Memoir: Notification

Note: I shamelessly stole this idea from an old memoir written by Tisiphone. All cred to her for the cool formatting idea.

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2037 23:44:18 -0200
From: "Vandenberg, Natalie" <>
To: "Broward, Steve" <>
Subject: Re: Notification

Thank you for notifying me. I've been on deployment and in heavy action for the past several weeks, thus the long return time. I have no access to phones where I am and will not for several more weeks. I'm not sure if my mum and dad have been dealt with for burial yet. I would assume they have. If this is not the case, the following are my instructions:

My father is to be cremated and have his ashes turned over to his half-brother on Virgon. His contact information is contained in the Will. I will contact him about burial information. My mother, who killed three people, can be donated to science or used for ballistics testing for all I care. Should you choose to keep them together, I won't protest. Do with her as you please. Justice should be served, though.

I trust you, brother, to handle the second part for me. I want the entire estate, including furniture, auctioned off however you want to do it. The cost of burial should be deducted directly from this fund. Ten percent of the total leftovers will go directly to you for your trouble and will be labeled as a 'gift' for tax purposes. The rest should be divided into three thirty percent blocks. Each block of cash will go directly to the families of each teenager killed by my mother. I don't care if its anonymous. Just give them the condolences of the person who is donating.

I know this probably isn't what you were expecting, Steve. Especially after how we parted company those years ago. Truth be told, I hate the way it left. I've seen enough death and destruction in the last few months to keep going on living like this. I'm leaving the infantry, I think. I'd like to get a chance to reconnect if you're willing. I don't know where I will be going or if its for sure yet, but I'd like to try. Everyone else, too. If you're unwilling, that's fine. Just wanted to extend that branch. Give my love to Marilyn and the kids.


Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2037 06:25:17 -0200
From: "Broward, Steven" <>
To: "Vandenberg, Natters" <>
Subject: Notification


I wish I could have sent you a real letter or have been able to deliver this information personally. Given the nature of our friendship in the past, anything that may have happened since you left doesn't matter right now. I need to deliver sad news to you and I hope you can forgive me for doing so in this manner.

I was contacted yesterday by a Lieutenant Morgan Fischer of Glenwood Township PD. He had been trying to locate you for several days but nobody else really had your contact information anymore. I'm so sorry to tell you this Natalie but your parents were killed Sunday night in a car accident. Forensics says that your mother, who was driving, had a BAC of .19. Your father was apparently asleep in the back seat. They had been on their way home from some kind of company function for Helios when the accident occurred at approximately 2235 local.

Your mother crossed the centerline and crashed into an oncoming car, killing the three teenage individuals inside. More than that, I cannot say. You would need to contact LT Fischer at and he can give you more information. For now he has agreed for me to liaise with you on how you want to proceed.

The remains of your mother and father are currently in Glenwood at the hospital down there. Due to the violence of the impact, we would advise cremation but you can contact Sheila Gibson at +0713 9863 1128 to make arrangements with a funeral home.

The last time we spoke you mentioned that your parents had cut you out of the will and you seemed okay with it. Well, your father's Will was read Tuesday evening. They left their liquid assets to your old friend Monica Lazarus. They had yet to sell the estate here in Kirtland and apparently your father lied because they left the whole of it to you. I've attached a copy of the digital Will to this email for your confirmation. As well, I've been asked by Helios Mining Consortium to ask about the whereabouts of Ms. Lazarus as it seems there is some dispute about the money she was left.

I'm sorry, Natalie. This should never be heard in an e-mail. The Marines wouldn't give me your actual contact information. You know how to contact me via phone if you can get to a line. I know you didn't see eye to eye with them for a lot of years, but they're still blood. I'm here if you need me, sister.


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