PHD #326: Inspection Time
PHD #326: Inspection Time
Summary: Khloe busts in on the recruit berths, giving the Air Wing Nuggets a scare, as well as heaping responsibility on one in particular.
Date: 18 Jan 2042
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Recruit Berths - Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus
The battlestar's new recruits call this place home. Bunks line the walls along the length of the room, separated by lockers assigned to each new crewman. A table and a fair number of chairs sit in the center of the room, and at the back is a hatch leading to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #326

Laying on her back, hands behind her back is the Air wings latest Nugget, she's staring aimlessly at the bunk above her's with that glass eyed look of someone whom isn't all here. She's doing something in her head and it's taking up her all consentration, combat manuvers, going over rules and regulations or even trying to work out Mum's old dumpling recipe. Sonja, regardless is mile away.

Someone throws the wheel of the recruit berths and gives the door a good shove, creating a sudden creak and muffled bang designed to unsettle any tranquility that was in the berths. When the door swings open, Captain Vakos, SL of the Black Knights, steps in. A few younger crewman jump to attention immediately. "As you were," she says in her usual clipped alto. "I'm not here to terrorize anyone but air wing nuggets. Air wing, atten-shun!" That last part barked at an athoritative volume. "To your feet! Inspection!"

Sonja was very tranquil, enough so the door banging and the sudden atten-shun gets her rather by surprise. She's only caught off guard for a moment, thinking on her feet is something she's good at and in a second or two she's by her bunk and in a perfect at attention stance, and even snapping out a very smart salute to the senior officer. "Sir, Midshipman Lyon reporting!"

A variety of other Midshipmen snap to their feet, and some laze. Khloe is quick to zero-in on the lazy ones. "You better get to your feet next time like they were already on the floor, mister," she glowers at one nugget in particular. She begins pacing slowly around the room, not spending much time on attire as midshipmen here are likely on off-hours. She ends standing by Sonja. "All of you lazy frak-ups are sitting around doing nothing when you could be simming, studying, or otherwise doing something besides taking up space and taxing the air scrubbers." Her gaze drops to focus on Sonja. "You got a real pretty singing voice, Nugget. Almost louder than Captain Klaxon. And let's be level - you weren't reporting to anything other than naptime."

Sonja has to admit she was about ready to drift off and she can hardly deny that fact. "Yes sir." she agrees easily. "Was memorizing rules and regs to get me to sleep." She says, glancing briefly at the other nuggets some of whom winces, what did she say?

"Isn't that cute," Khloe sneers as she squares off her shoulders and looming closer to the nugget, glaring down at her. A cold frown is on the Captain's face. "Here's a lesson for you, Nugget, and every one of you," she says, glaring briefly at the others standing at attention. "If you're trying to go to sleep and you can't, it means you're not tired. If you're not tired, you're not doing enough. Memorizing rules and regulations is not like counting sheep, Lyon. They're the bread and butter of your existence as a midshipman. And, gods help us, as an Ensign. You've got four months to learn what it takes Midshipmen four years to learn. Why the frak are you on your back and not unconscious?"

Sonja has never been called cute before, this is a first, she's quick on her feet and isn't at all phased by the loud mouthed Captain, it's her job to do this after all, she'll be nice once she's got pins on, this is all part of the training. "Perhaps I should go for a jog around the ship Sir. Perhaps that will tire me out, or let Lieutenant Duncan blow me up in the sims again." He likes to do that too much in her opinin. A jog does sound good though, and the woman is right she's not tired enough to be lazying around.

Khloe snorts lightly, shaking her head at Sonja. "Here's what you're going to do, Nugget, and the rest of you better start taking this advice as well," she explains. She's no longer looming above the much shorter woman, instead turning to address the assorted air wing Nuggets. "Each and every one of you is going to add one hour of calesthenics to your existing schedules. If you lose rack time, you lose rack time. If you're not doing endurance and cardiovascular training daily, you're doing it wrong. Is that understood?"

Sonja doesn't seem to mind that at all, she's a farmgirl and use to being up early and getting little sleep, she thrives on it. "Aye Sir!" She says, getting a stare from some of the other folks in the room. She's going to make her self very unpopular being so eager and willing to do anything and everything people ask her, she knows it's just until she gets some pins, on her chest!

There's a varying degree of enthusiasm around the room. Looking back at Sonja, Khloe folds her arms across her chest and asks, "So, Nugget, since you seem to be the most rested in the room, that means your locker is in order. Is that so?" Without waiting for an answer, the Captain begins stepping off to the side, quickly scanning for the locker marked 'LYON'. "Anything in here I need to know about before opening it? Wouldn't want to embarrass you, of course."

Sonja nods her head. "Well, not as well rested as I like Sir, whom can sleep right now." She comments, meaning the state of affirs, the nightmares and nights of crying oneself to sleep. "And nope not really, unless people consider unmentionalbles embarrassing, everyone wears em so not sure what the fuss is about. I got no contra-band, and the naked poster of my favorite pop star got trashed with the rest if humanity." Needless to say Sonja is the model recruit, her locker is spotless and there's nothing that shouldn't be in there. "I even cleaned it a few days ago, last recruit kinda left it dusty and smelly, I think I found a two year old banana in there." She pauses her lips and shuts up.

Khloe lifts an eyebrow slowly; it's all she can do to prevent herself from breaking her hard exterior, because it might be very easy for her to crack a grin or even laugh at Sonja's rambling. "A simple yes or no would've sufficed, Nugget," comes Khloe's reply. Then, she tugs on the handle and swings it open. Like a hawk sizing up potential prey, the Captain is looking the open locker up and down, not yet touching anything. She hmms thoughtfully, and reaches out to pluck at a hung uniform. Fingers come away with little or no appreciable lint. "I want everyone to congratulate Midshipman Lyon on having an impeccable locker," she states, slowly swinging the locker door closed. "Midshipman, it's now your duty to ensure every Nugget in this room mirrors your attention to detail. Because I know that if I open any locker other than yours, it'll be a horror show. You've twenty four hours to straighten everyone's ass out, or it's your ass on the line. Understood?"

Sonja sure hopes she's making a good impressing, the yelling hasn't started yet and she's not face down on the deck doing push up, perhaps there is hope for her yet. Of course no one congratulating her at all,in fact her neatness has just cost her no sleep for twenty-fours and the rest of the room to smirk at her. She's more then likely made some enermies this day and one or two lockers will not doubt be left a mess and wil lhave to be cleaned out by her to in order to safe /her/ own ass. "Thank you Sir, I'm grateful for the confidence you show in me, entrusting such an important and crutial task to me, I will not let you down Sir!"

"We'll see. So far, at one point or another, I am let down by every Nugget that walks through that door." Well, isn't she cheerful and inspiring. Khloe says, flatly, "Prove me wrong." And with that, she turns on her heel to go.

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