BCH #009: EVENT - Jump Zero
Jump Zero
Summary: The E-Class FTL Drive gets its first test run.
Date: Feb 16th
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There is a bit of a todo going on, observers walking around the deck as always. Lt. Marcion, the geek of Engineering, stands on the deck, pacing very much like a father outside of a delivery room. Occasionally he checks his watch, then goes back to pacing. "Checked gravimetiric inhibitors, all records as fine… should be good, should be good… Pilots and ECO's will be here, soon…"

Cidra is on Deck, decked out in the flight suit. She's running through a quick double-check on her seals as she strides toward one of the Raptors. Ready to load up. "Lieutenant Marcion." A faint smile is directed at the engineer. "Ready to skip the hyperlights?"

One such ECO is Kal Trask, who languidly moseys in after disposing of his latest cigarette just outside of the Deck. A few friendly nods and smiles are offered to the Knuckle Draggers he passes. "Soon is now," he tells Marcion. A salute is offered, albeit a bit jauntily. "Major. Lieutenant."

Marko helmet tucked under his left arm, picks his way through the gathered onlookers and over to the CAG, "Mornin', sir." the young ECO says, looking ever so slightly green around the gills. "Major." he adds for Marcion's benefit.

Temperance arrives on the hangar bay, looking behind her and then in front in a bit of shock. She's the first pilot to arrive…hooboy. Well, other than the CAG, but that's what makes her nervous. "Ensign Temperance O'Sullivan reporting in, sir," she calls to Cidra. She doesn't exactly look the greatest, either, but she seems to have weathered whatever this is better than Marko - at least, she's not turning green.

Marcion snaps of a salute as the Major arrives. "Sir, yes sir. E-class all ready to go. At least, think it is. As sure as can be without actual testing. Why we're here, of course…" he's sputtering and he knows it. "Apologies, sir, would you mind if I briefed your people? Rather excited, sir, want to make sure ECO's looking for the right things…"

Cidra acknowledges Marcion's salute. And any others she receives while she's at it. "Yes, Lieutenant, go to it. This is the Cerberus' show. We are most glad to play buoys for you." She inclines her head to all and sundry Raptor personnel as they assemble.

"Really, kids," Trask casually addresses the two ensigns, "I know it's all kinds of exciting to be away from mommy and daddy and all the flight school authority figures, but showin' up to an assignment with hangovers is poor form. Not cool." With a faux disappointment, his mouth quirks and his head slowly shakes in equally mock admonishment. "Not cool." Then, to the CAG, he adds, "Guess I'm not flyin' with you." Someone has to look after the young'uns, and he and Cidra are the resident geezers.

Temperance jawdrops when Trask addresses them, and her eyes go wide. "We're, uhh, I'm not hungover," she syas quickly. "I was just feeling under the weather earlier? Thought I might be coming down with something? Slept for a while, but I feel /much/ better now." Quick innocent smile flash. "Good to go, sir!"

Evandreus comes rambling in, goaded along by a cross-looking Steffi, holding up his arms as if to ward off blows that never come. "You were the one who told me to wake you up, you can't blame -me- at all," he informs her almost tauntingly.

"Thank you, sir." Marcion says with another salute, just in case. OCS seems to have left this one blissfully free of too much protocol, but he does try. Turning to the pilots, he smiles. "Hello. Greetings. Today will be jumping new E-Class FTL for first time. Now as am sure you know, new FTL drives must be monitored on first jump to record proper signatures for Fleet Records. Also, as new Class is major divergence from earlier, this is the first true test of drive. Sure you would prefer to ride with us, but need you to be outside of ship to make recordings, both at origin point and terminus point. Merely small jump, little margin of error. Er, I think."

Cidra eyes Temperance and Marko rather levelly. Slim brows arcing. She snort and short not to Trask. "So it would appear. You shall be with me on this jaunt, Scaurus." That's all the comment she has. Those brows are lofted at Marcion at his re-salute. She looks more concerned with getting on with the show than in being hyper-saluted. She listens closely at his little briefing, however. "You have the coordinates prepared for us, I trust, Lieutenant?"

Marko doesn't bother trying to come up with a cover story, as anything he said now would just make him look stupider. Instead, he fixes his attention to Marcion's breifing.

Evandreus wanders to a halt nearby Bootsie, arms folded in front of him as he takes in the briefing with a casual attention.

Stepping out of his office, Atreus begins to head for the repair bays. Spotting the cluster of people, he lifts a brow and veers in that general direction. The clipboard he is carrying is tucked out of the way beneath one arm and as he nears, he spots Marcion at the front of the group. The man is given a lifted chin as an acknowledgement.

The third ensign isn't spared Trask's tongue. "Seriously, Mews. If these two drunkards over here," Marko and Temperance are indicated with a tilt of his head, "can get up, get dressed, and get their asses here on time, you have no grounds to bitch at Bunny, especially since you look fully sober. Or do you have the…" he looks at Temperance, as if he's not certain he heard her correctly, "the, what was it? The Ephemeral Ailment?" The man manages to simultaneously look innocent as all-get and guilty as all hell. "Medical did clear you for flight, yeah, Ensign O'Sullivan?"

"Yes, sir." Marcion says hastily. "Apologize. Jump coordinates already loaded to your nav computers. Will need two teams… one to stay behind to record origin point, one to jump ahead to record terminus point. Prefer profile readings to Fore or Aft views. Terminus team should put some space between them and jump coordinates in case drift larger than anticipated… 200 klicks should be sufficient. Closer preferrable for readings but not in acceptable safety margins. Questions?"

Temperance slides her gaze over to Evandreus, relieved that she isn't the only other non-CAG pilot here. Smiling briefly at him, she starts to greet him, but then she gets Trasked. "N-no, sir," she shakes her head quickly. Whoa. That may not have been the smartest move. "I felt tha' I could manage it, uhh, with aspirin, an' sleep. Feel much better now, sir. Really." She blinks at him a few times, and then smiles wide and innocently at him.

"I have a question, Lieutenant." Marko says, holding up his hand with a thoughtful look on his face.

Cidra holds whatever she has to say until Marko has asked his.

Marcion looks over at Marko and nods. "Yes, Ensign?"

"Is that like a twenty-four hour bug, Boots?" Evan grins under the force of the punnage, leaning over to nudge bootsie's shoulder with his shoulder in a rather more deck-appropriate form of the usual glomp the guy would get.

"What's the safe distance margin on the sublights. sir? Tried to track the numbers down this morning, but didn't have any luck." Marko asks. A reasonable question from someone who doesn't want to risk being inadvertently fried.

Watching for a short while, Atreus nods once, then begins to fade back a bit. He flickers a quick glance from one to the next, just to be sure that all is well. When he is reasonably sure, his eyes lift to the birds nearby. A visual check, just to be sure. By the time they have each been given a once over, the man turns on the balls of one foot and begins heading more certainly for the repair bay.

Marcion thinks for a second… he might be forgiven for occasionally forgetting that the Cerberus HAS sublight propulsion. "So long as Sublights are not firing, and won't be, just another bit of hull. That said, 200 meters minimum safe distance probably best, just in case." He glances over at Cidra for confirmation on that, as she knows Raptor armor better than he does.

Tisiphone slips in as quietly as the stairwell hatches allow. She takes a single step in, pausing there to sweep a pale and nervous stare around the room, then crosses quickly to where the pilots are assembled, boots making a soft whisking noise against the floor.

Cidra has no questions. A lot of meaningful looks for the ensigns around her, but no questions. "I grok it well enough, I think, Lieutenant Marcion. Bootstrap." A look to Trask. "As the more experienced ECO here you shall go with Team Terminus. I trust to your plotting, and this is finer jumping work than it is piloting. Doe, you and your backseater on Terminus as well. My Raptor shall stay behind to do the recording."

"I'm not sure, Bunny boy," Bootstrap replies, adopting a curious expression. "My medical training is limited to first aide. Ensign O'Sullivan, however," whom he's discussing as if she's not within earshot, even though she is, despite his quiet tone, "is apparently capable of making such a diagnosis." Despite his choice of words, there is a lack of acerbity, which might well make the roasting all the worse. Spotting the most recently arrived ensign, he keeps on going. "Oh, hey, Money Shot. I have a question for you…" Cidra speaks-up then, though, so Tisiphone has some respite. "Aye, Major. O'Sullivan says she's fit to fly." What remains verbally unsaid, but not via facial expressions, is: you think she's sober enough to go, my awesomeness notwithstanding?

Marcion nods around to everyone. "Will be on tactical from engineering to coordinate. Thank you all. Gods bless." With another salute to Cidra, and a smile to Tisiphone, Marcion heads toward engineering. "Be sure DRADIS recorders on. Will be working on data for months." Anyone else saying that would likely say it sadly."

"Sir," the brisk but affable note of acknowledgement comes from the Jigger Raptorbunny in between his name and assignment, the assignment then being accepted with a quick and able nod. He raises a brow at Steffi in a silent challenge, who answers him with a similarly cocked brow. "Just don't you try to jump us back into bed, yah?" "You first, BunnyButt," she retorts, and Evan has to draw his lips to one side in a pursed expression to keep a laugh in.

Bootstrap has a question for her? Tisiphone is openly wary. That doesn't keep her from being dutifully polite, however. "Sir?" she murmurs, as quietly as she can, attention flicking between Trask and Marcion as he explains the final details of Jump Zero.

Temperance's jaw is working, but there's no sound coming out. Looking around at Bunny, then Marko, and then finally to Cidra with a helpless expression. Without saying a word, she closes her eyes and uses one finger to touch her nose and go back out again, followed by the finger on the other hand.

Cidra eyes Temperance some more. But she only says, "Fly well, Ensign. I judge you capable of that, at least, if lacking in much wisdom." With that, she's off to load up into her bird. Pre-flight checks don't finish themselves, after all. Cidra pauses, however, looking back at Trask. "Yes, Lieutenant?"

Oh! Oh! Oh! Apostolos actually took the bait. Gods bless her! For an instant, Trask looks as though he's the cat who's just eaten the canary and is about to wash it down with all the cream. "Yes, actually. I'm wondering something…" His expression is schooled into something earnest but the impish gleam in his eyes cannot be fully extinguished. "It's my understanding that Sagittarians tend to not like going to the doctor. So, what my question is, really, is: if you were feeling under the weather before an important mission, would you just up an' decide you were feeling better or would you bother to get cleared by medical?" Then, not missing a beat, back to the CAG, "Nothing, sir. You answered my question." A boyish smile is flashed.

For his part, Marko is more than happy to get on with the business of getting the bird he'll be in ready to go. "Ugh…never again…never…ever…._ever_…again." he groans as pulls his helmet on, straps in and starts going through the preflight checklist for the DRADIS and ECM suites.

Cidra eyes Marko narrowly as she loads up in the Raptor with him. But she's apparently decided to just let him suffer for the moment. She loads up into the cockpit and goes down her pre-flight checklist with practiced ease. Benefit of advanced years.

Tisiphone's expression shifts from wariness to guardedness the second Bootstrap mentions her home colony. As he continues to speak, the guarded expression slides down to her booted toes, and remains there. She's visibly tense — shoulders tightening, stance shifting — and her mouth twists as if she may be trying to chew the edges off her tongue. Finally, with exquisite care, she looks up and gives an answer: "Failing to report to Sick Bay when ill is a serious offense, Sir. I'm sure even Raptor crew are aware of such basic regs." Congratulations, Bootstrap. You've received the coldest and most unfriendly look Tisiphone has delivered to anyone on the Cerberus, thus far.

========== Meanwhile, in Engineering =========

Marcion walks briskly into the Engine room, rubbing his hands in glee as he reads out the info on the instruments. "All signs sho ready to go, just waiting for spin up order from Tactical."

Even Sofia is out and helping. She's taking note of things, and smiles at Marcion's glee. There might be a heart in there. "Well, that's the moment of truth isn't it?" She asks. Sofia likely isn't as well versed with the FTL, but she's got a good idea of what goes down. She has her omnipresent clipboard and aura of shiftiness that would do a gaggle of politicians proud. Her bright green eyes are wide as she looks around. Bustling!

Marcion waves to Sofia as he bustles around. "Yes, Sofia? Mind watching primary spinner lights? Let me know what reading you see, and the like? And you!" He points to another crew member. "Stay in that room and listen. Hear grindy noise, let me know!"

[TAC3] Marcion says, " Air Wing, Engineering. Can you hear us? Status report?"

Sofia smiles and waves back. "Not at all," She murmurs, "Sir!" She scootches over towards the primary spinner lights and takes a moment, eyes going almost entirely crossed as she takes a reading. That's going to stick and it's going to be ugly. "So far…" She will quietly rattle off the readings as best as she can. Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, even to the normally tense 3M Crewman. It's hard not to keep a smile.

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "Toast, Bunny, I'm here. Getting her greened. I found the coordinates, sending them to the backseat now."

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Engineering, Toast. Commencing pre-flight check. Raptors boarding. Pilots, check in on the com once you are prepped for flight. O'Sullivan, Doe. Remember. Your birds are jumping to Terminus point. Lieutenant Marcion said coordinates should be loaded and ready for your ECOs."

=== Back to the Pilots ===

By this point, Temperance has decided to learn her lesson, clamp her mouth shut, and do her job. After throwing a compassionate look Tisi's way, she bites down on her bottom lip and looks for her bird. Silently sliding into her seat, she begins pushing buttons and clicking switches and all the technical things needed to make the plane fly and not kill anyone. Well, maybe not the buttons and switches required for Trask not to die. You never know!!

"DRADIS, nominal, ECM suite, nominal, FTL drive, nominal." Marko begins, reading off all of the dozen or so systems that have to have shiny green glows next to them before the Fleet considers a Raptor to be go for launch. "We're green across the board, sir." he announces in a more upbeat tone than previously. Wow, someone who considers something as potentially brain numbing as this hop to be great fun.

Nodding to the first part of the reply, the resident troll is satisfied. "Ah," Trask then comments to the token Viper jock, with a certain rue, "In /that/, ensign, it appears you are mistaken." A sidelong glance is cast in the direction of Temperance. Despite the chilly response from Tisiphone, he is rather amiable and smiles, "Thank you, ensign, you answering my question. Very much appreciated." Whether or not anyone will believe it, the man is being genuine. "Now, if you'll excuse me. Duty calls." That all said, he boards his birds, straps in, launches the ECM suits, fire-up the DRADIS, and goes through pre-flight.

Cidra is as good as her word over the com. She launches her bird into space as the great doors of the hangar open, flying to take up an 'observation' point about 200 clicks off from the ship. "Scaurus, start recording Cerberus' DRADIS patterns."

==== Again to Engineering ====

Marcion is running around in front of four different readout screens. "Primary systems are all online. Ready to begin spin-up on word from tactical. Watch power draw… will be significantly larger." He frowns. "Could cause some backups in main power systems. Hope causes no more fires… recommend fire teams on alert."

[TAC3] Temperance says, "Toast, O'Sullivan. Roger on terminus point, 200 meters distance. Will do."

Sofia is listening. "The faulty wiring was largely in non-critical areas, I couldn't find any in critical areas. That should be okay, but I think we should stand by just in case," Sofia murmurs. She is watching the primary lights intently, glancing here and there. Shiftyeyes are good for that. "Let me know if you need anything passed on or done," She nods. Things are tense and excited all at once and it's a bit much. She goes quiet, letting her face slacken a bit, eyes narrowing. "Fire teams will be standing by." Lights and meters, it's a nerdgasm.

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Bunny, O'Sullivan, copy. My boards are green as well. Engineering. We are a-go. Commencing launch."

A light blinks, and Marcion actually gives a whoop. "We have call for spin-up! Spinner activating… draw on reactor… normal…" he spins around and runs to read the lights with Sofia. "You see! You see? Lighting up!"

[TAC3] Marcion says, " Beginning FTL Spin-up, 20 minutes till ready for jump. All readings normal."

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "O'Sullivan, Bunny, greened up backseat and front for launch and heading out on a seven carom vector from Launch-to-FTL Beta."

Sofia jerks at the whoop! She smiles though, more tense but /happy/! Marcion's enthusiasm is contagious, her greeen eyes brightening. She smiles. "Lights look good so far," She nods. She moves her hand over another light for a moment, observing the glow almost as if making sure it lights up and is real. "Lightning up nicely. Everyone did a good job on this," Sofia murmurs. Positive thoughts! "Powering up nicely," SHe remarks.

======= And the Pilots ========

Tisiphone stares after Bootstrap as he heads to his Raptor, mouth set in a thin, bloodless line. When he reaches his ship, she blinks out of her fixation and turns, clearing out of the hangar in preparation of the launch.

"Aye, sir.", the young ensign replies, "DRADIS tracking and recording…Good contact on my board." Marko reports crisply. "Gods, that's a big ship." he notes, mostly to himself.

Temperance grits her teeth for a moment, which thankfully her ECO can't see, and then turns her head slightly to ask sweetly, "All green, sir?" She looks back to her controls and mentally doublechecks everything. "Ready here when you are."

Despite the hiccup in boarding, Harrier-305's hatch closes up and the deck crew clear the area for the launch, the boat touching off and rising from the deck. "You shouldn't scare a guy like that, Stiffy," its pilot points out. "Suck my cock, Bunny," Stiffy replies— though said with a certain pitch of rancorous affection. "I don't know what your issue is. I'm not five, I'm not going to fall into the pool and drown if you're not looking after me every second of the way." "No thanks, dude," the Bunny kindly desclines the directive, "It's a procedure thing, y'know? One foot in, the other foot in. Do it the same way every time and nobody gets hurt. See rule number five."

"As green as your gills, O'Sullivan," is the ECO's casual reply. "Just waitin' on you. No need to waste time in you swallowin' bile and spittin' up sugar, Ensign."
======= And in Engineering ========

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Engineering, Toast. Harrier Home has you in his sights." That's her bird, in case there was any confusion. "Bunny, O'Sullivan, commence jump to Terminus point as soon as you're ready. The Cerberus will, hopefully, meet you there momentarily."

Marcion continues dashing around, then goes to the mic and starts speaking excitedly.

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "Toast, Bunny, we hear you. Spooling up."

[TAC3] Marcion says, " Toast, Engineering. Read loud and clear. FTL Spin up going as planned and well within margins. Countdown to jump commencing per tactical. Happy flying. Should horrible disaster occur, visit leonis. Account pin #33456. Have drink on me for inconvienience."

Happy engineering. It's humming and buzzing along. Sofia laughs softly at the drink comment. "Careful, they might take you up on that…"

[TAC3] (from "Bunny" Evandreus) "Stiffy" Steffi says, "Cerberus, Stiffy, reporting Harrier-305 spooled up and ready for jump in 3… 2… 1… Jump."

Marcion laughs. "If given opportunity, will be dead, and money may as well go to people who avoided death by my machine. If survive, will change PIN shortly." he gives her a grin and then checks the countdown. "Dark Energy accumulating… navigational variables all set. E-Class is chugging along." The words E-class are said in tones usually saved for favorite children.

[TAC3] Temperance says, "Command, O'Sullivan, preparing for jump almost, close, NOW."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Cerberus, Toast: Bootstrap. Jump successfully completed. Waitin' on our date."

==== Pilots ====

"You heard the woman, Stiffy. Let's get going," Evan notes into his backseat. "… spooling up. I spooled your -mom- last night." "Oh, yah? How's she doing?" "Oh, just fine, she says hi."

Something about Marcion's last message sets Marko to chuckling softly, shaking his head ever so slightly while he watches the DRADIS do its work.

Temperance grits her teeth a little bit more and breathes slowly in and out, before moving out of the hangar bay and into the wide open spaces. "Sending coordinates back to you," she calls, fake sweetness in her voice gone now. "Will commence jump on your mark, sir. No bile in sight."

Cidra just stays parked. She's not flying far for this one. She observes the moves of the other Raptors from out the window as they prepare to jump. Judging them from afar.

For his part, Bootstrap plugs in the coordinates and does the the ECO-y things that ECOs need to do, and he does them swiftly and well. "Keyed-in an' commencing countdown. 3… 2… 1… Jump."

==== Engineers =====

Blink. That takes a moment to sink in. Sofia laughs, "Clever!" Sofia approves. Her eyes are lit up a bit. She smiles. She nods and checks over her little area, making sure things go off as they should. "You must've worked hard on all of this and with this. Engineers don't give their hearts out lightly," Sofia murmurs. She picks up on the joy and grins back. "Everything looks good so far. Power doesn't seem to be shorting or overloading."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Bunny, Bootstrap. Jump successfully completed. Waitin' on our date. I'd give 'er a call, but we don't get long-distance service out here."

[TAC3] Marcion says, " Engineering, Toast. Jump soon. In position?"

Leaning away from Mic, Marcion gives the thumbs up. The Jump is almost upon them, now, and he is practically vibrating with anticipation. "No mechanical glitches, no trolls. Yet. Should go as planned…."

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "O'Sullivan, Bootstrap; Bunny— we're golden here. Got the sensor suite online and ready for the big one."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Copy that, Bunny boy. That three-headed bitch better not stand us up."

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Toast, Engineering. Terminus Raptors away. We should be in position."

A thumbsup back! Sofia nods, "So far so good." Everything looks steady. She isn't quite as anticipate-y but there's the quiet tension of someone used to overseeing or managing things. Infected by the enthusiasm, sure, but there's a cautiousness about it. She smiles over. "I bet you've got this, no worries," Who is she trying to reassure? Sofia fidgets and looks back to her plcae.

[TAC3] Temperance says, "Bunny, O'Sullivan. Bet you a pastry they overshoot it."

"Here we go!" Marcion calls out as the countdown reaches single digits. He reaches for the Mic again.

[TAC3] Marcion says, " Toast, Engineering. See you on the other side. Jumping in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Jump…"

Oh boy. Sofia takes a deep breath. Moment of truth. Her eyes close for juuuuuuust a second. Dear Gods and Goddesses, Please don't let me die horribly. Thanks! Love, Sofia. She opens them though, to keep an eye on the controls and lights.

===== Pilots ======

"O'Sullivan and Bunny are…off DRADIS." Marko reports faithfully. "Now for the main event…" he smiles to himself, turning his head towards the front every so often to try and get a look at the big C jumping away.

Harrier-305 shimmers into existance in a whipping of blue in the dark, almost at the same instant as O'Sullivan's ride. "Hey, look, we survived," its driver points out, checking systems again, and opening up comms to the other ship.

Cidra sees the Raptors blink out of her little corner of space and off…somewhere. The right place, hopefully.

And with a flicker of psuedomotion, the Battlestar Cerebrus disappears from view in a brilliant flash of blue-white light. "Cerberus is off DRADIS, sir. Jump signature looks…." Marko says, tapping a key. "Nominal. They build 'em good at Leonis."

Cidra swivels her Raptor about as the Cerberus prepares to jump. She wants a good view of this. Camera angle-wise, and for her personal enjoyment. "It does make a lovely light, Ensign."

==== And Engineering ===

Marcion leans over to grasp the mic as the world seems to leap to the left a bit.
[TAC3] Marcion says, " Engineering to Air Wing. Report in, please?"

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "Engineering, Bunny. We're here. Got the whole thing on video from this end."

Yeep! Sofia clings to a nearby surface out of reflex. She blinks owlishly. "There we go."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Engineering, Bootstrap. The little green blips showing on Cerberus' DRADIS? That would be us an' them."

Hope Sofia doesn't mind being hugged, because right now? She is. "All Green! All Green! Jump Zero a success! SUCCESS!"

[TAC3] Temperance says, "Engineering, O'Sullivan. Right where we all should be."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Engineering, still Bootstrap. Documented here, too. I doubt it'll be a blockbuster, but I'm sure there might be a niche market somewhere. People fwap to all kinds of stuff."

Sofia is a bit surprised at the hug, but she doesn't flinch or move away. Sofia smiles and hugs back carefully. "Yeah! there we go!" She nods. A successful jump is due cause for joy, even from a weasely 3M! She grins. "Congratulations!" Nodnod. The place is full of glee.

Marcion beams at her, then runs back to the Mic.

[TAC3] Marcion says, " "Bring Data home, and good to see you! Drinks on me next time on Leonis! Promise! Thank you all!" (That's proper com procedure, right?)"

Sofia beams back briefly, tilting her head. She looks amused. "It… warms my heart to see people so happy. I'm glad it all went well." While it should go unspoken, she seems to feel the need.

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