PHD #424: Jewelry
Summary: DeMaratus presents Circe with two surprises. Other marines filter in to the Obs Deck.
Date: 26 Apr 2042 AE
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Observation Deck
With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.
Post-Holocaust Day: #424

End of another shift, this one spent learning more airborne drops with Vandenberg and participating in some - resting her leg when she needs to. Currently she is resting on one of the couches, curled up with her leg leg straightened out and stretched. She sighs, yawning as her eyes close and she moves the medical chart on her clipboard. She lets out a long breath, her hand brushing over the paper before the medic starts to drift off, the arm of the couch her pillow.

"There you are," DeMaratus says with a faint smile, stepping onto the Obs Deck and navigating his way around a few different, comfortable chairs before sitting down alongside Circe, "I've been looking for you, actually. There's something I wanted to talk to you about."

Blinking, her eyes open and the sleep she had just been about to find is lost. Circe shifts, rising a little bit to make room for him as he sits at the other side of the couch. Her hazel eyes look upon DeMaratus, offering a faint smile as she draws herself to a sitting position with her legs draped towards him. "Heya, John…now why would you be looking for me?" She asks him, setting the clipboard to the floor.

"I have a gift for you," DeMaratus says, reaching into his pocket and producing a small, non-descript box which he looks down at thoughtfully. He holds it out towards Circe, flipping it open with his thumb to reveal a pair of green rank insignia - specifically for those of a Specialist, "its jewelery." He grins broadly before taking a moment to explain himself, "Congratulations, Specialist. Captain Bia was swamped so she asked me to let you know you've been promoted. Both for your time in service, and exemplary conduct."
As the box is pulled out, Circe lifts her hand to rub at her eye to clear it. A brow arches suddenly and her head tilts. Sitting up a little more, the medic pauses her comment as the box is flipped open. A breath released as she recognizes what it is. Slowly her legs are drawn down and she reaches out, staring at the new pins and then up at him, back once more as a smile spreads further upon her lips. As her fingers grasp at the box, she brushes her other hand over the new ranks, staring for a long moment. "I…" She is overwhelmed it appears and she swallows, pressing her lips together as her hazel eyes glisten a little.

"Well, go on," DeMaratus says, losing himself in a moment and reaching down to pat her in a congratulatory manner on the knee, "Put them on. Can't have you running around impersonating a Crewman when you aren't one anymore."

Looking up at him, Circe finally nods. The medic slowly pulls the pins free. "If you would help me, John? I would be honoured.." She says. She hands him the pins as she begins to take out her current ones. The woman shifts closer, drawing near him and her leg brushes his as she settles the old ranks to her hand. Her fingers close around them and she looks up to him, pushing her curls from her face.

"Of course," DeMaratus answers, although his words catch a little in his throat and come out quieter than intended. He reaches up with the new pins once the old ones are removed, brushing Circe's hair aside with one hand as he affixes the Specialist pins to her collars. That done, he smiles at her, "They look good on you."

Holding still as he pins her, Circe looks down at the pins as best she can. Lifting her slender fingers, she smooths down the lapel and swallows. Her gaze lifts as her smile warms, meeting his gaze. "I am glad you could present them to me.." She admits faintly, the soft sigh escaping her lips as her eyes start to well up with tears. "I …thank you." She says, her gaze falling as fingers curl around the pin.

DeMaratus lingers close after putting the pins in place, momentarily lost in thought to the point where her words do not seem to reach him straight away. He shakes his head a little, as though loosening whatever cobwebs have suddenly formed there, "You're welcome. But that isn't all … " That said, he reaches into his other pocket and produces a similar box.

Swallowing, Circe blinks back the tears and she wipes her finger underneath her eyes. Gathering herself emotionally, her head tilts and looks up at him curiously at the second box. Her lips part and she wets them. She gazes to the similar box and she pauses. "I am afraid I can't be pinned again..I mean I wouldn't think you would make me remove these.." She intones.

"No no," DeMaratus shakes his head, still smiling, "I wouldn't make you put on the pins only to remove them again. This," he opens the box, revealing a medallion on a length of ribbon as well as a device to be worn with dress uniform nestled away next to it, "This is the Asklepios Medallion, awarded to you for your actions on the 15th of April, Twenty Forty-Two. Where, despite grievous wounds, you continued to perform your duties by saving the lives of your comrades before yourself displaying valor and courage under fire." He smiles, leaning forward to place the medallion about her neck, "Congratulations. You deserve it."

As the box is opened to her, Circe's breath catches and she just looks at it. Her smile fades some and her eyes widen just a little bit. She wets her lips, feeling the rawness of her throat start to cause her eyes to well up. Her hand lifts to press her fingers there. As it is placed around her neck, the crewman, no specialist shakes a little. A tear slides free and she looks up at John, meeting his gaze. "John." She starts softly. Her hand lowers to the medallion and she lets out a breath.

"Hey, you deserve this," DeMaratus says, his voice full of conviction, "And a promotion means more responsibilities for you. So come on, we can't have our tough specialist shedding tears, can we?" He smiles a little, not admonishing her in the least despite his words, and reaches up with the edge of his sleeve to wipe the tears away.

Laughing softly at his words, Circe swallows back her emotions helping him to clear her eyes. "Sorry…you just sometimes forget that this exists..with life as it is now…" She smirks some and lowers her gaze to the medallion. "Thank you, John. I am very glad you got to give this to me.." She reaches out, her arms opening to gather him into a hug if he allows.

DeMaratus accepts the hug, even returning it with a smile, "Anytime. You're a genuine war hero now, you know that?" He chuckles a little.

Seated on a couch beside DeMaratus, Circe is drawing back from him with her medal and new pins upon her. Now marking her as a Specialist. "Yeah well..I think the scars and wounds make that obvious enough, but I can take something shiney." She touches his arm lightly. "But if I can skip getting torn up like I did before…I will take it." She smirks, and the shrapnel to her head has indeed left a scar further back on her right cheek but her chestnute curls do their best to cover it.

"I don't blame you," DeMaratus smiles, putting the two boxes that contained the rank pins and medallion respectively back in his pockets, "But I wouldn't worry about scars. I'm afraid most of us will end up with more than our fair share before things are done."
"I am not worried…but, you have made this even more special, since you presented them." Circe lowers her hand away from the medallion and then reaching up to brush over the new pins. She lets out a long breath, sighing faintly and shaking her head with a bounce of her curls. She reaches then beside her, grasping up the clipboard. "I was…well I was looking over the amino acids for the vaccine.." She says, letting her gaze wash over business and forgoing anymore celebration for now.

A quiet, unassuming Decumius enters the Observation Deck. He's got a water bottle in one hand, and both a notepad and a paperback book in the other. His expression is contemplative.

With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.

"Good," says DeMaratus with a nod, craning his neck slightly to take a look at the figures on the clipboard, "I think we're well on the way, in all honesty. All we need are a few hours of solid lab time and we should have something that we can mass-produce." He glances up at the new arrival but says nothing, turning his attention back to Circe, "You're entitled to enjoy your promotion, you know. I can handle the work for today."

Settled next to DeMaratus on one of the couches, Circe lets out a breath and nods her head, "Well…John. I find pleasure in the work we do. I would like to help - it would be enjoyable." She intones and then lifts her gaze to look at Decumius, smiling as she nods to him. Fellow marine and all. The shiny new specialist looks back down to the clipboard. "Just taking a nap, when you decided to spring all this on me." Her smile grows, warming.

Decumius offers a tentative wave at Circe, and a nod to DeMaratus. He holds his look a bit longer on the lady, as if he has something he wants to say, but ends up holding off and taking a seat looking out to the stars, for now.

Lunair's given up on her hair now. She has a soft blue scarf on today and it's apparent she shaved it all off. Those head injuries, lousy for one's coif! She has her loom and such with her, though there's a few scarves and half finished bits tucked in too. She has a can of something or other - likely a cold beverage. And tragically, she walks in at the end of Circe's promotion! Are those new ranks and - gasp! She looks surprised. "Salutations," She offers to the two as her path takes her that way.

Shortly after the arrival of Lunair into the Observation Deck, Corrath's making his way into the room, clad in his offduty garb. Unlike yesterday, he's apparently made a trip down to the barber's, for where brown hair used to cover his head, the S2 is now entirely bald. A flit of his eyes is taken and spoting the group of people, he's beginning to make his way over in that direction.
"So do I," DeMaratus says with a nod, momentarily distracted by the sudden appearance of several marines, "But I still think you ought to get that nap while you can. I can handle things for the next couple hours or so." That said, he gets to his feet and offers her another, short nod, "I'm going to head back to the Lab. Come by when you've got time?"

It seems the marines were flooding the obs deck and she is a bit distracted at first by the long look from Deciumus. But Circe blinks, turning to look up at DeMaratus rises, "Yes…yes of course I will. You know that place is my home." She says warmly. She rises as well, a little stiffly due to her left leg. She reaches out, touching the doc's arm lightly. "Thanks again, John." She says, her smile quircking up along one side of her lips before she nods to him, "See you in an hour.." She promises. It is to Lunair she looks and she smiles at the oficer. "Hello." She intones.

Marine Rush! They're a supportive bunch at least. Lunair seems to approve at any rate. She seems concerned as Circe rises and smiles. "Well, congratulations. It seems I am late to the party," A respectful, if wary nod to DeMaratus. Perhaps she remembers being drawn on or some vague reason to be worried. "I also wished to apologize for being a bit nosy yesterday," She waves a hand. There's a smile as more Marines trickle in - including Corrath. "I owe someone a scarf as well," She keeps her smile. "I hope we have not overwhelmed you two."

Decumius is drawing more and more into himself as more people flood into the observation deck. Instead of reading his book, he clenches it tightly and sips from his water bottle, looking around nervously. His jaw is clenched. Finally, he relents on the book and opens up the notepad to write something down.

There's a soft whistle that escapes Corrath's lips as he makes his way further into the observation room and as he begins to draw closer, the whistling drawns to a halt so that he can offer a nod of his head and a smile to each, followed by a, "Hey everyone."
DeMaratus simply nods his head and immediately turns to exit, conveniently not hearing any questions or statements that may have been directed at him. And then, he's gone.

Watching DeMaratus go, Circe breathes outwardly and then looks up towards Corrath before addressing Lunair, "It's not worry about it." She tells the woman. But Corrath's bald head gets a very long look and then she is smirking some. "it's fitting.." She intones and then lifts a hand to smooth out her lapels and the medallion about her neck. With that her gaze slips to look to wear DeMaratus had exited.

Finally, Decumius stops writing and looks up. He stares ahead for a few moments, before turning to the group and calling out, "Hey, Circe. Think we could talk a minute?" His eyebrows raise expectantly, and he gets up, gathering his possessions. He nods at the two officers present. "Sir." The verbal cue is aimed at Corrath, but he acknowledges Lunair too. The man looks irked.
Lunair waves politely at DeMaratus. She seems relieved she did not offend Circe. She grins and blushes. THen the medallion is noticed. "Congratulations!" She offers again. Although, she pauses at Decumius. "Please, do not let me interrupt. I was only here to weave. I am happy for our new Specialist. If you wish a moment, then I will be out of your hair. Gods know I can't keep mine." Perhaps no one ever being in her hair is why she is so patient? Ahem. She looks to Corrath then and settles in a seat near the others.

Watching as DeMaratus makes his way past them out towards the exit, Corrath can't help but a lift a brow and look back towards Circe, "I'm beginning to think that your boss has a problem with Marines." It's then that rank pins and medallion are noticed and he's offering the medic a flash of a warm smile, "Well, seems congratulations are in order, -Specialist-." The comment about his hair merely has him flashing a quick smirk and when Decumius speaks, he's turning his attention towards him, offering a nod. "Corporal. Don't let me interfere." That said, he's turning back to give a nod to Circe and Lunair, before moving off to one of the other seats.
"Thank you, both of you." Circe says, still a bit overwhelmed by the changes. "I am sure that the es-two will look good in a scarf.." She says and steps forward, tilting her head as she winks at him and reaches out to grasp for Lunair. She hugs the other woman, gently. "We shall have to talk soon.." She says and it is the Corporal that makes her draw back, looking towards him. "Sure, I can do that." She intones, nodding her head as she looks to the other two. "Excuse me." She states and takes a few steps over towards Decumius.

"You wanna talk somewhere a bit more secluded?" Asks Decumius, clasping his book and water bottle like they're lifelines. "I have… well, a lot on my mind. And I bet you do too. Considering the uh.. thing." He shifts from foot to foot.
Lunair smiles a little. She grins. "Lots of men wear things on their head. Time to bring that back?" She jokes lightly. She hugs Circe back carefully and nods. "Indeed." She lets Circe go without protest and looks towards Corrath. "Oh, I bet it's our intimidating headgear." She winks. "Or that we kind of showed up in a little gaggle…" Some people are quite shy after all. She settles into a seat then, and sets her loom up. "How goes it?" She looks to Corrath. Then she doubletakes. The Marine rank check(TM) serves her well. "Waitaminute…"

There's a simple chuckle to the mention of scarves and Circe's wink is returned by one of his own. Then, Corrath has moved away, letting Circe and Decumius converse or move about. Eyes play over towrds Lunair as he lowers to one of the seats across from her. Shoulders lift into a slight shrug before he's chuckling, "It goes .." Then she's doing that doubletake and his brow lifts upwards, one hand coming to run along his head, "Wait wha? Did the barber miss a spot!?"

Her gaze slides back to Corrath, lingering there before she meets Decumius gaze again. She smiles faintly, a brow arches. "Sure..I mean yes of course. Lead the way." she intones. Giving him a nod, she is fixing the last couple of buttons of her uniform.
Decumius coughs, not bothering to cover up as one would do in polite company. Not that being with the same folks you've been to war with for the last year is exactly polite company, anyways. "Evening, Captain, Lieutenant." He nods and walks out of the door.
Lunair is polite company! She uses a SALAD FORK! Though she smiles at Corrath. "Congratulations on your promotion. Very sneaky. It seems I may have to learn some things about MPing about if I'm to be much use on board." While Lunair loves Rifles, they just … can be tough to find work for onboard at times! She smiles at Corrath. "I already have a green one if you want," She offers to the S2. She watches the two go and waves politely.

Turning his attention back to Decumius, Corrath is giving a simple nod of his head. Then, to Circe, he's doing the same. Finally, his gaze returns to Lunair and he's flashing a quick smile, one that's followed by a soft chuckle, "Thanks, Lun. It would seem that's what the Colonel wanted the other evening when she called me down. Both myself and Vandenberg got re-pinned."

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