The Intercolonial Taxi Company (ICTC)


Fifty years ago the Intercolonial Taxi Co. (ICTC) was the gold standard of FTL and sublight travel between the colonies. To say that it has gone downhill since then would be an understatement. The craft on the call line were state of the art— forty years ago. Groups of them have been replaced in fits and starts now and again, but greed at the top has stopped the company from giving its fleet the overhaul it has needed for decades.

It has been content to rest on its iconic status and ride out its reputation; even if its reputation in the last decade has been characterized by crumbling vessels and woefully underpaid, underqualified, and underdocumented pilots— not to mention ties to black market smuggling and organized crime, less proven than generally assumed and widely joked about.

Still, before the holocaust, millions of Colonists hailed ICTC cabs every day, their name recognized enough even among all the newer, better, safer fleets to draw a significant segment of intercolonial travel spending.

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