Juno "Deep Freeze" Orestes
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Juno Orestes
Erica Cerra
Erica Cerra as Juno Orestes
Alias: Deep Freeze
Age: 25
Features: Dark Hair, Hazel Eyes
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: ECO


Juno Orestes was the youngest daughter of one of the regional lieutenants of Guatrau, leader of the Tauron mafia known as the Ha'la'tha. Her father endeavored to keep her out of the darker aspects of his life, and when she was a teenager, he sent her to a boarding school on Caprica. She did fairly well in school, focusing on being a dependable player on the jv and varsity pyramid teams, but in her senior year one of her teachers put an emphasis on Tauron literature (such as it was). It sparked something in Juno, and she began to explore her colony's culture in earnest, and in the process, came to realize the life that her father was leading. Torn between mutual feelings of pride and shame, she entered Fleet Academy immediately after graduation, though unbeknownst to her, her father pulled some strings with the Guatrau to ensure she was accepted.

She was a model student in Fleet Academy, and eventually accepted into Flight School and eventually put on the ECO pipeline. It was there that she met Lexa and AJ, two of her fellow cadets. Lexa became her best friend, and AJ was Lexa's boyfriend. The three of them were fairly close, though each was on a different pipeline - AJ for Raptors, and Lexa for vipers. Lexa was always the daredevil of the three, always trying to push herself faster and harder, despite Juno's cautions and AJ's more thoughtful manner. Her competitive edge is what pushed her hard enough that she took stimulants during the final weeks before graduation during her qualifying flight, and her fatal crash brought both Juno and AJ up to question as to whether they'd gotten her the pills.

Both were exonerated, but the damage was done; both grieving over Lexa's loss, each secretly wondered if the other had supplied the pills (neither had). Their farewells were frosty, and all Juno could do was look to the future: her first tour of duty. She served on the BS Odin serving as an ECO, during the course of which she would receive a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade.

Now moved onto her next assignment: the BS Cerberus, completely unaware that someone from her past has received similar transfer orders…

Immediate Family

Akrites Orestes Father
Pandora Orestes Mother
Oren "Big O" Orestes Eldest Brother
Thaddeus Orestes Middle Brother

Service Jacket

Physical Features

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