Memoir: To Major Cavanaugh

The following was sent to Major Madilyn Cavanaugh of the Colonial Marine Corps:

Major Cavanaugh:

In regards to the discussion we had yesterday about the problem, some decisions have been made. I will move forward as planned and attempt to coordinate the final moves as Lance Corporal Maragos makes his own. The support has been sought from the other Major but not explicitly given. I am unwilling to involve her more than is necessary though she is going to retain the knowledge. As well, due to chain of command, I wish to keep the Major distanced. I would also like you to consider acting under orders from myself in order to better protect yourself from potential damage or charges. The evidence that we have heard about could still prove to be false. If it is in-fact false and this operation proceeds as planned, then you are very likely aware of what I will be guilty of. I accept this responsibility but do not ask for you to accept it as well. However, this is still a criminal investigation and the steps are necessary. I believe Lieutenant Alessandra Sophronia to be a material witness worth talking to. But at the end of the day, I cannot ignore the possibility of this information being accurate. I have a duty to the men and women under our commands to protect them from this potential danger.

If the evidence turns out to be real and the video untampered then I will retain my position temporarily until the situation can be resolved by the superior officers of this fleet. I will not seek to retain it permanently. The party under investigation should be held as an enemy combatant and charged with Treason and Murder under the UCMJ. At no time should anyone harm the party or allow them to be left alone with anyone - a responsibility that falls to you. Interrogation will be required before any potential execution.

If it turns out to be forged evidence then I am aware of what the actions make me guilty of and the punishment for said crimes. Should this be the case then I expect the party to be released from custody immediately and I will submit my resignation to Admiral Abbot and remand myself to your custody without protest. Whatever happens after that will be left to the Gods. Let us hope that this is the case and we are all wrong. I consider this moving forward on my own.

Semper Fidelis, Major.

Major Clive Tillman
Acting XO, TACCO & SOTW, BS-132

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