Iosif O'Keefe
Apprentice Iosif O'Keefe
Enric e Joan
Enric e Joan as Iosif O'Keefe
Alias: N/A
Age: 28
Features: Glasses, dark hair, twin
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Apprentice
Department: Deck
Position: Aircraft Handler


Iosif Nevin Hanis O'Keefe was born at 3:22am, April 10, 2014, on Aerilon, as that was where the cargo ship his parents called home happened to be docked at the time. He was second eldest of four children (albeit only by seven minutes, as his twin brother Iszak followed him into the world at 3:29am that day). He grew up traveling with his family to all the ports of the colonies, educated mostly on-ship, working odd jobs and doing every kind of task around the freighter he could pitch in at. As his father aged he took over many of the business management responsibilities of the freighter, and was enjoying his wandering lifestyle keeping it afloat when the holocaust hit.

That cargo freighter crashed on Aerilon during the Cylon attacks. His mother and father were killed, but he, his twin brother and his younger sister survived and held out long enough to eventually be rescued by the Cerberus. While he'd always been a civilian, and a free spirit, he saw that there were jobs that needed doing and wanted to put his skills to use. He joined up to the Fleet to, once again, pitch in anywhere and everywhere he could.

Immediate Family

Brent O'Keefe: Father, freighter captain (Deceased, 2041)
Kindra O'Keefe: Mother, freighter co-captain (Deceased, 2041)
Jakab O'Keefe: Older brother (Presumed deceased, 2041)
Iszak O'Keefe: Twin brother, Engineering tech
Mariska O'Keefe: Younger sister, civilian

Service Jacket

  • Enlisted in the Navy from the civilian population in December 2041 and was assigned to the Battlestar Cerberus as an aircraft handler.

Physical Features

Iosif stands about 6 feet 1 inch tall, with dark brown hair and dark thick brows above greyish green eyes. Jawline and upper lip are shaded with hair a little lighter than that on his head, kept short enough that it just skirts the line between stubble and actual beard. His skin is fair after long months in space, and dotted here and there with the occasional freckle. His build is athletic, muscular but not bulky. A small mole can be seen on his neck, if one is looking closely enough, and a pair of glasses usually rest on his nose. If forced to go without them, he tends to squint a lot.

On the Grid

Recent Logs


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