Memoir: Tillman One

A new cruise. A new book. Course I'm not exactly sure this counts as a cruise yet. We haven't even left drydock yet. What a nightmare. Engineering apparently had some clusterfrak with a contractor losing her shit and wandering around the corridors like a stoned hooker. These budgetary concerns are a pain in everyone's ass, too. We've got some group of fingerpointers and whiners coming on board who want to bitch about costs and over-runs. These are probably the same know-it-all assholes who like to sue ambulance workers. I'm looking forward to them like.. Hell I don't even know. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with them. Admiral Abbot (who seems to be an okay guy so far) has to host them. If I'm lucky, their travel bans on the ship will hold and I won't have to see them in CIC. I remember this one reporter on the Hairetos? After the Kildare Quake she was hounding for interviews and the Commander eventually had to get involved and lock her in her room because she insisted on disrupting operations with questions. All these godsdamned demands about making deadlines while we're trying to plan operations, too. I'm not sure these people will ever understand that we don't do this for S's and G's. We voluntarily work in a dictatorship to better serve a democracy. I wish I could draw worth a damn because right underneath this would be a giant middle finger. That might better summarize my feelings on them.

Anyhow, I know you don't want to read a bunch of pissed-off husband. Sorry. But you insist on my thoughts while I'm not there. I shot you a letter today, though. I told you about some of the people I've run into thus far. Again, I can't tell you how great it is to see Cid once more. I'm damned proud of her. If what I've seen from her so far is any indication- well, yeah. You heard it all in the letter. Talked about the Admiral and Colonel. Told you about some of the other interesting tidbits with work. Not sure I mentioned Mackay, though! Damnit! HA! Chloe, you would probably love this man. This guy reminds me of your dad, minus twenty years, an eye, and an arm. He's a good working partner so far, too. Man loves his job and I gotta respect that. Sharp. I also mentioned Maggie. She's not sure she'll take the offer but let this serve as a reminder to set an extra place as usual. I also got a letter from Monica after I sent out your letter. She sends her best plus apologies for turning me around to another cruise. Ha! I'll quote her in the next letter and tuck the note itself here into the book.

I'm still not sure how to handle Danielle's pregnancy. You spend so much more time with them but I dumped my opinions into the letter. As for Sandra? Good Gods. I don't even know. She's sixteen. My brain is still trying to wrap around what happened with all that. I know you tell me not to blame myself but you know my opinions on that, too so I'll quit there.

I was about to write some more but I need to rack out. Just realized the time. I'm going to try and get another letter off to you in a few days. As always, looking forward to seeing you when we get back. Last Cruise, love. Last Cruise.

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