PHD #032: the Library, with the Midrats!
Log Title
Summary: A certain ECO and a certain Marine Lt meet once more in the Library.
Date: 30 Mar 2041 AE
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Lunair Marko 

[ Ships Library ][ Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus ]
Post Holocaust Day: #32

Racks of books extend deep into this room, nearly darkening the overhead lights towards the back. The shelves are neatly labeled to each category with nearly everything represented here. Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance, and everything down to comic books has been loaded up onto the shelves. A smaller research area at the back has a large table for maps to be opened-up. Nearer the door is a small library of movies that covers some of the most recent blockbusters and flows through some of the more campy movies from about two decades before. Next to the door, a Petty Officer can usually be found at a desk to help someone checkout their selections.

[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]

Marko is perched amid a pile of scholarly-looking tomes with titles that have lots of big words in them, all of them having something to do about computers, and more specifically, software. The young ECO is humming to himself happily as he picks up one book, scribbles a few notes onto a notepad overflowing with data, then puts that down and moves to another. Marko Scaurus, in Geek Heaven.

It's enough to make one want to just watch the Geekness. Like watching shrimps cleverly poking at their habitat. Lunair wobbles in her reading. Some comics (ahem), war stories and even - gasp - BOTANY! Closet nerd! Either way, somehow her path crosses with Marko - well, she notices him. She has today, a dark purple scarf over her hair. At least, most of it. Poor bald spot having Marine. "Oh. Hey." Smile!

"Hm?" Marko says, looking up to find his favorite, purple eyed Marine looking back at him. "Oh…hey.." he smiles back. "How's it going, LT?" he asks, settling back in his chair to take in the sight of her. The blush doesn't start immediately, but it sets in soon enough.

Hmm indeed. And aw. Favorite! Lunair is honored. She can't not smile around Marko. "It goes pretty well. How about for you? You can call me by something else if you want. I'm sure there's a few LTs around here," She looks around. She doesn't seem to notice him taking the sight of her in just yet although she turns to him after a moment. He's admired or perhaps considered in turn. And then the chameleon blushing begins. "Ah. I hope I'm not interrupting quality reading time?" Careful now Lun.

"This?" Marko asks, looking at the stack of books as if it had suddenly been teleported onto the table by the Lords of Kobol while Marko was (not so) blatantly checking Lunair out. "Oh…yeah…No…Just trying to get caught up on the latest theories." he adds. "Got a big job coming up, figured it wouldn't hurt to, ya know, brush up and all." he smiles, shifting on his seat a little. "How are you doing? You look a lot better." he adds, then winces for a heartbeat. "I mean, ya know, you look like you're healing up well." he adds. Smooth, Ensign….very smooth.

"Uh huh," Lunair nods. She either doesn't mind or doesn't notice. But when people figure you can lay curses or the EVIL EYE upon them, you might get used to looks. She smiles. "I heard about that. I bet you'll do awesome," She nods. She believes in the Marko. "If you want, I can try to bring you tea or hot cocoa sometimes. I'm no good with code. I think I am just a ground pounder and gardener at heart," She smiles. But she does admire his smarts at least. "Thank you. I'm glad to hear that." Then a soft laugh. "Haha— It is pretty bad huh?" She taps the side of the scarf. "I was thinking of asking Miss Tisiphone - what she thought if I just cut it all short so it grows even. I'm going to look really goofy soon. Well, not that I DON'T but you know." Wink.

"No, no, not the head thing." Marko replies, shaking his head. "The 'getting shot in it' part." he clarifies. "I mean, you did come within a rat's whisker of going to the sweet by and by." he points out, shifting in his seat again at the memory of the aftermath of that fight. "But bald as a cue won't phase me." he adds, smiling again as his eyes find hers once more. "Think how fast you can get out of the shower?" he teases.

"Oh. Yeah, I didn't think about that much," Lunair admits with a little blush. "I guess it's just a part of the job and you accept it's not so much IF you get shot as when," She notes quietly. It's just part of her job as a meat-shield. Alas. Lunair looks down, at the memory though. Images fade slowly. She blushes at his comment. Well, good to know! "Thanks. I'm glad it wouldn't. I can just make a few hats or scarves and call it that. I am just worried since sometimes your hair grows in a bit different." And imagine the horror of having two lengths and textures of hair. It'd be freaky that's what. A soft snort. "I like shower time. They can pry me out of there with a crowbar," She jokes lightly. It's a meditative place compared to the bustle of Marine Country perhaps. Then her face turns red. "Erm. It's peaceful. Anyway. My hair is kind of silly. I bet you'll do aces on your project there."

"Showers here can be pleasant?" Marko asks, doing a letter-perfect fake double-take for comedic effect. "I thought it was some kind of military toughening thing, 'cold water at high pressure cleanses the soul' and all." he chuckles throatily. "Ah, your hair's gonna be fine, may have to cut it short for a little while, but it'll grow back. Your brains won't." he smiles, grateful that Lunair's are still in her head. "And thank you!" he grins to her compliment. "Here's hoping." he says, settling back in his chair a little more, his research forgotten.

"Depends on if the NCO s beat you to the hot water," She jokes lightly. Lunair smiles at his fake double taking. "It can help once in awhile," A shrug. She can't stop smiling around him. "Thanks. It means a lot to hear you think it'll look alright. And hah, no marksman good enough to hit my brains," She notes wryly. "I'll be sure to bring snacks by. If you're anything like most of the ECOs I remember from Academy in passing, they'd never eat if something caught their eye. Especially after one saved me from an atomic wedgie."

"Atomic Wedgie?" Marko asks, arcing an eyebrow curiously and laughing softly. "Okay, this one I've _got_ to hear." he grins. "And thanks, by the way, for the snack offer." he adds. "Starting to get a little peckish myself, right now. You?" he asks.

"Some of the girls were really catty and I ended up getting strung up from a tree branch briefly by my underpants. But then I was saved!" Her hero! Really. Aw. Lunair laughs softly. "It was horrible." She smiles at his grin. "Oh? Well, I can get you something if you like." She offers. "I don't think it could hurt," Lunair admits. "But if we're going to snack, I can sneak something from my desk too. I don't know how you feel much about fleet snacks."

"Oh man, that is pretty horrible." Marko replies, nodding sympathetically. "Hope you did something pretty nasty to them as payment." he adds, winking knowingly. Because, knowing Lunair, she probably did, or at the very least, thought about it hard. "Actually, terrifying as the idea sounds, I was thinking that Mid Rats are out about now. Up for a mystery meat 'sammich' and some Gods only know what salad?" he asks with a grin and a teasing 'I dare you' kind of wink.

"I /wanted/ to, but oh well," Lunair sighs. "At least I got pulled down," She laughs softly. And that ECO in training was /her hero/ darn it. She tilts her head at Marko and hmmms softly. "Well. You are brave," Smile. "But yeah, it is about that time huh?" She checks her watch. Then a grin at his wink. "I guess I can take that dare." She DID get shot in the face and make it, so what's the worst that could happen right? "Hopefully they will still have those delightful canned fruits that you could use to teach an archeology class too." Educational /and/ … kinda delicious.

"Well, that's a start, anyway." Marko nods sympathetically. "It's tough to be the smart one sometimes. You wind up having to do all kinds of stupid stuff just to get people to leave you alone." he sighs. "Heh, I kinda liked archeology." he adds with a chuckle. "I always loved how, no matter where they dug or how deep, they always found the same series of little walls." he snerks. "And they always acted like they knew what when on behind every one of them. 'Ah, yes..they ate _here_…they slept _here_…and _here_ they kept a……..monkey with a lyre….Yes! We're archaeologists! We know these things!"

Lunair smiles. "I wouldn't really know," She admits quietly. "But that's why you listen to smart people." A shrug at that. Not easy to sometimes admit you don't really have talent. She does admire his intelligence at least. "I am sure you're really good at getting away from all those silly things. And ah?" Head-tilt. She chuckles. "True. I wonder if sometimes people long ago just went about their days, then one day thought: 'Hey, let's put these here and /really/ mess with our descendants'." A shrug at that. The ancients trolling. Who knows? She smiles. "But that's pretty nifty. If we do go eat though, let's leave your books with the Petty Officer so someone else doesn't grab them."

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