations in flight school.

After earning his wings, Kefir has served at a variety of posts. Early superiors marked him as quiet and focused, and while his flying skills were top-notch, his colonial background and demeanor seemed to preclude him from significant advancement. Yet while serving on Triton as part of the Sagittaron peace-keeping force, his actions during an attempted terrorist hijacking of several government shuttles earned him sudden recognition. He was transferred to Valkyrie soon after, where he served as part of its classified mission near the Armistice Line.

On Jan. 04, 2042 AE, Captain Kefir Abbascia was killed in an incident on the Cerberus' hangar deck.

Immediate Family

  • Father - CPO Alessandro Abbascia
  • Mother - Isabel Abbascia
  • Siblings - Yasmin, Dimas

Service Jacket

  • Colonial Fleet Academy, Picon — BS in Aerospace Engineering
  • VT-20, Flight School, Holman Air Base, Leonis — 4th of 25 in class
  • VF-88 "Firehawks", Scorpia Shipyards - 4 years
  • VF-108 "Centurions", Battlestar Atlantia — 2 years
  • VF-108 "Centurions", Battlestar Triton — 2 years
  • VFA-25 "Starkillers", Battlestar Valkyrie — 3 years
  • VF-154 "Black Knights", Battlestar Cerberus — 1 month (transfered internally by the CAG Feb. 26 2041 AE)
  • VF-213 "Mighty Lions", Battlestar Cerberus — Feb. 26 2041 AE - Jan. 04, 2042 AE (KIA)

Physical Features

Kefir is not a particularly large man, standing about five foot seven or eight, and likely weighing no more than a hundred and forty pounds. His features are sharp, a little hawkish, with a straight nose, somewhat narrow mouth, and a thin face on the whole. His blue eyes are just a little sunken, but bright in coloration. The man's hair might be sandy blond or light brown, although it's been cut down to a regulation buzz that doesn't give much hint. He wears some kind of leather thong around his neck, although whatever is attached to it is tucked inside his shirt.

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