Jodilyn Blake
Professor of Biomedical Engineering Dr. Jodilyn Blake
Ming Na
Ming Na as Dr. Jodilyn Blake
Alias: Prof
Age: 31
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Colony: Caprica
Rank: Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Department: Civilian (QUODEL)
Position: Visiting Professor/Scientist


An ambitious professor now in her early thirties, Jodilyn Blake came from a military family, but decided to pursue a career in academia. Most of her research is based on work found during the First Cylon War, and has earned many critics and admirers through the year. The Ministry of Defense is one of her biggest sponsors of her research, and now she's was a member of the Quorum Delegation, mainly focused on the engineering and medical side of the operations on board the Battlestar as a visiting professor.

Colonel Sarkis saw to it that she was removed from Cerberus before the Battlestar left drydock. She is presumed a casualty of Warday.

Immediate Family

  • Alexander Blake, Husband for 10 years, Stock Broker
  • Joshua Blake, 8 year old son, avid Pyramid fan
  • Elizabeth Blake, 5 year old daughter, daddy's little girl

Work Experience

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant: Protein Crystallography, Caprica University, B.S. Biochemistry
  • B.S. Honors Thesis: Biochemistry of the bacterial catabolism of aromatic compounds in anaerobic environments
  • Graduate Research Fellow: Neural Networks, Caprica University, M.S. and Ph.D Biomedical Engineering
  • M.S. Thesis: A Three-Dimensional Multi-Resolution Impedance Method for Low-Frequency Bioelectromagnetic Interaction
  • Ph.D Dissertation: Structural Health Monitoring and Detection of Progressive and Existing Damage using Artificial Neural Networks-Based System Identification
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Robotics and Cybernetics, Caprica Institute of Technology
  • Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering: Caprica University
  • Endowed Chair, Greystone Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Head of Neural Networks Initiative, Caprica University

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