PHD #138: Instead of a Funeral
Instead of a Funeral
Summary: A proper wake to honor the losses recently suffered.
Date: 14 Jul 2041 AE
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Recreation Room - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #138
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

The rec room has been rearranged for the wake with much in the way of the tables and seating pushed to the sides, save one long table which has been kept close by for the offerings of booze those who come by might have to share, it already bearing several that Alessandra had brought with her for the occasion. A small music player has been set up as well, it currently left off until things get underway. Luck's busy scurrying about, making sure the few bowls' worth of snack food she's been able to gather are conveniently placed here and there and that everything looks presentable, even if it's only temporary, that depending on if things get rowdy later.

Coll had to make it here a little early. Sort of necessity if she wants to be anyplace one-time. The Crewman is in her off-duty garb, sloppily dressed even for those and sitting in a chair off to the side. Her neck is still a mess of bandages but at least the color is finally returning to her complexion. To the left of the chair she occupies is a wheeled IV stand, the baggy over whatever Bia wants into her dripping slowly through a tube that leads into her left hand. For the moment she's content to watch the Lieutenant scurry about.

It doesn't really matter that Wade is one of the new guys in Cerberus, when it comes to honor those who are no longer with us, he doesn't hesitate to join the meeting. The man is wearing his off-duty greens, dogtags resting over his chest, visible for those who don't know him and might want to check his name, instead of just asking. Himself? He doesn't know a lot of people yet, but he does spot a familiar face, Allie. However, given that she seems to be rather busy, he doesn't approach her to say 'Hi'. Instead, he walks close to one of the tables that hold all the deliciousness. His gaze drifts towards Coll as he examines her for about a second but he stops doing so as he reaches the table.

"You sure you should be down here, Lauren?" asks Bannik with a dubious look at Coll, arching his brow at the Crewman as she comes in. He's perched himself on a chair, sitting backwards, in his off-duty tank, waiting for the proceedings to begin.

Evandreus is here early, catching a nap on a couch, his four-footed cane leaning against one arm of the couch, a big ol' gallon container of water on the floor next to him as he snoozes away, face planted into a pillow and back arced, tush stuck up a little way into the air and a pair of tin whistles sticking up from a back pocket.

Constin leaves a small bottle on the libations table (a re-used bottle of beer, whose label has been taped over, and the date 4-11-41 written on it. The big sergeant drawls from behind Bannik, "You think of a better place for any body to be?" Coll gets a look, and greeting, "Lo again, Coll."

Clink, clink, clink, clink… CLUNK. Damon enters hauling four bottles that range from near-empty to only a couple shots missing. They get set down on the table next to Alessandra's booze. "Need a hand with anything?" the Deckie asks. He's in his off-duty dress, but even that's stained with grease and grime here and there.

Coll has to turn most of her body in the chair to see Bannik better. She gives a gentle nod. "Aye. Noplace else 'want to be." She closes her eyes, trying to clear the gravel from her voice with a light cough. "Should be back…Saturday." There's a reassuring look as her eyes lift to Constin. Her smile brightens but she doesn't say anything else. She might be attempting to ditch the notepad tonight.

"I think I got it but thanks," Allie is quick to respond to Damon's offer of aid, it given with a warm smile. "Think everything's set." Taking a deep breath, she looks around, giving Coll and the others a wave to show that they have been noticed. "We'll be starting in a few minutes," she announces, her voice raised slightly to do so. "Going to give others a chance to arrive before going on with the plans." A set of Bunny-buns is seen from across the way but he's left undisturbed for now, the Raptor-flyer allowed to rest for as long as it takes for the party to begin.

Cora sticks her head in and then pauses, for a moment just looking around before she moves the rest of the way into the room. She's carrying a bottle, only half-full, the label half-missing, but she sets it on the table anyway, wandering over to find herself a seat on the arm of a couch, waiting.

Evandreus mrrnks. It's a half-disgruntled noise of encroaching wakefulness. It might be directed upward at Cora, but once he's aware enough to see who it is, he just drags a hand out from under him and gives her a wave, settlesnugging thereafter down into the couchcushions.

After taking a moment to look at everyone gathered around, Wade decides to approach Allie "Hey El-Tee" offers the man with a single nod and hands in his pockets. He looks around yet again and offers a soft smile "Nice setup you have here, I'm sorry I couldn't bring anything, I'm afraid I got to Cerberus, empty-handed" There is a bit of regret in his voice, he would have liked to contribute. He looks up at Cora since she's the new arrival but he looks at Allie once again.

Bannik shrugs his shoulders. "Fair enough, Lauren. Just take it easy, okay?" Tyr offers the statement gently, folding his arms over the back of his chair which is, at the moment, the front of his chair.

"Just gimme a holler if you need anything," Damon replies to Alessandra. "Hey, good to see yas here," he says to Coll and Bannik, giving them a smile and a nod. His voice is already starting to get louder and louder as people begin to talk in the room, but he's not quite yet at the yelling-to-someone-over-a-noisy-Deck-floor decibel level. He nods to those he recognizes, and to those he doesn't as well, if they catch his eyes. Every minute or two, though, he takes a quick glance around the room, counter-clockwise, then looks over his shoulder to the doorway.

Constin settles in with his back against the bulkhead, crossing his arms and scanning the rapidly filling Rec Room with a slow pass of eyes. He doesn't keep up conversation while greetings are being exchanged.

"Thanks, Mister Bannik." Coll closes her eyes to swallow again. It probably still hurts but not as much. "Things ok with you?" Short phrases is probably all she's going to muster for right now, that voice still a little raspy. She gives Damon a gentle smile, too, at the nod. A little waggle of her fingers to Allie.

Alessandra nods to the deckhand. "I'll definitely let you know if I do. Thanks." Watching Damon, she almost says something but is greeted by Wade, her attention sling-shotted to him in no time at all. "Oh. Hey, Wade. It's alright. You don't need to bring anything, really. Just being here is enough." She pats him on the arm before turning around. "Excuse me, please. Want to say hi to Lauren before things get too chaotic." She waits for a nanosecond before she's dashing off to do just that, Coll being her person of choice to greet, Constin now seen as is Bannik, the guys getting a wave on her way to (carefully) ambush her 'sister' in a hug.

Cora looks down as Bunny grumbles, and gives a little wave in return, making no move to disturb the recovering pilot further. She remains leaning against the arm of the couch, nodding to Damon as he makes his visual rounds, and then giving a bit of a wave to Coll, though perhaps not quickly enough before she's ambushed by tonight's host.

Wade nods to Allie "Of course" he smiles briefly and then looks at who she's hugging. Ok, so the woman is called, Lauren. Mental note on that. Another look around is given and then he walks to one of the empty chairs. The pilot takes a seat and leans back, getting comfortable, or at least trying to.

Bannik raises his hand to the PO1. "Hey, Damon. Good to see you, huh? I needed to talk to you about something real quick, but it's nothing real major. Can wait if you're." He waves to the area. "Mingling and stuff."

Damon raises an eyebrow with comic exaggeration. "It ain't shop talk, is it?" he asks Bannik dryly. "Nah, I've got the social appeal of a putrid fish. Never really been good at, y'know - mingling." Another counterclockwise visual sweep of the room, shouldercheck to the hatchway. It's not really done nervously, but the motion is too obvious to pass off as casual. "What's on your mind, Bannik?"

Coll smiles to Cora and is just lifting her hand in a litle salute before she gets ambushed (carefully). Oomph. She turns her neck to lean a bit around Allie with the hug, returning it. The Crewman seems to have gotten a lot of her strength back. "Hey, el-tee," she sighs happily. Releasing the host, Coll smiles up to Constin. She seems plenty happy for now. At least she isn't ranting about killing anyone. Or anything. Yet. (The night is still young!)

Constin takes note of the various faces as they filter in, arms kept crossed. The unfamiliar face of Wade is noted, as is the all too familiar face of Cora. Sidelong, he catches Coll's smiling eye and lets a short breath out through his nose. He forces a tight grin back toward the Deckie, before giving a word of greeting to Allie: "Sir."

Alessandra turns and waves to Cora, her smile widening. "Hi, welcome! Enjoy yourself, please." Stepping up to the middle of the room, then, she clears her throat, preparing to make an announcement. "I'm glad to see everyone this evening. I'm going to let things get flowing and people get settled before I ask for offerings of stories or…you know. Memories of our lost comrades. It isn't mandatory," she says while looking at Lauren, her expression softening when she regards the deckhand. "I don't think words are important so much as are what's in our hearts. Anyhow, there are chips over there," she points to one table, "and the drinks are over there. Feel free to enjoy."

Wade notices that look from Constin and the man just nods silently to the Marine. His attention moves to Allie again now that she's talking and he looks at the table with all the food. Well, no stories on his part but at least he'll be respectful and listen to what the others say. He doesn't stand up yet, but soon, sooon he'll get himself something to drink. Faint smile is offered to Coll after she hugged Allie and, to everyone around that area.

"Uh. Nah. Well. Not really." Bannik hems and haws. "Sort of?" He finally just comes out with it: "You know the rite of the Lord of the Mountain? I volunteered for it in my off-shift time and the Sister asked me to do it."

Lauren smirks to Allie and gestures to her IV bag. "Thanks. Brought my own drink." There's only a nod her mention of lost comrades. She's got a few on her mind but she isn't going to try to speak up. At least not yet. Her expression falls solemn for a moment before she digs into her pocket. A small notepad is produced with a pen. Her posture falls slack as she sits back into the chair, crossing her legs. The one over top is apparently going to become the solid back for her pad.

Sofia wanders in, trying to look like she was here all along. Yeah, totally. She pauses, looking around. She peers at the others, milling around. There's a smile, seeing Bannik and - Constin! And Coll. Although the IV bag makes her blink and lift an eyebrow. Hrm. where to go first…

Rite of the Lord of the Mountain? That one draws a blank look from Damon. Until something clicks in his brain and his eyes light up with a barely suppressed laugh. "Wait - you - hah!" A grin spreads slowly across his face, and he bows extravagantly to the Specialist. "Apologies, my Lord. I wasn't aware of your masocistic tendencies."

Bannik makes a waving gesture at Damon with his hand, as if brushing him off. "Not yet, Damon. We haven't had the big kick-off event yet." He seems amused, and perhaps just a little bit bashful at it. "Besides. It's for a good cause."

Cora gives Alessandra a wave at the lieutenant's greeting, and smiles at Coll, adding a nod for Constin. When the squad leader opens the event with an explanation and greeting, she listens quietly, and then after a minute or two, rises slowly, meandering with many of the others in the room towards the table to peer at the bottles on it and pour herself a drink.

The big pilot's silent nod is met with a small incline of Constin's own head, but the sergeant doesn't step away from the wall, just yet. Coll bringing out the notepad is noted briefly, as is the arrival of Sofia. But it's Lieutenant Nikephoros whose silent greeting holds the marine's eye. Nothing close to a smile on the big man's face as he uncrosses the right arm to raise a hand to his temple in a slow salute.

Grin still lingering on his face, Damon waves away Bannik's protest. "Nonsense, my Lord! O Exalted One!" He's enjoying this a little bit too much. "I wonder if I should bring the pipe wrench or the jack pipe for the closing ceremonies. Ah frak, I've got two hands - I'll bring both!" Another sweep of the room, and that's when he notices Sofia, who gets a little wave.

Yes, a drink is most definitely in order for Alessandra who heads to the bottle collection, one that she had brought poured from and in a rather liberal amount. "Hey Lauren, open up the IV bag and I'll pour you some, too!" Constin is looked at after she makes the offer, daring him to chastise her for making the offer by grinning cheesily. Yes, it was a joke, leave'eralone! Sipping, she takes a slow, deep breath in after that, wincing when she feels the burn. Godsdammed moonshine. Figures that is what she picked first. Ugh.

Coll goes about writing down on her pad, trying to keep it ledgible. Apparently someone is going to have to read whatever she is writing. There's a glance up to Allie at her offer and she smirks. "I think Lieutenant Bia might be a little pissed." Those eyes dance mirthfully on Alessandra for a moment longer until she goes back to writing.

Cora glances sideways at Alessandra as she pours herself a drink, the tactical lieutenant eyeing the selection, choosing between them. "Any idea what half of these are?" she asks the squad leader, sounding more curious than concerned. Lips shift in a hint of a smirk at that wince, "Well, maybe I won't try that one, at least." She glances over her shoulder at Coll at that banter and chuckles before eyeing Constin's salute for a long moment. She nods minutely, just a subtle shift of her chin, and then turns back to the table.

Wade takes a deep breath and then clears his throat, the man stands up and walks to the table with all the drinks. He pours himself a small glass of <insert strong liquor> He looks at Cora and offers a polite nod along with a gentle smile, and after this, he is on his way, back to his chair where he takes a seat. Wade takes a sip from his drink and presses his lips together, slightly closing his eyes…strong stuff.

Wade takes a deep breath and then clears his throat, the man stands up and walks to the table with all the drinks. He pours himself a small glass of <insert strong liquor> He looks at Cora and offers a polite nod along with a gentle smile, and after this, he is on his way, back to his chair where he takes a seat. Wade takes a sip from his drink and presses his lips together, slightly closing his eyes…strong stuff.

"No one said they were going to do the chasing thing for the purging!" Bannik protests, perhaps somewhat meekly. Of course, it seems, no one said they were /not/ going to do it. That seems to trouble him a little bit.

Sofia smiles and waves back. She looks to Constin and Bannik. Then a Damon! There's a grin to the Deckie. Her deck palls. She's a little shier around officers, but seems friendly enough - if a little slower than usual. Wait. She salutes, remembering. But then she hunts for some poor soul to pounce upon. Or at least bother a little. Hmmm. Wade gets a few owlish blinks. And there's a Cora. And Lord Bannik-ton and … tough choice. She puts her hands on her hips after a mmoment, before giving up and just wandering towards the table. "… chasing for purging?" She blinks at Bannik, confused.

"I couldn't really say," Allie huffs out to Cora, her face going a bit flushed. "I'm sure there's something good there, though." Or so she hopes as she's not going to drink anymore out of that particular bottle. Thankfully she brought others as well. Not wanting to waste what she had dispensed for herself has that glass quickly drained; Coll's return joke has her smiling around her cup's rim and a thumb's up is given to her friend.

Constin turns his eye away from Cora and to Allie as the hostess makes a funny. "Hey, don't look at me, sir. Ah know not to get between a Deckie and her drinks," the marine drawls deadpan. "Good turn out," he notes quietly, looking over the room, with a nod of approval.

Cora glances over at Wade as the man steps up beside her and picks out a drink. She offers him a smile, and then turns back to Alessandra with a nod, admitting, "I can't be picky. I didn't have anything, or anything to trade, except offering to do paperwork for one of the JTAC officers. He gave me that," she says, pointing at a bottle with only half a lable and that in some non-standard tongue. She waits for Damon to pick himself a cup and then grabs one for herself, picking a bottle seemingly at random and pouring a measure into a cup. "Cheers," she says quietly, lifting it before she drinks, lips twisting as she swallows. "Well… that'll do, I guess."

"…" Bannik doesn't actually say dot-dot-dot. It's just that he opens his mouth and no words come out. "Oh." He falls silent again, as if turning that over in his head. "Well." More silence. "You think I can take off my glasses first? So they don't get broken?"

Coll continues scribbling on her notepad to the side, wiping at her nose as she finishes. There's another close of her eyes as she coughs gently. Eyes lift to look past her IV stand to Constin, standing beside her, whispering: 'For Ethan.' to him with a little smile. Lauren hunches a bit forward in her chair and closes the notepad for the moment and looks around the room idly. Girl probably would kill for a drink.

Oh dear. Sofia blinks at Bannik and Damon. "Why would I want to hurt Tyr?" She boggles. "Am I going to have to chase him?" She looks worried. "Aww." Poor Bannik. She seems sympathetic. "Sure, that'd be appreciated." There's another look to Bannik, "I am sure. And I bet they won't be too rough on you." Right? Right. "Might not even be anything physical given that medical supplies are limited these days anyway." That's a good thing, right? RIGHT?

How do you exactly return an owlish blink, or better yet…a set of owlish blinks. Wade's immediate reaction is to offer a bright smile to Sofia and a light wave of his hand. After that, he takes yet another sip and lightly shakes his head. What the hell is that stuff? The man has to clear his throat a couple times and then try again. Slowly but surely, he is getting used to this drink.

Cidra is fresh off CAP, those in the know of the flight schedule would be aware. Just taken time to shower and put on a vaguely neat pair of blues. She slips in among the crowd, just taking a moment to get the sense of the room.

"Well. It is what it is, right?" says Bannik, putting on his brave smile once more. The brave little scapegoat. Who probably should have asked some more questions before he volunteered. "It's all for the gods."

Constin nods once to Coll's two words, his eyes still going over the room. "Fella deserves it," he mutters, bringing his regard back to the IV-linked Lauren. "Man looked the frakker in the eye and went out with his boots on." A breath drawn in through the nose, before voicing, "Gonna step out and make room."

"It's ritual and religion, Sofie," Damon says dryly. "Much like the Fleet, it doesn't always make much sense." He raises his glass like he's toasting the incomprehensibility of both the Gods and the Fleet - both fickle masters of their lives - and drinks. "I'm sure it won't be too bad, Bannik. It's not like people have a lot of pent-up frustration and anger that might accidentally come out and possibly go overboard once they start ritually cleansing a symbolic scapegoat through corporeal punishment for a religious rite."

Lucky finally notices Evan and the metal whistles he has jutting from that pocket, her expression pensive at first only to eventually become thoughtful. Carefully winding her way to him, she crouches by the couch, her hand coming up to brush against the resting one's shoulder. Once he rouses she whispers to him, pointing to the metal instruments he is in possession of.

Whatever is said has Bunny nodding and he groggily rouses himself, sitting up gingerly. He doesn't get to his feet just yet, his comfortable perch kept for as long as he has to wait for his cue.

Coll smiles again. "That's what I said." As Constin announces his intentions, she nods and looks away, eyes staying on the man as he moves. Her left hand wraps around the IV stand and she leans her head against it, letting the voices mingle around her.

Drink in hand, Cora walks the edge of the room, finally pausing near Wade where the pilot sits nursing his drink. "Evening," she says, lifting a hand in greeting, before her head tilts slightly as she asks, "You came aboard at Leonis, right? I think I remember seeing you."

Poor Bannik. Sofia frowns. "I'd probably risk a direct orbital smiting if things got too out of hand," She admits quietly. "He'll be alright," She assures. Sofia accepts her glass though, and smiles weakly. "How have you two been otherwise? I should visit Deck again sometime," She admits. "Practically second family down there." A little grin. "It's good to see you guys though."

Cidra makes her way toward the tables. She forgoes the alcohol but some light food is obtained. And water, if she can get it amidst all the booze. Alessandra and Evan are spotted. And she heads in that general direction.

Wade looks up when Cora talks to him, he offers a gentle smile and a nod of his head "Good evening…" He stands up with glass in hand and still holding a soft smile. Wade tilts his head now, looking at Cora a bit more, he does remember her as well. A nod is offered and he says "Yes, I was with the group of survivors that was using Aquarian's Pete as a base" he nods once again "And likewise, you look very familiar. You were there too, right? I mean, down in Leonis"

Uncurling from her semi-knelt position, Alessandra turns and clap her hands. "If I can have everyone's attention, please. I'd like to start the party off officially now and do so by the sharing of the memories. I'd like to point out that this is not meant to be a time of sorrow but rather a celebration as Tisiphone and Marko both had pointed out to me. Let's remember those we worked with and called comrade and maybe even friend. so if anyone would like to go first, please feel free to do so." Allie smiles when she sees Cid and the CAG is waved to, happy to see the Major. "Good evening, sir!"

"Yeah. Well. If I'm dead, Damon, you've got to learn Avionics, and you won't want that, so I figure you might as well make sure they don't do me in, huh?" Bannik flicks a smile over at the PO1, trying to turn it around on him.

Evandreus stands once the call for stories and memories is made, doing so with the aid of a four-legged cane which lends the balance he needs to regain his feet. Once steady, he pulls one of the two whistles from where it had been kept on his person, extracted from the back pocket of his pants. Fingers are positioned while it's lifted, it placed to his lips; the first song is soft, almost somber in nature, the music carrying a longing quality to every note as they sing out.

"Yes," Cora replies to Wade with a nod, "Not at Aquarian Pete's," she adds, "But I was on Leonis. I think I saw you in the transport, or something maybe." She shifts her cup and offers her hand, along with her name, "Lt. Cora Nikephoros." She glances over her shoulder as Evan gets up and starts playing the pipes, adding belatedly to Wade, "Nice to meet you."

"Hey, now, I know avionics," Damon protests. At PO1, he has to know at least some avionics, even though he started out as a mechanic. "I know… avionicky… things. You haven't seen me do the - " he makes a twisting gesture with his hands - "the stuff, I was doing it just the other day, with the, uh, needle-looking thing." Training is mandatory. Retention is… sometimes less than ideal. "Oh frak off, I know you know what I mean," he laughs, aiming an open-handed slap for Bannik's shoulder. "And like I'd let you get too bruised-up, anyhow." He quiets down as Alessandra addresses the room and waits to see if someone speaks up first.

Cidra offers Alessandra a little toast of her water and stands a little off to the side. Just listening.

Wade nods "Yes, I do believe so. Things were defintely crazy the day we left, but I remember seeing you in the transport" says the man. He extends his hand as well and takes her for a shake. "Junior Lt. Wade Duncan" he smiles gently and adds "Nice to meet you as well" Then, Bunny starts to play his song and he goes silent, just listening to it.

Hee. Sofia chuckles at Bannik and Damon, looking pleased. There's a nod. No beating the Bannik. She smiles at the duo, even as her question falls away. For now she looks to Alexandra and tilting her head at Bunny's music.

"Awesome. So next time I have a wayward firing board linked to a Raptor's wing, I'm totally coming to you to go ahead and pull it out, diagnose it, and sodder on new frame components." Bannik takes the whack with good spirits, only half-heartedly trying to avoid it. He then says to Sofia: "I'm doing all right. At least figured I'd make an appearance down here."

Cora nods to Wade, "Crazy is one word for it, definitely. Wade," she echoes his name, most likely in service of committing it to memory and nods, lifting her glass for another sip. As Evandreus plays and the pilot falls silent, she offers him a friendly smile and says, "If you'll excuse me, just going to go say hello to someone," and then steps past, heading over towards Sofia. "Wolfe," she greets the crewman with a smile, "Nice to see you out of sickbay." Bannik earns a polite, "…Bannik, right?" and Damon just gets a nod of greeting, without recognition.

"Solder! That's the word I was looking for." Damon makes that weird twisting gesture again; if that's meant to signify soldering, then he's clearly doing it wrong. It looks more like he's trying to beat eggs with his claw-fingers. "See, this is why you're Special and I'm just Petty." He turns to Sofia with a shrug of one shoulder. "Been doin' like we do, I guess. Haven't gotten any neat presents from you in a little while, though." The cup in his hand is finished off, and he's just about to get a refill when Cora comes over. "Petty Officer First Class Andreas Damon," he introduces himself, offering his hand for a shake.

Bannik rises slightly, a half-rise, when Cora approaches. "Lieutenant," says the Specialist. "Yeah. Bannik. We met down on Leonis." As if confirming the identification for her.

The song continues, the slightly-mournful fall and rise of notes breathy. Airy even. Evan looks from face to face of those assembled, happy to be able to contribute to the wake in this manner, his own gift offered to those they've lost recently.

"We did," Cora replies to Bannik, "It's nice to see you again. Please, don't get up on my account." Damon's introduction is met with a smile, and she shakes his hand, replying, "Lt. Cora Nikephoros. Nice to meet you, Damon. I just spent a few days in quarantine with Sofia, here, so I thought I'd come say hello," she explains.

Sofia listens to the song. But she smiles at Damon and Bannik. "Hello there. And yeah, you should feel bad for the poor El-tee. We had to glow in the dark together," She jokes softly. She seems pleased for the company, sipping her drink. "It's good to ese you," She smiles at Cora. "Not glowing and all." She seems pleased. "Mostly, I wanted to hear stories and remember. There's a few days I don't remember anything and I've seen so many people go away," That's quiet for 'too many buddies mashed by Cylon'. She shakes it off. "It's good to see you too."

Wade nods to Cora and returns the friendly smile "Of course" The pilot takes a seat again and leans his back against the frame, a short sip from his glass is taken after this. The music being played by Evan is what gets his attention right now, and he remains in silence, waiting to see who will start with the stories about the ones that are no longer among us.

"No one at all? It doesn't have to be a pilot. Can be anyone, really," Alessandra offers with a slight twinge of sadness to her voice. The music is getting to her.

Cora nods to Bannik as he takes his leave, and then smiles at Sofia, shaking her head, "I haven't noticed any glowing today, thankfully. Just the usual light reflecting off how pale I am, out here with no sun." She takes a sip that drains her cup, glancing at it a moment before nodding at at the crewman. "I'd be willing to say something," she explains, "But I didn't know any of them personally, so it doesn't seem quite right to go first. Maybe you could start things off?"

((End of saved log))

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