Willem Justinian
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Willem Xerxes Justinian
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg as Willem Xerxes Justinian
Alias: Just
Age: 27
Features: 5'9", brown hair, green eyes
Colony: Picon
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Tactical
Position: Junior TACCO


The son, grandson, and great-grandson of senior Marine NCOs, Willem Justinian's teenage rebellion consisted of getting an appointment to the Fleet Academy on Picon and becoming a Naval Officer.

He's been with the Cerberus since commissioning, a quiet, studious presence in the background of the CIC and Map Room briefings.

Immediate Family

Father: Master Sergeant Rallin Frallix, CMC - KIA, August 15, 2014
Mother: Master Sergeant Even Justinian, CMC - MIA, Warday
Uncle: Sergeant Major Filip Justinian, CMC - MIA, Warday
Aunt: Angie Justinian - MIA, Warday
Grandfather: Sergeant Major Angus Justinian, CMC Retired - MIA, Warday
Great-Grandfather: Sergeant Major Willem Justinian, CMC Retired - Deceased, January 28, 2017

Service Jacket

Colonial Fleet Academy, Picon: 2033 - 2037 AE, Graduates 43rd in his class (BS, Colonial History)
BS-49 Ilium: 2037 - 2040 AE, Junior TACCO
Promoted Lieutenant, JG: November 13, 2039 AE
CF-1163 Theatron: 2040 AE, TACCO
BS-132 Cerberus: 2040 AE - Present, Junior TACCO

Physical Features

This young man is of average height, with the smooth build of someone who works low weights and high reps. He has a long, open face, topped with a short brown hair, parted along the left side and slicked carefully back and away from his face. A tall forehead leads down to neat, light brows and olive green eyes. His features are mobile, quick to react to passing emotions, centered around a straight nose and a mouth that looks for any excuse to smile. Ears slightly too big for the rest of his face flank his features, taking some of the serious solemnity from his eyes and giving him a bit of boyish charm.

The darker patches at the shoulders of his Colonial blues spread wide, emphasizing the breadth of the young man's shoulders. The high collars enfold his neck, bearing the diamond pins of a Lieutenant, JG. The jacket is, of course, double-breasted, with a row of black buttons running down the right side of his chest and a single pocket over his left breast. His left deltoid sports the black, gold, and white patch of BSG-123 and Battlestar Cerberus. The jacket tucks into blue trousers held up by a black leather belt that encircles his trim waist, buckled in brass and with an issue sidearm holstered at his right hip. Gray piping runs along the collars, the jacket flap that crosses his chest, and his cuffs, designating him as a junior officer as surely as his pins of rank. Black shoes complete the outfit, neatly polished to a dull shine.

On the Grid

Exterior Views

Bran_icon.jpg Lieutenant (JG) Linus "Pens" Bran: Seems solid enough. Not easily distracted, good sense of the realities of life.
Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra "Toast" Hahn: The CAG's definitely on top of things. Professional, competent. Glad she's in charge of the Air Wing.


Willem has managed to get himself hurt during every major engagement since Warday. He received a broken arm on the first return to Virgon, a gashed finger at Parnassus, shrapnel in one leg on Sagitarron, and somehow managed to get a minor concussion when the Areion was discovered. None of the wounds have been major, but during recent engagements, some CIC crew have begun to look to Willem to see if he's gotten hurt yet—if he hasn't, the fight must not be over.

Recent Logs


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