PHD #309: Iron Shiner
Iron Shiner
Summary: Wade finds Shiner doing some ironing. The Raptor Nugget gets a flight suit.
Date: 01 Jan 2042 AE
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Shiner Wade 
Enlisted Berths
Rows and rows of bunks run along the outside and center of this room which is quite a bit larger than the Officers' Berths. With multiple hatch entrances to different sections of this area, the complex has spaces for armored doors similar to the ones on the Hangar Deck that can lower in case of fire or depressurization. Tables are set up along the spaces between the bunks and lockers divide each over-under sleeping area. Each bunk is a standard military size and has a deep blue curtain to seal in some privacy for the occupant.
Post-Holocaust Day: #309

Shiner stands in the middle of one row of bunks in his underwear, ironing his uniform on a stained and rickety ironing board. Various pieces of kit are strewn across his bunk, while other pieces swing from coathangers attached to the various locker handles.

Wade has been wearing his pilot uniform a whole lot more than usual. Basically, it is the only thing he wears while on Condition 2, because if not in CAP, he is probably on Alert Viper mode, so it fits the purpose. It seems that the man is making his wait to the Pilot Bunks and the Enlisted berths are on that path. His attention moves inside and he spots Shiner there, ironing his uniform. So, the man slows down up to a stop and turns around, stepping inside "Mr. Wright" says the man, looking at what the man is doing. He carries a tired smile "Busy with some ironing?"

Shiner glances up, lifting the iron in some semblance of greeting. "Hey, sir. Sorry I've not been by for training lately. You know how it's been." He shrugs a shoulder, setting the iron down and tugging his shirt from the board to hang up. "Did you need me, sir?"

Wade shakes his head "Nothing to worry, Mr. Wright, I understand. These are certainly…difficult times" To this, he nods and presses his lips together in thought. It seems that he becomes distracted by something, but this only last a couple seconds because he looks up again when Shiner adds that last part. "Mh?" asks the man and clears his throat "Oh. No, no not really, I was just walking to the Berths and saw you ironing so I decided to check how things were going. I know Condition 2 brings a lot of weight to everyone's shoulders"

"Still catching an hour here and there to study, sir," Shiner assures Wade solemnly, the effect only marred slightly by the fact that he chooses that moment to scratch his balls. "I'll catch up as best I can when we've got the decks fixed up again, I promise."

If Wade noticed the ball scratching, he makes no comment on that. "Good, good. Have you had the chance to discuss Raptors with some of the Pilots? A friend of mine is actually a damn good Raptor pilot with the Harriers. And I do think she was, kinda helping with the Raptor side of things, training wise." He smiles a little at that and he adds "You know. It is something I want to do, at some point in the future I hope. To get, qualified to fly Raptors. It's a very nice bird, very strong." Nod. Yep.

"The CAG says she'll take me along as copilot for a run over to the other ships later on, if there's time," Shiner agrees with a smile. "See how it feels and all that, while the sims are out of commission. "Shit, speaking of which, you know where I can get a spare flight suit my size?"

"Awesome, that sounds really good actually." says the man with a soft smile. "The sims are good of course but nothing beats some hands on experience and to have that is something to value." He nods at this, still carrying that smiles and then goes quiet "Mh…let's see." Silent he goes for a couple more seconds and he finally says "Well, when I got picked up from Leonis, I had…pretty nothing on me, just a set of badly damaged civilian clothes. Um, I was told to ask the CAG and she mentioned a storage room that has all of that? There's an officer that runs it, a lady about…40 years old. She'll be able to work that out for you." Now, he tilts his head "Did something happen to yours?"

"I don't have one, sir," Shiner points out. "I've got greens, greys and ovies. They don't issue us with them, y'know."

"Oooh, ok, I see…." says Wade, shaking his head at that "Sorry about that, my bad" Now, he just presses his lips again and takes a deep breath "Well, if you want I can go with you so you can your pilot suit. That would involve you getting dressed of course" says the man, showing an amused smile at this. "We can get one fitted and add the Raptor patch"

Shiner flashes a grin immediately. "You got it, sir. Give me like five minutes to finish up here and get some kit on, yeah?" He flips off the switch on the iron, unplugging it and beginning to wrap its cord around its base. "They'll give me one? Like, permanently and everything? Like a real pilot?"

Wade smiles and nods to the man "Sure, take your time. I'm on alert mode right now and not scheduled for CAP in about…3 hours so we are good" He takes a seat on a chair and leans his back against it, looking around the place for a moment before looking back at Shiner "Well, to become a Pilot you need a suit right?" he shows a smile at this and says "All Nuggets get the Pilot Suit." he nods and smiles "Like a real pilot"

Shiner nods eagerly, hopping on one foot as he tugs on a set of trousers. "Well, yeah, I guess. I didn't really think… yeah. It's cool. I figured I'd just have to borrow one until I qualify and everything. Neat. Do I get my name on it and everything?"

"Yeah, that's kinda how it works when you are in training but worry not Mr. Wright, I'm confident you'll survive the training." says Wade to him, still carrying a smile. "And yes, you get your name on it and everything. Midshipman would be your rank of course. Right after a pilot gets it's wings, they are ranked Ensign." He clears his throat and explains "Normally you first would get a suit without Raptor or Viper patch, but as soon as you are moved to the specific branch, the patch is applied. Right now, we can put it there with no problem."

Shiner reaches for his top, pulling it on over his head, then straightening out his hair before sitting down and sourcing a set of socks and finally boots. "How does it work with me still working on the deck, though, sir?" he asks. "I mean, I know most of the guys training just train and that's it, but I've got a full time job to do, too. Where I've /got/ a rank and everything."

"That is actually, a good question" offers Wade to Shiner. He nods to this and adds "Best guess here is that you'll simply answer to your deck rank while working on deck and when working on your qualifications you'll answer to your Nugget qualification." He clears his throat and nods "I think you should apply to be permanently moved to Nuggetdom, to dedicate all your time to that task. /But/ I understand that every piece of help is needed across the ship so that makes things a little more difficult. Heck, I've been thinking about asking my SL and the CAG for permission to talk with the Deck Chief to see if I can give a hand with Viper Maintenance and all. To help out, you know" He takes a deep breath and adds "See that you have this discussion with the CAG, see how the whole Deck-slash-Nugget thing would work. All in all, I'm sure we can make it work"

Shiner gives a thumbs up, straightening. "You got it, sir. I got the funny feeling that the Chief wouldn't be happy if I took time off right now. Not with the shifts we're all working anyhow. Today's my day off, so I got to spend it staring at vids of that frakking missile for him."

"Yeah, I know what you mean" says Wade to Shiner. "Pressure is on throught the ship" Now, he stands and claps his hands together "Alright Mr. Wright, ready to get your flight suit?" He rubs his hands together and looks over his shoulder at the door. "So what is your task? To figure the missile out?"

"Kind of," Shiner agrees, brushing himself off and moving to follow Wade. "Watching over the vids of Coll with the missile, right? To see if it's gen buzz, or if there's some kind of booby trap involved. I don't trust a cylon one bit, and I'll be frakked if I'll follow her instructions blindly. My job's to figure out how she meant to blow us all up with it."

Finally, Wade turns around, and steps outside the place, walking down the halls, climbing stairs to change deck levels. "Agreed, measures need to be taken. However we should not let mistrust and suspicion to rule over ourselves. After all, we don't know if Coll was indeed, a Skinjob, right?" To this, he smiles and nods again "But yes, we need to make sure to understand what she was doing, indeed."

"I'd rather be absolutely frakking sure, sir," Shiner points out as he tags along after the pilot. "If I'm wrong, then we get blown up. Besides, everyone says she was a toaster."


"Oh yes, I would rather that as well" says Wade as they walk. "None of us wants to get blown up after all" To this, he shows a faint smile but of course, it is something of great concern. "Yes, a lot of people is saying that. What I mean is that…" he stops to think how he can phrase it "We can't let mistrust rule over us, because if that's the case…it would only need for one person to point a finger to another and say 'Cylon'…and that's it, you know what I mean?" Finally, he reaches his desired destination. He knocks on the blast door and steps inside. "Hello?" He looks at Shiner over his shoulder and motions for him to follow.

There is a woman sitting at a desk, going through different files. She looks up and offers a warm smile "Yes El-Tee? What can I do for you" Wade offers a smile as well and says "Well, I have a Middie here that is in need of a flight suit. Raptor patch"

Shiner throws up a salute and a grin. "That's me, sir," he adds, perhaps unnecessarily. Still, he's not got his outer shirt on, nor his pins of rank so it's maybe less unusual a request than it might otherwise have been. "Thirty eight chest, please," he adds helpfully. Turning back to Wade as the woman bimbles off, he points out, "Better to assume everyone's a cylon, though, right, sir? Otherwise we're in serious shit."

"Ah, yes" says the woman, looking at Shiner. She smiles to him and stands up, going to the back of the room where a lot of flight suits, are hanging. There are at the moment, inside plastic bags. "Let's see…let's see. Thirty eight, chest…" she looks over at Shiner and judges pants sizing. "Yes…" now she goes through the different options and finally picks one from the hanger. "Raptor patch is already here….and…" now she walks towards Shiner and offers the suit to him "This should work for you." Now, she takes a seat again and asks "Name?" This asked to Shiner of course.

Wade looks at Shiner and says "It's a matter of points of view really. It goes hand in hand with trust."

"I've already learned the hard way not to trust any frakker," Shiner points out, then turns back to the stores officer with a half smile. "Wright, sir. Wright, D."

"Wright, D" repeats the woman "Midshipman" adds after that. This is all said while she types something on her computer and then a press type machine spits out a small ID tag with velcro on the back. Wade steps forward and takes the tag "Thank you" says the man to the lady who nods and hands Wade a clipboard "Now, if I could just get your signature, you'll be ready to go" says the woman. Wade nods and takes the clipboard, signing the sheet there and handing it back to the lady. "Thank you" says the woman with a smile. Wade turns around and walks back to Shiner, handing the tag to him "Alright, you are all set, all you have to do now is to try it on and get the tag there" He smiles while he says this. However, the smile doesn't last long, he nods and says "I'm sorry about that"

Shiner holds the tag in his hand like some sort of holy grail, grinning at it stupidly. "Duuuuude," he breathes. "Awesome." He holds the tag up for Wade to see. "Look at that, sir! Me!" He tucks the flight suit under his arm and nods once. "All set, sir. Thanks a lot, yeah? Sof's going to cream herself when she sees me in this."

Wade smiles and chuckles with amusement "Indeed, that's you." He pats Shiner's back and then shakes his head with an amused grin "Alright, that was graphic" He chuckles once again and says "Alright, let's go back to your Berths, you can try that on and if it doesn't fit properly, we can exchange it" He looks over at the lady in charge and nods "Thanks again" With that said, he steps outside the place and starts walking back to the Enlisted Berths.

"Awesome," Shiner repeats himself cheerfully, holding the tag up to his chest as they walk. "And sir? Soon as we're stepped down from condition 2, I'll totally come and see you for more study. Cross my heart."

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