Kallistei "Mayday" Quinn
Midshipman Kallistei Anne Quinn
Kyoot bay-beh
Kyoot bay-beh as Kallistei Anne Quinn
Alias: Kalli; Mayday; Dumplin'
Age: Infant (b. 23 Jan 2042 AE)
Features: Cute. Small. Ginger. Countless people wrapped around her itty-bitty finger.
Colony: Aerilon (sorta)
Rank: Midshipman
Department: Air Wing (de jure)
Position: Mascot & Morale Officer
Apple Dumpling of Discord


If ever there was a child the Lords and Ladies of Kobol sought to see born, little Kalli Quinn has bragging rights. Conceived when her mother was 38 years old, her second and third weeks in the womb were spent on Leonis, soaking up radiation, surviving an emergency ejection from a Raptor, enduring some explosions, and evading several Raiders during a high-risk medical evacuation.

It's also possible that she is part of some Greater Divine Plan, should a certain dream truly be prophetic.

Immediate Family

Maggie "Jugs" Quinn: Mum
Clive Tillman: Father Sperm Donor

Evandreus "Bunny" Doe: Brother
Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: Uncle

VAQ-141: Kinfolk

Physical Features

Rosy, widdle bundle of joy with red hair and blue-green eyes.

On the Grid


  • First baby born into the Fleet.
  • Conceived on Beltane.
  • Broke water in the CAG's office immediately after her Uncle Kal was promoted and appointed as the Squadron Leader of the VAQ-141.
  • Named in honor of her Uncle Kal. It was his idea to expand her name to Kallistei, in reference to the Golden Apple of Discord… and how Maggie's pregnancy more or less irrevocably disrupted his life.

Recent Logs


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