PHD #375: Indisposed
Summary: Just another night on Obs Deck.
Date: 09 Mar 2041 AE
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Iosif Sawyer Sofia 
Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Cerberus
With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.
Post-Holocaust Day: #375

Iosif is sprawled in one of the chairs. Head lulled back against the headrest, glasses off. Snoring. Fast asleep. It's hard to tell how long he's been there. The place is quiet, though hardly unoccupied. the Obs Deck attracts all kinds to come and stargaze, or what have you.

You know how you can tell if someone is civilian versus military? They're wearing pink plaid pajama pants on the Obs deck with a big old hoodie emblazened with 'CLEARWATER GLIDESCHOOL' on the front, they have bunny slippers they are unafraid to wear, and they drink on Condition Two. The rumbling snore of Iosif does nothing to distract her while she sits curled up in on one of the couches, reading from a book of poems.

Booooook. Sofia is one of the military folks. Though, she enters - likely to read up on … ECMs? How dull and boring! Regardless, she has some sweet scented herbal tea or what passes for it in a mug. She hums and pauses. Snoring and … Sawyer! She beams and smiles at the two. "Hey!" She whispers at Sawyer, likely trying not to wake up Iosif. Her smacking her knee into a corner of a table should do that nicely. She yelps and hisses.

Iosif doesn't need any interruption to be woken. He does so on his own, head jerking in mid-snore as some reaction or another jerks him back to consciousness. He couldn't have been sleeping that heavy in that chair. He yawns, blinking. And, as Sawyer happens to be in his field of vision, most of his blinking is directed at her slippers. "What the bleedin' hells…?" is mutters with another yawn as he stares at them, seemingly convinced he's imagining them.

Sawyer looks to Sofia over the top of her reading glasses, affixing her with the librarian steady unapproving gaze of 'people are trying to read' (or sleep). "Evening, Sofia. You really should be careful of those tables, I hear they're the next formerly inanimate object to be planning a Holocaust, and they're taking names." There is a snort of amusement at her own ill-humored joke, lifting her glass for another sip. Into her cups? Maybe. One colossal bad mood? Definitely. "Morning sunshine. I didn't know windows could rattle on a Battlestar." Even the snoring stranger is not safe. Beware.

Sofia winces. "S-sorry," She hops a moment, trying to shake off the tingle. She looks apologetic at Sawyer, all too familiar with that gaze. Then she eyes the table. "Shoot, I knew I should've polished it more when they gave me KP duty," She comments wryly. "And you'd be surprised… How are you two? I'm sorry about that," She wriggles her toes in her shoe a bit. Still attached. Good. But she's blinking a little fast.

Iosif blinks, putting on his glasses, and blinks again. "Are those…rabbits?" he asks Sawyer. It takes him a beat to notice Sofia, though he does eventually look away from Sawyer's bunny'd feet and to her. "Oh. Hullo, Sofia. Doing well enough. Figured I'd come up here and look at the stars for a bit. Guess I failed at consciousness for a spell."

Sawyer wiggles her feet a bit, looking down to the fluffy ears as they flop with the movement. "They were all out of turkeys." The blonde gives another indelicate snort and drinks again from her glass before sinking further down into the couch and pulling up her book again. "No one's going to fault you for getting sleep where you can. The Lords of Kobol know it eludes most of us." As an afterthought, she adds, "I'm fine." To Sofia's question, to prevent her from asking again.

… oh. My. Gods. Bunny slippers! Sofia smiles at that. "Oh. Those're CUTE," She beams and smiles. "I wish I had slippers," She looks to her shoes. "Hey, naps are good," She nods. "This is a great place for it." She smiles faintly. She pauses at Sawyer's response and hesitates. Does she ask it too much? She furrows herbrows. "Yeah. Sometimes the nightmares, other times the lonely, horny crewmen a bunk over," A deep sigh. She settles nearby and peers at her book on ECMs. "Have you seen Rejn lately?" She looks to Sawyer and glances to Io. "It's good to see you."

"Turkeys? Oh. Aye." Yawned by Iosif as if Sawyer's answer made the whole thing perfectly clear. "I…don't think those're regulation. We allowed to wear rabbit slippers?" This directed to Sofia with a puzzled squint. "I ain't quite figured out all the rules yet."

"He must be stuck on the Elpis with the majority of the other civilians." Sawyer has likewise let her eyes go back to her book, though her mind is elsewhere instead of the words. Unless, that is, it actually takes her the better part of an hour to read one page. "I haven't really seen him since he's been back on his feet. Is that the opposite of a fair weather friend or the definition of it? This is why I was never an editor." The last gets muttered at her yet unturned page. With a sigh, she flips deeper into the book to try a different entry. "I'm a civilian. Sawyer Averies, journalist and ship historian and your disposal. Or I will be, in a few days. Currently I'm…indisposed." All this said without actually making eye contact with Iosif.

Sofia shakes her head. "No … he was here about a week or two ago. I don't know if you heard about the memorial wall thingy," Sofia is vague. "I'm sorry. I hope I'm not pestering you," She tilts her head. She seems concerned at the mention of being indisposed. She looks to Iosif and giggles. "Probably not on condition two. Off duty, I think it'd be okay," She shrugs and smiles. She hesitates and asks. "Um. Well, no, it doesn't mean you're a bad friend if you've been busy."

"Iosif O'Keefe." The way he says it, it rhymes. "I work on the Deck. No shortage of work lately, either. Indisposed?" He tilts his at Sawyer, then over at Sofia. "Rejn…?" Brows scrunch, like the name rings a bell but not very loud. "Who's he, then?"

Sawyer smirks slightly with a glance over at Sofia. "I mean ever since I helped Rejn straightened out, he hasn't come to see /me/. He is a member of QUODEL, or was. It's hard to say, I'm not terribly sure the organization exists anymore." The ice cubes in her drink rattle as she shakes one out, crunching on it loudly. "I'm taking a personal day." Comes the explanation to 'indisposed'.

Blink. Sofia's eyes go cross and she puts the book to her forehead. "Ooooh. Well. I can tell you about the Memorial wall thing later if it's a personal day." No sense bringing news into it right? She shrugs and smiles. "The deckies even let me help," She nods. Poor guys - must be bad when the snipes roll in. "Mr. Rejn's a good dude, but I wish he'd stop … giving me nicknames." Her eyebrows flatten a little. "Personal days are good for your health," Nod again!

"Personal day? I…is that booze?" Iosif smirks at Sawyer's glass. Envious of that. "Blimey. Should've joined up as a historian or what have you. Not that I've ever been much for books and such, but if you get to drink at Condition Two the job can't be all bad. Why're you taking an…err…personal day?" A shrug when Rejn is identified. "Quo-Dell? Oh, yeah, them buggers. The political muckitty-mucks. Don't mind me saying so, they ain't done much for us lately. Nicknames?"

Sawyer jiggles her empty glass, now just a clatter of ice cubes. "Well. It was." Booze, presumably. With a sigh, the Journalist gets to her feet. "Let's just say turning thirty is not all it's cracked up to be. Have a good evening, Iosif. Sofia. Save that story for me for another time, hmm?" Because Sawyer has to go refresh her drink.

Sofia tilts her head. "You don't look 30," She admits. "But you're still young! The human lifespan is like 75, you're not even at the half marker," She pouts. A smile at Iosif. Sofia does look amused. "And sure," She nods. She - doesn't quite seem to understand but she goes with it before looking to Iosif. "I suspect it's because their bosses are uhm… well, y'know. Probably why people are pushing for more of a voice too, civilians that is. I dunno. I fix lightbulbs. Everyone needs those." She shrugs. She waves at Sawyer and looks to Iosif. "I'm glad they're letting you guys sleep at least."

"Thirty?" Iosif squints at Sawyer again. Perhaps trying to spot age lines now. "You don't look a day over twenty-five, luv." He grins. It's of questionable truthiness, but he manages to sound vaguely sincere. "Have a fair night, then. Happy birthday." To Sofia, he shrugs. "Seems like they could be doing a right lot more for folks on the Elpis than they are. Those that're left. I don't see this Rejn bloke or whoever he is pushing for much."

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