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I need to interview Stavrian, Davis, Dillan, Kennison, and Ren yet. Talk to Reuben and see what he has.

This is an odd case. So, here goes:

What we know:

1) Tuata worked for a contractor as an engineer working on the backup reactors for the Cerberus.
2) She was a highly competent technician. (Graduated with distinction, no bad marks on her employment record.)
3) She made very minor adjustments to the backup reactor. These were verified by Dr. Josephus M. Chryse. (According to his record, he has been married and divorced 5 times. What does that indicate about him personally? Professionally? His employment history is good and he has no marks on his record of a criminal or unstable nature other than multiple divorces.)
4) She was a religious fanatic who believed that she was sent by the Gods, or by a God to save us. (She participated in a religious 'sit in' in 2038 'regarding public display of religious paraphernalia on campus'. She was protesting a ban on public display.)
5) She was 'wandering through engineering' looking 'out of it' on the 10th.
6) She claimed to have been working with "Dillian" and "Kennison" on backup reactor 2 when Chief Merrell and PO 2nd Ter Avest asked her what she was doing. These are probably Mattias B. Dillan and Moran D. Kennison. They are listed as her supervisors in her personnel record. See if they can be found. She does have rights to that reactor, though Dr. Chryse said that the changes that she made were minor. (Verify with Dr. Chryse as this conflicts with what Chief Merrell said. (Double check this in the transcript of Merrell's interview.)) Cannot interview Kennison, Dillan or Chryse as we left them behind on Picon.
6) She painted a bird on the ceiling of an airlock. Merrell believes she would have had only a few minutes to get to the airlock, paint the bird and then get back to where she was found.
7) In the time between her painting and our finding the bird, cracks appeared in the airlock.
8) Tuata died at the exact moment that the bird was found in the airlock.
9) She had 'stone flower tea' before she died.
10) She had eaten fruit but not much else since her arrest.

1) The cracks do not have any visual relationship to the painting.
2) The cracks indicate faulty construction or shoddy materials used in the construction of the airlock.
3) It is certain that the airlock would fail under duress.
4) An investigation of the rest of the airlocks revealed that several more show similar faults.

Airlocks have been repaired/replaced. Material is no longer available. However, Tuata's employer had no connection whatsoever to the airlocks. Unless she got into a database somewhere and knew enough about the materials to have a clue, there is no way she could have known. Cannot verify her access to any contractor database that would hold this information, so cannot say whether or not she knew. What is certain is that if she did know, it was not through her employer.

1) Tuata's condition worsened with alarming rapidity. She died about 13 minutes after Karthasi and Stavrian entered the cell. Autopsy shows no toxicity.
2) She had a congenital heart defect.
3) She kept the cell dark to avoid 'agitation'. What does this mean? How was she agitated? (Check logs to see if this is anywhere mentioned. Check transcripts.)

Tuata died of a massive heart attack. Her congenital heart condition caused her death. There is no evidence to suggest that she could have precipitated the condition in any chemical way. She had no drugs in her system.

Initial Thoughts:
DIt is possible that Tuata worked for a contractor who provided shoddy materials, or for a contractor who installed the airlocks using faulty techniques. It is also possible that she gleaned information about shoddy workmanship or materials using a computer based program. I. E. she had prior knowledge or was directly responsible for the airlock problem. (Wrong)

Do we know for sure when the painting was made? (Impossible to discover now as far as I know.) She did have a mixture of grease and paint, or solvents on her hands when spotted in Engineering which means she could have done it then, or that we have yet to find all of her handiwork. (Unable to verify as of yet.) The painting was not discovered until the 12th.

Supposition: Tuata's prior knowledge led her to have a religious based delusion that she was a prophet of the Gods or a God sent to save us from the airlock failures. At worst, she was complicit in the impending failures and sought to remedy this using vandalism, religious imagery and redirection. At best, she was a delusional fanatic who vandalized military property, although this last does not fit all of the evidence. How much is circumstantial? How much planning?

Still missing too much info to call this a working theory. Have to see if the rest of the info I've requested supports or denies this. The biggest problem that I have with all of this is that nothing yet answers why and how she died at the moment the painting was found. I have asked to examine her religious bracelet to see if she had any poisons in the findings. I also need to look again at the airlock with the bird. Somehow she had to be able to know when the bird was discovered. Just have to find out how.

Initial supposition is not correct. She had no verifiable foreknowledge of the airlock problem. Facts.

1) The airlocks have all been fixed by now after a damn near heroic job by engineering. Interviews with engineers tell you that there was simply no way for a non-expert to have known that the metal composition of those airlocks was off: no way at all. Even expert engineers wouldn't have figured it out unless they were looking for it.

2) The guy who spent time in the brig was Doctor Josephus Chryse. He's worked for Licinos Electric Boat Corporation for the past eight years as an expert on fusion reactors, per the background check Barclay requested.

3) Licinos Electric Boat Corporation's only task aboard the battlestar during construction was to help design and install the three backup fusion reactors on the ship. At no time did the employees of Licinos EBC have official contact with or interact with the airlock crews, as their jobs were totally different: the former were mostly concerned with programming and theoretical stuff; the latter actually went ahead and built it. As to whether or not Tuata had contact with any members of the airlock crews can't be determined either way.

4) Autopsy reveals that Tuata was otherwise healthy except for a genetic heart defect that likely would have killed her before the age of 35. She died of massive heart failure. Stomach contents revealed mostly fruits: oranges and bananas, stuff she could peel herself.

5) News articles attached to the background report reveal the following: One particularly fundamentalist Gemenese sect instructs its followers to wear 'faith bracelets' around their left wrist: a plain band of steel that's studded with iron rivets, meant to signify their position as a servant — some might even use the word "slave" — to the Lords of Kobol. The wearing of such bracelets created a major ruckus in 2037 AE, when a number of public schools and universities on Gemenon caved to pressure to ban such bracelets from being worn by students. This triggered a rash of sit-ins and minor demonstrations, particularly in the conservative province of Dryope, though none managed to get the law overturned. The police report shows that Tuata was one of those demonstrating against the ban.

6) Tuata made only superficial changes to the programming: she changed the names of a few variables here and there and added some comments (basically, dummy code that doesn't do anything except explain the purpose of the code listed below).

7) Kennison, Chryse, and Dillan were all left behind on Leonis when the ship left Spacedock. Diego is the CMO. Not sure if an interview with her will be productive or not. Will make an appointment for completeness and the off-chance that she has something to add.

Potential Conclusions:
1) Tuata was lead by the Gods or a God to save all of our sorry asses.
2) Tuata had some prior knowledge and her subconscious dreamed up a way for her to understand what was happening. This lead her to find a way for her to save our sorry asses that did not conflict with her world-view or position.

When looking for the answer to a mystery, find the simplest solution that takes into account all of the variables. Regardless of the above, the only thing that I can prove Tuata guilty of is mild vandalism.


Close the investigation.

Need to run this by Barclay and Maraz and review the records again. Can't shake the feeling that I'm missing something.

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