Memoir: Letter of Protest - Timing of Borenstein's Execution

26 Nov 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: MAJ M. Willows-Cavanaugh; SGT E. Constin; CPT C. Nikephoros; LT C. O'Hare; COL A. Pewter; MAJ C. Tillman
CC: LT K. Trask
RE: FWD: Letter of Protest re: Borenstein


I pass this on from my LT Kal Trask to be submitted for the formal record. While I do not entirely share his alarm and some of the wording is at if not past the borderline of propriety, I do hope that the possibility Mister Borenstein may be one of the abominations has been fully taken into account before this manner was proceeded with. As it is certainly a possibility that cannot be ignored.

MAJ Cidra Hahn
BS Cerberus



25 Nov 2041 AE

FR: Lieutenant Kal Trask
TO: Major Cidra Hahn
RE: Impending Execution of PO2 Borenstein


Is Command really intending to go through with the idiocy that is the upcoming execution of Borenstein? If so, consider this a formal protest on the following grounds:

(1) We still have skinjobs unaccounted for in the Fleet and have no way of knowing whether or not Borenstein is one of them.

(2) We remain largely ignorant about how these skinjobs communicate amongst each other thus have no guarantee that our current location has not been transmitted to Borenstein, which would be moot if he is not a skinjob, but I refer you back to Point Number 1.

If they are so dead set on execution, why not transport him to Audumbla and just airlock him there? Failing that, can't they wait until we actually leave Tauron before potentially informing the Cylon fleet of our location? With all the SAR, our already rather thin air defense is even thinner. Just how, exactly, is this even remotely tactically sound?

Please, for the love of all you consider holy, talk some good sense into Command to get a stay of execution until we are in a position where we don't logistically have our knickers around our ankles to be bent over and gangbanged without any lube.


Lieutenant Kal "Bootstrap" Trask
Interim Squadron Leader: VAQ-141
Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132)

"Nec Temere, Nec Timide"

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