Keenan "Pom-Poms" Raios
Ensign Keenan Lukas Raios
Jason Ritter
Jason Ritter as Keenan Lukas Raios
Alias: None
Age: 23
Features: Social, dodgy, casual.
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot

"When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed."
- Marilyn Manson


Keenan's life consists of a very happy childhood that resulted in tragedy and a mess of bad choices. Since the age of sixteen, the running standard for Keenan's life has been that he has been forced with choosing between the morally wrong (yet practical) choice versus the morally correct (but damning) choice. In the interest of keeping his (and his sister's) head above the water, Keenan always chose poorly in those situations. He never expected that sooner or later he'd have to actually make those kinds of decisions to survive the extinction of his race…

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes
Jan 2042 AE Recruit Recruited on MV Elpis Enlisted as a civilian refugee, entered Basic Training
Mar 2042 AE Ensign Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) Assigned to active duty with the VAQ-141 "Harriers".

Physical Features

Standing at five feet, nine inches, Keenan Raios is best described as "somewhere in the middle". He's not too tall, and while he has a little bit of muscle on him he's "not too muscular". He's healthy, but he's not thin, and his boot size is average for his height. He is, for all intensive purposes, a slightly taller than the average population version of a typical fit, human male. He appears to be nearing his mid twenties. The details that stand out about the man are harder to catch in a crowd. He has a pair of polite, if not sad looking blue eyes and tends to let his hair grow a slight bit longer than military regulations allow. While he typically wears a mustache/goatee combination, he tends to trim it so that it's just slightly longer than chin scruff.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cidra_icon.jpg Lt. Colonel Cidra "Toast" Hahn: I'm pretty sure she has the ability to read people like none other. She's also very insightful. When you put all of this together, this means that I'm not that comfortable around her. Maybe she's a great person, I don't know, but when she stares at me I feel the weight of my mistakes as a human.
Keenan_icon.jpg Ens. Keenan "Pom-Poms" Raios: I'm a mess. My life is a series of bad decisions resulting in a lot of work to climb out of the pit, and sometimes I don't know if I can do it. But what other choice do I have? Military life is good to me, but the more I peek out of my hole the more complicated things get.
Evandreus_icon.jpg Lt. Sextus Evandreus "Bunny" Doe: He's a pretty good guy. Clearly he doesn't mind being affectionate with everyone he meets, which is fine. Not my cup of tea. I'm not cuddly, at least not with GUYS, but he's really good people. He knew my dad. I worry though that he knows things about my father that I'd rather not know about.
Solstice_icon.jpg Lt JG. Solstice "Shakes" Vasco: My often ECO and my best friend. We've both got so many frakked up issues that we're trying to get over, so we connected pretty well. Too well, in fact. We've grown quite close, which has resulted in us trying to sort out our stuff at the same time. Sometimes we're good at it, sometimes we're not. Either way, she's beautiful, and if more people treated others like she did we'd be better off as a species as a whole.
Bran_icon.jpg Lt. Linus "Pens" Bran: moar..
Devlin_icon.jpg Ens. Alexis "Decoy" Devlin: moar.
Shiner_icon.jpg Midshipman Dave 'Shiner' Wright: Gods I don't know. He's kind of a jackass. I gave him a fair shake until he started talking bad about the civilian population. I'll give him another chance later on.


  • Has a memorial tattoo on his upper right bicep. It's a half-sleeve tattoo that centers around a pair of wings cradling a stylized heart. The scrollwork underneath reads "Forever Mom, Forever Dad". The main piece itself only takes up a part of the upper arm. The rest of the sleeve is filled with floating feathers and ribbon-like script.
  • Used to be a bartender at Aquarian Pete's and Colonial Pete's. The latter was only a three week stint, but is fairly well known by the surviving employees.
  • Hates (repeat, HATES) Folk music.
  • Maintains the Leonis/Caprica rivalry through his love of Pyramid, and thinks that the C-Bucs are a bunch of diving, dirty crybabies.
  • Doesn't like people looking at his sketchbooks unless he chooses to show them.
  • Favorite food is lamb or chicken kebabs. Sadly, that's been off of the menu for a while…
  • Earned the callsign "Pom-Poms" for cheering on the tactical frequency as a rookie. A combined attach from the CEX Areion had just saved his life.

Recent Logs


(More to come…)



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