Memoir: FLEET REGULATIONS 22-102: Wall-to-Wall Counseling

An official copy of the following Fleet Regulations 22-102 is strategically displayed in the Navy Offices cubicle assigned to the VAQ-141's Squadron Leader, Captain Kal "Bootstrap" Trask. Within eye-catching distance of this manual is a fluorescent pink folder that contains copies of Form WF-1.

(As an aside, there is no actual Fleet sanctioned FR 22-102. Form WF-1 also is not on-file. The sight of such documents should warrant some confusion and/or curiosity… at least until they are actually perused. Visually speaking, they are identical to legitimate Fleet documents. The content, however, is facetious in nature.)

Headquarters Department of the Colonial Navy 22 JUL 2041 AE


Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 01: When should you Wall-to-Wall Counsel?
    • Minor offenses
    • Major offenses
    • Other serious offenses
  • 02: Determining when Wall-to-Wall Counseling is appropriate
  • 03: Preparing for a Wall-to-Wall Counseling session
  • 04: The Wall-to-Wall Counselor's toolkit
    • Standard tools
    • Restraints
  • 05: Conducting the Wall-to-Wall Counseling session
    • Basic blows
    • Advanced blows
    • Using these techniques
  • 06: Follow-up actions
    • Triage
    • Legal problems
  • 07: Special circumstances
  • 08: A sample Wall-to-Wall Counseling session
  • 09: A final word

Notice: Draft publication submitted to Fleet Regulatory Commission 22 JUL 2041 AE; not yet approved for distribution.

Mega <3 to Davis' player for suggesting all of this. Also, mucho thanks to the guy who wrote the real life FM 22-102 upon which this version was based.

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