Kaja "Kai" Zaranj
Private Kaja "Kai" Zaranj
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz as Kaja "Kai" Zaranj
Alias: Kai
Age: 28
Features: Cropped, naturally wavy mane - rather on the raven side than mahogany, though there is a tint of both - pale green eyes, slight frame, and a few noticeable scars.
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Private
Department: CMC
Position: Demolitions


Exerpt from 'Looking Forward' by Billy Collins

Whenever I stare into the future,
the low, blue hills of the future,
shading my eyes with one hand,

I no longer see a city of opals
with a sunny river running through it
or a dark city of coal and gutters.

Nor do I see children
donning their apocalyptic goggles
and hiding in doorways.

All I see is me attending your burial
or you attending mine,
depending on who gets to go first.

Immediate Family

An extended family from her home planet, including a smattering of brothers, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on and so forth, most (nearly all, in fact) who are in some sort of science field or another. They're out there, somewhere.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2041 Recruit Boot Camp/A-School Enlisted on Battlestar Cerberus at the age of 29.

Physical Features

At 5'6" with 120 pounds of lean muscle and a bit of female flesh, it might be difficult to believe this woman to be any sort of physical threat. Pale ivy eyes are near to grey, perhaps her most striking feature, and are filled with an inquisitive intelligence that has proven to drive others to distraction and or retreat. Scars are visible on her person, dependent upon her mode of dress, but the easiest to spot is that which slashes through her right eyebrow. Others often seen are a jagged rip from left wrist to elbow, a nearly matching long scar along her right, definitely made by knife and similar to that of correct suicide attempts. It is a bit forgotten by time, but fresh enough to remain a mild crevace in her skin. Finally, a very new sliver down her same-sided cheek, new as the healing scar on her left arm in fact.

On the Grid

Known Associates

For obvious reasons:
Lieutenant Lunair
Staff Sergeant King


Kaja's a fatalist with a fascination for explosives and electronics, with a few scars to prove some learning experiences along the way. Not one for sleep, she's often found after hours in one of three places: the galley, the BioChem lab, or the Athletics area.

Recent Logs


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