Iszak O'Keefe
Petty Officer 2nd Class Iszak O'Keefe
Enric e Joan
Enric e Joan as Iszak O'Keefe
Alias: N/A
Age: 28
Features: No glasses, dark hair, twin
Colony: Aerilon (kinda)
Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Department: Engineering
Position: M&R


Iszak Nestor Haakon O'Keefe was born at 3:29am, April 10, 2014, on Aerilon, as that was where the cargo ship his parents called home happened to be docked at the time. He grew up traveling the colonies as his parents transported goods from place to place and worked odd jobs in the meantime. It was an itinerant lifestyle, but one he and his siblings loved, and an up-bringing that served him well when he enlisted in the Colonial Navy at the age of 19. He served in the Engineering Departments of 5 stations in 6 years before requesting and receiving an honorable discharge in 2039. He returned to his family's freighter and resumed traveling and working with them until Warday. His parents were killed in the Cylon attack, which forced a crash landing on Aerilon. Iszak, his twin brother Iosif, and their younger sister Mariska managed to survive until Cerberus personnel arrived to rescue them in October, 2041. Iszak re-enlisted after receiving clearance from the Marines, joining the Cerberus Engineering Department at his former rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class.

Immediate Family

Brent O'Keefe: Father, freighter captain (Deceased, 2041)
Kindra O'Keefe: Mother, freighter co-captain (Deceased, 2041)
Jakab O'Keefe: Older brother (Presumed deceased, 2041)
Iosif O'Keefe: Twin brother, deckhand
Mariska O'Keefe: Younger sister, civilian

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station
JUL - SEP 2033 Recruit Colonial Fleet Boot Camp (Picon)
SEP - DEC 2033 Apprentice Colonial Fleet A-School (Picon)
2033 - 2034 Crewman Vigdis Anchorage
2034 - 2035 Specialist Flak Frigate Theatron
2035 - 2036 PO3 Battlestar Hyperion
2036 - 2038 PO3 Assaultstar Orion
2038 - 2039 PO2 Battlestar Triton
2039 - OCT 2041 Civilian Honorably discharged
OCT 2041 - present PO2 Battlestar Cerberus

Physical Features

Iszak stands about 6 feet 1 inch tall, with dark brown hair and dark thick brows above greyish green eyes. Jawline and upper lip are shaded with hair a little lighter than that on his head, kept short enough that it just skirts the line between stubble and actual beard. His skin is fair after long months in space, and dotted here and there with the occasional freckle. His build is athletic, muscular but not bulky.

Iszak is dressed in Colonial Fleet fatigues minus the outer shirt. A dark brown tank top covers a gray sleeveless T-shirt, with a pair of silver hexagonal dogtags dangling from a chain around his neck. The T-shirt is tucked into a pair of olive green trousers, the legs of which are bloused into the top of black combat boots. A subdued black web belt is worn around the waist.

On the Grid

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