Memoir: Zeus-Cylon Memorandum


Colonel Andrus Pewter (Pewter)
Major Clive Tillman (Tillman)
Major Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh (Madilyn)
Captain Cora Nikephoros (Cora)
Captain Zane Mathers (Mathers)
Lieutenant Corrath O'Hare (Corrath)
Lieutenant Natalie Vandenberg (Vandenberg)


This is coming from the Marine S3 and I apologize for that but I thought that this could be important enough that it could not wait to filter through the normal channels. If this is nothing then I apologize in advance for the waste of time. Since I was wounded in Tywyn's Caverns I have been on light duty and investigating some oddities that have crossed the Marines' path. This includes the notebook recovered from Wreath-of-Roses as well as what was recovered from Tywyn's Caverns - an ancient scroll that depicted the Cretan Bull on it as well as the words 'Not here. Zeus the Bull'. These words were written by the Five we eliminated in the ambush.

Seeking clarification on what the meaning was, I took the paper to Captain Karthasi. The significance could be a major turning point in what we know about Cylon motivations and operations. The Sister believes that the Cylons were looking for Zeus the Bull rather than the Cretan Bull. By itself, this means almost nothing to us. However, when it is placed in the context of the hostage situation last night, we are looking at something far more important. When we look at what our prisoner Five said in custody, it tells us much more.

The Five in custody and traded away said that '…the bull tramples the path to migration.' As well it mentioned references to the bull being slain by a knife and the slayer pointing the way - the bull having left its mark on the land of the bull - Tauron. According to myth, Europa rode Zeus the Bull across the waves to Knossos and the bull trampled a path for Europa to follow. The cult that follows Zeus the Bull is monotheistic - just as the Cylons are. This cult was also heavily Mithraic. According to theories by Sister Karthasi, this bull (Zeus) is sacrificed and reborn in the deity of the monotheists. The knife we gave up to the Cylons last night is supposedly the ritual object by which the bull is sacrificed. The Cylons have repeatedly referenced Tauron as a dead rock. Mithras as supposedly born of rock. The references of our captured Five to the killing of the bull is exactly in line with this and directly references a migration that will occur. They may believe that they have found the analogous 'Mithras' and need the knife to 'sacrifice the bull'.

If the Cylons intend to continue a 'migration', these artifacts and the information held by our Five must have been vital to their progress. Assuming that the Cylons are following an analogous route, they most likely have found their Mithras to sacrifice the bull. They required the knife to do so and the Five's information to complete the task. In the bulls death, their Mithras will point them the way to their migration. Whatever this migration is, it is my belief that it is not over and that the attacks on the colonies may have only been a step in their perceived process. It is my recommendation that Command evaluate the meanings of 'migration' (in every sense) and how it could possibly relate to either standard Colonial or monotheist religions - especially that of Zeus the Bull. By interpreting this, we may be able to anticipate Cylon maneuvers or motivations and exploit them.

I stand ready to explain this in person if required as I believe this information to be correct.

LT Natalie Vandenberg
Colonial Marine Corps, 1st/9th MID
Company S3, Dog PLT CO

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