Memoir: Postcards From Leonis

Tisiphone recovered a small digital camera while in the forest outside Kythera. Battered but serviceable, it was used to take a small number of photos, which have since been printed off and tacked up in her bunk. In order of timestamps, they are:

Sitka, leaning on a shovel, dirty hands, three days stubble, smoke in his mouth. Taken from near the ground as he stares into the distance, forest behind him. Late evening.

Kulko, four days stubble, knelt in front of a butchered bear, bloodied to his elbows, looking toward the camera. Tis's arm reaching forward into frame with a cigarette held in her fingers, turned around so Kulko can take a drag. Mid-afternoon.

One very gaunt goat, chewing a mouthful of grass, eyeing the camera from VERY close to it. A second goat is partially visible behind it, equally close to starving. Evening.

The giant main corridor of an unbelievably ostentatious mega-mall, huge chrome trees with cut-crystal leaves reaching up toward a vaulted, shattered skylight. Noon.

Stavrian, mountain-man shaggy, sleeping on his face surrounded by his gear, in a ransacked room. Taken from floor-level, cracked marble tiles taking up the bottom third of the picture. Dawn.

Sawyer, bedecked in ringpops and candy necklaces, loading a bag of groceries into an old black convertible, a blasted-out cityscape behind her. She's looking toward the camera with a, 'You are SO not taking a picture of me right now,' expression. Late afternoon.

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