Memoir: 100stupidthings

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2038 04:09:38 -0700
From: "Apostolos, Tisiphone" <>
Subject: fine.

cannot frakking believe this is what you want for your birthday.
you show this to anyone, LTs finding out about last friday.

ps: some of these questions are too stupid to answer. suck it.
1. red rose or white? red.
2. salt or pepper? pepper.
3. pink or blue? blue.
4. hamburgers or hot dogs? hamburgers.
5. music or movies? music.

6. comedy or horror?
7. action or adventure?

8. summer or winter? summer.
9. sun or stars? stars.

10. hott or cute?

11. walk or run? run.

12. funny or romantic?

13. crunchy or creamy peanut butter? crunchy.
14. rings or necklaces? necklaces.
15. camping out or slumber party? camping out.
16. white or dark chocolate? milk.
17. night or day? night.
18. blood or guts? blood.
19. school or work? school.
20. surfing or snowboarding? snowboarding.
21. soft candy or hard candy? soft candy.

22. phone or e-mail?

23. pencil or pen? pencil.
24. pizza or chicken wings? chicken wings.
25. dog or cat? dog.

26. spiderman or batman?
27. dvd or vhs?

28. snow or rain? rain.
29. fat or skinny? skinny.
30. prep or punk? punk.
31. water or milk? milk.
32. fruit or vegetable? fruit.
33. inside or outside? outside.
34. friends or family? family.
35. sweet or sour? sweet

36. shoe or clothes shopping?

37. long or short hair? short.
38. cocky or shy? cocky.
39. ocean or pool? ocean.

40. baseball or football?

41. dancing or singing? dancing.
42. couch or chair? couch.
43. t.v. or computer? computer.
44. house or apartment? house.
45. hot chocolate or coffee? hot chocolate.
46. white or wheat bread? wheat.
47. rocky road ice cream or butter pecan? blackberry cheesecake.

48. dr. pepper or mountain dew?
49. pop tart or toaster strudel?

50. cake or pie? pie.
51, butter or margarine? butter.

52. mayo or miricle whip?
53. french or ranch dressing?

54. pretzels or potato chips? pretzels.
55. pickles or olives? pickles.
56. black or green olives? black.
57. strawberries or blueberries? strawberries.

58. drumstick or push-ups?
59. blt or sloppy joes?

60. carrot or celery? carrot.
61. apple or grape juice? grape juice.

62. frosted flakes or fruit loops
63. oreos or chips ahoy?
64. m&m or skittles?

65. fried chicken or fried shrimp? fried chicken.
66. chili or clam chowder? chili.
67. strawberry or grape jelly? strawberry.

68. snickers or milky way?
69. cheese or peperoni pizza?

70. baked or mashed potatoes? mashed.
71. taco or burritos? tacos.
72. hard shell taco or soft shelled? hard.
73. sausage or bacon? sausage.
74. ravoili or lasagna? ravioli.
75. cookies or candy? cookies.
76. french toast or pancakes? french toast.
77. bowling or rollerskating? rollerskating.

78. oprah or dr. phil?

79. sandals or tennis shoes? sandals.
80. mac and cheese or cheese and crackers? cheese and crackers.
81. twister or connect four? twister.
82. lobster or crab? crab.

83. mexican or itailian food?
84. public or private school?

85. turkey or ham sandwitch? turkey.
86. poems or short stories? poems.
87. gold or silver? silver.
88. apple or banana? apple.
89. Vanilla or chocolate? chocolate.

90. 50 Cent or 2pac?

91. Face or Body? face.
92. Fall or Spring spring.

93. McDonalds or Burger King?
94. Pepsi or Coke?
95. Abercrombie or Hollister?
96. Prison Break or Lost?

97. Love or Lust? lust.
98. Truth or Dare? dare.

99. MySpace or Myspace? ;)

100. life in prison or dealth penalty? death penalty.

(For anyone bored and/or fool enough to do the same, the quiz can be found at: )
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