BCH #009: If You Were A Professional Reporter
If You Were A Professional Reporter
Summary: Alexander goes to Interview Glory only to be Interviewed himself.
Date: 2.17.2041
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Alexander Glory 


Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.

Civilians normally don't make their way down to sickbay, but a certain civilian today is making his way down to sickbay, and because of the unique nature of things there is a Marine guiding him along/guarding him. As the hatchway to the sickbay door opens Alexander Aurelia enters into the room and his marine escort follows. The marine stands by the door while Alexander scans the room looking for someone from medical to talk too.

As the nurse approaches there is an utterly charming smile, the kind only movie stars can give, "Yes, you can I'm looking to speak with someone in chargge here, my name is Alexander Aurelia and if there is time I'd love to ask you someone some questions about medical and additional thoughts regarding life in the Fleet?" He stops and looks at his clothes and then over to his guard and he gives a sheepish look to the nurse, "Forgive me, I've gotten ahead of myself. I'm here with QUODEL as a Goodwill Ambassador but I'm also doing research for a new roll for a movie produced by the fleet in which I will play a character that represents the courage, sacrafice, and heroism of the Fleet." Alexander looks at the nurse and he admires the bun in her hair, "Perhaps you know my sister, Kathleen?"

The nurse just stares at him for a moment, a little wide-eyed. How could she not? Her mouth works for a moment, then just squeaks, turning to scurry over to Glory. There are a few quick words, then the Captain makes her way over, offering Alexander a warm smile. "Good evening, Mr. Aurelia," she says in that bright, quiet voice. "Welcome aboard. Captain Gloriana Diego, Cerberus' CMO."

As the nurse scurries off Alexander remains quiet as the Captain is spoken too and he adjusts his wrist guards as he waits to see who will address him next. Then when the Captain makes her way out the warm smile is returned and Alexander offers a hand to Gloriana, "It is a pleasure to meet you Captain Diego and please call me, Alexander." There is a moment where he looks Glorianna up and down and not because he is checking her out as much as he is drinking in the essence of who Glorianna is as he is making mental notes for his own performances later on. "Do you have time for a few questions?"

"I do," she says with a warm smile. "How about we step into my office for our discussion? I think it would be…a little better for the effective functioning of my sickbay." Eyes twinkle JUST a touch.

Alexander tilts his head, "Of course, your office sounds wonderful right about now." He looks at his escort, "I'm sure Private Jonas can wait outside." Alexander looks over at Glorianna and he adds, "The man isn't much of a conversationalist but he is an excellent listener." Alexander says this as he looks back at Jonas and he gives the Private a thumbs up. The private remains impassive since he has a job to do. Alexander then turns back to Gloriana with a twinkle in his eyes, "Lead the way, Captain Diego."

Glory dips her head to the Marine, then leads the way toward her office. "How long have you been on the board, Mr. Aurelia," she asks, voice low and quiet. Then she disappears.

As Alexander follows he responds in turn to Gloriana, "This is my third full day on the Cerberus." As he walks along he asks, "What about you, how long have you been here, Captain Diego?"

The CMO's office is, like many offices aboard the ship, of very military design. The space is utilitarian, to say the least, with bookshelves on the wall behind the single desk. In front of the desk are two chairs - as if the occupant would never need to have more than two other peole in the office at any given time. The shelves are lined with medical reference books, dotted here and there with a few framed photographs. Despite the rather sterile feel, overall, the room does have a few touches of warmth - a lab coat hanging from a hook near the door, a hearty variety of plant on top of a filing cabinet. It's the little things.

"Way too long," she says over her shoulder, grinning at the man. "Not too long at all, honestly. It just feels that way. How are you finding life aboard the ship?" She moves to a teapot in her office, one set off to the side, and begins setting up for two cups of coffee.

Alexander looks around the office as he studies every part of his surroundings as he drinks it all in and he admires the plant most of all since it is the first he has seen since leaving the Colonies, "The ship is a marvel of modern technology. I mean it is amazing since it feels like a floating city. The color scheme seems a bit drab but beyond that this is an amazing place to be." He then teases Gloriana, "Besides if my sister can live here so can I." There is a twinkle in his eye as he mentions this a sort of dogged determination. "Though, if we may be fair, I will be happy to answer all of your questions first before I ask you mine, does that seem fair?"

Glory settles in after leaving him a mug of tea, laugh soft and quiet. "Just a little drab, yes. They aren't likely to give us pink any time soon. And while that seems fair, let's start with yours, first, hmmm?"

"Pink?" This brings an amused look to the corners of Alexander's mouth and his eyes, "Well, who knows, times change and perhaps the military will as well. Pink walls could be around the corner, Captain Diego." Alexander produces a spiral bound notebook and a pencil, "Alright, Captain, I'll go first. What are your impressions of medical? What is the most important aspect of working here not only as the CMO but for anyone working in here?" Alexander explains, "And please be honest, this is for my personal research." He holds open his note book and should Glory care to look there are notes on pilots and there are no names or ranks but codes that seem unintelligible to anyone but Alexander.

A brow arches slightly. "Well, I'm not sure if I can give an official interview," she says quietly. "Or go into depth about the military, so I'll speak in generalities. The most important thing someone needs for working in a medical facility, be it military or non, is a sense of compassion. It is…essential, truth be told."

The word compassion is scribbled down, "Oh, please, I'm not looking for specifics as much as I am trying to understand what makes the different memebers of the crew tick." As soon as the word is written Alexander asks Gloriana, "So, beyond compassion what else is important about being in medical? Is it stressful when dealing with injuries sustained during combat?"

Glory chuckles softly then dips her head. "It is…well, compassion is one of the most important things. A sense of humor is the other." She leans back with her mug, considering him. "And asking that is…well, let me put it this way: Is it stressful when dealing with an unexpected role you haven't had the chance to prepare fully for?"

More notes are scribbled down, "So, compassion, humor, and expecting the unexpected." Alexander says to himself as he continues to finish his notes and then there is a thoughtful pause and after the pause, "If you don't mind my asking, Captain Diego, did you have a mentor and if so what was your mentor like?"

She's quiet for a moment, simply watching him, considering his question. "I have had several mentors," she says quietly. Oddly enough, Glory doesn't really go into details. "What manner of role are you preparing for, if you don't mind my asking?"

Alexander looks at Gloriana and he clearly doesn't mind answering the question but he knows his answer will be insufficent, "I'm not sure. The Fleet is producing a film and the script is still being written. I have no idea what I will be playing other than my character will show the sacrifice, courage, and heroics of a Fleet Officer." Alexander then offers a small smile, this time it isn't a movie star smile, this one is humble and almost self-deprecating, "Some actors throw themselves into their roles by pure imagination but I belong to a school of acting known as the method and that means expericing the things my character would, within reason, the things I can't experience are then researched. I can't be an officer in the fleet but I can understand what makes each major area of the fleet tick in terms of the human element." Alexander looks down at his notes and he says distantly, "For my first film I went through training, boot camp, in order to experience being a fresh recruit. It was a good experience to understand what it meant to be an Army recruit during the Cylon War."

Glory's quiet for a bit, listening to that, absorbing his words. "I see," she murmurs after a time. "But I think the question I have for you, Mr. Aurelia, is -why-. Why do you do this?"

Alexander jokes with Gloriana, "Well, Daddy has to get paid, Captain Diego." Then after he takes a moment to laugh about that there is a twinkle in his eyes as he goes quiet, "I do it because the worlds need storytellers. Going back to the earliest days of humanity we needed people sitting around the fire recalling the greatest strengths of the hunters or the mightiest discoveries of those who remained with the village. Today is no different, I get to help tell stories. I get to point out the best and worst in humanity." Alexander continues to muse on this, "And I get to know what it is like to be other people."

Glory's head tilts slightly to the side, considering that, then she smiles a little. "I…see," she murmurs, voice low and quiet. "So you like being a story teller, you like being…someone you're not, at least for a little while?" A sip of tea goes down. "I've got an odd question for you, then - do you know who you are?"

Alexander turns and looks at Gloriana, "Who are any of us really? I mean depending who we are talking too we tend to be different versions of ourselves." The actor is quiet and thoughtful when it comes to questions about himself, "A good actor is able to let go of himself for a while so that he or she may be open to becoming the other. A good actor walks with the character he or she plays and then when that is done the actor say goodbye to the character and puts them to bed for a while until they are needed again." Alexander gives a simple look that speaks volumes of the depth inside of him as his eyes are still and calm, "Though, yes, I am Alexander Aurelia, brother of Kathleen Auerilia, son of Callista Auerilia. I am an actor from Caprica and I have been doing this for a long time."

"But what does that mean," Glory asks quietly, watching him from across the desk, perhaps a touch intently. "That is -what- you are. It doesn't tell me anything about -who- you are, as a man, as a person, as a human being."

"Well, that is the question isn't it." Alexander considers Gloriana's question thoughtfully, "Well, according to some of your fellow crewman a person is not seen in their words but in their actions. Beyond research and attempting to learn what makes different characters who they are. To be honest, I have never really taken one defining action or another beyond taking this role or that role and an actor can't be defined by the roles they play but rather how they play the roles."

She dips her head after a bit. "It's an interesting concept, don't you think," Glory asks quietly, eyes crinkling at the corners. "Are you an actor playing a role now, Mr. Aurelia?"

"Please, call me Alexander." The Caprican actor says in the kindest of tones as he really doesn't enjoy being called mister anything, though the clothes he is wearing would suggest that. "I am being myself at the moment." Alexander grins a movie star grin as his nose crinkles a slight bit and a broad smile creeps across his fase as he brows lift and his eyes twinkle, "And you should have gone into interviewing, Captain Diego, I think you could crack a few people I know." Alexander continues to smile this way as he says, "No, right now, I am being me, which compared to the roles I play is pretty boring in comparrison. I was explaining to someone earlier there is always the expectation that the perception of fantasy is equal to the reality." His smile fades a bit as he looks at Gloriana with a slightly sad look now, "Though that is the nature of being famous, rarely do people see you for who you are."

Her head tilts a little and she offers him a soft, compassionate little smile. "Do you think it's because they don't know who you are, or because you won't let them see the real you? I dare say part of it is because people see what they expect to see."

Alexander looks at Glory for a moment and he says, "Captain Diego, it is both. Not many people get to see the real me because I always have to remember who I am talking to. My bread and butter in public when I am not working is a certain personae, and while I am not the socialite or the partying pleasure seeker there is an expectation for a quiet, brooding, philosopher who is unafraid to both flirt and then be completely uninterested at the same time. The tabloids promote this image and studios higher me because of this image and because of my ability to crawl into the heads of other characters. The persona is just a small part of who I am but not many people get to see me completely relaxed. My Sister is one of the few who knows me for being me."

Alexander adds, "Studios higher me for those reasons because I am not wild and because I make money. Even the studios don't want me exposing myself to much in public which is why it is amazing that I am here."

Glory gives him one of those enigmatic little smiles that she is, perhaps, known for. "I see," she murmurs after a bit. "So you are both a brooding philosopher and a playboy. You're a man the studios hire for your reputation and for your ability to…behave. You conform to the standards expected of you, yet you seem to chafe against those very things that make you who you are." There's a pause as she allows that to sink in. "Am I close?"

Alexander shakes his head, "I flirt but I am hardly a playboy. Never take anyone home. Leave them with the fantasy and then disappear." There is a moment where Alexander considers it all and he says, "I conform to the studio system because if I want to keep working I have too. In return so long as I make money they allow me to continue researching my roles." Alexander smiles though it is a sad and tired looking sort of smile, "You are fairly close though."

"Why do you not take anyone home," the woman asks softly, rolling to her feet so that she can pour them each another cup of tea. "Is it a personal choice, or do those people simply not attract you?"

"Two reasons, one, there are some women who want to be with me for my fame or my money. I can never be sure who I can trust at first and the ones I can trust generally don't want to have a life in the limelight. So, despite my attraction relationships are not in the cards for me." Alexander offers to Gloriana and he is being utterly honest with the woman, he is being vulnerable which is rare for him. "Also, even if I end up in a relationship the reality will never meet fantasy or the expectations."

"Your fantasies and expectations," Glory asks with a little smile. "Or hers?" A pause. "Or his. Sorry, I didn't mean to be quite so heterobiased there." Instead of sitting in her chair, she moves to settle on the corner of her desk, in front of him. "Tell me, what do YOU want out of life?"

"Hers." Alexander says looking amused, "Though, I'm sure if I wanted to go the other way there would be a line as well." Alexander hardly even thinks about it as the words come out of him easily, "Hers. I would hate to let any woman I am interested in down." Alexander thinks about what he wants out of life and he has been asked this before and normally he has silly answers such as, 'Sail around Aquaria on a boat.' or 'Visit the the Twelve Wonders of the Colonies' but this time he offers an offer answer, "I want to tell stories and I want to be the best actor I can be. I enjoy learning new skills constantly. I might not be an expert but I learned to paint, play the piano, political theories, and so many other things. The characters I play are part of a dialogue between the character and myself and I learn from them." Alexander looks back at Gloriana, "As for the rest, I'm not sure, I haven't thought about it. I live a life that doesn't loan itself to regular hopes and dreams. When you are in the company of dreamers and musicmakers where does one go from there?"

"Wherever one wants," Glory answers honestly, and without hesitation. Her smile is warm and, apparently, characteristically wide. "I'm of the mind that it's very important to do what you're passionate about, to find a way to make it happen. Without passion, well, where is life?"

Alexander nods his head, "I am in agreement. Whatever one does then it must be done with passion because otherwise we just grow cold." In turn now Alexander asks the same question of Gloriana, "What is it that you want out of life, Captain Diego?"

"Glory, or Gloriana, please," she says, leaning slightly on her leg, cup balanced in one hand. "I want passion out of life. It's pretty simple. I want that same driving passion we all want, we all need. I want to wake up in the middle of the night with it. I want it to drive me, to keep me going." Lips turn up in a slow, soft smile. "I thrive on challenge."

"Gloriana or Glory." Alexander pauses for a minute and he holds up both of his hands as if to weigh the words and he says, "Glory, it seems more appropriate somehow." Though the twinkle in his eye returns as does the movie star, "I hope to hold on to my passion. Which is the reason I am here to do research on the fleet. To many movies portray the Fleet in a negative light and I hope to change that perception."

"Because of your sister," she asks, head canting to the side. "Or do you have some other ulterior motive of which I have no clue?" Yep, she's teasing, quite happily so, it would appear.

"Because of my sister." Alexander offers quietly, "Also, because truth is often twosided and for once I would like to see the positive side of the fleet be shown rather than the negative. However, I can only focus on my performance and not the script or my costars. However, I hope that this movie introduces people to the idea the the Fleet is not some Draconian Force bent on spending tax money." As he is teased by Glory the actor teases back, "And what can I say, I'm a sucker for a woman in uniform."

There's a low, quiet laugh at that and she shakes her head, giving him A Look. Oh, it's a fond look, but a look nonetheless. "Well, you'll see your share of them here," she tells him, eyes crinkled at the corners again. "And I'll thank you to leave my staff alone. I don't need my nurses falling out every time you walk into sickbay, thankyouverymuch."

Alexander grins quietly as he is happy that he has made Glory laugh and then when he gets the look there is a pause in his joy, he takes it in stride since he has had his share of producers screaming at him in his day, "I am not entirely sure if QUODEL is allowed to even think of pursuing relationships with anyone in the Fleet." Though there is a moment where he does acknowledge Glory's request, "And again, relax, I'm not going home with anyone, one the fantasy is gone." He holds his hands together as if holding something precious and then he blows gently into the ball and opens his hands as if nothing was there, "It is gone."

"Not everything is fantasy," Glory reminds him quietly, shaking her head. "There are plenty of things that are lasting, plenty of people who will stand by you, given the chance." A pause. "Once they get to know you. It is sometimes difficult to give them the chance, however."

Alexander says softly, "Truer words have never been spoken, Glory." Alexander stops to think for a moment as he often does and he says, "I wonder then who I can count on. My manager would sell me out the minute my movies stopped making money. I know I can count on Kathleen, but Mom. Well, she just jumped on the bandwagon after I made it big. Growing up she was never there." Whoa, did that just slip out.

Glory attends to his words fairly carefully, giving him all of her attention. "And what of your father," she asks, voice quiet. "Do you have any other family members?"

"Dad, he was always off on business. I grew up around Nannys and Mannys and generally if there was a problem money was thrown at it. Mom wanted Kathleen to take over as the face of the Aurelia family, then when she didn't make it and I did Mom stopped paying so much attention to Kathleen and suddenly Mom was telling the press how much she had encouraged me over the years." The words come out of his mouth very matter of fact as if he wasn't angry or emotional about it at all but rather it is as if he was describing ancient history.

"It sounds like a challenging way to live," Glory says after a bit, dipping her head. "Family dynamics can be rather…difficult at times." Nope, there's no sympathy, no pity - just a simple statement of fact. "It sounds as though you and your sister are close then?"

"Kathleen and I are close since we've seen both sides of being out of the limelight and being in it." Alexander adds in a cheeky manner, "There are five of us? Did you know that? I've always wondered where my parents found the passion since they hardly knew each other. Dad was into his own thing, weapon systems and so on, Mom with maintaining her fame. The five of us were left on our own."

"Passion isn't needed for procreation," Glory comments with a wry smile and a dry tone. "All that's needed is the proper tab put into the proper slot, repeat as needed. What are your siblings into?"

"Well, Kathleen went into the Fleet after her film career. My oldest brother took after Dad, I think he is a defense contractor now. The other two I haven't kept up with in a while. As for me, well, I'm front page news." And then when Glory mentions the idea of marriage without passion there is a pause as Alexander thinks about this processes it and then a frown comes to his face, "Its true, I don't think Mom and Dad really cared for each other. Mom wanted to remain rich as she got older and Dad wanted arm candy and a trophy wife." This is an honest and perhaps brutal assessment of his parents relationship but it is spoken without malice in his voice, "Though I believe that a marriage or a union of any kind should have passion and love. I'm not talking about constant romance and flowers and all of that sort of thing. I mean true and utter love. Two people devoted to each other even when they argue, especially when the argue."

"That's the ideal," she says with a little smile, head tilting to the side. "The reality is usually much different. People marry for all manner of reasons, be it love, security, need, politics, business…" She ticks things off on her fingers. "The true test is whether or not a marriage can last." A shoulder lifts delicately. "Sometimes it's what people need to do to survive."

"Well, I'd rather not marry then. Call me naieve or old fashioned but the idea of being with someone for any reason beyond love is well…I won't say it works for other people, I've played characters who have been brought into union without love and I understand why they did it. For me though, I'd rather have love or nothing at all."

"I feel the same way, truth be told," Glory admits. "It's probably why I've never married. My first passion has been my work, and likely always will be." Her smile blossoms, slow and warm. "It's simply part of life, I imagine. Perhaps some day in the past I wanted to be a wife and mother, but my work…is what I live for. Saving lives, helping others. It's who I am."

As Glory speaks Alexander listens and for one moment he is not an actor or a Caprican, instead he is one soul in agreement with another soul, "So say we all." The words come out of his mouth quietly and reverently. "We work so that we can do what we have been called to do by the Lords." There is a smile that creeps across his face and this one is also not a movie star smile but rather it is a genuine, Alexander smile.

And that smile is what seems to catch Glory's attention for a moment. No words are spoken, oddly enough, she simply watches him, caught. Oh, it's not caught in the same way the nurse was caught earlier. No, this seems to be a connection on a deeper level. "I'm afraid," she says, shaking herself out of the reverie. "That I need to get going. I have a few things to do before getting off shift. Do you need more of an interview?"

Alexander stands and he shakes his head slowly, "Truth be told I think it was you who interviewed me." There is a quietness in his voice but a certain amount of peace in his voice as well, "Though perhaps I could visit again sometime when you aren't busy." Alexander says to Glory, "And I promise your staff is safe."

She slides to her feet, laughing quietly, and puts the mug aside before offering him her hand. It's warm, skin calloused where, honestly, one might not expect it. "That sounds delightful," she says quietly. "And I promise, Alexander - I'll do my best to take care of your sister."

Alexander takes Glory's hand and he gives it a shake and while he is confused by the calloused hands that mystery can wait for another time. "Please do take care of her for me." Then after a polite squeeze of her hand he says to Glory, "And perhaps next time I come back I can bring some small treat. I have heard you can't have alcohol but I might be able to find cookies or something else small. I'm know expert at getting things I'm afraid since I have PA's to get things for me."

There's a low, soft laugh at that and she squeezes his hand. "That would be delightful," she replies, finally letting go. "And let me know if you have any further questions. I could likely ensure that you speak with one of my doctors. I have just the person in mind."

"Please do, I would love to meet as many people as I can for my research." Alexander says this with a wink and then it is his turn now to turn around to leave since his escort is most likey bored to tears with Babysitting. "What is this Doctor's name?"

"Doctor Abram Hawke, Lieutenant," Glory says with a smile. "Damned good surgeon. I'm lucky to have him aboard."

Alexander grins, "Good, I look forward to meeting with him. Hawke, huh, sort of a majestic name isn't it. Hawke." He rolls the name over his mouth as he says to Glory, "Abram Hawke." He nods his head, "Good name. Speaks volumes about who he is."

Her eyes get an almost unholy gleam, but she simply smiles and dips her head, once. "It certainly does," she murmurs, tone only faintly sardonic.

Alexander picks up Glory's gleam and her slight sardonic tone and he says, "Ah, well, still though I look forward to meeting with him."

The Captain straightens, hands folding in front of her as the professional mask slides into place. "I'll let him know that you may be asking for him," she murmurs with a smile. "Have a good evening, Alexander. Good luck with your research."

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