Jackson Sidon
Colonel (Fmr.) Jackson Sidon
Robert Redford
Robert Redford as Jackson Sidon
Alias: sid
Age: 67
Features: Fit, but old. Graying hair. Blue eyes.
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Colonel (Fmr.)
Department: Civilian
Position: Military Correspondent


The old lion of the Caprica Times, Jackson Sidon has been a correspondent for the paper for nearly thirty years, and in that time has covered nearly every armed conflict in the Twelve Colonies; he has been considered a thorn in the side of the last four presidential administrations and a legend of investigative journalism, albeit often dreaded and loathed by the people he reports on.

A veteran of the first Cylon War, Sidon is equally famous — and notorious — for his involvement in the so-called "Acropolis Incident" in which he, serving as XO of the Battlestar Erasmus, assumed command after the CO was killed in a heated battle; he ordered a nuclear strike on Cylon forces, even though the Battlestar Acropolis, heavily damaged, did not have time to escape the blast radius. Though found not guilty of criminal charges, he was dishonorably discharged; he is to this day persona non grata to many old-school military veterans, a constant obstacle throughout his latter career in journalism.

Immediate Family

Jackson's family currently resides on Caprica, in a suburb outside of Caprica City. His oldest son works in finance. His younger children are both students at Caprica University.

  • Wife - Marilyn Sidon, age 55
  • Son - Morris Sidon, age 32
  • Son - Henry Sidon, age 24
  • Daughter - Serafina Sidon, age 20

Service Jacket

Commissioned Officer, Viper Air Wing, Battlestar Columbia (2 years)
CAG, Battlestar Columbia (3 years)
CAG, Battlestar Erasmus (2 years)
XO, Battlestar Erasmus (3 years)
CO, Battlestar Erasmus (1 day)

Work Experience

Contributing Columnist, Caprica Times (1 year)
Interplanetary Correspondent (4 years)
Colonial Fleet Correspondent (7 years)
Political Correspondent (13 years)
Associate Editor (1 year)
Colonial Fleet Correspondent (Present)

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • The notorious Acropolis Incident, though a footnote in public perception of the last days of the Cylon War, is part of every textbook on military conflict and routinely taught at the Academy and in the War College; it is considered an essential case study in command structure, military ethics, and the use of nuclear weaponry.
  • Jackson has written several books, and is a frequent pundit in the news media in addition to his work in print.
  • He is a recovering alcoholic, and has reportedly been sober for nearly ten years.

Recent Logs


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