BCH #008: JiG and CAG
JiG and CAG
Summary: Nostos and Cidra meet - Escape Attempts are Discussed.
Date: 2.18,2041
Related Logs: None.
Cidra Nostos 

Naval Offices

This area is set-up much like any standard office building. Cubicles have been constructed using cheap waist-high walls, their contents left neutral for whoever needs to use them. Inside each cubicle is a desk with a laptop and chair. Simple overhead lights bring dull illumination to the room except over the back wall where each one of the colonies twelve flags hangs from its own pole. Fake, potted plants dot the room and seem to be standard issue along with the water cooler and coffee machines. Off the main room are a few private offices such as that of the JAG or CAG.

It's the middle of the day shift on the battlestar and Cidra is tucked back in her office space rather than on the hangar deck. Making certain the personnel files are in order. Reviewing reports from the previous night's training exercise. All that jazz. Her door is slightly ajar.

There is a knock at the door. It would appear that someone is seeking the CAG out and with a ship full of pilots each with their own ego and quirks so there is no telling who might be at the door.

"Yes, what is it?" Cidra asks, not unwelcoming. Her hatch is open, after all, so theoretically she's not opposed to being interrupted at the moment. She sets the exercise review she was looking at aside for a moment, standing fluidly as the incomer comes.

A pilot makes his way into the room, apparently he must be Caprican because he is keeping to a sense of manners about him, "Sir." Nostos says as he throws a salute up and waits to be addressed. He is fresh off of CAP and his reports have been filed. Nostos was not part of the exercises as he was assigned to another duty rotation opposite of the exercises.

Cidra straightens, acknowledging the salute, though the entrant is quickly given an "At ease." She takes a moment to regard Nostos. Just regard him. Her expression is inscrutable, so it's hard to tell if she makes anything of him precisely. Beyond a hint of curiosity. "Lieutenant…Nostos, is it? What can I do you for?"

The pilot goes at ease, "Aye, sir, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Angelus Nostos, callsign Halo, sir." There is a moment where he studies Cidra as he wants to excactly know what kind of person physically he is flying under. "I just wanted to meet you, sir. It is good to know who I am flying under since I was last under Taylor on the Pegasus. He was the one who had me transfered here, sir. Also, sir, I wanted to know if you had any questions to ask me, sir?"

"Another from the Pegasus?" Cidra's brows notch upward at Nostos. It's hard to tell what she makes of this, again. "We have several officers aboard who have transferred from there, I have noticed. In any case, I am occupied trying to sort out the sortie last night, but I have a moment. You are in Captain Abbascia's squadron, yes? The Black Knights."

Angelus nods his head, "That is correct, sir, and my current wingman is Lieutnant Ekonomo." He has all of the information ready at hand, "I was wondering, sir, if there are any special assignments or duties you will need anyone to pick up on around the Air Wing, sir. I fly and I do my duty but should you need something else done I'd be happy to volunteer." His voice doesn't seem to come from brown nosing but rather dedication to his work and his time on the Pegasus had him moving double time so this sudden freetime has him confused.

Cidra tilts her head a notch. Continuing to regard Nostos in that mild way. "Captain Abbascia is largely in charge of your day-to-day duty assignments, Lieutenant. If you wish to change rotations or the like, that should be taken up with him. As for the Wing, as I and the squad leaders have stated previously to the pilots, we are mainly engaged at present in the war games in addition to regular CAPs and our standard daily duties. Was there anything in particular about the games you had an interest in?"

"Well, sir, in terms of flight I'm a bang up shot with the KEW's." He hesitates for a moment and then he asks, "Acctually, sir, I was wondering if I could attempt to do something with the Marines. I happen to have a set of skills that are unique among all the rest of the pilots. I know how to escape from things, sir, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to work with Security to test their locks to see how easy it would be to escape from the Brig? Troubleshoot as it were , sir." There is no mention of this in his record as a unique set of skills but some of the pilots have been talking about a pilot who regularly pops handcuffs on and off quickly.

"Ahhh." Cidra releases the word lowly. "I am aware of your qualifications, Lieutenant Nostos. You would not be here if you were not competent. I expect nothing less from my officers. As for Security…" Her eyes narrow. Puzzled. "That is not the Air Wing's purview to tell other departments, particularly professionals in that area like the Marines, how to manage their affairs. I trust your intention was not to presume such."

Nostos shakes his head and his speech is Caprican, the sort of Caprican that comes from money. "Oh, no, sir. I would never presume that I would know better than another professional." These words ring strong and true because on the Pegasus professionalism meant everything to the Rear Admiral. "My intention, sir, is not to say that the Marines in charge of Security don't know what they are doing as much as I would like to assist if I could in testing things."

"Good." Cidra says it shortly. "We are all professionals on this ship, Lieutenant. As for Security, as I said that is outside your purview as a pilot. I will mention your expertise with such things to the Master at Arms in case it comes up, but there is no immediate need. For now, concentrate on doing your job. There is much to do in these days as well all learn to fly together. There are young officers on this ship who could benefit from your experience and your skills. The games shall be rather consuming. Speak to Captain Abbasica or Captain Sitka about the Vipers' part in it. In particular, they have been tasked to come up with a little display of formation flying. If you are as proud of your skills in acrobatics with a ship as you are of your expertise with handcuffs, perhaps you could have some enjoyment with that." She shows little care for Nostos' obvious upbringing, one way or anoher. Her own lilting alto has a deep Gemenon accent, for her part.

Angelus lets his gaze remain polite and professional, he apparently is used to being around brass and so he isn't the sort of pilot to look nervous as much as he maintains professional composure which might be one of the nice things that can be said of pilots coming from the Pegasus. "If you could mention it to the Masters at Arms, sir, I would appreciate it. Though my first role is always as a pilot first regardless of Squadron or Posting." As for his accent, that is an odd thing, why would a moneyed individual choose to join the Fleet? "As for assisting with an acrobatic display I would appreciate that opportunity, sir."

Cidra doesn't seem to dwell too much about considering why Nostos is in the Fleet. Not like there are a lot of officers from Gemenon, either, but here she is. "Your initiative is appreciated, Lieutenant. But you do not have to prove anything beyond doing your job well. We are all professionals, as I said, and I respect all my pilots as such. If there is nothing further, you are dismissed. There are some items I must get in order."

"Aye, sir, thank you for your time." There is a salute thrown up which is taken down as Nostos turns to leave and right as he hits the hatchway door there is a soft, "Good hunting, sir." With that the pilot is gone.

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